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EU Live Issues

EU Live Issues

Explosives Transposition of Explosives for Civil Use Directive is postponed


Marine Aggregates Good Environmental Status Sub-Working Group on Underwater Noise and Biodiversity

UEPG News 6th Atlantic Alliance Aggregates sector associations around the globe promote the Safer by Design project UEPG Committee Meetings Committee members agreed on future strategy on many key live issues 3rd SARMa Consortium Meeting Jim O’Brien provides an update on SARMa recent meeting in Bucharest, Romania MPA H&S Best Practice Awards 2010 Martin Isles presents winner of excellence in Health & Safety Forum MIRO 2010 in Dresden MIRO puts the focal point on access to European resources European Minerals Forum 2010 EU Raw Materials Initiative - What next? Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani addresses participants as key note speaker EU Insight is edited by the UEPG General Secretariat as part of its communication service to UEPG Members. European Aggregates Association UEPG aisbl Rue d’Arlon 21 – B-1050 Brussels Tel: +32 22 33 53 00 – Fax: +32 22 33 53 01 E-Mail: Internet:

standards on good environmental status of marine waters was published on 1 September.

On 22 October, UEPG represented the main end-users of explosives at the European Commission “Explosive Working Group” dealing with the implementation of the Directive “Identification and traceability of explosives for civil uses”.

However, the work on defining ‘good environmental status’ revealed an important lack of data. This is especially the case for descriptor 11, which includes Underwater Noise. This is why a GES Sub-Group has been created to develop the criteria.

The other participants were representatives from Members States, Europol, the European Commission, The European Foundation of Explosives Engineers (EFEE), Euromines and the Federation of European Explosives Manufacturers (FEEM).

Additionally, the terms of reference of the GES Working Group are being updated in order to address application issues and to review the GES criteria. The work will therefore continue until end of 2012.

César Luaces Frades, Vice-Chair of the UEPG Health and Safety Committee and Miette Dechelle from the UEPG General Secretariat called for a postponement of the implementation to ensure harmonised and consistent progress avoiding technical barriers. As a result, a majority of Members States, Europol and the European Commission provisionally agreed on the postponement of the Directive for 3 years on the condition of receiving a road map and an action plan of implementation from FEEM. The European Commission welcomed the contribution of UEPG as an end user representative and is looking forward to enhance the cooperation.

Marine Aggregates

On 22 October, Sandrine Devos from the UEPG General Secretariat attended the Commission Good Environmental Status (GES) Working Group. The European Commission Decision on criteria and methodological

Background The Marine Strategy Framework Directive establishes a framework where Member States are required to take the necessary measures to achieve or maintain good environmental status in the marine environment by 2020 at the latest. Next steps 15 Nov. 2010 2-3 Dec. 2010 March 2010

Marine Strategy Coordination Group meeting, Brussels Marine Directors meeting in Spa, Belgium GES Working Group meeting

UEPG News 6th Atlantic Alliance

On 20 and 21 October 2010, UEPG organised and hosted the biennial Atlantic Alliance Conference in Brussels in cooperation with the National Sand, Stones and Gravel Association (USA) and the International Social Security Association (ISSA) - Mining Sector, also with the generous support of the Belgium UEPG member, Fediex. The Atlantic Alliance aims to share Health and Safety knowledge and initiatives by the aggregates quarrying/mining industry, and specifically to promote the “Safer by Design” project globally. 1

Supporting Global Health & Safety Initiatives Helmut Ehnes, Secretary General of the International Social Security Association - Mining section.

Industry and association representatives from Europe, North and South America, Russia, Africa and Australia, health & safety regulators, plant and equipment manufacturers participated, making it the most international event hitherto.

Significant inputs also came from several major aggregates and mining companies, plant suppliers, universities and research institutes.

All meeting documents and presentations are available on the UEPG website (, members only section.

The event was a major success as all key stakeholders agreed to accelerate the rate of improvement of health & safety by addressing the imperative of “Safer by Design” in all future specification and supply of mobile plant and earthmoving machinery.

Economic Committee • Initial analysis of the 2009 SDIs • Raw Material Initiative Strategy • Economic Value of Ecosystems • PR and Communication Task Force latest report • A UEPG Antitrust Compliance Statement and an informal Global Aggregates Network were proposed

Next steps 10 Jan. 2011 10 April 2011

Common recommendation of improved safety inherent by design Implementation of agreed Safer by Design recommendations

UEPG Committee Meetings

On 18-19 October, UEPG members addressed current live issues and considered the next steps for the sector. The Committee meetings took place in the Representation of North-Rhine Westphalia in Brussels.

Technical Committee • Discussion on UEPG CLP Strategy • CPR in respect of CE Marking for Construction Products • Dangerous Substances • Outcome of the European Aggregate Standards - CEN/TC 154 Meetings • Policy on Resource Efficiency, Recycling Environment Committee • Soil Protection Framework Directive • Mining Waste Directive Transposition • Update on Biodiversity Task Force and working towards Targets and Strategy • Marine Aggregates Strategy • Water Management Task Force

Promoting Global Aggregates Network Jim O’Brien, UEPG President promoting the global exchange of information and Safer by Design.

Other important Stakeholders present were representatives of the European Commission from DG Enterprise, its Mechanical, Electrical and Telecom Equipment Unit and DG Employment, its Health, Safety and Hygiene at Work Unit, CEN, the European Standards Organisation and ETUI, the European Trade Union Institute.

Agreeing the way forward Ten experts exchanged views during a panel discussion on safe access to mobile machinery.

Towards a Global Aggregates Network From left to right: Ken Slattery (Cement, Concrete + Aggregates Australia), Jim O’Brien (UEPG President), Joy Wilson (US National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association), Milton Akira Kiyotani (Brazilian Aggregates Association); Carlos Fernando Forero (Colombian Sand and Gravel Association) at UEPG Committee meetings in Brussels.

This year, for the first time and using the opportunity of the 6th Atlantic Alliance, UEPG welcomed several key overseas attendees who actively contributed to the discussions.

Global input to the Committees Members and guest from overseas during the Economic Committee meeting.

Health and Safety Committee • Social Dialogue Agreement on Crystalline Silica Latest development • 6th Meeting of the Atlantic Alliance 2010 • Explosives for Civil Use • Classification, Labelling and Packaging Respirable Crystalline Silica • Latest information of the Sectoral Social Dialogue and Standing Working Party for the Extractive Industry Key achievements were a recommendation for the Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation with regard to Respirable Crystalline Silica, and an agreement on Biodiversity Key Performance Indicators for the NonEnergy Extractive Industry, as well as a UEPG position on the Economic Value of 2

Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB). Progress has been made on Sustainable Development Indicators and the reporting from UEPG members, and the figures will be finalised in November. Future UEPG Committee meetings 10-11 March 2011 Budapest, Hungary 6-7 October 2011 Brussels

MPA H&S Best Practice Awards 2010

The biggest MPA Health and Safety Best Practice Awards yet was held on 6 October in association with the Institute of Quarrying (IoQ) at the Institute of Engineering and Technology in London.

3rd SARMa Consortium Meeting

UEPG President Jim O’Brien provided participants with an update on the SARMa project which aims at developing a common approach to sustainable aggregate resource management (SARM) and ensuring sustainable supply mix (SSM) planning, at three scales, to ensure efficient and secure supply in South Eastern Europe.

The project is supported by 14 partners in 10 South East European countries, e.g. ministries in charge of mining, regional authorities, chamber of commerce and industry, geological surveys, institutes and faculties. UEPG actively supports the SARMa project, and hopes to recruit further new UEPG members from that region. Next steps 6-8 April 2011

4th Consortium Meeting, Edessa, Greece 8-10 June 2011 Final Technical Meeting, St Polten, Austria 19-22 Sept. 2011 Final Consortium Meeting and International Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dirk Fincke from the UEPG General Secretariat presented the Raw Materials Initiative and the way forward. Brussels follows with interest the establishment of a German Raw Materials Agency.

Putting the focus on access to local resources 450 participants at Forum MIRO 2010, Dresden, Germany Concluding an successful event Nigel Jackson, MPA Chief Executive

A record-breaking 347 entries were received and the event had the best turnout so far with close to 340 attendees taking part, including international IoQ delegates from Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Middle East. The awards scheme also saw more independent and SME members of the MPA participating in, winning and attending the Awards than ever before.

UEPG will support MIRO to promote the compatibility between the extractive industry and Natura 2000 as highlighted numerous times by the Commissioner for Environment Janez Potočnik and high ranking officials of DG Environment.

European Minerals Forum 2010

In cooperation with the European Minerals Foundation, UEPG invites you to the 2010 edition of the European Minerals Forum addressing “The EU Raw Materials Initiative – What next?” Key note speaker is Commission Vice President and Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry Antonio Tajani. Do not miss your place and register here.

New and strong leadership for the IoQ Martin Isles, newly elected President of the Institute of Quarrying chairing the event s.

The previous day, Martin Isles (MPA) Chair of the UEPG Health and Safety Committee has been newly appointed to the prestigious position of President of the Institute of Quarrying (IoQ).

Forum MIRO

Our colleagues from the German Aggregates Federation (MIRO) put at their annual Forum meeting in Dresden the focal point on access to locally available resources, planning, processing as well as technical and economic progress.

The EU Raw Materials Initiative – What next? Commission Vice President and Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry Antonio Tajani.

Next steps 2 Dec. 2010 2 Dec. 2010 3 Dec. 2010

European Minerals Forum UEPG Board Meeting Part I and Policy Dinner, Brussels UEPG Board Meeting, Part II, Brussels 3