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April/May 2012



inside Features:

Indulge Mom on Mother’s Day................ 3 Jersey Shore’s Best Teacher!..................... 4 8 Egg-Citing Easter Traditions................... 5 A Day At The Museum........................... 6 ACUA Earth Day Celebration.................. 7 Reuse, Reduce.. Recycle.......................... 10 Buying Organic...................................... 11 Summer Activity Guide (Part 1).......... 12-14 What to do with those plastic bags.......... 15

Departments: Calendar

8-9 Classifieds .................................... 15 Marketplace ................................ 15 Student Book Reviews .............. 8 April and May Happenings....................

on the cover : Morgan Jefferson

Jersey Shore P.O. Box 60, Pleasantville, NJ 08232 Publisher, Pam Joseph

publisher’s note With Spring in full swing and summer lurking around the corner, it’s a great time to provide you with the first part of a three-part series of our Summer Activity Guide. If you are starting to look forward to the warm sunshine and exciting summertime activities, this handy resource guide will help you plan the perfect summer for your children, whether it be a full-day summer camp or week-at-a time sports or activity camps. To those families who celebrate Easter, the article on Easter traditions just may give you some ideas to start with your family during this special season of rebirth and renewal. Also take advantage of the April/May Happenings, which includes more exciting activities as the weather gets warmer. Always check www.jerseyshorefamily.com for update info.

Austin and Mom

Another April celebration is Earth Day, so included in this issue are articles about recycling and going green. I am proud to say my family does our part and are always looking for new ways to recycle. Feel free to contribute your recycling ideas by joining the conversation on Facebook or by emailing us. To all our moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day from Jersey Shore Family! If you think you deserve pampering this Mother’s Day (I know I do), drop a hint to your supportive and loving husband that you could really use a gift certificate to one of our great salons and spas such as Elite or A Bella. See their ads for more details. Be sure to check out the Mother’s Day Gift Guide for more ideas. Thanks for all of your wonderful submissions to the Jersey Shore Family’s Best Teacher Contest. We are so lucky to have such amazing teachers in South Jersey and want to announce and congratulate Jersey Shore’s Best Teacher!


609-829-8796 Copy Editor, Deborah Stefanides

Pam Joseph

Writers: Michelle Errichetti, Deanne Walther, DTR, Kerrie McLoughlin To place an event listing e-mail information to pamela.jsf@gmail.com

design by Ugly Baby Marketing, LLC www.UglyBabyNJ.com 1-888-444-0015 x 100 Jersey Shore Family is a free publication with a print circulation of approximately 15,000 copies which are distributed through Atlantic County. Printed in the U.S. The publisher and advertisers will not be liable or responsible for typographical errors, omissions, misinformation, etc. contained in this publication. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for products which are in violation of the law. Comments can be received at pamela.jsf@gmail.com. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. All contents copyright 2012 Jersey Shore Family.


m o M d n a x e Al

P.S. I would like to send Jersey Shore Family’s condolences to the Clopp Family from Mays Landing on the tragic loss of their brave son Christian. Although I personally do not know the family, their frequent Facebook updates expressing the family’s ups and downs as a result of their son’s fight against cancer touched not only my heart, but the hearts of many South Jersey residents. Join the community by “Likeing” Christian’s Crusaders on Facebook.

* photos courtesy of Heather Rager Photography.


April/May 2012

Jersey Shore

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June 2010

April/May 2012 April/May 2012

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Gift Basket

Book reviews have not been edited by JSF in the interest of keeping the students’ words authentic.


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April/May 2012

0 6 3 8 0 J N , d n a l e n i V  ev i r D a e s l e D . S 3 0 2 2 m o c . n i - e v i r d a e s l e d .w w w  1 1 0 0 - 6 9 6 ) 6 5 8 (

Easter was always an exciting holiday when I was growing up. I would spend the night with my grandparents the night before Easter, and I could SWEAR I heard the Easter bunny scooting across the floor in the night. Upon waking I’d bolt out of bed to see what candy and other treats I’d been brought, then we’d head to church for Easter services and a massive egg hunt. My day would end in a sugar coma on the couch, watching “The Wizard of Oz” with my parents. Below are 8 ideas for Easter traditions you can try with your own kids. Pick and choose a few of them each year … and stick with the ones your family loves!

1 2

There are so many great treats your family can make together a night or two before Easter. Dying and decorating hardboiled eggs is a classic, but you could also make something out of the ordinary like Jell-o eggs or egg-shaped sugar cookies. Last year my husband and kids made Rice Krispy eggs dipped in melted chocolate chips, then they added sprinkles before the chocolate set. Kids enjoy sharing with others … and being sneaky! When dark hits the night before Easter, sneak over to a favorite neighbor’s (or drive to a close-by friend’s) and scatter eggs in their front yard. You can mix and match hard-boiled and plastic eggs. Fill plastic eggs with candy, coins, tattoos, stickers, erasers, etc. Even though doing an anonymous fun thing is great, these days you should probably leave a note or card on their door so they know it was you and not some crazy person putting stuff in their yard!

Egg-citing Easter Traditions pet stores and zoos. Some stores have promotional days where you can come in and pet and hold these little sweeties and take pictures. And if you’re looking for a family pet, bunnies are a great option for an Easter gift to the family.


Get your child’s picture taken with the Easter bunny. This is one I could kick myself for not doing yet, but it’s pretty simple. Just check the website of your local mall to find out if they’re hosting an Easter bunny event. Be ready to shell out a few bucks for a photo, or take plenty of your own.


Easter baskets for the kids are a given, but they don’t have to be over-the-top. You can buy a simple empty basket at a craft store and fill it with things like pastel Peeps, toys, small books, plastic eggs filled with candy, etc. If you’re pressed for time and don’t know how you’ll be able to assemble an Easter basket, no matter how small, just buy one ready-made! You’re still an amazing parent, and your kid won’t care or remember that it was store-bought. If you have time but are short on money, bake treats to put in the baskets, make a special card for your child or write out coupons for things like getting out of chores or an ice cream cone out with just Mom. Don’t forget about your older kids on Easter … everyone can appreciate an Easter basket!

family friendly flicks • A Bug’s Life • Charlotte ’s Web • Flushed Away • Lilo and Stitch • Monster’s Inc. • Shrek


An Easter egg hunt can be held just about anywhere. Some churches have them days before Easter, and you don’t have to belong to that church. My church doesn’t hold an Easter egg hunt, so we have one in my mom’s yard after church on Easter Sunday. Family all pitches in and hides plastic eggs filled with candy, sugarless gum, dollar bills and more.You could also hide eggs the night before in your own yard (or even around the house!) after your kids go to sleep so they can have an afterbreakfast hunt at their own home!


Get together with family for a special meal. If you won’t be able to be with family this Easter, invite some friends and neighbors over for a potluck meal at your place. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant … a ready-made ham, paper plates and plastic cutlery just mean less time in the kitchen and more time with loved ones.


End the day relaxing with a bowl of Easter candy, some popcorn and a movie the whole family can enjoy. After a fun day celebrating Easter in all the ways you love, end your family day with some “hanging out” time. Nobody is allowed to text or play handheld video games or email. This is a time to snuggle up around the TV and reflect on the gift of family and friends.


Bunnies and chicks are the unofficial mascots of Easter, so find a place where your child can pet some! Depending on where you live, bunnies and chicks can be found at kid-friendly farms,

Kerrie McLoughlin is the proud and kooky mom of five. Check out their adventures at TheKerrieShow.com.

April/May 2012



A Day At The Museum!

Jersey Shore Family and the Jersey Shore Children’s Museum hosted the Absecon Galloway Moms group Valentine’s Party. Thanks to the Museum staff and the mom/ dads and kids for such a great afternoon!

No Rain... No Bugs... No Hot Sun... Just COOL

Ask about your next Mom’s group function Inside the hosting Shore Mall Family Fun!! Black Horse Pike Jersey Shore Children’s Museum! or6725 class trip at the Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234 or visit OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK GSP North Exit Call 36 - 609.645.7741 3 left turns to the mall Museum is at FAR END of mall. www.JerseyShoreChildrensMuseum.com Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm


Sunday 12 noon - 5pm

photos by Kim Angelo

2003 “Best of the Best” Family Attraction





Experience & Explore...

(609) 214-3725 www.photographybykimangelo.com


w/paid admission with this ad* Exp. 5/31/12 expires 9/9/07

Birthday Parties & Class Trips Too

A TV Studio A Hospital ER HOURS: Mon.-Sat 10am - 5pm A Dinosaur Dig Sun. Noon - 5pm A Post Office An NBA Court Shore Mall, Egg Harbor Twp. (GSP Exit 36N/375) • (609)645-7741 www.EHT.com/childrensmuseum And More!!!

*One coupon 1 visit per family. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Not valid on group rates www.JerseyShoreFamily.com April/May 2012

ACUA Annual


Celebration y a D h t Ear

tlantic City Electric and a variety of other sponsors are partnering with the Atlantic County Utilities Authority for an Earth Day celebration not to be missed! This year’s 22nd annual celebration has many exciting events in addition to traditional favorites. The fun begins at 10 a.m. and goes until 4 p.m., Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 6700 Delilah Road in Egg Harbor Township. The event is held rain or shine and all are encouraged to attend this fun and educational event. Over 100 vendors, crafters and exhibitors will be part of the celebration. “There are exciting sustainable environmental initiatives happening right here in Atlantic County,” said ACUA President Rick Dovey. “We want to encourage everyone to think globally and act locally,” Dovey added. “The Earth Day celebration not only entertains those who attend, but also helps educate participants about the importance of protecting our environment and how easily we can all do our part,” said Dovey. Free workshops will be held every hour between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the amphitheater. Topics include Native Plants, Rain Barrel Construction, Home Composting and Community Supported Agriculture. Leeds Avenue School Butterfly Project -Learn from an expert educator who has traveled to the Monarch’s winter migration destination in Mexico about this beautiful native species and how we can support them right in our own yards. Pledge to make part of your yard a butterfly habitat and receive a free milkweed plant! “Rock the Boat” by the NJ Academy for Aquatic Sciences Ever wonder where a Hippo hides, or what a Shark loves to eat? Find out as you sing along in this exciting musical jubilee of rollicking original seafaring tunes. The musicians from Little Fish Theatre Collaborative explore the world of life beneath the seas! Cape May County Park and Zoo and “What Makes a Mammal” Ever wonder why an animal is called a mammal? Why isn’t a dog a reptile, or a bird? All animals are unique in their own way, but some things distinguish them to a certain group or class of animals. Come discover what it takes to be called “a Mammal”. Earth Day Wood Craft with Home Depot Join Home Depot and make your own nature wood craft between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (while supplies last!) Tour of the Wind Farm -The public is welcome to tour NJ’s first commercial wind farm. Participants will be shuttled to the wind farm from the Environmental Park. Tours of the Wastewater Treatment Facility, the solar project and green roof will be included. There will also be stops at the Environmental Protection Agency, and at the Delta Thermo Waste-to-Energy demo project. Eco Hayrides, a perennial favorite, take visitors to the top of the landfill for panoramic views of the area, including Atlantic City and the Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm. Seedlings- The ACUA will be giving out free beach plum seedlings, as well as free seed packets. Entertainment-There will be live entertainment throughout the day. Highlights include Dave Street, who is an environmental

April/May 2012

entertainer & educator, and the Franklin Institute Electricity Show. Pony rides, a 4-H petting zoo, and pictures with Supercan are also available. Valerie Vaughn will be performing songs of NJ culture, history and environment. Also, don’t miss the Turtlesinger, an interactive program and learn about, touch and feed live turtles. Part of the celebration includes exhibits by many community and environmental groups including: the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, St. Francis Avian Rehab Center, Great Egg Harbor Watershed Association, the Forsythe Wildlife Refuge, Defenders of Wildlife, the Environmental Protection Agency, Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge and Clean Water NJ/NJDEP. Earth Day Race -For runners of all ages and levels, two races are being held; a one-mile fun run at 8:30 a.m., followed by the 5K race at 9:00 a.m. Registration is $15 per person and $25 for a family entry (limit six entries). Race registration begins at 7:30 a.m. with the awarding of prizes following the finish of the 5K run. Please visit www.acua.com or call 272-6911 for race details. All proceeds from the race benefit the American Heart Association. For details visit www.acua.com/earthday FREE ADMISSION & PARKING!!!

Rain or Shine!

• Cape May Co. Park and Zoo Animal Shows • “Eco” Hayrides Sunday, April 22 • Pony Rides (fee charged) 10 – 4 p.m. • 5K Run & 1 Mile Fun Run • Shuttle bus tours to the solar & wind farm at the Wastewater Treatment Facility • Franklin Institute Electricity Tabletop Exploration • “Rock the Boat” musical performances • Live children’s entertainment • Live Turtle Presentation with Karen Buckley • Atlantic City Aquarium Touch Tank • Environmental Exhibits • Home Depot Children's nature wood crafts Atlantic County Utilities Authority 6700 Delilah Rd., Egg Harbor Twp. • Workshops: Composting, Native Plants, 272-6950 or 1-800-613-ACUA www.acua.com/earthday Community Supported Agriculture, How to Build a Rain Barrel Sponsored by: • Plus Arts, Crafts, Games, Live Music Food Court and much more!



M a y d n a l i Apr April 10

April 1


Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center 10 am - 5 pm Free Event Dog Show & parade, demos, kid activities, storytime and much more..

In honor of National Siblings Day A flashback to1994 from Jersey Shore Family Publisher, Pam Joseph’s family album

April 11

Guest Speaker

April 7

Easter Egg Hunt at Greentree Church 10:30 am at Family Life Center ages 2-10 Free hot dog lunch

Easter In Downtown Ocean City:

Breakfast With The Easter Bunny, free photos with the Bunny in a Lifeguard Stand, Candy filled eggs for children then the The Great Easter Egg Hunt: at 2:30 p.m. from 11th to 14th Sts. on the Beach. Ages 0-7 broken into groups

April 8 Happy Easter Easter Sunday Church Services

Greentree Church 8:30 am & 10:30 am Shore Fellowship 9am, 11am & 12:30pm Music Pier, Ocean City Boardwalk, A traditional, non denominational service by the sea 6:30am

April 8 1:15pm

Smithville Easter Parade 8

Mays Landing Historical Society presents Mark Demitroff, Pinelands Geographer 7:30 pm at the Presbyterian Church in Mays Landing: Ethnic Settlements in the Pines and The History of Jewish settlements in the Mays Landing area.

April 14

April 21 stockton student art show To benefit the Jersey Shore Children’s Museum at the Shore Mall, eht

No Ra No Bu No Ho

Visit the Jersey Shore Family Facebook page for more information Inside the Shore Mall

6725 Black Horse Pike Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234 GSP North Exit 36 - 3 left turns to the mall Museum is at FAR END of mall.

Spring Fling at Dewey Lodge


220 Philadelphia Ave., Egg Harbor City Concert, Easter Bonnet Contest Parade and Festival with door prizes, gift baskets and more. Doors open at 6pm Concert Starts at 7 pm


Monday - Saturday 10 Sunday 12 noon -


Cape May County Park and Zoo Earth Day Fair 10am 4pm The theme of this year’s event is “Set the Scene… Go Green!”
The day begins at 7:30a.m. with registration for both the 1 Mile Fun Run and the 5K Run. The Fun Run starts at 8:30a.m. followed by the 5K Run at 9a.m. This year’s main event is an Environmental Magic Show!

April 15

Ventnor’s Chefs Night Out

4pm to 8pm Eat at TEN of Ventnors “Yummy-Licious” Restaurants! Plus Homemade Candy, Water Ice and a Wine Tasting!! Yum! Only $40 per ticket. Enjoy the talents of local Musicians and Artists creations as well!! Call 267-980-7632 or 609929-1710 for tickets.

April 17 Tax Day

Filing deadline for 2011 taxes


Just Famil

April 22 ACUA Earth Day Event 10am-4pm rain or Shine (See Page 7 for Schedule)

April/May 2012

Happenings MAY

May 13

May 25 - 27 Wildwoods International Kite Festival

National Foster Care Month

Free Admission For Mom At Atlantic City Aquarium

Moms Climb Free

May 4

At Historic Absecon Lighthouse

Cinco De Mayo

Wildwood Cinco De Mayo Block party An all-day celebration of Mexican heritage and pride with authentic music, food, arts and crafts, and vendors. Between the 3700 - 3900 block of Pacific Avenue, Wildwood.

Recycle Program

May 19-20

Springtime Home & Garden Expo

May 5 Ocean City Spring Block Party

Mayfest at Smithville

May 19

Over 350 vendors, food vendors, music and more 9am -5pm • 5th -14th St. & Asbury Ave.

Smithville Children’s Festival


ECO Fair at WheatonArts

10am-5pm A Free “Community Open House”. Learn how to protect the environment and practice eco friendly living. Dozens of environmentally minded vendors and community organizations will be on site. The day also features “eco-friendly” Glass Studio demonstrations, hands-on crafts for children, exhibits, nursery stock, herbs, flowers, entertainment, food and refreshments.

Girl Scouts

of Central & Southern NJ

10am - 5pm Buena Vista Camping Resort 775 Harding Hwy., Buena

100 plus crafters • 10am-5pm

Old Time Market

Artists, Crafters, Antique, Flea Market. 9am-4pm at Memorial Park Main Street & Cape May Ave. (Rt. 50) Mays Landing, NJ

Captain Kid Pirate Day

Pirate costume parade begins on 26th and the Boardwalk at 11 a.m. Treasure hunt to follow at 17th & beach, North Wildwood for kids 12 and under. Prizes include $1,000 savings bond, bikes and more.

For more events and updated information visit

www.jerseyshorefamily.com and click the “calendar” tab April/May 2012

On the Beach at Rio Grande Avenue, Wildwood and inside the Wildwoods Convention Center. Event begins on Fri: 9 p.m. with the Illuminated night kite fly. Sat: & Sun: East Coast Stunt Kite Championships on the beach as well as kite exhibits and workshops. FREE to spectators.


Did you know you can support the Girls Scouts and help save the planet by bringing the following to any service center. They work with vendors who make financial contributions to GSCSNJ • Inkjet & printer cartridges (Brother, Epson, HP.) • Cell phones and MP3 Players • MARS candy wrappers • Garnier and Aveeno product plastic containers • Bear Naked empty cereal bags and granola wrappers • Capri Sun & Honest Kids empty drink pouches • Empty Elmers Glue bottles and glue stick tubes • Frito Lay, Lays, Cheetos and Doritos snack size bags • Kashi cereal boxes and granola wrappers • Lunchables trays • Malt-O-Meal cereal bags • Papermate pens and Sharpie markers and highlighters • Scott – plastic wrappers from toilet paper and paper towels • Scotch Tape – plastic dispensers; Gently worn used clothing. www.gscsnj.org/Adults/donors/recycle.php www.1800recycling.com


Reuse, Reduce... The Recycling Revolution began in the 1970’s with the first recycling mill built in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. You might think that everyone liked the idea, but you would be wrong. There was much resistance to recycling because in most cases the cost was much greater than just dumping trash into a landfill. But in 1987, a barge full of garbage was hauled from New York to North Carolina where it was denied. It was then sent to Belize, and they turned it away. It then made the long journey back to New York, where it was finally incinerated. This highly publicized incident led to many heated discussions in the country and is often considered the start of recycling in America. However, recycling was not a new idea; civilizations have been recycling and reusing resources from the beginning of time. One example is when children outgrow their clothing yet it is still in good


Residential and Commercial Natural-Cleaning Services Est. 2008

All products are non-toxic and child/pet safe • Services customized to meet your needs • Organizational Services (Garages, Attics, Closets)

• Natural cleaning products available for sale • Additional services available

for paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass right at curbside making it easy for your family to help minimize the amount of waste being dumped in landfills across the country. Here are just some great examples of recycling facts. Recycled aluminum cans can be on the grocery shelf in just 60 days! If all our newspapers were recycled, we could save 250,000,000 trees a year! The energy saved from recycling one bottle can run a light bulb for four hours! Oh, and by the way, the next time you eat that Hershey’s Kiss, don’t throw away that wrapper. You can recycle it! Not many people know that it is aluminum. There are tons of ways to get involved in recycling programs in your area and across the country. The local Lions Club recycles eyeglasses, which they distribute to those in need. You can UPS your old glasses to New Jersey Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center, Inc., c/o The Katzenbach School for the Deaf, 320 Sullivan Way, West Trenton, NJ, 08628. Are you up for a challenge? The Green Your School Challenge at dosomething.org may be the place for you. You can register your school and follow the rules to win a $500 scholarship. And on that same website teens are invited to share their recycle statistics for a chance to win

(609) 798-1520

www.ShoreNaturals.com 10


shape. Recycling might consist of passing it down to a younger sibling, fashioning it into another article of clothing, or if it is damaged, cutting it into smaller pieces and using as cleaning rags. Artists have always recycled shards of pottery for mosaics or refired them to create a new piece of pottery. Most states have recycling programs


free movie tickets and school scholarships. Don’t know what to do with those old sneakers you have outgrown or don’t like anymore? Check out nikereuseashoe.com. You can take yours to the Converse Outlet Store in Atlantic City on 22 N. Arkansas Ave. or start your own Reuse A Shoe Drive online at the same web address. Do you have an old refrigerator or freezer? If you are resident of New Jersey and a customer of Atlantic City Electric, call 877-2703520 or visit www.NJCleanEnergy. com to arrange a pick-up and get $50 cash back once your transaction is processed. I know in our house old cell phones float around and just take up space. An organization called Earth 911 helps consumers find local recycling places for wireless phones. Programs such as “Donate A Phone Call To Protect” campaign benefits victims of domestic violence and is a great way to help people by recycling your phone. One site that does just that is www.wirelessfoundation.org. There are endless ways to green your world and all it takes is a little research on the web and a small or large amount of your time, depending on how involved you and your family want to become. One family took recycling to the max. They downsized their home and tried to reuse and recycle almost everything you could imagine. You can read about them by following Bea Johnson’s blog at zerowastehome.blogspot.com, and get some great ideas. But if you are like me and most busy families, you will find that maybe one or two recycling projects may be all that you can manage. That is OK too! Every little bit helps, and you have to start somewhere. Oh Hon, don’t forget to take those old clothes to Goodwill and even get a tax deduction!

Michele Errichetti is a Mom of All Trades. She homeschooled her two sons, is a homemaker, organic non-GMO food advocate, a part time stylist, committee volunteer, freelance writer and Atlantic County Editor for foodie magazine. Her dream is to one day write a novel that becomes a major motion picture, just as soon as she can find the time.

April/May 2012

g n i Buy by Deanne P. Walther, DTR Organic means relating to or derived from living matter, signifying that no pesticides or chemicals are used. Organic products have become very popular in the last few years. People who are interested in these goods should research first before buying. There is no definitive research that proves organic foods are more nutritious, but they do have higher nutritional values, and some say they taste better. Organic usually costs more due to expensive farming practices; organic farmers don’t receive subsidiaries like conventional farmers do. The farming process is more labor and management intensive and usually smaller, so they don’t benefit from economies of scale. It takes three years to convert a regular farm into an organic one. It takes the first year to build up the fertility of the soil, so the produce cannot yet be labeled “organic.” Produce can’t yet be categorized “organic” in the second year but is considered “in conversion.” Finally, in the third year produce can be labeled “fully organic.” Foods should have the USDA organic standard stamp, which consists of: 1. 100% organic ingredients 2. At least 95% organic ingredients 3. Minimum 70% organic ingredients (strict restrictions on remaining 30%, no GMO’s).

April/May 2012

Other merchandise like cotton, wool, flax, etc. can also be bought as organic. Cotton is a heavily sprayed crop, and organic clothes are fairly inexpensive and contain no dyes or preservatives. The National Organic Program (NOP) is the standard to look for when buying these products. Three other primary organic certifications in the United States are: Organic Exchange 100 Standard (OES), Organic Exchange Blended Standard (OEB), and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements guidelines (IFOAM) is a certification for international products and considered genuine. Important labels to avoid are GMO (genetically modified organisms) which means it is genetically altered material. The label rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) means that this hormone has been used to force cows to artificially increase milk production by 10-15%. People should also be wary of certain words or phrases when buying organic. “Natural” is a vague term. It means that these foods do not contain additives or preservatives but may contain hormones, gmo’s, or may have been grown with pesticides. “Freerange” means the animals were able to graze, but be cautious because it might have been in a small area with many animals, which is not good. “Grass-fed” is good because these animals have eaten grass and hay and not harmful by-products intended to make them big quickly. “No hormones added” is definitely a good thing. BPA (bisphenol A) colorless chemical usually present in plastics and may cause cancer. Another way to buy organic would be to shop at farmers’ markets and food co-ops, and they are also a less expensive option. When purchasing seafood, be aware of where it came from and how it was caught. A good site for information on seafood, including apps for phones is: http:// www.montereybayaquarium. org/cr/cr_seafoodwatch/sfw_ recommendations.aspx?c=ln www.JerseyShoreFamily.com

Foods and items that should be bought organic are: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Meat Strawberries Blueberries Grapes Apples Potatoes Cherries Celery Milk Spinach Bell peppers Cookware-NO nonstick Water bottles-No BPA Food storage containersNo BPA • All purpose home cleaners • Yard pesticides

helpful websites www.organic.org www.breastcancer.org www.omri.org

Foods that do not need to be bought organic because the skin protects it. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Citrus (lemons, oranges, grapefruit, etc.) Bananas Watermelon Onions Garlic Corn Avocado Pineapple Sweet Peas Mangos Eggplant Cantaloupe Kiwi Asparagus Sweet Potatoes Deanne P. Walther is a Registered Dietetic Technician & a mom of 7 year old boy/girl twins. She works per-diem at Virtua Health Systems and loves to spend time with her family and expand their horizons.


Things to do

This Summer Go to the Hospital

Visit the The Jersey Shore Children’s Museum’s hospital and let your kids play doctor... you can be the patient! The JSCM’s interactive exhibits encourage role playing for kids 10 and under. Kids can “work” in a Pediatric ER, TV Newsroom, or Construction Zone among other hands-on activities. (609)645-7741 www.JerseyShoreChildrensMuseum.com

Catch the BIG one!

There are too many places to list and too many fish to mention. No doubt, South Jersey is the place to live if you love to fish. If you’re in need of some tips on what bait to use or where to go, visit Captain Dave at Absecon Bay Sportsman Center 800-352-2524 • www.abseconbay.com

Love Lucy

Now a National Historic Landmark, Margate’s Lucy the Elephant awaits your visit.... Stop by and take a walk to the top! (609) 823-6473 www.lucytheelephant.org

Go on a double date!

Catch dinner and a double feature at The Delsea Drive-In! The snack bar has an extended menu that rivals many restaurants. Check website for listings! 856-696-0011 • www.delseadrive-in.com

Meet me the Hop

Jersey Shore Presents....

Wildwood earned the title of the “Birthplace of Rock and Roll” when the Comets performed in 1955. Enjoy the Doo Wop Experience tour and “Back to the 50s” museum. (609)523-1958 www.wildwoodnj.org

Loot for diamonds

The Atlantus, a concrete ship built during WWI, rests on the ocean floor just offshore at Sunset Beach, in Cape May. The area surrounding the cracked weather-beaten hull is a great place to fish, sight see or collect beautiful “Cape May Diamonds.” www.capemay.com

Walk the plank

The AC Boardwalk holds the title of World’s Longest Boardwalk. Street performers, famous boardwalk food and attractions along with tons of beach side shopping accompany the beautiful ocean and beach views. www.atlanticcitynj.com

Climb the stairway to heaven

Follow 228 steps into the sky at the Absecon Lighthouse, the tallest of its kind in NJ, is open to the public. (609)449-1360 www.abseconlighthouse.org

Don’t miss the next issue of Jersey Shore Family featuring

97 Special Section Things to do



April/May 2012

Atlantic Riding Center for Health 206 Asbury Road, EHT

609.926.2233 atlanticridingcenterforhealth.org Daily summer camps for children ages 7 thru 12 with or without disabilities to learn about horses through arts and crafts and riding. And Riding Camp for ages 12 and up: beginners through advanced levels with hunter, jumper or dressage focus.

Beginners First Academy 1201 Boulevard Rt. 50, Weymouth

609.829.2292 www.bfa.comcastbiz.net

Basketball Clinic

New Child Care center located in Weymouth Twp. NJ. Accepting children ages 6 weeks through 5 years and children 5-12 years for before and after school care. Summer Camp available for all ages. Provides breakfast, lunch and snack at no cost. Hours are 6am to 8pm with flexible scheduling available. Sheets and blankets are provided and laundered. Family, monthly and military discounts offered.



Roundball Classic

www.urbanyouthinc.com Registration Deadline: April 7, 2012 for tournament April 14 & 15 Girls & Boys Division 8u-18u Cost: $300 Per Team, 3 Games Guaranteed

Basketball CliniC May Madness Classic 302.328.2770

www.urbanyouthinc.com/ Registration Deadline: May 5, 2012 for tournament May 12 & 13 Boys & Girls Divisions: 8u-18u Cost: $300 Per Team, 3 Games Guaranteed

Beacon Day Camp

Beacon Evangelical Free Church 420 S. Sixth Avenue, Galloway


www.beaconefc.org The camp will feature games and activities, fishing, music, crafts, swimming, skits, Bible stories, snacks, and much more! This year’s “Adventures on Promise Island” theme will be led by an enthusiastic, high-energy camp staff. For children entering grades 1-6.

April/May 2012

400 S. Chew Rd., Hammonton

609.567.3321 www.camptuscaloosa.com Daily activities include archery, dance, swimming, arts & crafts, fun themed days and much more. Children 3 1/2 to 14. 3 sessions with 2, 3, 4, 5 day options available.

Now Enrolling:

Summer Camps for ALL ages!

Weekly Themes including sports! Water Play Days twice a week! Special party days and activities: • • • • •

Hawiian Luau Ice Cream Party 4th of July BBQ Circus Party Around the World Celebration!

Summer Camp Shirts included

Weekly In-House Presenters: Magic Shows, Mascots, Face Painting, Pony Rides, BuildA-Bear, and AC Aquarium!

1201 Blvd Rt. 50, Weymouth

609-829-2292 www.bfa.comcastbiz.net

Kids Learn To Sail with STEM 609.214.5176

www.just-sailing.org A Spring Break one day mini camp, Kids Learn to Sail with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), will be held on Monday, April 9th from 10am – 3pm. The session is for kids ages 10 and up and will focus on wind, wind patterns, and wind powered transportation while teaching the beginning components of sailing. Students should pack a lunch and bring a change of clothes. The suggested donation for the class is $80.

Music Together of Galloway 609.748.8309

www.musictogetherofgalloway.com Summer classes for newborn to age 5 of songs, chants, movement, dance & instrument play start July 9th. Ask about our free trial class.

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� ������������������������������������������ ������������������� ���������������

5809 Main Street, Mays Landing, NJ 08330 ������������������ ����������������������� 609.625.1565 ��������������� ����������������

info@svdprs.com • www.svdprs.com



Kidz Creations

Kinetic Poetic Summer Dance Workshop

811 Asbury Ave. Ocean City

609.399.9922 www.kidzcreation.biz

323 S. Pitney Rd. Galloway


www.kineticpoetic.com Dance, Acting, & Musical Theater Workshop for ages 5 through 12. Tuesdays and Thursdays, July 5th through July 31st. $25.00 per session or $180.00 if paid in advance for the 8 session workshop. Kinetic Poetic Dance offers students the opportunity to explore their creative skills through a variety of performing arts activities including dance, acting and musical theater. Students gain knowledge and develop skills within a positive and nurturing environment. Limited class size allows for one on one attention to discover and foster the creative talents of each individual. Teen and Adult dance classes are also available.

(Cost per camp: $125) Super Duper Summer Science

Tons of Science Fun! Ages: 6-11 Session 1: June 25 - June 28 Session 2: July 23 - July 26 Time: 9:30 - 11:30 am

Investigate the science of things that glow, pop and fizzle through super-duper cool experiments! Kidz will learn fascinating facts about the world around them during this hands-on science experience.

So You Wanna Be A Princess Live Like A Princess For A Week! Ages: 4-6 Session 1: June 18 - June 21 Time: 9:30 - 11:30 am

Little girls will receive the royal treatment with rockin’ hair-dos, make-up and nail polish! Play dress-up, make a sparkly tiara and walk a real runway during this glitz and glamour-filled camp! We will help kids with developing a unique talent to show-off during our famous Kidz Grand Pageant!

Cooking Around The World

Two Delicious Cooking Classes! Session 1: July 2 - July 5: Cooking 1 Session 2: July 30 - August 2: Cooking 2 Session 3: Aug. 20 - Aug. 24: Cooking 2 Time: 9:30 - 11:30 am Cooking 1: Italy, Ireland, France, Japan. Enrich international taste buds, using the senses through creating and eating culinary delights from around the world. Learning and eating were never so much fun! Cooking 2: Mexico, China, Switzerland, Germany. Building cultural awareness through their taste buds, kids can continue to learn about international traditions through recipes and cooking.

Awesome Art

Art-O-Rama Session 1: July 9 - July 12 Session 2: August 13 - August 16 Time: 9:30 - 11:30 am During this art filled camp, kidz will learn various painting and sculpting techniques…as well as different ways of creating one-of-a-kind projects using a wide assortment of materials.

Clowning Around The Art Of Clowning Around Session 1: July 16 - July 19 Time: 9:30 - 11:30 am

Kidz will have a silly time while learning the tricks and trades of becoming a clown. Your child will design a unique clown accessory. Also included, bow-ties, face-paint, goofy noses, wacky hats, balloon animals…and much more!

Pirates & Prinecesses

Ahoy Matey’s! Session 1: August 6 - August 9 Time: 9:30 - 11:30 am Ahoy mateys! This camp will collide the best of both the pirate and princess worlds. Your children will get to do fun activities, dress up in their choice of pirate or princess attire and go home with treats, such as tiaras, eye patches, bandanas and jewels. At the end of the week, we will have a grand treasure hut. Enjoy, as we set sail on a new magical adventure!

Fashion Frenzy

Girls Come Explore All About Fashion! Ages: 9+ Session 1: August 6 - August 9 Time: 2:00 - 4:00 pm Geared towards older girls, be a model or just look like one. Fashion accessories, techniques of applying makeup, walk the runway, design glasses, nail polish.

Not in continuous operation

The Best Deal In Town!

AWESOME Camps at the beach


CAM PS • • • • •

bring in this ad get a

f ree T-shirt

Art Science w/ Camp Registration by May 15th Cooking Fashion Clowning Around

Fun For The Entire Family!

nuraotuio s noperation uscoonptie noutoin Not in contiN

Arrive Early. Beat the Crowds.

Arrive FunFun ForFor TheBest The Best Early. Early. Shows Start at Dusk Deal DealTheThe Beat Beatthe the Entire Entire  Affordable Family Fun The Perfect Staycation Crowds. Crowds. In Town! In Town!


Family! Family!  Full Restaurant Menu at Affordable Family Prices  First Run Family Movies  Shows at Dusk  Start Shows Start at Dusk • Affordable Family Fun - The Perfect Staycation Affordable Gift  Cards Available  Family Fun -Fun The- The Perfect Staycation Affordable Family Perfect Staycation • Full Restaurant Menu at Affordable Family Prices  Full Restaurant MenuMenu at Affordable Family  FullatRestaurant at Affordable FamilyPrices Prices • Shows Start Dusk  First  Run Family Movies First Run Family Movies • First Run Family Movies Gift Cards Available  Dinner Gift Cards and Available • Gift Cards Available Enjoy

a Double Feature! Enjoy Dinner and 2 Screens Enjoy Dinner andand Visit our website a Double Feature! Enjoy Dinner 4 Movies

and up forFeature! Nightly asign Double Double Feature! Visit our awebsite and our e-mail! signour upwebsite for our e-mail!24Screens Visit 2 Screens Movies Visit our website Check website hours & features 4 Movies and upforfor Nightly Checksign website for hours and sign up for& features Nightly our e-mail! our e-mail! Check website for hours & features Check website for hours & features

S. DelseaDrive Drive  NJ NJ 08360 22032203 S. Delsea • Vineland, Vineland, 08360  www.delseadrive-in.com (856) 696-0011 (856) 696-0011 • www.delseadrive-in.com 2203 S. Delsea Drive  Vineland, NJ 08360


www.delseadrive-in.com 2203 S. Delsea Drive  Vineland, NJ 08360 (856) 696-0011  www.delseadrive-in.com April/May 2012 (856) 696-0011


What to do with those plastic bags... • Cake Pops • Pastries • Breads

Danish • Sticky Buns • Custom Cakes •

Cookie Trays • Gourmet Brownies


By Dorcus Drexler Order Your Valentine’s Day By now, I hope most Treats Today! people understand Order the damage plastic your grocery store Valentines Day Treats bags do to our Today environment as a result of the long • Pies • Gift Baskets time required for • Macaroons • decomposition in our landfills and the lifethreatening dangers they pose to our animals. One way to solve the problem is to recycle them. Because of my commitment to the environment, I have developed some craft ideas to turn those plastic-bag negatives into positives! They can be made into coozies for water bottles, soda bottles, and cans. They can also be used to make purses or beach bags. Book covers for your children’s notebooks or your coupon book can also be made with those pesky plastic bags. You can even create great placemats with them. Use your imagination to think of your own ideas! Let’s all help our environment by recycling those plastic bags into useful items. Get your whole family involved in fun craft-making activities using plastic bags, and pass on your commitment to improving the Earth to your children! For more information contact me at dorcusd@yahoo.com.

Family Marketplace Single •Block Easter Egg Cakes • Gift Baskets Display • Hot Ad Cross Buns • Cookie Trays

Brownies 1.6inch x•• Gourmet 1.8inch Cupcakes

Retail Bakery/Cafe $45 per•• Macaroons issue Pastries 6019 Main St., Mays Landing

• Danish with a 4 issue commitment 609.625.0711 • Sticky Buns ($180 Total) • Custom Cakes • Assorted Pies • Gift Baskets


www•Y••••w•••P•••c•m Dr. Dana Spano DMD

856.213.6739 Call Dana Today!


314 Central Ave.$• Linwood, NJ www•Y••••w•••P•••c•m

(855) 455-3262 P••ch••• •f $•5 •• m•••• www.DSdentalNJ.com (•xp• •2/2•/•9 • • p•• v••••)


$ H•••••y H••••: T•••••Th•••• •••5 20% off (•xp• •2/2•/•9 • • p•• v••••)

Easter and Mothers Day Flowers and Hanging Baskets

Annuals ,Perennials, Vegetable plants huge selection organically raised veggie plants !

Open 7 days... unless we are closed

609 226-8130 348 S. Bremen ave., GALLOWAY TWP.

(4/10ths of a mile off rt. 30 going towards Renault Winery on right look for our flower display in front yard.)

Family Classifieds

Single Block PETDisplay ADOPTIONS Ad

______________________________________ Adopt a horse: Learn how to sponsor or adopt a horse. www.sites.google.com/site/sjabhr/

1.6inch x 1.8inch

Old English Sheepdog free to a good home. 2 year old pure breed. House trained, not good with other pets. Vet reference with a609-616-5111. 4 issue commitment requested Baseball Cards • Vinyl Records ______________________________________ ($180 Total)

$45 per issue d a D r o f s t Gif SWIMMING LESSONS

Hamilton Township Hess School, 700 FAC_Collectibles Babcock Rd. Mays Landing NJ

BASEBALL CARDS • Cw/Parent OLLECTIBLES VINYL old RECORDS Ages Preschool - 16• years


Registration for Hamilton Township Residence Sat. April 21, 1306 9 - 12 noonHwy, Rt. 40 • Richland Harding Ebay-Frankc1110 • SRMARINA3@Aol.com Registration for General Public Mon. April 23 and Wed April 25, 7 - 9 pm Swim Session start June 25 - Aug. 9, 2012 TUE.-FRI. 12-6 P.M. - SAT. & SUN. 11 A.M. - 5 P.M. Call to sign up 609-476-6103 ______________________________________




Learn more about Absecon/Galloway Moms Group at www.absecongallowaymoms.com

April/May 2012 April/May 2012


Grand at Opening May 12 2757 •• •••• R•• ENTAL V••••••• Give yourself 2757 •• •••• 856.213.6739 something to R• smileV••••••• about

•f $•5 ••atm•••• any serviceP••ch••• never experienced

Phillies Super Store • Supplies

t in Jersey Shore Family!

Save money this SaveChristmas money th Do your Do your Christmas at Sweetpea’s!

www.JerseyShoreFamily.com www.JerseyShoreFamily.com

H•••••y H••••: T•••••Th•••• •••5 salon & spas 601 9th Street, ocean City, NJ



Save money t SaveChristma money t Do your ______________________________________ Do your Christm at Sweetpea’s! LOCAL GROUPS


Atlantic County 4-H Equestrian Club ages 7 to 18 of allat abilities. Meetings held the 1st Monday of every month 2757 •• •••• R at 5:30 p.m. at 206 Asbury Road, EHT, NJ. V••••••• Contact Kim Peterson 609-926-2233 or 856.213.673 kimpeterson@atlanticridingcenterforhealth.org Shore Riders Pony Club www•Y••••w•••P•••c www.shoreridersponyclub.org ______________________________________

2757 •• •••• V••••••• 856.213.67




Assistant Museum Director and part-time www•Y••••w•••P•• Admin. positions available at the Jersey Shore P••ch••• •f $•5 •• m•••• Children’s Museum. Must be computer literate and references. more information•please callv••••) (•xp•For •2/2•/•9 • p•• museum at 609-645-7741 or email resume to info@JerseyShoreChildrensMuseum.com

5 OF

$ H•••••y H••••: T•••••Th•••• ••

Part time office manager P••ch••• •f $•5 available immediately. Duties include book •• m•• keeping, scheduling, client retention and (•xp• •2/2•/•9 • • p•• v•• social media management. Ref. required, experience a plus. Call 888-444-0015 x101. ______________________________________ Email your classified Pamela.jsf@gmail. you saw it ad intoJersey Shore Fa com $30 for 30 words per issue (2 months)

H•••••y H••••: T•••••Th••••

Always visit the “calendar of events” tab on www.jerseyshorefamily.com things to do everyday.


Atlantic County’s LargestlaSelection of ntic County’s

tral Square, Suite 16 • Linwood

Central Square Suite 16 •Linwood

ffering At ction of Largest Sele


Come See Our New ArrivalS! Just in time for Easter

Toys for Ages 3mo to 12 yrs

Central Square, Suite 16 • Linwood

h Kids 3 months to 12 years y Patcages ToysSunnfor

Buy Two Get Free A Beautiful Selection OneHave We Also

ic County’s Offering Atlant tion of Largest Selec

tion a tr s i g Mother’s Day Gift Headquarters e R n!

Toys for ages 3 months to 12 years


Gifts of distinction includinge available) 20% OFF

New Items Arriving Daily!

Thru May 15

Present this coupon for your entire purchase of

of Unique Gifts For All Occassions

New Items Arriving Daily! A weN ruO eeS emoC

e p O Now

We Also Have A Beautiful Selection of Unique Gifts For All Occassions

Lampe Berger • Heart Strings (Limited

Melissa & Doug Toys* March 23-31, 2012



on Music Box Company 1 i t a tr s i Reg n! Spring Street

retsaE rof emit ni tsuJ Present this coupon for your entire purchase of

e p O Entire Purchase Now

20% OFF 10% OFF Melissa & Doug Toys* Good for one time use only.

doowniL • 6March 1 etiuS ,erau23-31, qS lartneC 2012 Exp. May 12, 2012

include activity pads, single scratch art or ’ytnuoC*Does citnot nagift ltAcertificates art supplies, coupon per gnireorfcredits. fwith O anyOneother fo noiperson. tceleCannot offer. S tsbeecombined graL



June 18th - July 6th


2 Session 400 S Chew Rd. Hammonton NJ Est. 1954 July 9 - July 27 (609) We Also Have A Beautiful rd 567-3321

able ) l i a v a e c ited spa


609-653-17431st Session



Good for one time use only.

*Does not include activity pads, single scratch art or art supplies, gift certificates or credits. One coupon per person. Cannot be combined with any other offer.




Session Selection of Unique Gifts 3 August 1st - August 19th For All Occasions

New Items Arriving Daily!

1 ot shtnom 3 sega rof syoT

Camp Camp S lufituaeB A evaH oslA eW ccO llA roF stfiG euqinU fo

June 18th - July 6th

on i t a tr s i liaD gnivirrA smetI weN Reg !) n 2nd Session e p O ongistration th th i t able ow a availg July 9 July 27 tr N e c s a i p s e n! n! FF400O SRd. %Chew 02Hammonton Re 1954 Est. 1954 Chew Rd. Hammonton NJ Est. NJ (Limited Re e guoD & assileM

uscaloosa Tuscaloosa of nopuoc siht tneserP y p

esu emit eno rof dooG

2 ,13-32 hcraM

elgnis ,sdap ytivitca edulcni ton seoD* .stiderc ro setacfiitrec tfig ,seilppus tra na htiw denibmoc eb tonnaC .nosrep

pNow Op OInclude: Activities ow NSwimming in 2 Heated Pools

3 Session

(609) (609) 567-3321 567-3321 rd

ailable ) pace available ) pace av s s d e it (Limited (Lim

August 1st - August 19th


1st Session

th Junelike 18Hawaiian - July Day, 6th Olympic Day, and World Cup Wednesday

nd 1


Session1st Session

2 Archery Session ● Dance RangeJune with18 Certified Instructors - July 6 June 18● BB-Gun July 6 th

1st Session — June 18th - July 6th

Swimming Swimming in 2inHeated 2 Heated Pools Pools Fun Theme Fun ThemeDays Days

2nd Session — July 9th - July 27th


July 9 - July 27 - July 27

August rd 1 - August 19thand More!rd st

Session 3All activities Session are taught by3Certified Teachers

ance ● BB ● Dance Gun ● BB Range Gun Range with with Certified Certified Instructors InstructorsAugust Archery es, including Team Games, including Camp Camp Tuscaloosa’s Tuscaloosa’s own Fogown Ball Fog Ball ● Paddle ● Paddle Tennis ● Batting ● Batting Cage Cage ● Arts ● & Crafts Arts & Crafts Mini GolfTennis

and and More! More! ivitiesAllare activities taught are taught by by Certified Certified Teachers Teachers



3 July Session 9

an Day, like Hawaiian Olympic Day, Olympic Day, Day,and and World World Cup Wednesday Cup Wednesday

3rd Session — July 30th - Aug. 17th


JulyTeam 9 nd - Games, July 27including Camp Tuscaloosa’s own Fog Ball nd 2 Session 2 Session Tennis ● BattingthCage ● Arts &thCrafts rdMini Golf ● Paddle th th th

Activities Activities Include: Include:

Fun Theme Days

th August 1st19 - August 19th 1st - August

Customize your Child’s schedule to meet Your daycare needs. For children ages 3 1/2 to 14 years ● Extended care optional ...and remember, Daycare is Tax Deductible!

urCustomize Child’s yourschedule Child’s scheduleto to meet meet Your Your daycare needs. daycare needs. ages For children 3 1/2ages to314 1/2 toyears 14 years ● ● Extended Extended care optional care optional www.JerseyShoreFamily.com remember, ...and remember, Daycare Daycareis is Tax Tax Deductible! Deductible!

April/May 16 more information on pricing and programs, For more information on pricing and programs, please visit2012 For please visit www.camptuscaloosa.com

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