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Genealogy Scanning Services Scanning service is one of the crucial track in the genealogy services. Scanned documents may be Microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, Paper or book records. High speed, high performance scanners are hired for the scanning purposes. This scanner also guarantees high quality scanned data. SBL’s skillful professionals with their experience in the genealogical commercial organization help to provide persistent services.

Genealogy Indexing Services SBL’s genealogy records indexing services helps in digging specific inputs from the scanned documents. Scanned records are reformed to different formats as needed by the clients. Genealogy indexing services helps the customers to go over the scanned documents nimbly and easily for future needs. Indexing, keying and archiving processes are some of the effective methods in Genealogy indexing services, which helps to choose right file from chunks of files.

Genealogy Transcription Services Scanned genealogical documents are to be transcribed to a legible format. Hard to read documents can be reproduced and converted to a readable document by using Transcription Services. There are also options to add new family link or update the obtainable genealogy records. SBL have long years of experience in data base genealogy creation services. Continuous process optimization , helps our expertise to process unreadable information from old records.

Database Updating Services SBL is rendered with genealogy database creation services with long years of experience. We are capable of processing blurred information from the old documents. The output documents can be converted to different formats as per the clients requirements. We are supported by our software division and our developed software solutions ease the process of updation in genealogy.

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Genealogical services, records scanning services, Genealogy services, Microfilm scanning, Historical records Indexing