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DIGITAL DATA CONVERSION OF GEOLOGICAL MAPS Abstract: SBL won this project through a competitive tender process of the customer organization. They have 293 unpublished reports containing text and maps and SBL is selected for the digital conversion of the same. The work involves scanning, data entry, geo referencing, digitization and layout preparation maps and reports. Client: Nodal Government of India agency involved in mineral exploration of the country Geography: India

Sample digitization

Industry: Government Challenges:  Handling large volume data  Placing skilled man power on site  Getting infra structure for the project  Maintaining the schedule  Availability of software

Cartographic symbol setting

Approach: SBL has scanned 36 of 2250 maps, digitally converted 36 reports through data entry and geo referenced all the files. Later geo referenced 2250 scanned maps are digitized for their features and attributes assigned to each. This then through cartographic symbology setting process converted to lay out maps which are ready to print in jpg as well as in pdf format. All these files were placed in customer specified folder structure and delivered to customer Benefits: benefits include:    

Large volume of data digitally converted in a short span of time. As the work done onsite, security of the client’s data maintained well Client could able to generate a digital data base otherwise lying in the dust and spoiling the wealth of information. Client could able get a digital maps which replica of their paper maps.

Sample layout map

Case Study – Ver 1.1 Proprietary and Confidential

16th April 2015

Digital data conversion of geological maps Gsi case study