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Module 1 – Ideation Week One Tasks – Measuring Space Stefan Bjelosevic – 640320 Virtual Environments – S2, 2013


Dotted lines indicate rack in fully open and closed configurations.



Reference Point

Fully Open Rack


In addition, when drawing the closed rack, I used a technique similar to that described in Miralles’ ‘How to layout a croissant’. I photocopied the rack and then drew the outlines of the material, hence allowing me to devise another practical means of mensuration other than that of simply utilising a ruler.

Half Open Rack

Closed Rack


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I measured the rack using a traditional ruler, which I then replicated onto the page. Due to the innate symmetry of the design, replication is relatively straightforward once one diamond is drawn, and the internal angles are established.

All dimensions are in millimetres.

Upon inspection, the expanding rack appears complex in nature, and is – but below the apparent cloud of complexity, there is a very simple pattern that gives rise to this larger system. The rack is composed of two differing lengths of wood, arranged in a diamond pattern that is repeated several times. The system is held together with hinges comprised of bolts, a small washer and a nut. As the entire system is interconnected, the movement of but one plank causes a subsequent expansion or compression in the rest of the system. When disassembled, the hinge system is composed of a plank of wood, a small screw about 10mm long, a washer, and a nut that holds the part together.

Two larger parallel planks are bisected by a smaller plank, which is fastened with screws.

When removed from the larger system, a plank attached to another can undergo practically unlimited rotations in any direction.

Component can rotate

The hook used in this particular rack is of antique nature – it consists of a large, sculptured elaborate knob set into a base which is then fastened onto the planks below. The hook is quite archaic in appearance.

The plank and hinge are free to rotate in either direction when removed from the rest of the rack. Hinge system can rotate about the screw set into the wood, as the rack is compressed or expanded.



Module 1 – Ideation – Measuring Space  

Week One Weekly Task Submission Virtual Environments Semester 2, 2013 The University of Melbourne

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