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SBIO-magazine 2011/2012

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



The editor’s word EDITORIAL Executive editor: Caroline Grahm Didriksen Design og layout: Inga Egeberg Linda Bogen Sjursen

Involvement and studies A new year is upon us, and with

Use the magazine actively, as an


it comes a fresh edition of the

overview or a source of reference.

Benedicte K. Kronberget

SBIO-magazine. It is packed

Have it in your bookcase and

with the tasks you can take on

use it when you need informa-


and activities you should take

tion. The magazine is intui-


part in. The magazine is your

tively put together so you can

Telefon: 46 41 09 42

guide to almost everything you

easily find categories like staff

can participate in where stu-

functions, special interest com-

dent activities at BI in Oslo are

mittees, subject groups, limited

concerned. Join up and create

liability companies, projects,

memories for life!

and student welfare activities.

Printing: Printhouse AS

Here you’ll find everything at a If we are to believe the experts


and business leaders, it’s worth its weight in gold to be involved

It has been enlightening to work

in activities during one’s studies.

on the SBIO-magazine, and

You establish relations, learn

I speak on behalf of all of us

useful things, and have a lot of

when I state that we have had

fun. It’s all about finding out

fun in the process. The plan-

exactly where you fit in. Maybe

ning, the design, the collection

such involvement, together with

of information, good food and

your academic results, will lead

proof reading. A big thank you

you on to your dream job?

to the editorial staff!

Caroline Grahm Didriksen Executive editor


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


Content editor’s word 2 The by: CAROLINE GRAHM DIDRIKSEN 4 SBIO A greating from the SBIO leadership, SBIO-secretariat, SBIO organizing and an encuragement. by: SBIO LEADERSHIP 2010


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



Welcome to SBIO! We at the Student Association of

tender at the Students’ House? What-

the BI School of Management in

ever you do, you will surely find some-

Oslo (SBIO) are incredibly excited

thing of interest in line with your level

to have you as a member and look

of ambition. In addition, we have our

forward to getting acquainted with

six big annual projects. “Fadderullan”

you during The Fadderullan wel-

buddy week in August, Career Days

come event and the fall semester. Do

in September. The Cabaret Show,

not hesitate to contact us, whether

Business Week, Student Action and

it’s about information on where the

“Bergensbaneløpet” in the spring.

nearest toilet is, or how the electoral process for management works.The

Many look back on their studies as the

Student Union is working constantly

best years of their lives. By getting in-

to make your study life easier and

volved with SBIO, you take the first

more interesting, both academically

step to making this a reality. You will

and socially.

have a lot of fun, get many friends at BI, and make future contacts in the

You are also a member of your Sub-

industry. Much of what you experi-

ject Group. This association will ar-

ence in the Student Association is re-

range for you to become familiar with

lated to what you go through in your

the rest of the students on your pro-

curriculum. Put theory to practice and

gramme and will offer many events

make memories for life!

throughout the year. Furthermore, we have staff functions in SBIO working

In this magazine you can read about

closely with management to develop

what we can offer. Even though you

and lead SBIO forwards. Finally, we

have experience, you must start some-

have the interest committees where


you can experience it all. What about scuba diving in Egypt? Learning

Please contact us, no matter what

about shares in New York? Sailing in

queries you may have. We look

the Færder regatta? Or being a bar-

forward to meeting you!

Ledelsen SBIO leadership 2011


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


SBIO leadership 2011

Sine Astad President

Lene Møll Head of Marketing and PR

Sarah Camilla Ansen

Silje Bakken

Helen Sandlie Eriksen

Marte Lona

Head of Finance Head of Policy and Cooperation

Head of Projects

Kåre Andrè Jevanord

Erlend Sørby Johansen

Head of Business Relations

Head of Student Departements

Head of Academic Relations

Alexander Asbøll Head of Committees

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



The SBIO-Secretariat The SBIO-secretariat is located in

the SBIO leadership in the operation

the ground floor of the Management

of the student association. Mona has

School building, between BU1 and

worked for SBIO since the organiza-

CU1. You may contact us here if you

tion was created in 2005. Before that

have questions about the student as-

she worked for the student association

sociation, student activities and con-

of BI in Sandvika. Mona is known as

tact information on subject groups

“The Oracle� among the most active,

and committees. The secretariat has

and knows all about the history of the

many requests during the course of a

student association and past practice.

day and is responsible concerning in-

Mona can answer almost any ques-

coming calls to the SBIO, email con-

tion, and will help to make your active

tact, mail distribution and billing for

student life easier.

subject groups and committees. The


secretariat is also the contact link con-

Contakt information:

cerning the rental of book storage cab-

Tel: +47 464 10 820 or by Email:

inets and the SBIO Cabin (BI-hulen).

The Manager of the SBIO Secretariat

The secretariat opening hours:

is Mona T. Sivertsen and she assists

Monday - Thursday 8 am - 4 pm.

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



(Main Meeting)

(Subject Group Associations)

(Interest Committees)


(Staff Functions)

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



“Do not hesitate to be active” 8

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


Being a student is about much more than sitting in the reading room. LENE MĂ˜LL Informasjonsansvarlig i SBIO

On 8 September all committees and staff functions will have a stand in Oasis and the surrounding area in order to recruit new members. I would advise you to use the SBIO magazine to find out what you may be interested in, and then use the recruitment day to be familiar with the committees and staff functions. Chat with those who are on the stand. Do not be afraid to ask questions. They are there to recruit new, enthusiastic students, who can provide the committee or staff functions with something positive. The committees and staff functions have different social

and professional events. While some emphasize the social aspect to the greatest extent, there are some who focus solely on professional issues, but most have a balance of both academic and social activities.

We are here to learn

part-time alongside your studies. In fact, most people I know in the student union have a part-time job.

Do not hesitate

The Student Association is an open organization, where all types of people fit in. Being active is a great opportunity to meet new people - highly motivated people with similar interests as yourself - great, enterprising and resourceful people. Some of these people have just given you the Fadderullan. Later in the fall the Business Committee will give you the Career Days. After Christmas we have the cabaret show, Business Week, Bergen Railway Race and the Student Campaign. Everything is under the direction of the students themselves.

I have met students who are reluctant to seek committee work because they believe they are not smart enough, do not have relevant experience or will not fit in. It is fortunately not the case that you must have worked for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation in order to get a position with SBIO TV. We’re here to be educated, and nobody expects everything to work smoothly, or that you have to know everything in advance. Different positions require different efforts, but it is up to you how much you will make out of your committee work. So decide to get active and There is nothing in the way use the next days to explore of having a job while working your options!

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012






The Communications Depart-

KA has focused on their own projects

ment of SBIO (KA) was formed

and productions and also serves as

as a result of the merger of the Coo-

an advisory and supporting body for

communication, SBIO TV and IDÉ.

the rest of the SBIO.

These were merged to create creative, social and administrative synergies.

If you want to get involved in something exciting, that gives a lot of fun

KA is a staff function that provides

and personal development, we recom-

practical experience, with communi-

mend you strongly to apply!

cations across a wide range of media,


including video, newspapers, maga-

KA consists of four sub-departments:

zines, social media, flyer / poster pro-

Editorial, Advertising & Design, TV,

duction, printing and photography,

and Web & IT. To find out where you

as well as web pages and computer

fit in best, please contact leder.ka@

technology within SBIO.

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



The leaders of each of the departments is on the Board along with Chairman and those responsible for economic, social, marketing, information and projects. The Board is responsible for the administration, ensure development and monitoring of the organization and strategy of





the KA.

Advertising & Design work on the design of logos, posters, brochures and other promotional materials. Advertising & Design is available to all parts of SBIO and it is we who made the SBIO-magazine you are


now holding!

Web & IT is responsible for development and operation of the student association’s web sites and computer systems. Web & IT’s main objective


is to promote the flow of information internally and externally to all parts of SBIO.

TV’s task is to direct, shoot and edit video from and for various student activities for publication on the Internet and promotion of activities for students.


Editors working on the production of text and photos of, by and about current activities in the student union. Editor’s main task is the development of materials for

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



The Financial Team is the finan-

If you want to take on greater respon-

cial link between management and

sibilities, you can stand for election

the Subject Groups.

for the different positions within the Finance Team. The Financial Team

The team keeps the accounts for the

wishes the group to have a good so-

subject groups and committees in

cial atmosphere. At the end of each

order. The Financial Team is also

semester, a “hyttetur” (a traditional

responsible for economic training of

Norwegian cabin outing) is being ar-

the various financial managers. As a

ranged. In addition there are New

member of the Finance Team you do

Year- and summer “shutdown” cel-

the accounting for 1 or 2 subject

ebrations and various other social

groups-tasks ranging from accepting


receipts to scanning and recording documents.

If you wish to be a part of the Financial Team or require further infor-


By participating in the Financial

mation about us, please contact our

Team you will get relevant experience

information secretary: info.regns-

and an advantage later on the work or check out our web-



SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



Together with NU this is the part

Such committees are appropriate

of the student association, which is

for those who want to learn more

mostly in touch with the business

about business and establishing of

community, various stands and ex-

contacts. You may here be a socia-

hibits, programs, various types of

ble person and not be afraid to state

flyers, logos on web pages and adver-

your opinion.

tisements in magazines. You get a lot of useful experience There are many opportunities for

on marketing and selling of a prod-

businesses on the market, to reach

uct, the product in this case being a

out to students with their offers. The

much sought after group of students.


Join the Marketing Department and

with sales and coordination of this

gain a valuable experience. Along

activity. Generally, the consultants

the way there will be teamwork and

will receive cooperative agreements

exchange of ideas.



for the student organization as a whole or they are passed on to vari-

If you have any questions, please

ous committees, where a marketing

contact us at:

manager has not been appointed.

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



International Student Associa-

students learn a new language and

tion (InSA) is an international, non-

in exchange teach their native one

profit, independent association run

or one they are skilled at the Bud-

entirely by BI students. Our task is to

dy program which pairs exchange

introduce all our visitors to Norway

students with a buddy that guides

and Norwegian culture, as well as to

and helps them adapting their stu

BI’s student environment. We help

dent life to BI and a new life in

exchange students to make the most


out of their Norwegian experience. Please visit our website: www. InSA organizes: for the latest news and

– social events and parties.

events. You may also contact us by

– weekend trips in Norway and in


Scandinavia. – the Talk Partner program where


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



The Committee for Political Af-

Akershus (SiO). A number of our

fairs (SPU) is a staff function in

members have directorships, includ-

SBIO working on policy issues for

ing Universitas, Radio Nova, Kul-

you as a student at BI. We are politi-

turstyret (The Cultural Board) and

cally independent – our work, always

Studenter og Rus (Students and Sub-

based on the students.

stance abuse).

Our main issues are:

We in the Student Affairs Commit-

– Improve housing for students

tee is keen to listen to our fellow stu-

in Oslo.

dents. How do you think the housing

– Improving financing of education.

situation in Oslo? What will it take

– Mental and physical health.

to get your financial situation a little better? How do you think students’

One of our main tasks is to safeguard

health situation is today?

the interests of Management students of the Welfare Council in Oslo

We want to get to know you.

and Akershus. Here we meet all the learning institutions that are affili-

Want to get to know us –

ated Studentskipnaden in Oslo and

Send mail to

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


SBIO-magasinet SBIO-magazine 2011/2012 2010/2011



The Finance Committee (FIG),

tee consists of finance students from

is the subject group association for

all levels and with different respon-

financial studies at the BI. School of

sibilities. A new board of directors

Management – The Finance Com-

will be elected during the spring

mittee’s main tasks are to enhance

term. The application for positions

professional competence and encour-

on the sub-committees are processed

age involvement of students studying

during the autumn term. The most

finance. The Finance Committee is

popular sub-committee is the FIG

achieving this by organizing a num-


ber of social events, thus strengthen-

administers the Financial Commit-

ing the unity in the financial subject

tee’s Capital and does analysis. FIG

classes and between classes, as well

brings lessons learned in the class-

as strengthening the students’ re-

room into practice.



lationship to the industry. We regularly arrange “Finanscafé” events,

Last year, the Finance Committee

with known and high-profile speak-

was chosen as the school’s best sub-

ers. We also arrange financial days,

ject group association and the stu-

social dinner parties, parties for the

dents are among the most sought af-

Finance students and an annual ex-

ter in the business community.

cursion to London. Website: The Board of the Finance Commit-


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


PR – Subject group Association

we arrange several separate social

for Public Relations and Com-

events during the year, in addition to

munication Management.

an active contribution for the “Fadderullan” event. We also arrange

The subject group association repre-

subject days with lecturers from the

sents all of you taking a BA in Public

industry, giving a professional input

Relations and Communication Man-

outside the regular classroom lec-

agement. We actively promote the


quality of teaching and promote students’ communication interests. We

Get involved in your studies! Join up

aim to increase awareness to the field

and influence your own everyday

of business and wish to show our fu-

learning! We hope to hear from YOU

ture employers the benefits in hiring

at: Please visit

communication students from the BI

our website: and

Norwegian School of Management.

our award-winning Blog: www.

Our primary focus is to create unity among students, both within class-

No matter what you say – we can

es and between classes. Therefore,

say it better!

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



The Bachelor of Business Ad-

quality and extra tutorials.

minstration (BBA) programme is an internationally recongnised de-

The elements of the course focus on

gree from the Norwegian School of

basic business related topics, such as

Management BI.

accountancy, finance, strategy, methods international economics, ship-

This 3 year course taught entirely in

ping and commerce, law, marketing

english is open to both international

and intercultural communication.

and Norwegian students, and by virtue has a distinctly diverse student

The opportunity to specialize in fi-

body rich, not only in cultural back-

nance, marketing or shipping in the

grounds, but also in age and experi-

3rd year of the course makes the

ence. Although smaller in size than

BBA all the more attractive to study

most Norwegian taught Bachelors,

as it helps students ease into their

the BBA has an active student board

future career path and prepares for

arranging all sorts of events as well

postgraduate study.

as being an effective median between students and teachers for in class


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012

More info. at:


Our subject group association aims

touch with the various enterprises.

to provide students in real estate

Examples of such events are “The

brokering studies an opportunity,

Real Estate Broker’s Day”, and “The

outside of the BI lectures.

Industrial Branch Evening”. These arrangements are a great help to

This means first and foremost to en-

students who wish to have a relevant

gage ourselves in the social part of

training alongside their studies!

student life and work to ensure that everybody is content! It is a great

All students will have access to us on

subject group, and therefore impor-

the Board, and we will see to a lot of

tant that students become familiar

fun! The board will be replaced at the

with each other, even across classes.

New Year’s and then YOU will get the opportunity to make decisions

Additionally, we focus on collabora-

concerning your own life as a student,

tion with businesses. In this manner

and most important, to get acquaint-

broker students get a concept of the

ed with lots of new people!

labour market in practice. In addition it’s a great opportunity to get in

Please contact:

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



The tourism student’s Academic

During the school year you will be

Association has been established

joining us on travels abroad, you will

for you to get the most out of your

participate at industry gatherings

study period. Active students are

where we invite representatives from

helping to promote the study target-

the tourism industry, and we will ar-

ing, the industry and other potential

range social events for you to partici-

students, as well as within the school

pate in.

itself. Tourism is an exciting, challenging, We are approx. 80 students, taking a

energetic, and fun industry. It re-

Bachelor degree in Tourism Manage-

quires good organization by commit-

ment at the BI Norwegian Business

ted people, who want to create enjoy-

School in Oslo.

ment for others.

Our goal and aspiration is to create

Want to do something extra for

a strong group across grades and at

yourself and your fellow students?

the same time assist you in expand-

Tourism Management needs posi-

ing your network, in order that you

tive people, who are willing to give of

may get as much as possible out of

their resources in order for the tour-

your studies.

ism “sparkle” to appear. Please contact us at info.tourism@


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012 SBIO-magasinet 2011/2012



Welcome to the Marketing Sub-

tures can be transferred into practice.

ject Group Association! If you can look back on a rich and The Marketing Association is operat-

engaging study we have reached our

ed by dedicated students on a volun-

goal. However, to succeed we need

tary basis. Our goal is to improve your

your help. Do you have suggestions

life as a student and we believe the

and ideas on what we can do? Or per-

key to this is to give you both profes-

haps you would like to get involved,

sional and social stimuli throughout

by being a member of the board, a

the semester. We start with the “Fad-

part of our crew or a representative

derullan� event, where we get to know

in our association?

our new students before arranging further, larger or smaller parties, out-

Contact us at:!

ings and so on throughout the semester. On the academic side, we organize

We are looking forward to meeting

the Marketing Day Event, where we


invite people from the business community, in order for you to learn more

The board of the Marketing As-

about how the theory you learn in lec-

sociation 2010/2011

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



BI Management Economists (BS)

not to forget; to make your life as a

is the MBA Subject Group Associa-

student a little more fun.

tion of the BI School of Management. If you have high ambitions when it

BUSK is BS’s staff function for

comes to education and career, the

events and parties. BUSK arranges,

MBA program is for you.

amongst other events, parts of the Fadderullan Week.

The program is suitable for people who like demanding and professional

SOFA is the committee having the

challenges. This is where the founda-

laudable goal of creating a closer

tion for future management positions

environment among MBA students,

is formed.

and assisting with the building of networks. This is done by, amongst

Our main task is to ensure that the

other events, including non-alcoholic

study period for our members is as


good as it can be, as well academically


as socially. In addition to the subject

Oikos Oslo is a committee working

group association we have three sub-

to motivate and engage students and

committees that give our students

businesses to focus actively on sus-

the opportunity to engage in exciting

tainable economic growth and man-

tasks, build important networks and


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


Business Law has slightly more

we organize theme evenings, group

than of 200 students, covering all

parties and seminars. We also attend

levels. The program is incredibly

many other events, organized by

exciting and the combination of eco-

others. Each year we make an effort

nomics and law gives you more

to arrange a tour to one of Europe’s

cards on your hand to play with at

great cities. The tour is academically

the workplace.

oriented, and we meet people who work in positions that will be of imAssociation

portance to us later. The trip is also

works hard to get all students en-

socially oriented, so one might experi-

gaged in social activities and studies.

ence great shopping and super discos.




We on the Board are very anxious to see that the new and old students

Please contact us if you want to get

get to know each other and we focus

involved with the Board:

on good social cohesion. Therefore

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



Economics and IT management

their own situation, we have a sub-

is an exciting subject, which of-

ject group association named ø,

fers great opportunities.

which is working on this the whole year around, organizing several small

In today’s job market, this education

events, excursions abroad, creating

is very appealing, with great oppor-

good memories and bringing students

tunities in finding a job at an early

together. They also work to provide

stage. To establish a network and

students with possibilities on training

learn how the business works, much

and experiencing inspiring lectures

of the period of study is designated to

from key people in the industry. Ø

contact and cooperation with relevant

consists of a bunch of exuberant stu-

businesses in the area. This gives the

dents who will do anything to make

students experience and a richer and

life at BI as good as possible.

more exciting academic daily life. To


maintain the social life and give stu-

Contact information:

dents an opportunity to influence

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


When you study International

It’s all about taking responsibility for

Marketing (IM) you get more out of

one’s own studies. For this year’s first

it than just reading all day long – you

class, the Board has a sub-committee,

get something in return for your hard

Advantages of International Market-

work. IM Board works actively to en-

ing Studies (AIMS), where the BI

sure that IM students have an active

freshmen will have the opportunity

student experience, both on a profes-

to show what they are good for. It’s

sional and social level. In 2010/2011,

all about getting involved in order to

we will arrange events, which will

get to where you want to go, both now

create closer relationships between

and later in life.

students and the subject group’s board. In order that no one enters the world alone this year, we will end

If questions, please contact: us at

our studies with a party excursion to or


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012




The combination of media develop-

work in editorial departments in con-

ment and journalism is unique,

junction with their studies. This is

and is focused on meeting the needs

how they “get a foot in the door” while

of a media industry in rapid and ex-

they are studying.

tensive change. Students have their own editorial This bachelor’s program combines

desk, complete with modern equip-

three central subject for journalists

ment, where both teaching and pro-

and others who wish to work in a mod-

duction of journalistic work takes

ern media company: News journalism

place. The desk is also a meeting

on paper and internet, basic economics

place for students, where they even-

and media economics, and journalist

tually become a unified group during

innovation and entrepreneurship.

their studies.

Students will be offered an eight

If you have any questions about be-

weeks’ internship during their third

ing a student on this subject, please

semester. The BI School of Manage-

contact the manager of the JBI at:

ment has acquired some of the best

internships within major editorial


offices. Practical experience provides

For questions concerning the subject,

students with easier entry into the

contact: College Lecturer Ragnhild

profession. Many students do shift

Olsen at:

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


The Economics and Business

area of focus within the ØAS. Intro-

Administration Board (ØAS) is a

duction of traditional events, like ski-

subject group association under the

ing days, career seminars, subject

Student Society SBIO.

group days, etc. have high priority. We also work hard to involve the in-

We are a politically independent and

ternational students in order to meet

voluntary based organization work-

SBIOs objectives of internationaliza-

ing to promote our students’ require-

tion and “integration”.

ments and opinions. Being the largest subject group at BI ØAS works continuously throughout

Nydalen the ØAS Board of Directors

the entire semester to maintain, im-

is facing many challenges. There are

prove and perfect its academic quali-

many opportunities and many prob-

ty. This is done with the participation

lems to encounter. How to increase

of subject-coordinators attending the

welfare for our students? How to im-

Bachelor chamber meetings, where

prove the class environment and the

an active dialogue is held with rep-

sense of unity? How to ensure stu-

resentatives from BI and representa-

dents getting what they are entitled

tives from other subject group asso-

to? And not least, how to develop the


ØAS as a subject group association, in order to reach our goals more ef-

The social issue is also an important


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



Welcome to the student association

tion get-togethers, and our major event

for Culture and Management at

each year, the Culture and Business

the BI Norwegian School of Manage-

Day. In 2011 the main lecturers were,

ment. The association is an active and

among others, Hanne Tømta - director

engaged organization. that works to

for National theatre and Minister of

make your daily life as a student as

Industry and Trade, Trond Giske, who

best as possible.

opened the conference.

This programme is for those who want

The Academic Association consists of

to work in one of the world’s fastest

a board of seven members, who will be

growing industries. The basis for the

replaced before the fall semester. There

Bachelor degree is based on the five

are two committees on this board: the

cultural industries; literature, film,

Events Committee and the Commit-

music, galleries, and museums, as well

tee for the Culture and Business Day.

as theatre and orchestra. Knowledge

Highly motivated students from all

of these cultural industries, with ex-

levels are recruited to these exciting

pertise in economics, marketing and

committees every year. To engage in

management, provides a unique com-

activities and hold office may provide

bination of subject areas which makes

extremely valuable experience and a

you more suitable to be able to work in

lot of fun!

these cultural and creative industries. We look forward to getting to know


The Academic Association organizes

you! For more information: http://

professional and social events, study or contact our manager Ida

lunches, study tours abroad, associa-

G. Haldorsen on

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



tures, management of companies and


options of funding. During the third semester you have the possibility to

If you attend the BI School of Man-

go abroad on an EAP exchange pro-

agement, an entrepreneur is a busi-

gram to Berkeley, San Francisco.

ness economist with a specialization in the establishment and develop-

At the end of the study some students

ment of businesses, with emphasis

prefer to start their own business,

on restructuring, growth and inter-

others working for a company, while


some want to go further, for their Master degree.

Does this sound exciting? It is exciting! We hope you might consider us and During the first semester the stu-

our study subject group. If you have

dents work on developing a business

any questions you may e-mail us at:

plan based on an idea, (entrepreneur-, or on face-

ial processes), where you get insight

book: ”Entreprenørskap BI” (“En-

into the individual entrepreneurs

trepreneurship BI”).

experience and expertise in various fields. During the second semester

“The choice for those who see op-

you have studies that provide insight

portunities when others see ob-

into the choice of company struc-


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



marko - alltid et skritt foran -

Welcome to BI and congratulations

fessional and social events during the

on being accepted to the Marketing

two semesters.

and Communications study. We are concerned that you as stuThe year 2011/2012 will be an excit-

dents understand that what we are

ing year for “Marko�. The new board

doing in this association, we are do-

is enthusiastic and has already made

ing for you.

good progress with the planning of what is expected to be a great school

If you have any questions, just con-

year, both where old and new stu-

tact us, either by visiting our office in

dents are concerned. This year we

the U-floor or by contacting the man-

want, among other things, to make


the board more visible to the stu-


dents, and Marko more visible at the

Rikke Elisabeth Flinder

school and to businesses. We will also


work hard on organizing more pro-

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


Welcome to an exciting study in Re-

become familiar with other students,

tail Management! The student as-

both within and across class levels.

sociation VASS works to give stu-

We are helping to facilitate impor-

dents a good campus life, through

tant professional development and to

academic and social events during

continue our good relations with the

the year. We arrange mountain cabin


outings, unforgettable ski excursions, and trips abroad. We also arrange

We hope more students choose to get

Retail Day, where we invite outside

involved! It’s a good experience to

speakers to motivate and provide

bring with you, and not to forget the

useful knowledge to students.

social and educational side. Please contact us at:

VASS finds it important to create social cohesion and we on the board or visit our

work hard for getting the students to

facebook page: “VASS”.

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



The Norwegian Institute of Pub-

are then able to experience a normal

lic Accountants Students’ Asso-

working day as an auditor. Other

ciation (NRF) is a student associa-

events include an annual trip to Eu-

tion that represents all students at

rope’s great cities, sports, and other

the bachelor study of auditing at BI.

social gatherings.

The Association’s purpose is to provide accounting students, with good

The NRF consists of 7 board direc-

academic and social services through

tors and auditing study has ap-

their study period. Through various

proximately 250 Students. The NRF

events, solidarity increases across

Board of Directors are elected annu-

the various levels and builds rela-

ally (fall) by the General Assembly.

tionships to businesses.

The commitment of the board provides a unique opportunity to become

Accountants Day is the main event

acquainted with new and exciting

within the profession, with exciting

people, both within the student and

topics from various speakers on Fi-

business community.

nancial Crime, Tax Administration,


Public Accountants and our partner,

If you want a seat on the board, have

which this year is BDO. We try ev-

ideas or questions for us, please con-

ery year to facilitate deployments to

tact us by e-mail: leder.revisor@

major accounting firms. Students

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


The Business Psychology Asso-

members. BPA BI strongly empha-

ciation at BI (BPA BI) is a student

size the importance of a healthy and

run organization at BI Norwegian

collaborative class spirit even across

School of Management, founded in

the first and second years, hosting

January 2010. BPA BI aims to high-

both social and educational events

light and increase the visibility of

throughout the academic calendar.

the MSc Program in Leadership and Organizational Psychology

If you have any questions please con-

and all its students. Moreover BPA

tact us at communication.bpa@

BI seeks to provide an arena for en- For up-to-date information

abling networking opportunities and

about BPA and our plans for the se-

interaction between relevant busi-

mester, find and like us on facebook:

nesses, academia and our respective

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



GSS is the student association for all

to support students in building new

Master of Science students, includ-

friendships and networks and pre-

ing master-level exchange students,

paring for the practical work life. We

at the BI Norwegian School of Man-

also sponsor the Master Chamber,

agement in Oslo. The association was

the academic arm of GSS that han-

established in 1993. Since 2005 GSS

dles all issues pertaining to the aca-

has encompassed all MSc specializa-

demic life of BI Master Students.

tions based at BI in Nydalen.

We always have new and exciting events, so check our web-site (www.

The society’s main function is to pro- and join our Facebook

vide a better social and academic en-

Group (GSS) to stay updated!

vironment for BI’s master students. If you have any questions or con-


We arrange activities such as so-

cerns, please feel free to contact us at:

cial events and academic seminars

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012




The Committee Championship

BI-quiz night, dodge ball competition,

is a series of events, put together to

relay through BI, Beer Pong, shuffle-

determine which BI committee is the

board, and Fifa examples of exercises

fastest, smartest, and most talented,

that were conducted.

where the game of Beer Pong is concerned. The combination of engaging

The Outdoor Committee won after

contests and a social settings for the

overtime play in the quiz finals, in

events, allows the CM to both serve

front of BI Lacrosse, with Aquila com-

as team building for the committees

ing in as a strong third and BUFF in

and for all who attend. Furthermore,

fourth place.

it’s a venue where people get to meet new acquaintances.

So join in a committee and get ready for Norway’s wildest championship

In the first ever event, UM staged the


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



BI ATHLETICS BI Athletics’ primary task is to en-

person we also have our own cheer-

gage students in both sports and so-

leader team. Are you interested in

cial events. It doesn’t matter if you

a slightly unusual kind of sport, we

are a member of another club. We en-

can recommend lacrosse, diving and

courage everyone to join one of the BI

golf. However, if your interest in

Athletics’ sporting categories.

sport is not in our program, why not apply to introduce it yourself?

During the autumn, both handball and football (soccer) are part in the

BI Athletics is run by students for

games series. We also have Cage

students, so it’s important that we

Ball for those who like the bit more

have enough players in order to have

technical version of football. Our

something to offer next year also.

basketball team needs new players and if you like climbing, a climbing

Please contact us by mail:

group is in the initial phase. If you or check out our

are the sporty jump-up-and-down


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



BI Athletics Håndball Did we say “the world’s most social

fun and social hullabaloo, three days in

handball team?” Yes, that’s right. We

a row.

did. We practice two days a week and play The BI Athletics Handball Team,

two to five games a month. A harmless

consisting of a women’s team and a

tryout takes place at the beginning of

men’s team, are no strangers when it

the season. We do hope you’ll be there.

comes to partying, but that gives us no reason not to have ambitions on

The Board:

the handball court. We might be good

Director: Henrik Feen Larsen

at courtship, but we really do well on

Athletic leader, women:

the game statistics. We win most (and

Kaja Marie Snare

the writer means all) the courtships,

Athletic leader, men:

but we do have really good game sta-

Marius Udnesseter

tistics also. A great training environ-

Marketing/ Sponsorship:

ment brings out the best in enthusias-

Kaja Marie Snare

tic handball players, which, during the

Responsible social affairs:

school year, unfolds in league and vari-

Andreas Hagen Tønsberg

ous other tournaments. The Student


Championship is the definite highlight

Contact us:

of all these, with the usual handball

handball.biathletics @

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


BIA Midas Cheerleading was

mids), dance and gymnastics.

established in 2007 and is an independent team under BI Athletics.

In the spring of 2011 we established

The team members are BI students,

a separate Cheer Hip Hop team,

both with and without previous

which in the future will participate

cheerleading experience, with both

in competitions and present shows,

cheering for other teams in the BIA

like the cheerleader team does. This

(mainly BI Lacrosse). They also par-

is a provision for our existing mem-

ticipate in competitions themselves.

bers, who want additional training and new challenges in dance.

Cheerleading for BI is an alternative for those who want to both keep

Enrolment takes place each fall,

fit and to socialize and participate in

where we will hold tryouts for after

fun events.

the Fadderullan.

We have regular training sessions,

For more information, please visit

twice a week, consisting primarily

our website:

of stunt training (throws and pyra-

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



Ayn Rand Society is dependent stu-

to present arguments for the free

dent society at BI Nydalen. We aim

market and individual rights based

to be a gathering place for students

on liberal tradition that first and

who want to become better acquaint-

foremost is represented by thinkers

ed with liberalism and, with thinkers

like Adam Smith, Jean-Baptiste Say,

like Adam Smith, Jean-Baptiste Say,

John Locke and Ayn Rand, of course.

John Locke and Ayn Rand, of course.

Furthermore, we wish to be open and including society for all BI students.

Our vision is to promote understanding of the free market and individual

Ayn Rand Society collaborates with

rights among BI students, under-

the FSO. FSO has been registered as

standing why this is the practical and

a student society at the University of

moral way to organize society.

Oslo since 1972 and collaborates with The Ayn Rand Institute in Los Ange-

Today in Norway, we have a mixed


economy, and social and academic


debate focuses largely on the socialist

Contact us: eller

and collectivist arguments. We wish


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


There will be many issues that will

er festivities. These provide you with

call for time and vigour in the coming

a very good opportunity to establish

years. The priorities you then make

good contacts, which in the long run

will later become very important.

will pay off. Our main event is the

Participating in the Real Estate

“Real Estate Day”, an event with re-

Committee gives you the opportu-

nowned lecturers, who will be talking

nity to learn more about one of the

about their own activities and experi-

industry’s most exciting fields and

ences. Previous guests are Christian

experience an extremely good social

Ringnes, Olaf Thon, Harold M. An-


dreassen, and Olav Selvaag.

We have a wide range of events tak-

Anybody may join the Real Estate

ing place throughout the year, in-

Committee. If you have any ques-

cluding both instructive and exciting

tions or wish to apply for member-

excursions at home and abroad, as

ship, please contact us at: info.eien-

well as many social activities such as, or visit us at: www.

our monthly pub quiz-night and oth-

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



The Shipping Committee is an as-

mittee is also a social arena with var-

sociation for students interested in

ious social events and new acquain-

the maritime industry and shipping


in particular. The committee can offer: Our focus is engagement and interest

1. A very social environment. 2. Lec-

in learning more about the industry

tures and tuition on maritime topics.

and finding which job opportunities

3. Membership in YoungShip, the


shipping industry’s own interest organization. 4. Trips to destinations

Through lectures, company visits,

like London, Singapore, etc. 5. Excel-

external relations and existing mem-

lent opportunities for engagement,

bers, you will encounter an academic

alongside your own studies.

and socially stimulating environment. We hope to hear from people who


The Shipping Committee organizes,

want to learn more about shipping.

among other events the “Shipping

See our website: shippingutvalget.

Day” every year, with interesting

no or send e-mail to: leder.ship-

speakers from the industry. The com- for more information.

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


The Aquila Sailing Team is a

perience whatsoever. Therefore, a be-

Student Committee that directs BI

ginner course will be arranged where

students into the amazing world of

members will get an introduction

sailing. Throughout the sailing, so-

in basic sailing theory and practical

cial and academic events, our mem-

sailing. Those who wish to sail active-

bers get the unique opportunity to

ly on a competitive level may try out

strengthen their social networks and

for the racing teams.

develop their distinctive qualities. In addition to sailing, a variety of soThe sport of sailing has clear paral-

cial gatherings are being arranged.

lels to management and team-work,

Monthly meetings, parties, courses

which may be the reason why the

and sailing trips abroad are just

sport is so popular among business

some of the special offers our mem-


bers may enjoy.

Aquila makes sure there is a wide

For more information, go to: www.

range of services for students. The or send e-mail:

association has two sailboats that

info.aquila @

are normally in use by our members repeatedly during the week. Most

Join today - for the best experienc-

members have little or no sailing ex-

es during your studying period!

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



“How high do you aim?” The Business Committee is the link between the industry and students at

ues, project management, etc. – Attend dinners and activities with

BI, and has the responsibility to es-

Deloitte - our main sponsor.

tablish and maintain contact between

– Apply to join the Career Day

the company and the student.


As a member of the Business

Application for NU?

Committee you can:

The Business Committee recruits

– Arrange corporate presentations.

new members each fall. We need

– Visit the Stockholm School of

more talented students to contribute

Commerce. – Visit companies in London.

to the work we do. Deadline 1September 2011.

– Go on mountain cabin trips and social excursions to Copenhagen.

If you have any questions, please con-

– Participate in a free Excel course,

tact us on: eller 416

free courses on interview techniq-


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012

54 046.


Børsgruppen Aktie BØRSGRUPPEN AKTIE The Stock Exchange Committee

have for many years been one of the

Aktie is an association, which dates

major “buddy” committees during

back from BI’s days in Sandvika.

BI’s traditional Fadderrullan Event.

As an academically oriented inter-

There’s nothing like being able to

est committee, we have, after many

contribute in “mentoring kids,” truly

years, established ourselves as a dy-

an unforgettable first impression

namic and knowledgeable academic

for the newcomers. We have annual

group, focusing on arranging “aca-

trips to the Hemsedal Valley and the

demic days” and appearing as good

BI-hulen cabin, including several

BI ambassadors on the annual excur-

other events, where students may es-

sions to various leading financial en-

tablish new contacts, both internally

terprises in London, New York, and

and externally. We are all proud to be

Shanghai. As of today, we are around

a member in one of BI’s largest and

50 active members on a Bachelor de-

leading committees.

gree level, keeping close contact with our graduate members on the Master level or with those in employment.

Contact information:

In addition to being an academic

Manager of the Stock Exchange Com-

committee, we also wish to cultivate

mittee Aktie

a wide social network at all times. We

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



The “Hytte Committee” The “hytte committee” (moun-

The BI-cave

tain or forest cabin committee) is the

How about enjoying nature and

Norwegian School of Management’s

beautiful weather, together with

committee, whose primary task is to

good friends? How about getting

operate and manage the BI – hulen

away from studies and stress? In

(The BI cave). As of today the com-

the middle of the Northern Forests,

mittee consists of 27 members.

just a short distance from downtown Oslo, you will find the BI “hytte”

The committee is a social group in-

amidst beautiful scenery, with views

volved in creating a fantastic student

over the Sørkedalen valley. The cab-

environment. Together, we organize

in is owned by the Student BI Oslo

parties, holiday excursions, barbe-

Union for (SBIO).

cues in the park, etc. We always arrange pre-parties, prior to the SBIO

The area around the lodge offers

student parties, for our members. If

excellent hiking opportunities all

you are a student at the Norwegian

year round. In winter, many of the

School of Management, if you are a

BI-hytte guests, from the Frogner-

social individual and have a desire

seteren hillside lodge, arrive on skis.

to be involved in a lot of fun, want

This trip takes about one hour. Dur-

to get to know new people and like

ing the summer the area offers great

to make an effort, then you should

hiking, swimming, and fishing in

not delay in joining the “hytte” com-

clear lakes and rivers.

mittee this fall. We have enrolment


after Fadderullan 2011. More infor-

For more information and bookings:

mation on its way.

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012




Back in 2008 the BI Rowing Club

week. We also have, of course, many

in Nydalen had a dream to create

social events in the maritime as well

something new; a group that would

as in the rural scene. As member of

become a gathering place for social

the rowing club you may represent

and sporting events. Since then we

the BI Norwegian School of Manage-

have grown to become one of the com-

ment, both on the national and in-

mittees with the greatest number of

ternational scene. Our ambition is to

applicants. We have currently about

be the best student organization and

40 members, with a small majority of

represent Norway during the Royal

men. Admission, which is conducted

Henley Regatta in London.

at autumn time, secures us the right members.

The BI Rowing Club is the committee for you if you are in need of a good

Through a partnership with the

workout in fresh sea air, and also to

Norwegian Student’s Rowing Club

make many enthusiastic friends in a

(Norske Studenters Roklubb) we

healthy social environment!

may make use of their facilities at the fashionable Bygdøy peninsular.

Applications should be sent to:

We have training sessions twice a

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012




from applying. With good practic-

Sound and Light (BULL) is a com-

ing opportunities and equipment,

mittee consisting of the DJ’s who are

we see to it that you will be as good

responsible for music, audio and light-

as you yourself wish to be. This can

ing as well as the technicalat the Stu-

be fun! Most of us have experienced

dent House on Thursday Pub Nights

this by becoming a member of BULL.

– and during events such as The Fad-

We place emphasis on being a social

derullan, BBL, OVL and so on.

gathering, where you may make new




friends and have an incredible time This committee is suitable for people


who have a great interest in music, and who like to create good vibes!

For general questions concerning admission, application, and deadlines

We naturally do not require that

please contact:

you must play an instrument. Fur-


thermore, we make no demands on

Henrik Graarud

your taste in music, therefore there


is absolutely nothing to prevent you

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


BUFF is a committee under SBIO,

are BI’s largest committee. We offer

located in the Student House at Ny-

bartender training; two annual ex-

dalen. BUFF is an abbreviation for

cursions for the crew – one overseas

“Bartendernes Utvalg for Fuktige

and one in Norway – and 50 insanely

Forlystelser” (The Bartender’s As-

gorgeous and outgoing new friends.

sociation for Liquefied Amusement), and this is EXACTLY what we do!

We run one of the largest venues

We are the students that ensure

and we do of course organize parties

that YOU experience an unforget-

therein! And we want YOU on our

table study.

crew! Send mail to: krosjef.shnas@ with name and number.

With over 50 bartenders on our crew, we can proudly announce that we


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



StartBI is a student committee

We are hosting the Venture Cup and

for those interested in entrepre-

the Entrepreneur Pursuit. Venture

neurial activities.

Cup is Scandinavia’s largest business plan competition. The Entrepreneur

We work with various events that pro-

Hunt is a competition taking place dur-

mote innovation and entrepreneur-

ing the Oslo Innovation Week, where

ship among students. StartBI is part

students are given the opportunity to

of StartOslo and StartNorway and is

test themselves in real cases with sig-

well known among students around

nificant Norwegian companies.

the country. Do you have an idea you want to pull


We can offer social and educational

off? Or would you like to be involved

activities among students with the

in activities with innovation? Join

same interests.


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


Let us see the world together

unity among students at school, and

with a different view.

at the same time serve as a liaison between the school and the multi-

BIFKSS is an interest committee

cultural students. The committee is

under SBIO and aims to promote so-

one of the largest in the SBIO.

cial activities, regardless of cultural background. The idea is to create

Visit us on facebook, “bifkss�

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



“Sakkeus” is an open Christian

live sincere and meaningful lives

student committee at BI Norwegian

and to succeed in what you’re doing!

School of Management. Sakkeus is

We will also back you up on initia-

a focal point, with a focus on Jesus

tives you take, that we believe will

and good relations. We get together

help to make BI a better place to

weekly, in the “Room for faith and

study! We wish to follow Jesus in

thought”, for breakfast with subse-

our every-day life. We wish to make

quent prayer and worship. Through-

Jesus available at BI.

out the year we have lunches, together with visiting people, who we

Please feel welcome and come as you

feel have something to contribute in

are – we hope you will enjoy being

the intersection between business

with us!

and the Christian faith. Contact: We want to inspire and help you to


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


BI’s Muslim Students’ Society

arranged on a daily basis. You will


there find a list of Prayer Times for common prayer. The “Room for Faith

BIMSS is an external committee.

and Thought” is open to all.

Founded in the spring of 2009, the committee seeks to facilitate the

BIMSS also organizes a series of

needs of Muslims while studying at

lectures and events, which will give

BI. The committee also wants to be

students the opportunity to increase

available for everyone, both Muslims

their knowledge of Islam. Our events

and non-Muslims. We work to create

are open to everyone at the school.

an inclusive student environment!

This autumn we will also arrange the Eid dinner and more exciting events!

Everyday studies can sometimes be hectic and you need a place to rest

If you have any questions or feed-

your mind. “The Room for Faith and

back; contact Kemal Huseyin Yarar

Thought”, is the area used for prayer

(Manager) on phone number: +47

and meditation and where, among

93 62 24 13 or e-mail: info.bimss@

other events, communal prayer is

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



Have you ever wanted to get closer

nature. We arrange short trips lo-

to Norwegian nature? Have you ever

cally and longer trips further afield

thought that mountaineering would

to more exotic destinations.

be something you would like to try, but never quite had the opportunity?

Anyone may apply for membership

Or would you like to ski across the

with the BI Outdoor Student Asso-

Hardangervidda mountain plateau,

ciation, and our trips are open to both

spending the nights in snow caves?

the more experienced mountaineers

Then the BI Outdoor Student

and the novice outdoor enthusiast.

Committee is for you!

The only requirement we have is that you are open towards having fun and

The BI Outdoor Student Associa-

participating in exciting and social

tion is a group of people dedicated

activities, in stunning surroundings,

to promoting and spreading interest

together with pleasant travelling

in outdoor activities among students


at the BI Norwegian School of Man-


agement. We want to give as many

For more information please visit

people as possible the opportunity or send us

to really experience the Norwegian

an e-mail to info.outdoor @

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


Do you like to party, ski, snowboard,

er” and just simply have a good time.

or just go hiking with your fellow students? If so, “Stauren” is the com-

You do not need to be a member and

mittee for you.

you may make your own choice as to which event you’d wish to take part.

We have no “permanent” members

Sign on to our register, or see Face-

and we are open to absolutely every-

book: “Stauren”, where you will find

one. We pile into buses and travel

all the information you need for each

both domestically and abroad.


You may participate on annual excur-

You do not have to be a devoted ski

sions to Juvass, Stryn and join us on

enthusiast, you just need to have the

our legendary tour of the Alps. We try

desire to explore!

to reach out to anyone who would like to participate on our informal excur-

For more information, contact:

sions, in the famous “Stauren - man-

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012




SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


Fadderullan, Magic moments.

and therefore depend on your effort and

Fadderullan is “buddy week” at BI in

your commitment in helping to arrange

Oslo and is the largest of all the projects,

Fadderullan 2012.

which is conducted under the support of SBIO throughout the year.

By getting involved in Fadderullan 2012 you can help to ensure that those who

The purpose of Fadderullan is that all

come after you get an equally good start

new students will be well received and

to their studies as you once got. You will

have a great introduction to their studies

be involved in planning and implement-

at BI in Oslo. To achieve this there will be

ing the student association’s largest

concerts, parties, and other activities to

event. Besides studying, getting involved

suit everyone, so that new students will

will make you more attractive to poten-

receive a fantastic start in their studies.

tial future employers, after completing your studies. You will also obtain a good

Now that you are a student here at BI

network of contacts that may be of great

in Oslo you have been guaranteed to

value in the future. We, on the Fadderul-

experience Fadderullan in some way or

lann Board of 2011, hope your first ten

another. If you have ever had a mentor,

days at BI in Oslo will be unforgettable

“buddy,” or crew, you will surely have

and that the period of study here at BI

experienced all the energy that has been

in Oslo will be in line with your expecta-

provided to ensure that “buddy” week at

tions, and more!

BI in Oslo is the best! Fadderullan does not come about by itself. The students


themselves organize the “buddy weeks”

Fadderullan-board 2011

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012




SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


NLD is an annual business seminar, by

How can I be a part of this?

and for students at The BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. The purpose is

SBIO recruits board members for Busi-

to create two days that can inspire and

ness Week 2012 in late August / begin-

motivate the nearly 8000 students here

ning of September. More information will

at Nydalen.

be published through the SBIO channels. But if you want to go ahead without

The NLD wants to offer students a sup-

waiting, please send an e-mail to pros-

plement to the traditional lectures, and and help to organize one of

a break from reading curriculum. To

the biggest of SBIO’s professional events.

do this, we focus on current topics and

This is the experience of a lifetime and

skilled presenters, who share their ex-

something your employee will be sure to

periences with us. Past events have in-

appreciate. You will also be able to obtain

volved lecturers and top level business

a fantastic social network at school, as

executives, like Ole Robert Reitan, Bjørn

well as contacts in the industry.

Kjos, Fredrik Hauge, Jonas Gahr Støre, Christian Ringnes and Atle Brynestad.

The new board for 2012 will also recruit crew to help out during the event. As a

In addition, events will often consist of

crew member you will get the opportu-

panel discussions that address topics

nity to become familiar with the student

and issues that are relevant in today’s

organization and also get familiar with a

society. Relevant courses for students

great group of people.

have also been held. Everything is free, and it is an excellent opportunity to get

To learn more, go to

involved and be inspired to join the world

for more information.

of business. The days tend to take place in mid-March.

See you in March!

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012




SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


This is where you create future re-

obtain valuable contacts with future em-


ployers. Career Days are a unique oppor-

We, on behalf of the Students Business

tunity to hear the most prominent busi-

Committee, wish students and business-

ness personalities speak. We promise

es to be welcome to Career Days 2011.

something for everyone!

The Career Days event is the school’s largest academic experience and has a

And please come prepared!

long tradition at BI. From 26 - 29 Sep-

Remember that companies participate

tember, we launch our programme, con-

in Career Days just to meet YOU. You

sisting of four eventful days this year. We

should therefore:

promise exciting and instructive, enter-

1. Be well prepared

taining lectures and courses. Thursday

2. Have a plan for the day

29 September culminates with about

3. Contact appropriate companies and

100 companies, with stands around the school. In the evening, 300 students and business representatives come together for a banquet at the Students’ House. Why should you participate on Career Days?

show interest 4. Remember application deadlines, and take advantage of career services Want to know more? Or visit us at:

Career Days are an excellent opportunity for you as a student to get in touch with the country’s leading companies, gather

We look forward to seeing you Sep-

information on the corporate world, and

tember 26 to 29!

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


The Cabaret is one of the major projects,

dreary and boring campus life. Here’s

which is under the direction of SBIO. BI

YOUR chance to be creative in many dif-

Nydalen has not had a very long tradition

ferent ways, whether on stage, backstage

on staging cabaret shows, but over the

as crew or on the Board.

last four years five productions have been presented - and 2011 is no exception!

SBIO is seeking a new cabaret board, with the following responsibilities: Com-

A bunch of targeted and creative partici-

edy Show Director, Artistic Director, Fi-

pants, at all levels, helped to set up this

nance Manager, Social Manager, Public

year’s cabaret, “Gullrekka” (The Gold-

Relations Manager, Marketing Manager,

en Row). The content and topics vary

Make-up and Costume Manager and

from year to year, as a new board of direc-

Stage Manager.

tors, new actors, dancers and instructors are involved each year.

Auditions are held in the fall for those who want to be actors and dancers.

The BI- cabaret show is the project for those who want to take a break from the

Send your application to:

“economic subject area”, in an otherwise

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012




SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


Education saves lives. Students at BI

est and richest countries. And the really

are familiar with the significance of knowl-

privileged are the BI students. We attend

edge. Through Student Action, the stu-

a private, higher education facility, which

dents help to support development in poor

is one of the best business schools in the

countries, which we believe is important

world. We have been dealt golden cards

in a well-functioning educational system.

and we are very well aware of it.

Education provides hope in times to come, hope for the children who grow up under

Through involvement with Student Ac-

conditions far from our own reality. Edu-

tion we get the opportunity to give some-

cation is assistance that persists and an

thing back and make a difference. Unfor-

important step to find a way out of poverty.

tunately, we cannot save the world, but we are helping to provide education for

The Student Action started in the autumn

some children. This constitutes an enor-

of 2007, when BI entered into a partner-

mous difference. This is what keeps us

ship with the “Save The Children” organi-

going. This is what we focus on in order

zation, hoping that students should take

not to lose heart, but we continue to work

part. Every year, we select a specific school

because we know that it works!

project that we want to support. Over the previous three years we have raised nearly

YOU can be involved in deciding this

800,000 kr to fund school construction proj-

year’s target! Student Action will be re-

ects in Ethiopia and Nepal.

cruiting a new Board autumn 2010.

Student Action gives everyone the op-

If you would like to be part of something

portunity to help and to do something for

that is both fun and meaningful, this is it!

others. We are the fortunate minority who

You can read more at: www.studentak-

have grown up in one of the world’s saf-

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


The Bergen to Oslo Relay Race is

For BI to defeat the NHH, it’s impor-

the battle where Norway’s two major

tant to train for the race. So that ev-

business schools combat in being the

eryone gets to be in good shape the

fittest. The duel this year takes shape

committee arranges relay practicing

as an outrageous relay race from Ber-

several times a week! Training ses-

gen to Oslo! The 400 km are divided

sions are free and are a great oppor-

into 112 stages. In other words, a real

tunity to keep in shape and get to

test of strength! It’s not without rea-

know other students.

son the race is called “Spring’s wildest adventure.” The party lasts for three

If running is not for you, you may fol-

days, days with tough competition

low the race together with one of our

and enthusiasm and it all ends with

support groups “Pissed before lunch”

a real exultant banquet evening.

or “Irresistible BI-broads.”

The experience is described as a party

Do not miss out on crushing the

from the start to the finishing line, and

NHH while, at the same time,

the word magic is on everyone’s lips.

picking plums in Hardanger!

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


The Students’ House welcomes all new

We have the “White Party” 27 October,

students! We offer you a place to enjoy

with an international DJ who takes the

parties and various social activities. We

roof off. Autumn’s greatest party experi-

offer concerts, exciting Thursday tavern


events, various tournaments and a lot of fun for you to enjoy.

Opening hours: Tuesday: 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The Student House at Nydalen (SHNAS)

Thursday: 6:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.

consists of a concert hall, two lounges, and a Pub after the lecture, where you


may relax, grab a snack, meet friends, or

Address: Nydalsveien 15-17.

work on your studies. We have shuffle-

Underground/subway Line 5 or the Ring

board, big screen, and other social ac-

Line to Nydalen station.

tivities on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We

The Nydalen Bus: #37 to Nydalsveien.

have food and lots to drink,

Bus #30 stops at BI, 400 meters from the Student House.

Oktoberfest with Björn Rosenstrom on October 6, with about 30 varieties of beer


and a great atmosphere!


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


The Student’s Service Centre The Student Service Centre is part

welfare services and general informa-

of the BI Student Welfare Association

tion about student life. At the Student

and is housed in the building’s base-

Service Centres you may also transfer

ment in U1. There are a total of 17

and deliver casework, examinations,

employees, all of whom are students

research projects and a variety of

at BI.

forms and applications.

Here you may get help on most issues

We look forward to meeting you!

on academic life, including transcripts, confirming documents, student ID-

Greetings from all of us at the stu-

cards, invoices, information about SiO

dent service centre.

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


University Chaplain Nils Jøran Riedl, University Chaplain at

guests who will share their thoughts

BI in Oslo, works closely with Student

with us and give us some of the input we

Welfare. Based on your needs as a stu-

need. Through dialogue we acquire new

dent Nils offers a number of activities:

insight and become aware of what we think and believe ourselves.

BI-nner, – BIs international dinner Once a month we occupy the Student


Pub where we enjoy homemade “slow

Breathing is quite essential. We know

food”.. In this community more than 50

that breathing the right way will create

countries are represented.The dinner

a lot of energy and strengthen the feeling

is free and gives you an opportunity to

of mastery.

meet national and international fellow students.

BREATH is reintroduced after Easter in the form of “examination breath”. Join in



for half an hour of relaxation, breathing

The Student Chaplain now invites

and inspiring music.

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


BI Student Welfare Our goal is to make you feel comfortable


as a student at BI in Oslo. The purpose

BI students are not all alike. BI in Oslo

of Student Welfare is to ensure a good

is as vigorous and versatile as the rest

environment for you as student to en-

of the city. The goal of Student Welfare

able you to use your energy on being

is to help you find a natural place on

a student – in lectures, in the reading

campus – independent of background,

room and when you are involved in so-

interests and needs. We work towards

cial activities.

a study environment where all the students may be included, characterized

Your academic development is of course

by respect and positive, inspiring and

important. We believe that academic

appealing activitiesHappy students are

progress goes hand in hand with your

good students!

development as a human being. Based on activities, variety and dialogue Stu-


dent Welfare wants to contribute to this.

Student Welfare cooperates with a number of different players to achieve


its objectives. We are a driving force and

Through activities and networks we cre-

our responsibilities are connected with

ate inspiration and involvement. BI in

a number of different functions both

Oslo is a large and versatile institution,

on campus and outside. Our goal is to

and our student organization has a high

create arenas where partners, depart-

level of activity. Student Welfare coor-

ments, organizations and students meet

dinates all the student activities with

to accomplish what they want. Dialogue

other activities in the building so as to

creates development.

avoid clashes. We are situated in C3, and we are lookSiO (the Foundation for Student Life in

ing forward to seeing you!

Oslo) also offers activities and courses that we make available to our students.

If you have som questions, send an e-

Activity creates enthusiasm!

mail to:

Names on the image (from the left): Vibeke Aarflot (Welfare coordinator) Nils Jøran Riedl (Studentpriest at BI Oslo) Trude Tanum (Manager, BI Student Welfare)

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


BI Careers’ Service is the link be-

As a full-time student in one of those

tween you as a student and the job

programs, you will be offered a specially

market! We have a wide range of offers,

adapted programme consisting of three

whether you are in the full process of job

modules which will better equip you for

application or just want to know more

success in the job market after gradua-

about how you can best get introduced


into the job market after your studies. We have the help of dedicated students

The modules cover all stages of the job

associated with our service, in addition

search process, awareness, orientation,

to cooperation with various student as-

CVs, applications and interviews.

sociations. BI’s mentor program is held every year, We focus on creating good and proper

and gives you the ability to establish

job opportunities for BI-students. We

contacts and gain experience from the

use our time and expertise to counsel,


arrange business seminars and business contacts and we’ll be happy to talk

The Career Portal

with you!

On our career portal you will find a large variety of positions relevant for

Job offers and job search

BI-students. Here you can find job an-

We help you with advice and guidance

nouncements, proposals for papers

concerning your CV and applications,

(Bachelor / master) and company pro-

as your first “real” applications may be

files. You may also create a profile on

quite a challenge. It only takes us 10-

yourself and make it available to the

20 minutes to do this if you bring along

business community. Apart from this,

your CV, application and the job an-

you will find on our pages news, news-

nouncement text.

letters, courses, a login to the Career Portal, various career-related links and

Starting the fall semester of 2011, BI

contact information.

Careers Service is launching a career planning programme as part of the

Please don’t hesitate to contact us by

timetable for BI’s full-time MSc and

e-mail: or by

Bachelor programmes.

phone: +47 46 41 00 12

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


Making student life easier The Norwegian Business School BI in

al exercising. There is also a swimming

Oslo is associated to the Foundation

pool, climbing walls, multipurpose ball

for Student Life in Oslo (SiO). SiO is

game halls, outdoor fields, tennis courts

working to make student life easier for

etc at the other sports centres.

approximately 60.000 students in Oslo. By paying the semester fee, you have ac-

Student Health Services: SiO has

cess to a wide range of services – some of

general practitioners, dentists and psy-

them for free, some at a low cost:

chologists/psychiatrists. You may have your regular GP with us, and get a re-


Student Sports: SiO has four great

fund for your consultation free. A health

Sports centres, for example Nydalen

centre is located in the D-block in the

Athletica which is located in the D-block

BI building, while the main health cen-

in the BI-building. You may take part in

tre is located at the university campus

aerobics, spinning, courses, or individu-


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


Student Counselling: If you find stu-

Student Life: There is a wide range of

dent life hard, you may get free counsel-

clubs and organisations run by students,

ling with professional counsellors. You

so if you have a special hobby or field of

can talk to them regarding personal,

interest, you will probably find some-

social or financial issues among other

thing suitable. Or you can start a new

things. Student Counselling is located

club. Student Life offers administrative

with the Student Health Services at BI

and financial support to student organ-

and Blindern.

isations and –activities, as well as courses related to management.

Student Housing: A nice place to lice is important for your wellbeing while you

In addition to all this, SiO also offer ca-

study. SiO offer more than 7500 units at

reer services and the bookstore Aka-

different locations. You will find a pre-

demika. More information on our servic-

sentation of them all and application

es, as well as contact information is to be

form at

found at, or you may contact the Student Service Center in U1.

Student Kindergartens: SiO has a number of kindergartens located close

The semester fee

to student living areas. The Student

All full time students are obliged to pay

Kindergartens work to make it easier to

a semester fee to the foundation for stu-

combine student life with children. With

dent life that the learning institution is

experience, enthusiasm and know-how,

associated to, in BI’s case SiO. The se-

they make Student Kindergartens a

mester fee contributes to financing SiO’s

great place to be.

student welfare services.

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



INSIDE – Norway’s only nation-

ities. It is a guaranteed advantage for

wide student newspaper.

your future career.

INSIDE is the BI student newspa-

As a journalist with the INSIDE

per. From 1966, when the newspaper

newspaper, you will be responsible

was founded by Einar Corneliussen,

for at least one assignment on each

the publication has been written and

issue – thus giving you lots of expe-

directed by students. The newspaper

rience from day one. In addition you

is currently published by 50 students

will participate in editorial meetings,

from many of the BI subject groups.

where you take part in deciding, dis-

The workforce include reporters, pho-

cussing and assigning topics. So if

tographers, desk staff and manage-

you have within you a photographer,


journalist or perhaps a graphic designer, send us an e-mail. We always

Taking part in creating such a publica-

need more skilled staff members to

tion is a unique opportunity – whether

help out!

you’re an upcoming journalist or just


want to improve your writing skills,


research work, or communicative abil-

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


BI-STUDENTENES BEMANNINGSBYRÅ BI-studenter til næringslivet siden 1984

Dear BI-student! As a student at

cational jobs, which may give you a

one of Norway’s leading educational

valuable introduction to the industry.

institutions, you are a prime candidate for a position in business. This

We’ll help you with:

applies now and not only when your

– Finding a job, relevant to your

studies are over.

studies. – Drawing up your CV and application.

Who are you?

– Preparing you for a job interview.

As the BI student’s own employment


provider, we want to help you to find relevant jobs, part-time or full-time

Best regards from all of us at BI

employment, as well as summer vo-

Students Staffing Agency.

SBIO-magazine 2011/2012



StudConsult AS is a company run

tion to the experience of projects, we

by students at the Norwegian School

offer free training and many social

of Management. By solving projects


for business, our employees relevant experience that opens doors for the

With knowledge of BI, combined


with experience from StudConsult you will create a solid foundation

As a consultant in StudConsult you

for your future career. You will ap-

will be involved in running a busi-

ply what you learn in school into

ness with all the experience and the

practice and develop your network

challenges it entails. Each year it is

of contacts from businesses. We

elected a new board the leads the

have the key that opens doors for

company and takes it to new heights.


This give students with leadership


ambitions an unique opportunity to

Contact us at: leder@studconsult.

try it out for real.

no or 46 41 08 55.

StudConsult has over 30 employees

Visit for more

from a variety of disciplines. In addi-


SBIO-magazine 2011/2012


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KPMG - Hovedsamarbeidspartner til SBIO

KPMG ønsker alle nye studenter velkommen! KPMG er et ledende kompetansehus som tilbyr tjenester innen revisjon, skatt og avgift, samt rådgivning. Vi har 140 000 medarbeidere i 146 land over hele verden. KPMG i Norge består av over 900 kunnskapsmedarbeidere ved 26 kontorer.

Vi er fremtidens organisasjon – NÅ! I KPMG gir vi mye av oss selv og satser på det viktigste vi har, våre ansatte. Du besitter kompetanse, energi og en personlig interesse i egen utvikling og karriere. Om noen år skal du ta en viktig avgjørelse som handler om hvilken arbeidsgiver som gir DEG den beste muligheten! Tør DU vokse med oss? Les mer om din muligheter i KPMG på:

KPMG ann_SBIO_juli2011.indd 1

30.06.2011 13:06:24

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SBIO-magazine 2011/2012

“Good luck with your studies and student life at BI.” Ledelsen SBIO-leadership 2011

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