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Sneha Genovia Baptista - Interior Architectural Designer

Our mission To promote the development of the complete interior design sector.

Position statement The Society of British and International Design (SBID) is the leading accreditation organisation for the interior design industry in Britain. We set standards for practice in education, competence and conduct for the interiors profession. We promote our industry in Britain and around the world. We are the standard-bearer organisation for Britain across Europe and the UK representative at the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA). Our trained and talented members represent the range, diversity and international spread of a remarkable industry. They are at the forefront of a successful and important creative global business. SBID facilitates international import and export business. Our international membership includes design professionals from 27 countries.

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TO BECOME AN SBID STUDENT MEMBER At SBID we recognise that, as students, you really are the future of tomorrow, and as such we want you to come into the Interiors’ industry with a refreshing enthusiasm and vigour. Ultimately, many companies (perhaps even your own) will be relying on your skills and competence to carry them forward into an exciting future. Yet, we also realise that, even with a degree, getting on the career ladder is a daunting and often laborious task -it often feels that everyone is applying for the same job that you desperately want. But worry not - SBID is here to help! As a member of SBID, you will be stepping into one of the fastest growing and best connected communities in the Interior Design profession. People often say that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” – and this is certainly true – to a point! Clearly, your raw talent will get you places in the future, but with the help of SBID, as arranged through your student chapter, as a student member you can attend events and specially organised activities – giving you both an insight into various companies and areas of the profession, but also a fantastic chance to network NOW – rub shoulders, ask questions, set yourself up for the future. Even better, get one step ahead of the game during your time at university by taking an internship, which SBID can offer support for. The insight and knowledge gained from internships and attending events is also directly transferable to your studies – it might even get you a few extra marks… As student members you get your own personal unique membership card that gives you reduced entry charges on events and activities (some will be completely FREE with your card), and even discounts on products from certain companies.

YOUR MEMBERSHIP You can pay your annual membership fees by BACS or cheque.

GETTING IN TOUCH The SBID team will be more than happy to answer all your questions. If you would like to find out more about Professional Design membership of SBID you can contact us in any of the following ways: - +44 (0) 207 738 9383 10 Molasses Row, Plantation Wharf, York Road – London - SW11 3UX or apply on line:


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£30 p.a NO VAT

(non-accredited universities)


FREE Membership

(SBID accredited universities)


FREE Membership

(Only for SBID accredited universities) Students are able to create what is known as a Student Forum, if they join along with 10 others in their year at the same university. By doing so, it allows for the usual fee of £30, to be waived for one year. We therefore encourage each year of students to all join SBID together- thus getting all their memberships free. To find out if your university is accredited by SBID please click on:

Accreditation Logo accreditation The SBID symbol of accreditation is the marque that demonstrates a professional commitment to achieving the highest possible standards across the interior design Industry, as set out by the ECIA. Each member of SBID is encouraged to use the SBID Student accreditation symbol on personal and corporate marketing materials (homepage, website, email signature, business cards, and letterhead).

Opportunities of internships and jobs within our SBID members’ companies Shadow SBID professional members, with feedback, to aid your future career. Internships and vacancies are available on the members’ area on - According to availability.

Access to students members area on Using your unique student membership number, you can log onto the special student portal which is tailor-made to suit your student needs. There you can going on the student forums and sharing your knowledge with fellow interior students -start a good relationship with your future colleagues (or competition!) early.

Become an official SBID guest blogger! The SBID Blog on the SBID website is about breaking architectural and interior design news; revolutionary and innovative products; contemporary art; updates on Government policies regarding the creative industries and the latest trends in the industry, complete with stunning images.

Receive the latest news and innovations from the sector Receive monthly updates on issues affecting the industry with the SBID Newsletter and SBID Product Newsletter.

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Networking events -

To facilitate individual B2B introductions to like-minded companies, professionals and key industry opinion formers Student Events SBID organises events and activities which enhance the relationship between students, the design profession and industry. The aim is to improve the dialogue and build networking opportunities. Events Include: career days, visit of trade fairs and showrooms and workshops

National and International trade shows SBID is the preferred/official British partner to key national and international trade shows, business forums and networking events.  We are proud to have been invited by UBM (one of the top event organisers in the world) to be the official partner of the inaugural UBM May Design Series and the Official British Partner for Maison & Objet  SBID Member benefits can include*: Discounted or complimentary tickets; access to VIP lounges and gala events; free accommodation; airport, show transfer.  Trade show partners include 100% Design, Interiors UK, May Design Series, Sleep, Surface Design Show, Maison & Objet (Paris), IIDEX (Canada), Hotel Show (Dubai) and many more. *Subject to availability

Feature your projects which will bring focus on your university’s design work… …In “Society” Journal

The official quarterly journal of SBID. A quarterly publication offering SBID members all the latest news on the activities of the organisation and its members, as well as inspirational design ideas and case studies from all corners of the industry. And receive two copies of the journal for you and the university. … in two monthly SBID newsletters Members have the opportunity to have editorial in SBID's two monthly newsletters: Industry News and Product Update. These publication go out to more than 20,000 members and industry professionals every monthly. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure images and text reach the editor ahead of the published deadline for inclusion. …via our Social Media *Twitter: ≃ 50,000 followers Facebook: ≃ 3,000 likes Pinterest: ≃ 600 followers LinkedIN: ≃ 9,000 members Google+: ≃ 250 followers *Across each SBID account e.g. SBID Awards, SBID, CPD etc.

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SBID Students competition: Metamorphosis SBID has launched a national competition for students on the final year of design courses. It is a unique approach which aims to aid and nurture relationships between those in studies and those already working in the industry. The SBID competition is one of just two national competitions for students to transfer from learning to earning, hence the name 'Metamorphosis'. SBID creates four competition categories, Retail - Hotel & Restaurant - Workspace - Public space, and we aim to provide four winning prizes. The entries will consist of students who have been pre-selected by their degree course leaders as the top 10% of their year group. This process of selection will ensure that the SBID student winners will be the ultimate trained designers of the next generation. Each prize will consist of one year’s mentorship, conducted by email and/or Skype correspondence, from an SBID Member Company. Each of the mentors will be chosen because of their particular suitability and relevance to the competition category. For more information please contact Valerio at or 002077389383

SBID International Design Awards Up to 10 submissions free of charge Normally £120 + VAT per submission for non-members The SBID International Design Awards invites interior designers, architects and manufacturers from around the world to submit their best Commercial and Residential projects and products. Please note: there is a one-off administration fee of £50 + VAT to submit up to 10 entries via the entry form on the website. The winners benefit from extensive media exposure throughout the year, in the UK and across the world, as well as the right to use the 'SBID Winner' logo on their website, plus the presentation of a unique crystal trophy at the awards ceremony. Shortlisted entrants receive media exposure and the right to use the 'SBID Shortlisted’ logo. The 2013 SBID Awards saw more than 300 submissions from designers and companies around the world, including China, USA, Dubai, Canada, Ukraine and Japan as well as the UK.

ENTER THE AWARDS: click here.

SBID & Arts Thread - SBID has formed a memorandum of understanding with Arts Thread to promote the design profession for degree qualified students. It’s the world’s only creative graduate website designed to connect industry, universities/schools and students worldwide. Arts Thread offers to SBID student members: An individual well-designed online portfolio that truly showcase graduates’ talents to a global audience This offers an unrivalled insight into the latest trends in graduate design. A free recruitment tool that allows creative clients worldwide to go through graduates’ portfolios by specific specialism and university. Global industry professionals will have the luxury of viewing these portfolios free of charge and in a time and place that’s right for them and looking for new graduates, interns and freelancers. The site acts as a tool for BA and MA student recruitment. Extra benefits: enabling pre-university students to see lectures and tours of the facilities wherever they may be in the world, information on current design grants, competitions, internships and exhibitions, as well as practical how- to guides and live forums where International students can interact.

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Students placement programme in collaboration with CASS school of design SBID & The Cass School of Design are joining together to launch the ‘Student placement programme’. The design industry is constantly telling colleges and universities that they need graduates to be more ‘work ready’. However, as all interiors design professionals know, there is so much to cover and take in within the three short years of a BA (Hons) course. What makes a difference in the successful and fully rounded education of a student is finding a great placement or internship within a design practice. The students who do this will be better able to respond to the demands of full-time employment. They will have a greater understanding of the workings of the industry and a good idea of what’s expected from them. SBID is committed to professional excellence and developing closer connections between the industry and education providers. SBID offers selected 2nd year CASS students placements for one day a week at design practices. This placement allows students to continue with their studies while participating in the activities of the design office. What they learn in the classroom is backed up by hands on experience in the work place. They take on basic tasks such as printing, rendering, brochure making, stacking, redrawing and attending meetings. As they develop throughout the year, their duties would increase along with their contribution to the design tasks of the office. The advantage for any practice that takes part in SBID placements is the chance to earn CPD points as well as possibly find ideal recruits for future employment.

CPD programmes Student members are welcome to attend any SBID CPD events. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the way by which all professionals maintain and update their industry knowledge and skills after qualification. SBID runs a series of sponsored events and seminars to help the members to satisfy their annual Continuous Professional Development requirement (24 hours CPD participation during one year). Benefits: - Authorised certificate for attendees of CPD seminars. Certified CPDs contribute to SBID Members annual CPD requirement. - Access to a wide audience of registered industry professionals, each having proven education, competence and experience to meet the SBID standard set and monitored by the European Council of Interior Architects (adopted by all member countries of Europe). For more information, please visit:

Graduates Free membership for one extra year When a student graduates, their membership is extended by a year and is upgraded for free to an Associate member of SBID. Having studied a four year course and spending two years within the industry it allows associate members to then become a full member with SBID accreditation. SBID's standards are recognised across Europe as the British member of the European Council of Interior Designers (ECIA). It represents professional interior designers in 16 European countries and allows SBID accredited members’ transferable membership rights with each of its national organisations Job vacancies SBID is dedicated to giving you the best possible chance, and therefore we will put you in touch with potential employers: if any of our corporate members are looking for graduates, they can advertise the vacancies on the student portal – giving you the ability to apply directly to fill an open vacancy -which is an innovative step in the Interiors industry.

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