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Creating value from waste!

UTB Envirotec

Innovation for our environment


State supported subsidy for SME’s awarded UTB funding for 2 key R&D projects in 2011-2012!

UTB’s name is an abbreviation for UmweltTechnik Buchs, a company formed in the late 70’s in Buchs, Switzerland. Based on research conducted at the prestigious EAWAG Institute (Swiss Aquatic Research Institute), UTB commercialized and patented several processes to convert sewage sludge, organic solids and biomass to compost and biogas. UTB also developed several innovative solutions for

wastewater treatment, many of which remain in operation till today. In its current avatar, UTB is a Budapest based cleantech company providing consulting, engineering, contracting and technical services to its clients. We provide solutions that allow our clients to reduce, recover, renew and recycle their wastewater and organic solids to clean water, renewable energy and nutrients. LAMPL HUGÓ AWARD


MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 200-1084


MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 100-1084

ISO CERTIFICATES Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, we execute our assignments in line with these standards.

TIERNEY CLARK AWARD This award is given by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), the Hungarian chamber of engineers (MMK) and the Association of Hungarian Consulting Engineers and Architects (TMSZ) annually for the most outstanding civil engineering feat in its respective year. The wastewater treatment plant in Makó-Kiszombor won this honor for the year 2002. UTB was responsible for the concept, permits, design & engineering as well as technical supervision of the construction. After construction, UTB assisted the plant operator to successfully conclude the commissioning and start-up. The wwtp exceeds its design parameters in all respects. In fact, the plant will be doubled in capacity during 2012-2014 by UTB once again!

Several of our colleagues are actively involved in the biggest and most popular campaign for promoting urban cycling in Hungary.

The Lampl Hugó award was founded by the Hungarian Hydrological Society in 1993. It is the most prestigious award for Hungarian engineers in the trade. The award is supported by the Hungarian National Water Authority.

OUR SERVICES CONSULTING • Permitting • Feasibility Studies • Environmental Impact Assessments • EU/HU Public Procurement Projects • Cost Benefit Analysis • Process Design and Modelling (Biowin)

SERVICES • Commissioning, Trial Operations • Process qualification and verification • Education &Training of plant operators • Laboratory testing (in UTB’s fully equipped facilities) • Process Piloting and Demonstration (in UTB’s workshop) • Research & Development • Online Process Monitoring

ENGINEERING • 3D Engineering – Plans & Layouts, Sections, Piping, Isometrics (Pro-engineer, Revit) • Civil/Structure/Architecture (Axis FEM, Revit) • Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation (E-Plan) • PLC programming & SCADA Systems (WebSCADA) • CFD Analysis (Fluent) • Technical Supervision • Turnkey, Design-Build, Build-Own-Operate capabilities • Value Engineering/Design change management • Budget, Schedule, Quality Assurance and Control • Documentation management (Audit & Preservation) • Site Management • Procurement • Subcontractor Selection and Management • Construction & Installation Management • Pre-commissioning & Completion certificates sign-off • Health, Safety & Environment co-ordination


WASTEWATER TREATMENT Water is a vital resource that may get contaminated during use and can result in communal wastewater, septic waste, trade effluent, agricultural runoff, landfill leachate, contaminated groundwater or other forms of polluted water.

Wide ranges of purification processes are available in order to decrease pollution or eliminate the contaminating substances. UTB specializes in providing several processes and technologies to help return purified water back to nature or be reused, preserving this vital resource.



Zalaegerszeg is the 17th largest city in Hungary. The wwtp cleans the municipal and pre-treated industrial wastewater collected through a regional sewer system to a level that allows it to be discharged to a river that feeds the largest lake in Central Europe. Sludge generated at the plant is converted to biomethane used to fuel city owned vehicles.

An award winning facility in the renowned town of Makó treats the wastewater using a state-of-the-art technology that reaches very high levels of efficiency in a compact footprint with very low levels of sludge production. The produced sludge is further treated using a solar drying technology that produces a dry cake for reuse.



The clean water generated by the wastewater treatment plant in Nagykanizsa is permitted to enter into local waterways, replenishing local water sources. Sludge produced at the plant is converted into electricity that powers the treatment process as well as producing compost that is reused locally.

By replacing the aging sewerage network and the wastewater plant, Békéscsaba reduced the contamination of their groundwater while ensuring a clean environment for its citizens. The plant treats the wastewater while the sludge produces energy and is furthermore converted into reusable compost.

PRETREATMENT spiraflo flotator







activator attisholz demon®



The brewery faced increasing wastewater disposal costs. Being awarded the project in a design-build operate format, Dreher now converts their wastewater using anaerobic technology into biogas and clean water. The biogas is converted into steam reused in the brewing process.

Bonudelle works every day to make vegetables the future of food. The production of vegetables produces lots of reject water that is highly rich in organics. By employing us as their turnkey contractor, Bonduelle now converts their “waste” into clean energy and water using anaerobic as well as aerobic systems.



The Hungarian unit of Suzuki Motors manufactures up to 300 000 passenger cars/year. Although the produced wastewater was pre-treated using chemicals, Suzuki needed to upgrade their wastewater facilities. We delivered a fully automated biological process using moving bed biofilm reactors on turnkey basis.

Using EU funds, Hungerit gave us the task to ensure that the production process does not pollute the local resources. We delivered a flotator plant that treats the wastewater to limits that allow it to be discharged to the local sewer system while the sludge is converted off-site into protein for animal.

reNEW ™ ™

reNEW ™ : Creating value (Nutrient, Energy, Water) from waste!




Municipal – Sludge from wastewater plants and organic fraction of municipal solid waste are rich in carbon and nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous. By recovering these resources from sludge and waste, we not only reduce the volume of the waste but also create additional revenue streams. Today’s wastewater plants will become tomorrow’s reNEW™ plants. Converting existing wastewater plants to reNEW™ facilities is an upgrade that cities and municipalities cannot afford to ignore. Industry – Food and agro processing industries, slaughterhouses, commercial enterprises (hotels, canteens, restaurants), Biowaste (oil cakes, grease, fats etc.) all make excellent feedstock for reNEW™ plants. Currently these “waste” are a source of nuisance (odor, pollution) wherever they are generated and stored. Generators pay huge sums of money to dispose these “waste” or end products from their operations. If re-routed to reNEW facilities, these feedstock can be converted into reliable sources of clean and renewable energy and nutrients. Agriculture – Broiler/poultry litter, pig manure and other large scale animal rearing operations produce manure in enormous quantities. As these are rich in nutrients, their application on agricultural lands is controlled and regimented to prevent ground water pollution. reNEW™allows these valuable feedstock to be handled all year round without fear or danger of polluting ground water resources while creating additional revenue streams.

Pre-treatment – Raw material or “feedstock” is converted into a homogeneous slurry. Various options such as dilution, disintegration, grinding, milling, separation, etc. may be employed. The particle size in the feedstock slurry is degraded down to 2-3 mm thereby increasing the surface area of the particulate organics. Hydrolysis – Liquefaction or break down of carbohydrates, protein and lipids, the base building blocks of organic solids. reNEW™ plants utilize advanced thermophilic enzymatic micro-aerophilic reactors (Aerotherm process) to break down the solids in the liquid slurry and release the bound carbon and nutrients in the form of volatile fatty acids (VFA), ammonia and ortho-phosphates. A side stream membrane process recovers the VFA’s and nutrients. Permeate

VFA – Permeate from the Hydrolysis step, which contains a high concentration of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous is processed to produce separated VFA’s or electricity directly (Carbonator process). Electricity can be produced directly using Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC’s). The VFA can also be used to produce bioplastics or become a source of carbon. Permeate

Residual Solids

Biogas – Spent solids from the Hydrolysis step make an ideal substrate for Methanogenic bacteria to convert the remaining soluble and particulate organics into methane rich biogas (Methanator process). Biogas can be further processed to produce bioCNG, electricity and/or heat. If converted to bioCNG, it can be filled into vehicles as fuel. Supernatant

Nutrients – Permeate after carbon recovery, and supernatant from the biogas dewatering operations is processed in a specialized reactor (Spirator process) to recover the nitrogen and phosphorous in the form of struvite, an Mg+N+P based slow release fertilizer. Global phosphorus sources are expected to be fully depleted by the year 2100. Therefore it is imperative to recover struvite from waste in this sustainable manner.

Clean Water – The final step in the reNEW™ process is to recover clean water and recycling it back to the beginning of the cycle or discharging it to nature. Depending on the nature and concentration of the remaining pollutants, various wastewater technologies can be employed to produce clean water.




• Ózd • Nagykőrös • Tököl • Nagyatád • Körösladány • Nagykanizsa • Tolna • ALMEX Békéscsaba • Orosházi Üveggyár • Törley Pezsgőpincészet Kft. Budapest • Magyar Bioenergetikai Zrt. Csabacsüd • Borsodchem Zrt. Kazincbarcika • Alkaloida Tiszavasvári

• Makó • Zalaegerszeg • Békéscsaba • Kiskunhalas • Lajosmizse • Kunágota • Nagyszénás • Csurgó • Ceglédi Tejipari Rt. • Kraft Foods Kft. Budapest • Samsung Magyarország Kft. Göd • Hödlmayr Hungária Logistics Kft. Győr • Arany Kapu Rt. Kunfehértó

CONTRACTING • Glencore Grain Hungary Kft. Foktő • Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt. Budapest • Bonduelle Central Europe Kft. Nagykőrös • Pacsa szennyvíztisztító telep • Deko-Food Zrt. Debrecen • Magyar Suzuki Zrt. Budapest • Hungerit Zrt. Szentes • Eagle Ottawa Hungary Kft. Szolnok • Zalaegerszeg szennyvíztisztító telep • ATEV Fehérjefeldolgozó Hódmezővásárhely • Dunapack Papír és Csomagolóanyag Rt. Nyíregyháza • Kelet Food 2000 Kft. Nyíregyháza-Nyírszőlős • Merian Foods Kft. Orosháza

SERVICES • Kiskunmajsa • Kétegyháza • Elek • Újkígyós • Tiszatelek • Dorogi Erőmű • Nagy Hús Feldolgozó Kft. Csurgó • Sole Mizo Zrt. Bácsbokod • Georg Fisher Kft. Apc • Master Good Kft. Petneháza • TEVA Gyógyszergyár Rt. Debrecen • M+M Sajtgyártó Kft. Kistelek • Indefco 2000 Kft. Celldömölk

UTB Envirotec UTB Envirotec Zrt. H-1139 Budapest, Lomb utca 15. Phone: +36 1 413-3600 Fax: +36 1 413-3601 E-mail: Web:

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UTB Envirotec is a Budapest based Cleantech company providing solutions that allow our clients to convert their wastewater and organic solid...

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