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TDC Recreational & Intensive Class Fees Registration Fee: $25.00 per family for the 2010-2011 season (Sept – June)

Tuition: Registering for classes secures your spot in class from Sept – June. For your convenience, monthly payments can be made. See “TDC policies” page for more information. 1⁄2 hour class: $42.00/month 45 minute class: $52.00/month 1 hour class: $63.00/month 1 1⁄2 hour class: $84.00/month 2 hour class: $105.00/month the month of December = 1⁄2 tuition for recreational students (full month in Dec for company dancers to cover rehearsal costs)

Private Lessons: Can be scheduled based on teacher & studio availability 1⁄2 hour: $30.00 1 hour: $60.00

Choreography / Rehearsal Fee: Will apply to all competition pieces outside of our juniors & 3 large group ensembles. See Company Handbook Information (at parent mtg) for more details.

Multiple Class/Intensive Discount: “Unlimited Classes Scholarship” Maximum tuition per student per month = $350.00 We wish to support the serious dancer’s advancement & encourage her/him to be well versed through participation in all dance subjects offered at TDC. We offer an “Unlimited Classes Scholarship” package in which a dancer pays a maximum of $350.00 per month in class tuition. Delinquent accounts will be ineligible for unlimited classes scholarship. ”Unlimited classes” package does not include competition choreography, guest workshop fees, convention & competition fees, private lessons and costume fees. Students on the unlimited classes scholarship with poor attendance will have scholarship revoked.

5% off full year tuition payment made at time of registration This discount is only applicable on payments made by September 2010 for students participating through June 2011.

Referrals: As a “thank you” for referring new students to TDC, you will receive $5.00 in “TDC Dance Dollars” to spend on TDC merchandise for sale in our office. Dance Dollars will be given for each new student that registers & dances at least 2 months (and whose account is in good standing). Dance Dollars do not apply to costuming or warm-ups.

info: 216.252.4444: email: web site: facebook: The Dance Centre by Heidi Glynias

Dance Centre 2010-2011 Information  
Dance Centre 2010-2011 Information  

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