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SB Evolution Landscape A Premier Gardening and Landscaping Company in S a n t a B a r b a r a T h a t W i l l T r a n s f o r m a n d B e a u t i f y Yo u r Home Garden!


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Meet SB Evolution Landscape: a kind, professional and hard-working landscape team who are passionate about landscaping. SB Evolution Landscape is Santa Barbara’s leading provider of superior landscaping services to keep your lawn and garden areas looking great all year around! Our team of skilled and friendly professionals truly understand landscaping down to the smallest (and most vital!) details. Whether simply keeping your lawn looking great for maximum curb appeal, or maintaining your plants and bushes… or even installing complete landscape overhaul… SB Evolution Landscape has you covered. 2 2

Click toOur About edit Team Master title style Established in 2014 Inspired by a family steeped in the landscape maintenance and design business, Jorge Cortez created SB Evolution Landscape to continue that tradition. Proudly serving the Santa Barbara, Montecito, Hope Ranch, Goleta, and Carpinteria communities, the company is devoted to its clients, putting homeowners’ and business owners’ interests first while instilling in them a confidence that their landscapes will be maintained with the utmost care and expertise. SB Evolution Landscape brings an expert level of knowledge, drawing from years of experience to understand and realize the great potential of our region’s native and adaptive plant species. Professionalism like this, coupled with a commitment to meeting the unique needs and vision of every property owner, results in long lasting landscapes that thrive and create beauty complementary to the homes and businesses they surround. 3 3

There areedit 2 reasons most customers Click to Master title style contact us: • to bring drive-up appeal to their home or to replace their current gardener. We take these two reasons to heart. • We understand how important your landscape is to you. We are experts on drive-up appeal, water conservation landscaping, seasonal and climate planting, irrigation, and much more. • There are many great landscaping services available in Santa Barbara County, but, unfortunately, over time, many take their clients for granted and their quality of service fades like autumn leaves. This became our mission—to never let you become disappointed in our service or to make you regret hiring SB Evolution Landscape. Client service is our top priority. Our friendly, professional office staff will always return your phone calls and do whatever it takes to satisfy your needs or concerns. Our hard-working, experienced gardeners will care for your landscape with the same pride and attention to detail as if it were their own. • On behalf of my company, thank you for visiting our website and please call us to take advantage of the free, noobligation estimate. We promise to make this the last time you need to find a new gardener for maintenance or landscaper to give more life to the home you love.

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The “Drive-up Appeal� Experts. We provide Landscape Maintenance, Irrigation and Installation Services for Life.

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Listing of our services, from one-time projects to seasonal maintenance and care. No matter how big or how small the job, SB Evolution Landscape and their landscapers in santa barbara delivers the high level of professionalism and respect our clients and their properties deserve.

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Our ClickServices to edit Master title style Landscape Maintenance

Residential and Commercial

We will work with you to develop a suitable maintenance program—whether weekly or bi-weekly—that will keep your landscaping looking great. From pruning and watering to mowing and cleanup, let us help you determine what services are a priority for your property.

Our clientele is diverse. Just as we care for the look of your home, we know that maintaining the landscape at your business is critical to attracting and retaining customers. Let us set up a maintenance program for your company’s property, or even create a design that reflects your business!

Irrigation Installation and Repair

Fertilization of Plants

Broken sprinkler heads, faulty valves, or an automatic controller that is improperly programmed—all of these issues can lead to lawn and beds that are begging for a drink. And why run around with a hose each night if you don’t have a system? Let SB Evolution Landscape install a new system or repair your current one to keep your landscape looking healthy.

Fertilizing plants can be tricky. As a property owner, you know it’s necessary, but how often and what kind of fertilizer is best? We put our expertise in plant health to work in your garden, carefully selecting the appropriate type of fertilizer for each plant, depending on its type and the time of year, and apply it at rates that will help the plants flourish and grow, without stress or injury.

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Click to edit Master title style Landscape Installation

Fire Prevention

A new garden needs a professional touch. Let us help you select and install retaining walls, driveways,stone walls, walkways, shrubs, grasses, and lush blooms that will bring color and vitality to your property. And because landscaping is not just plants, we will show you how materials such as decomposed granite, flagstones, and decorative bark can complete the look.

Living in a warm, sunny climate like Santa Barbara has an obvious appeal to us all. But, with comfortable temperatures and infrequent rainy days comes a serious reality that can’t be ignored. Drought conditions leave landscapes dry, turning once lush grasses and shrubs into veritable kindling that can help fire spread, well, like wildfire.

Waste and Junk Removal

Weed Killer Treatments

The appearance of your property is our top priority. That’s why, when the project is complete, we won’t leave you with piles of dirt and construction debris. We have our dump trucks at the ready to haul away the excess, keeping your landscape looking tidy and clean.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of gardening and landscape upkeep is combatting weeds. It may seem that no sooner do we pull up every last one that new undesired plants emerge. While it may seem that these weeds are merely taunting us or trying to drive us crazy, there are of course botanical explanations for their persistence.

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Click to edit Master title style Disease Control While keeping plants healthy is essential to preventing maladies such as powdery mildew and black spot, often we need to give their defenses a boost with treatments that offer protection and cures for these common plant diseases. Like with any garden additive, the options are many and often confounding to the property owner.

Higher quality service, professionalism, reliability and responsiveness for our client’s needs. We guarantee 100% money back if we don’t improve your landscape in 2 months when you join our maintenance program. 9 9

Click to edit Featured Projects Master title style Our photo gallery of completed projects, a testament to our expertise in Garden landscape installation, maintenance, and care. We hope you will not only recognize in them our commitment to client satisfaction, but they inspire ideas in you—ideas that we look forward bringing to reality on your own property. We love to show you what you can do. And if a picture can tell a thousand words, imagine what you might learn about SB Evolution Landscape by watching us in action! Enjoy these videos of our crews on the job and stop back frequently to see what else we’ve been up to.

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“We guarantee your money back if we do not improve your home garden in 2 months. We will take before and after pictures to prove it.�



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Join our weekly or biweekly maintenance program for a lifetime of client care and benefits. It’s time for you to relax and let us improve your home garden. Join our dream team now! Thank You 13

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“FREE landscape assessment at your convenience when you call us. I will personally come to your property, meet with you, and give you my best advice. Thank you and I look forward meeting with you.” – Jorge Cortez Founder of SB Evolution Landscape 14 14

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We are ready to provide our landscaping services to you NOW! Call us at (805) 453-9551 15 15

Home and Garden Services in Santa Barbara  

Client service is our top priority. Our friendly, professional office staff will always return your phone calls and do whatever it takes to...

Home and Garden Services in Santa Barbara  

Client service is our top priority. Our friendly, professional office staff will always return your phone calls and do whatever it takes to...