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Sarah Beaudi

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About the Process 1. Lego is an important motif in this story, so it was a natural choice to start with. This first version spells out the title of the book, Gross, in actual Lego. It was a great jumping off point, but ultimately the wrong look for the project; it almost looks like a biography or memoir. 2. The second version captured the disjointed nature of the main characters’ relationship, while introducing a sense of humour to the story. However, the drawing combined with the typeface looked too juvenile for the subject matter. 3. Drawing on the idea of handstamped Lego dots, the third and final version of the cover has a much more adult feel to it. It doesn’t give too much away about the story (the protagonist chokes to death on Lego), and it hints at the darker elements of the story without losing its quirkiness. The 144 dots represent the 144 objects found in the protagonist’s stomach during his autopsy.

Client: Meat Locker Editions Project: Cover Design for Gross Painting(s): Sarah Beaudin



Portfolio Sample  

The cover design process for "Gross" by dave Proctor, published by Meat Locker Editions (2013).