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Volume 34 Issue 4

June, 2010

Convention Make plans to attend the AHAA State Convention this October 6-8, 2010. Each year the St. Bernards Auxiliary supports the Arkansas Hospital Association by attending the State Convention. This is a time for all of us to grow! We have the privilege to network with other hospitals, attend workshops, bond with our fellow volunteers, and most of all have a GREAT time. We are always wowed by the keynote speaker and look forward to being inspired by their words of wisdom. This year will be no different. The keynote speaker will be Joe Tye. Mr. Tye was chief operating officer at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics prior to founding Values Coach more than a decade ago. He is the author or co-author of 10 books, including his latest:“The Florence Prescription – From Accountability to Ownership,” a business parable with a real-world message for today’s business world.

Scholarship recipients: (from left) Erin Weeks, Hannah Bruce, Tracy Stearns, Lori Kercheval, Lisa Weir, Dallas Book, Sharmaine LaFarlette, Mable Prunty.

If you would like to attend, please contact Mary Nell Masterson, Auxiliary Vice President, 870.932.8393. Additional information will be sent in August.


Editor- Dean Rossa (

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Scholarships At the June meeting, the Auxiliary awarded ten scholarships worth $20,000 for the 2010-2011 school year. Eight of the $2000 awards went to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) students and one MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) student at ASU. A scholarship was also awarded to a student at Arkansas Northeast College at Blytheville who is in the two- year RN program. The BSN students are Dallas Book, Megan Bradley, Hannah Bruce, Kayla Hendrix Burks, Lori Kercheval, Tracy Stearns, Erin Weeks, and Lisa Weir. The MSN student is Mable Prunty. The 2 yr. RN student is Sharmaine LaFarlette. – Carol Hinck

Volunteer Be Attitudes Be sure. Be convinced. Be loyal. Be rule accepting. Be willing to learn (and keep learning). Be open to supervision. Be dependable. Be a team player. Be confidential.۞

Volume 34, Issue 4

St. Bernards Volunteer

June, 2010

What!!! No Gift Shop Chair?!!

St. Bernards Auxiliary, you are among the best volunteers in our state! Serving as your president has been such fun and very easy because of the quality of our committee chairs. A hearty thanks to all of you. It’s hard to believe that my term of office will end in September. We can all look forward to the upcoming year knowing that fresh capable hands will lead our group. Attending hospital board retreats and advisory boards meetings is one of the nicest privileges that Auxiliary’s past, present, and upcoming presidents enjoy. At one such meeting recently, we were updated on plans for the “Matthews Medical Mile”. That term refers to the stretch between the hospital east to the intersection of Matthews and Washington. A new medically based fitness center is proposed east of the hospital’s Surgical Center, the Imagining Center, and the new Hospice House. Ground breaking is slated in June, 2010. Completion is projected by September 2011. The building will be in the triangle formed where Washington and Matthews meet. The new ASU overpass will overlook the new structure which will house physicians groups, the HMG weight loss program, and cardiac rehab. We can be better advocates for the hospital if we remain aware of St. Bernards plans and share with others the news about health care happenings in downtown Jonesboro.

Thanks A big "THANK YOU" to all of the ladies that helped me out Saturday during our mammogram screening (at HMG wellness fair). Everyone was so nice and helpful and I really appreciate all their hard work. Because of awesome volunteers like them, our event was a great success. - Teresa Adams

Before you faint, let me reassure you that Rosalie Barber is still in charge of the Gift Shop. Her title is now Gift Shop Manager. At the May 13, 2010, Executive Board meeting, a proposal was made and passed to change her title with the understanding that she will become an ex-officio member of the Executive Board with full voting privileges. The position will not be subject to proposed term limits of officers and board members. The manager will remain in that position indefinitely. In the event of replacement, the new manager will be selected by the recommendation of the President with the approval of the Board.-Mary Nell Masterson

Another Board Recommendation At the same May 13, 2010, Executive Board meeting, the recommendation was made that the station and committee chairs for the new fiscal year beginning October 1, 2010, be presented at the September meeting, following the election of officers in June. This was done in order to remove the “lame duck” feeling that is sometimes prevalent from June to October. Also, the new chairs can be named as the outgoing chairs are being recognized by the outgoing president. – Mary Nell Masterson

Thanks Again Thanks so much for your donation ($30,000) which aided in the purchase of our new mammogram unit. We are very grateful to have it and are happy to see our patient wait time dropping. Thank you again, Teresa Adams, Director Jamie Anderson, Deidre Smith, Trish Priddy, Kathy Hall, Pam Ford, Kerri Patterson, and Michelle Sneed, ( all Mammo Techs) Penny Jones, Assistant Manager, Tamy Weaver, pct, Debbie Moody, file room, Julia Steward, and Kim Reynolds, US (ultrasound techs).


Volume 34, Issue 4

St. Bernards Volunteer

June, 2010

Gallery of New Members Here are the faces of some of St. Bernards Auxiliary’s newest members. Apologies to those we’ve missed (or congratulations to those who’ve dodged our camera crew.)

Betty Barnett*, Crossover Frankie Crawford, ICU

Dorothy Farr, Senior C.

Cathy Mulhollen, TCF

Bill Gage, Senior C.

Geneva Slayton, DTC

Barbara Crotts, Gift shop

Erma Hall , Gift Shop, TCF

Devon Smith, TCF

Mike Crotts, Gift shop

Verneal Montgomery, Village

Vicki Sweet, Senior C.

Thanks to Diana Ruesewald, our membership chair, who is taking a leave of absence to catch her breath.

50 Hour Pins: Those recently earning 50 hour pins include Alice Lawrence (in March), Verneal Montgomery, Dorothy Farr, and Jo Wheeler (in June). *Betty Barnett’s married name is Maiorino. But because no one can pronounce it, or spell it, and her husband doesn't care, she uses Barnett almost totally. The folks at church know her as Betty Maiorino, but she signed her Auxiliary papers as Barnett and uses that name for most business purposes. She says, “Call me whatever you would like; I answer to both.”


Volume 34, Issue 4

St. Bernards Volunteer

Think Tank Make our hospital a more home-like place, a place which has WOW service, a place you would want to come back to for medical procedures. St. Bernards is working on that now. There are four teams studying the way things are done so that patients and their families can have a more pleasing experience. I was honored to be asked to serve on the inpatient team. The inpatient team has been divided into four groups. My group is presently brainstorming on the area of delays in treatment and procedures, where delays are occurring, and reasons for delays. We will meet with people from the IT section of St. Bernards and with Meditech officials at the hospital to see how better communication could help to reduce the delays and frustrations. Other inpatient teams are working on care and compassion of patient/family, coordination of care and discharge process, communications, and accommodations. Other than inpatient teams, there are also outpatient, doctors, and hospital staff teams. By the end of September, our work should be completed. We hope St. Bernards will be an even better hospital than it has been in the past. -Barbara Keller

Can’t Work? “Tinker to Evers to Chance.” Auxilians who must miss work should find a sub or tell the chair of the involved work area. If you can’t work for an extended period of time, tell the chairperson AND fill out a leave of absence (LOA) request so we will know what arrangements need to be made to cover that station, and for how long. LOA forms are in the gift shop in the file folder behind the sign-in book. This is the chain of command to ensure that all needto-know people are informed. The member out of action for an extended period calls the station chair. The chair then calls the president. The president calls the foundation office. This winning triple play avoids unnecessary duplication of calls. Auxilians need not work on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Nor on snow days. ۞

June, 2010

Another Summer, Another Set of Juniors

It doesn’t seem possible, but it’s time for a new group of Junior Volunteers. We had 30+ applicants and interviewed all who could come in. It was tough to eliminate 12 of them. Our group is limited to 20 this year because of the intensity of the training and the need for handson by every Junior Volunteer. The first education day is July 9th . The Juniors will work stations at the hospital for three weeks. We have many exciting days planned: hospital tour, lab work, the Imaging Center, the Surgery Center, CPR, first aid, diabetes training, drawing blood, learning to intubate, physical therapy, participating in actual surgeries, and more. The Juniors last year loved everything they did (as did the Auxilians who participated). We have some terrific teenagers who’ll be with us during the month of July. If you’re interested in attending and helping out during any of the Fridays from July 9-30, please let me know or let Dana know at the Foundation. -Barbara Keller

COUSIN LINDA’S BEST COOKIE EVER 1 c. shortening (margarine) 1 c. sugar (white) 1 c. brown sugar 1 egg 1 c. salad oil 1 c. oats 1. c. sugar Frosted Flakes, crushed to measure 1 c. chopped pecans 3 1/2 c. plain flour 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. soda 1 tsp. vanilla Mix all together. Roll into walnut size balls. Mash out. Bake at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes. Makes lots. We have cookies, muffins, etc. with coffee before Sunday school at First Methodist.- Mary Shaver


Volume 34, Issue 4

St. Bernards Volunteer

Hats Off to Volunteers Volunteers donned jewelry and jackets and went on a junket for tea and crumpets at the Foundation’s Appreciation Tea for volunteers on April 22. Yellow tulips on the tables and spring colors on the ladies set the climate for visits among attendees. Thanks to Dana Housley, Marilyn Hummelstein, Kelli Merriman, and Paul Holmes for the fete. ۞

June, 2010

LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE On Tuesday, June 15th, Suzanne Hackney and Mary Nell Masterson attended the AHAA Leadership Conference in Harrison. They drove to Harrison on Monday afternoon and stayed at the historic 1929 Hotel Seville. The hotel’s restaurant, John Paul’s, served them a DELICIOUS chicken salad and a wonderful bread pudding for dessert. And a real plus was being able to share their meal with Pud Thomas, our District President, and Sharon Holman, our District Treasurer.

Hats Off to Hospital Staff

The meeting was at the Durand Center, across the street from the Seville. After a welcome from Margaret Underwood, the Leadership Conference Chairman, there were multiple speakers. The first were Jeff Wilkie and David Pennington. Their topic was entitled The Leadership Spark: Igniting Personal Potential,

On May 14, St. Bernards Auxiliary held its annual appreciation tea for hospital staff. The workers revved up an assembly line which sliced cake, placed the slices on plates, and passed them on. Slice, place, pass to a worker with a box of cling wrap, Pull, tear, wrap and hand to a volunteer who takes it to a table. Pass, move, place.

The other speakers included state officers, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Harrison’s hospital- NARMC, a NARMC volunteer, and Ryan Hoffman from North Arkansas College whose talk centered around the theme of “We All CAN Get Along”. Each volunteer, of which there are over 60 million in the U.S., is unique and has talents to offer while expecting nothing in return.

The assembly line worked from 8 a.m. to 10:30 to carpet the tables and other surfaces with cake. We served over 500 pieces of cake to staff whose eyes lit up at the spread.

A luncheon was presented out of flower pots and served with garden tools. Door prizes were awarded. We came home with goodies.- Mary Nell Masterson

Sue Lee thanks all the cake bakers and Friday’s serving crew. The workers were Sue Lee, Margaret Aycock, Rita Deroeck, Emma Dunn, Ann Fergeson, Suzanne Hackney, Carol Hinck, Barbara Keller, Mary Nell Masterson, Verneal Montgomery, Cathy Mulhollen, Betty Newberry, Peggy Ross, Mary Ellen Wells, Frances Whitfield, David Doyle, Laddie Logan, and Tom Reeves. ۞

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Memorials Memorials were made to the scholarship fund in memory of Frances Burris by by Mary Shaver, Maxine Drury, and Eric Grant Maxine Drury

Light Up a Life Campaign Gifts $8,388.00 6,824.99 12,730.50 10,639.00 12,268.75 13,485.00 14,228.50 13,984.00 12,924.00 11,604.12 13,432.00 10,565.00 9870 6,020.00 5,726.00 6,045.00 5,775.00 5,065.00

Expenses $4,460.94 1,473.77 4,973.12 3,434.92 4,213.01 5,729.26 5,019.91 $5,732.34 $6,955.29 $6,252.60 $3,397.92 $1,754.41 $1,827.63 $2,102.59 $1,578.64 $876.68 $1,654.51 $614.93

Total 22 year Net Profit

Net $3,927.06 5,331.22 7,757.38 7,204.28 8,055.74 7,755.74 9,208.59 $8,251.66 5,968.71 5,351.52 10,034.08 8,810.59 8,042.37 3,917.41 4,147.36 5,168.32 4,120.49 4,450.07 2,698.00 $135,867.74


Volume 34, Issue 4

St. Bernards Volunteer

St Bernards Foundation Auxiliary 400 East Street Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401

June, 2010




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The Volunteer, June 2010, Volume 34, Issue 4  

St. Bernards Auxiliary's June 2010 newsletter for members of the St. Bernards Auxiliary.

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