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Volume 34 Issue 3

March, 2010

Junior Volunteer Program The enthusiasm is building! What will this year bring for the Junior Volunteer program? Here are a few details to bring you up to date. The students must be between 15 and 18 years of age and willing to donate three weeks of their summer to the program. The hospital provides opportunities which can't be found anywhere else for that age student. The deadline for applications is April 16th. Interviews will be arranged the following week. Twenty-five slots are available, but only those deemed ready for three intensive weeks will be selected. On Monday, May 10, students will be notified of their selection. The program begins with an all-day orientation on Friday, July 9, and continues through July 30. The Auxilians who participated with the juniors last year felt excited about doing it again this year. We hope that more of you will want to be a part of this fabulous program this year. –Barbara Keller


Front Desk Changes We welcome Kelli Merryman back to the front desk at the Foundation. We wish Mandy Bruce well with her new job in Paragould. ۞


Editor- Dean Rossa (

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We have fourteen new members. Many have completed orientation and are working at St. Bernards. Cathy Mulhollen, who was an associate member and a retired employee of St. Bernards, is now working in Transitional Care. We have one new member, Frankie Crawford, who is working in ICU. Pam Huffer, Barbara and Mike Crotts are working in the Gift Shop. Geneva Slayton and Vanessa McQuay are working in the Diagnostic Treatment Center. Dorothy Farr and Vickie Sweet are working at the Senior Center. Bill Gage, Brenda Crocker, Verneal Montgomery, Shirley Morgan, and Memory Wilson will start working soon. At the time we have three applications still outstanding. Our SpeakEasy team is doing a great job spreading

Bobby Barry and Janie Underwood were awarded 50 hour pins at the January General Meeting.


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the word about Auxiliary. Mary Nell Masterson was on the Diana Davis Show and spoke to the Kiwanis Club on January 27. Barbara Keller and Carol Hinck were at the Senior Life Center on February 15. Mary Nell Masterson and Betty Purtee spoke to KZ100 at the Cracker Barrel March 3. Betty Purtee and Carol Hinck spoke to the Classic Catholics group on March 18 Many of you have recommended new recruits. Thank you all for your good work. I would like to encourage everyone to recruit one new person this year. –Diana Ruesewald

Lost and Found If a Volunteer should find a lost item, then he/she should call Environmental Services at 870.972.4512 and let them know they have found something that should be placed in Lost and Found. A supervisor from Environmental Services will come by and pick up the item from the volunteer and place it in the Lost and Found Log. If they have not retrieved the item prior to the end of your volunteer shift, please place the item in a locked cabinet until they pick it up. If you should have questions, please call Dana Housley at 870.336.5012.۞

Volume 34, Issue 3

St. Bernards Volunteer

March, 2010

Going for the Gold Improving Customer Service

Change, puzzle pieces, varying hats. State Convention provides us with a theme for the upcoming year of service. Most of us do not like change, but agree that we’d soon fade into the background if we didn’t keep up with the times. Last year, our Gift Shop workers groaned over the new POS system. This year, the staff of the help desks are groaning over new Meditech software. Change causes turmoil in the transition from old to new. After the pain of change, we’ll owe the organization thanks for keeping us mentally and physically alert and for keeping us modern. This year’s theme, “We wear various hats”, has been fun to use. Pat Surbaugh introduced us to shrink art hats. Jill Davis, art teacher at Weiner High School, took a table-decorating project -using Pat’s idea --to her art club and they created tiny hats for our enjoyment at the March General Meeting. Jill had previously helped us with the puzzle-pieces theme. Our hats are off to her and her class. It’s wonderful to see how all of us fit together to complete the whole picture. We have some extraordinary talent that is freely shared in our group. –Margaret Aycock

The hospital’s emphasis on the importance of customer service is making a difference. Volunteers can see that as they watch customers react positively to unexpected expressions of concern for them from hospital staff. If customer service is to improved further by response to ideas from the public, it will be because the hospital has dealt with the problems involved in gathering and processing ideas from non-professionals-- who may be unaware of many security, economic, professional, and legal issues their ideas involved. Improving customer service by customer input will also take continued belief from the customers that St. Bernards is responsive to valid input. ۞

Proposed Officer Slate 2010-2011 President Mary Nell Masterson Vice-President Suzanne Hackney Recording Secretary Bobbye Barry Corresponding Secretary Ina Martin Treasurer Ann Ford Gift Shop Bookkeeper Maxine Drury Gift Shop Cashier Ruby Chittenden Historian Emma Dunn Counselor/Parliamentarian Margaret Aycock Newsletter Editor Dean Rossa -Ann Fergeson, Nominating Committee chair


Meditech Change Over The help desk workers who were complacent and unruffled when the gift shop workers were struggling with the new POS now have their turn with new computers and software. They’re adjusting to new sign-on procedures, new codes, new viewing screens, and differences in what they can access online. The new Meditech software came online March 1with a more modern look and functions. ۞

Memorials were given to the Frank Hall Scholarship Fund in memory of Johnnie Carolyn Block and Gloria Jean Gossett by the SB Auxiliary.


Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, For you are crunchy, and good with mustard.


Volume 34, Issue 3

St. Bernards Volunteer

March, 2010

Grace Notes Sister Henrietta sends a special thank you to all Auxilians for the big beautiful bouquet of pink tulips—brought to her on behalf of the volunteers by Marilyn and Dana, and for all the cards, visits, and - most of all - for the prayers during her convalescence.

Scholarships New posters-- created by Kelli Merryman-advertising our TEN $2000 scholarships and packets containing scholarship letters, regulations, and the scholarship applications have been taken to the ASU Nursing Department. They have also gone to all pertinent departments at St. Bernards. Email blasts are being sent to remind people about the scholarships. The present nurse recruiter, Tonya Riney, is working hard to get the word out. The deadline for applications is May 26. We will meet the following week to choose scholarship recipients. Applications and regulations are available online through the St. Bernards Development Foundation website under Programs. –Carol Hinck

By-Laws Review Committee The Legislative Review committee has met monthly (or more often) October-February reviewing job descriptions, the constitution, and by-laws. The job descriptions are almost complete. Some housekeeping and proof reading remain. As we got into the review, we started to address ways to make the board more fluid and to include a wider variety of members and ideas from our membership. Before presenting the changes to the board and membership, we are going to request input from board members and past presidents. The process of changing by-laws goes through approval from the hospital’s Legal Dept, the Auxiliary board, and the membership. –Peggy Ross

Kim Pegg, Kevin Hodges, Becky McDaniel

Senior Center The Senior Center has a new gate into the coffee bar area. The gate discourages entrance behind the counter when the bar is unattended and lightens the load on volunteers. Volunteers met February 12, and thanked Kevin Hodges, the Vice President of Senior Services, for the gate. They presented a card to Kim Pegg, who helps with the coffee bar and works with the Auxiliary. They also gave a gift to Becky McDaniel, director of St. Bernards Senior Life Center.

Up and Running The notebook computer and digital projector, whose purchase was authorized at the January General meeting, is now in use. Auxilians beat the incoming winter storm to purchase these items after the January 28 meeting. The speakers trained on the equipment on February 5 before the next winter storm hit that week end; and the projector was used by Barbara Keller and Carol Hinck on February 15th at the Senior Center.۞ It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. ~Charles Dickens No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. ~Hal Borland


Volume 34, Issue 3

St. Bernards Volunteer

March, 2010


Light Up A Life

Forty-five volunteers cashed in on one of the few snow free days between late January and mid February and attended the Auxiliary’s 4th annual Retreat on February 3 at St Bernards’ Auditorium. Ray Keller was the kick-off speaker. Some of his tips: “Attitude is everything. Little things mean a lot. Grow or die. Enjoy what you do. Be motivated by results, not comfort.” 1

The Light Up A Life Committee plans for the 2010 campaign are taking shape. We unanimously decided to continue to support the Auxiliary Rooms with this effort, but hope that this year’s campaign will be bigger and better.

Tiffany Horton, Customer Service Manager for SB, spoke on “Raising the Bar to Service.” She noted the importance of the first impressions we make. Pam Jeter spoke on Esophyx -- an oral incisionless endoscopic procedure that reconstructs the valve at the top of the stomach that helps prevents acid reflux. Dr. Willie Capers, Director of Pharmacy, spoke on Meditech, the use of computer technology to monitor patient meds. 2 Laura Pickens, VP of Marketing, presented St Bernards new web page. Marilyn Hummelstein, Foundation director, ended the morning with a Hospice wrap up. 1

A timely reminder for those of us sitting there on metal folding chairs all morning.


Putting computers in all the patient rooms was a recent move by SB for Meditech purposes, not for patient web surfing.

The campaign will continue with an expanded mailing that will include the Foundation’s mailing list. We ask auxiliary members to add to our list with names of friends and family who may want to honor a loved one with a contribution. The mail-out will be designed and printed at the Foundation to cut costs. In addition, we plan a silent auction. Gifts will be solicited from the community. We ask our members to help with monetary contributions to purchase items or as contacts to business people and vendors who might contribute. The third phase of the campaign will be the annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. There will be a program before the lighting. A cookie and hot chocolate reception will be held afterward. The silent auction items will be displayed and available for bid at this reception. Because Light Up A Life is Auxiliary’s only fund raiser other than the Gift Shop, we urge all members to participate. It is always a time of good natured interaction with members and a great way for our new members to get involved in the organization on another level. –Ann Fergeson

Types of SBMC Auxiliary Memberships What type of member are you? Many of you receive the Auxiliary newsletter who are not active members, but your membership is important and plays a special role in our volunteer organization. MEMBERSHIPS - There are five (5) different classifications of membership in our Auxiliary. 1. Active membership is open to dues paying members ($7.00 per year) contributing a minimum of 50 hours per fiscal year-including meetings. Active members must attend BOTH hospital and auxiliary orientations prior to volunteer work. 2. Patron members help maintain the prestige of the Auxiliary by working on special projects and giving their monetary support by paying annual dues of $6.00. Patron members shall not have the right to vote or hold office. 3. Associate members are those who are unable to perform active work of the Auxiliary. They may attend all functions of the Auxiliary and have equal privileges, except the right to vote or hold office. They may at any time become active members by working hours and paying dues. 4. Life membership is granted to ALL Past Presidents-- in good standing-- for their outstanding service in the Auxiliary and St. Bernards Healthcare. They do not have to pay dues, but if still an active member, they must pay dues of $7.00 per year for required voting privileges. 5. An Honorary Membership requiring no dues can be awarded to individuals deemed appropriate by the Governing Board. **


Volume 34, Issue 3

St. Bernards Volunteer

March, 2010

Upcoming Events District Meeting Plan to attend the Northeast Ark. Auxiliary District meeting on Thursday, April 15, at Blytheville. A carpool will leave at 8:00 from St. Bernards Auditorium. The cost of $12 includes lunch. Get money to Ann Ford or the Foundation by April 1.

Appreciation Tea It’s time to find a recipe for the desserts we spread for hospital employees each year during National Hospital Week. We’ll serve cake on Friday, May 14, between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. We need volunteers to help with the baking. Workers are needed between 9 and 11 in the Dietary Conference Room at the hospital on the 14th to cut and wrap. You’ll find sign up sheets in the gift shop-- if you missed them at the General Meeting. Call Sue Lee if you have questions. ۞

State Convention State convention will be October 6-8 in Little Rock. The theme for Wednesday night will be “Hats Off to Broadway”. We will have seats assigned Thursday for the awards luncheon and for Thursday night’s program. Thursday, the auction will begin at noon. I need help with seating. Do any of you have any experience or would just like to help with this? –Diana Ruesewald

Pineapple Dump Cake 2 sticks margarine 1 large can crushed pineapple 1 box spice cake mix 3/4 c brown sugar 1 c chopped pecans Grease bottom of 13 x 9" pan with a small portion of the margarine. Pour pineapple into pan and even out. Sprinkle brown sugar over pineapple. Add dry cake mix and sprinkle with pecans. Slice margarine and place over top of cake mix and nuts. Bake at 300 degrees for 1 hour and 10 minutes. This is wonderful! It is made with the spice cake mix and tastes like a pecan pie. Amazing! - Nancy

Shrunk Junk Becomes Hep Hats Local crafters have proved that they can produce— against all reason-- cute dainties from the dumpster. Pat Surbaugh’s samples of shrink art hats- made from foam cups- inspired the project. The Weiner art class that has worked with us in the past adopted the idea and produced the table ornaments for the March general meeting. (See President’s column, p. 2) Local Auxilians dug through their sewing baskets and jewelry boxes for pretties to donate to the project and gathered for a spree of further millinery embellishment in mid-March after the hats were painted by the class. Pictures of the tiny hats and our members were doctored, using photoshop techniques, to show how the hats would look if members could model them. These slides were included in a computerized hat show at the March meeting. Materials Styrofoam cups acrylic paint in pastel colors small silk flowers, beads, etc. pastel or sheer ribbons, feathers, etc. hot glue gun Bake cups in the preheated oven (about 250 degrees) for approximately 3 minutes. Don't walk away! It may take a minute before you see any changes to the cups, then the heat may begin to melt and shrink them rapidly. Always be careful. Work in a well-ventilated area. Do not overheat. Stop if there’s a smell, if your eyes water, or if you notice anything odd. Never try to shrink any plastic you can’t identify. The impact of foam on the ecology is a concern of some environmentalists. “Overall, the evidence of health impacts from polystyrene, styrene, and foam food packaging is suspicious though not clearly damning.” ۞

McFarland _____ 5

Volume 34, Issue 3

St. Bernards Volunteer

March, 2010


St Bernards Foundation Auxiliary 400 East Street Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401



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"Volunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless". Quoted from Baptist Health Medical Center Newsletter

The Volunteer, Mar. 2010 V 34, Issue 3  

The March 2010 issue of the St. Bernards Auxiliary Newsletter, "The Volunteer".

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