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Address from the Executive Director The School of Business and Computer Science Limited (SBCS) will celebrate its 25th Anniversary on February 13, 2012. This date marks a significant milestone for our institution, and the staff and faculty who dedicate themselves to advancing the careers and lives of our valued students. Our journey began as many great journeys do - on a small scale but with the promise of untold potential. Our first building was located at #3 Santa Cruz Old Road in San Juan, before we relocated to Champs Fleurs in September 1990 – and this has been the flagship location which has given birth to three other campuses in Port of Spain, San Fernando and Trincity.

Our focus over the years has been to build and maintain a reputation for high quality teaching at the tertiary level. We acknowledge the support of the students who placed their faith and trust in our institution in those early years when we were virtually unknown. I reflect on my time as a lecturer when we opened our doors and I knew each of our students by name (both first and last names). Today, some of these first students have joined the institution, albeit in different capacities, as either lecturers or Managers.

The location at Champs Fleurs allowed our operations to expand and thrive – it provided us with much needed space and our students now had access to a campus that was conveniently located and easily accessible from all the main cities across the island. The flagship campus located at Champs Fleurs today bears little resemblance to the first building that stood at Sagan Drive in 1990. Over the past 22 years we have been expanding, renovating, and perfecting the site to provide the ideal learning eco-system for our students. We are proud nonetheless to acknowledge that it is still a work in progress.

At the turn of the new millennium, three other campuses were opened. In 2003, our Centre for Media Studies was opened on Picton Street in Port of Spain. Three years later, in 2006, our South campus was opened in Cocoyea Village, San Fernando to attend to the needs of the students in the nation’s second largest city. In 2008, the doors to our newest campus were opened at Beaulieu Avenue in Trincity. What a journey the past 25 years has been!


Each of our four campuses was born out of our drive to create optimal learning environments which appeal to learners from diverse backgrounds. While each campus has its own individual identity and purpose, they are united by a common commitment and share the same vision, mission, primary objective and corporate mantra:

The SBCS Vision Our Vision is to be the premier provider of globally recognized and industry-relevant tertiary education and training in the region.

The SBCS Mission Our Mission is to deliver industry-relevant tertiary education and training, using a learner centric approach, with staff, facilities and courseware of the highest quality, in the transformation of our human resource into the region’s most valuable natural resource.

Primary Objective: To transform our students into innovative, ethical and creative lifelong learners, with a drive for excellence, and a passion for challenges, matched only by an overarching desire to enrich our local and global communities.

Corporate Mantra: We remain focused on our corporate mantra, be it in good times and particularly in not so good times: At SBCS, we promise to deliver an excellent service At a profit, if we can; At a loss, if we must; But always excellence!

Over the past 25 years we have steadily increased our range of programmes and courses. SBCS today is an acknowledged leader in the field of private tertiary education in the EnglishSpeaking Caribbean in the following disciplines, inter alia: Accountancy and Finance Business and Management Project Management Purchasing and Logistics Engineering Information Technology Media and Communications Graphic Design Marketing Health and Safety


Our programme portfolio includes undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from some of the UK’s leading Universities as well as globally recognised professional associations, such as:

Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh Business School University of London (London School of Economics, Goldsmiths, Royal Holloway) University of Sunderland University of Leicester University of Greenwich University of Dundee Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Chartered Institute Marketing (CIM) Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supplies (CIPS) Association of Business Executives (ABE) Project Management Institute (PMI) EDEXCEL CISCO Autodesk Microsoft compTIA

The great Greek Philosopher Socrates once observed “An unexamined life is not worth living.” This principle applies to individuals and organisations alike and it has been our North Star over the past 25 years. We have reflected on our successes as a Higher Education Institution in an increasingly competitive sector, but we remain mindful of the areas in which we must improve if we are to continue delivering excellence in education. We take none of our students for granted as we have faith in their untold potential. We aim to produce students who are poised to take on any challenge in any corner of the world. At SBCS we are about preparing our students to lead successful lives in the 21st Century!

We believe when we offer our students an excellent service in an environment that is learnercentric in every detail we play a pivotal role in nation-building. We help enrich the lives of thousands of graduates who in turn will influence thousands more leading to the advancement of communities and the nation evolving into a place which we are all proud of. This lies at the core of our goals as we look beyond 2012. The next 25 years promise to be even more exciting as we focus on continuing to revolutionize tertiary education in Trinidad and Tobago.


A Look Back... 1





5 1. Executive Director Dr. R. Maraj chats with Andrew Inniss, Gregory Francis , Frank Suban and Garvin Craigg. 2. Students at the computer lab at #3 Santa Cruz Old Road. 3. Lecturers receive awards for Excellence ( L-R Mrs. V. Maraj, Garfield Winston, Norma St. Rose, Andrew Inniss, Earl Jack and Dr. Robin Maraj) 4. Executive Director Dr. Robin Maraj 5. Earl Jack receives special congratulations from Executive Director Dr. R. Maraj.


The Evolution of... Central Academic Administration At the Central Academic Administration (CAA) Department we are focused on developing a holistic graduate, preparing our graduates for business and civil society, training academic staff and creating the ideal learning eco-system in keeping with the institution’s Vision and Mission.

Developing a holistic graduate and preparing them for the world of work and civil society SBCS has expanded the curricula for all full-time programmes to provide skills such as leadership, collaboration, critical thinking as well as a sense of social responsibility. These skills are crucial to our students’ ability to advance on a personal and professional basis. While the curricula have been expanded, it has not been at an Mridula A. Seemungal Senior Manager Central Academic Administration

additional cost to the student.

Workshops were also introduced to assist students in preparing for work and developing their careers. These were conceived to promote innovation, dedication to ethical practice and life-long learning. This year we will build on these initiatives to create a complete portfolio of workshops and courses based on essential life skills for students and graduates.

Lecturer Development SBCS constantly strives to ensure that our faculty are exposed to new innovations and can effectively use them to enhance and improve their delivery in the classroom. All lecturers must undergo “Train the Trainer” workshops and in 2011 faculty attended workshops on Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom.


Libraries and Study areas - Creating the ideal learning Eco-system Over the past 25 years we have been expanding and renovating our libraries and study spaces to create the ideal learning eco-system for our students which include designated areas with free Wi-Fi Internet access for collaborative or individual projects.

Equally important, CAA has academic oversight over a wide range of programmes administered by the Centre for Certified Programmes (CCPP), The University of London (UOL) and the Accountancy Training and Education Centre (ATEC).

The Centre for Certified Professional Programmes (CCPP) Throughout its 25 years of operation, SBCS’ quest has been to set the benchmark in the fields of Marketing, Purchasing and Supply, Human Resource Management, Business Information Systems and Business Management and Management Information Systems. The Centre for Certified Professional Programmes (CCPP), formerly known as the Department for Professional Development Programmes spearheads these activities and has developed long-standing relationships with certified recognised professional institutions in the UK such as The Association of Business Executives (ABE), The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) and Edexcel. SBCS 25th Anniversary also coincides with its 25 year-long-relationship with ABE and CIM.

Over the years, our commitment to excellence has materialised in many ABE World Prize Winners. In June 2010, SBCS topped not only the region but the world in achieving the most prizewinners at any one sitting. This accomplishment was commemorated locally by ABE. In 2008, we celebrated Ms. Savita Persad, a Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply World Prize winner at the International Advanced Certificate level for the period 2007/2008. Our students go on to graduate with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from our Partner Universities such as the University of Greenwich, University of Sunderland, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot Watt University, University of London and the University of Leicester.

Accountancy Training and Education Centre (ATEC) When SBCS began offering tertiary-level Business and Computer courses 25 years ago, it was fitting that an accounting qualification took pride of place in its business portfolio of courses. In 1987, our visionary leader, Dr. Robin Maraj, had no hesitation in selecting the professional accounting qualification from the best and most globally-recognized professional accounting body - The Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) programme. In addition we also offered the Accounting Technician Qualification from the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) which was subsequently changed to the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) programme.


ATEC’s primary purpose is to produce graduates who can adapt and evolve in a constantly changing world of Accountancy and Finance. We are proud to have our students achieve the highest ACCA awards for outstanding performance in the CAT and ACCA Professional exams in the Caribbean. SBCS now offers the certificate, intermediate and diploma levels of the Foundations in Accountancy (FIA) programme, at our Champs Fleurs and San Fernando campuses. SBCS has attained Gold Status with ACCA’s Approved Learning Partner Student Tuition (ALP-ST) Accreditation Scheme and is an Approved Licensed Computer-Based Exam Centre.

Centre for University of London (UOL) Programmes The relationship between SBCS and the University of London is one that spans some 15 years, and continues to flourish today. From seven students in 2001, our graduating classes have more than tripled in size, peaking at 125 in 2006, and maintaining an average of 100 graduates annually.

The portfolio of qualifications that we offer encompasses the fields of Management, Computing and Information Systems, Finance and Business Administration. Our suite of programmes has been expanded to include the BSc. Banking and Finance, BSc. Business Administration, BSc. Business Administration with Human Resource Management, BSc. Business Administration with Marketing and BSc. Business Administration with International Business, with academic direction provided by Royal Holloway, University of London.

There are over 3000 SBCS learners across our Champs Fleurs, San Fernando and Trincity Campuses pursuing qualifications administrated by the CCPP, ATEC and UOL Departments. It is always an honour to play an integral role in the career achievements of our students as an administrator. I count myself fortunate every year to witness SBCS’ Graduation ceremony which caps off the achievements of our graduates and marks a new beginning where the possibilities are endless.


University of Sunderland Top-Up Programmes at SBCS The University of Sunderland has been in partnership with the School of Business and Computer Science for over 10 years and is pleased to offer its diverse suite of graduate top-up programmes to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Why choose Sunderland? … International portfolio and experience of working in partnership arrangements … International reach across four continents in Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas informing our curricula and course design … High levels of students satisfaction as denoted from the 2011 National Student Survey … Sunderland Business School named Best Business School in North East England. Guardian University Guide 2012

Having recently received the Accreditation Council for Trinidad and Tobago institutional recognition the University seeks to expand its programmes further in Business and into other spheres later in 2012 such as Graphic Design. We are committed in the longer term to expanding our portfolio in postgraduate studies and exploring opportunities into new fields such as Engineering and Education.

To find out more, please contact: Web: 9

Centre for University of Greenwich Programmes The Centre for University of Greenwich Programmes is located at SBCS’ flagship campus at Champs Fleurs. We also work closely with administrators at our San Fernando and Port of Spain Campuses.

In 1999, SBCS and the University of Greenwich (UOG) entered into an agreement to be partners in Higher Education not knowing how this partnership would forever change the face of tertiary education in Trinidad and Tobago. At the time, SBCS had one campus located at Champs Fleurs. The University of Greenwich Unit was then managed by one Course Administrator and offered one programme from the University’s School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences primarily to Trinidad and Tobago citizens - the BSc. (Hons) Computing Top-Up programme.

Dr. Anna-Maria Khan Senior Programme Manager/Lecturer, Centre for University of Greenwich Programmes

In January 2000, the BSc. (Hons) Computing Programme welcomed its very first student intake of 26 students. In August 2000, I was the Course Administrator with the responsibility for this programme. Popularity for this programme quickly grew due to its high industry-relevance, practical and current course content. Subsequent enrollment increased rapidly.

In 2004, SBCS and the University of Greenwich extended their partnership to include the BSc. (Hons) Occupational Safety, Health and the Environment programme with UOG’s School of Architecture, Design and Construction and the MSc. Information Systems Management programme with UOG’s School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences.


In 2005, the Unit’s programme profile was further extended to include the MSc. Occupational Hygiene and the MSc. Occupational Health and Safety programmes. In 2006, the BA (Hons) Human Resource Management programme with the Business School was added to the programme offerings. In 2007, the BSc. (Hons) Business Information Technology programme was offered. In 2008 the BA (Hons) Media and Communications programme with the School of Humanities & Social Sciences was added. This programme was, and continues to be offered exclusively at our Port of Spain Campus which specializes in Media. In 2009, the BSc. (Hons) Computing and Information Systems programme was introduced.

Today, we can proudly boast of having enrolled well over 1,000 students since the commencement of the partnership in 1999 and we expect the popularity of our programmes to continue to grow. In 2011, we launched two Edexcel Programmes – the BTEC Higher National Diplomas in Computing (General) and Computing and Systems Development at our San Fernando and Champs Fleurs campuses.

Over the years, the partnership has continued to blossom and strengthen so much so that today, in 2012, the Centre for University of Greenwich Programmes now partners with four schools of the University of Greenwich – the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, the Business School, the School of Humanities & Social Sciences and the School of Architecture, Design and Construction. As we continue to expand, there are many more programmes we intend to offer to cater to the ever-changing job market.

Perhaps the most gratifying experience for me has been knowing that we impact positively on students who have accepted the challenge of furthering their careers with us every day. As W.B. Yeats noted “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”


Central Academic Scheduling and Operations The Central Academic Operations and Scheduling (CASO) Unit was created in January 2012, a break-off from the super unit that was Central Academic Administration (CAA). CASO is indeed the new kid on the SBCS block. We were born out of a need to reengineer a department that is geared toward ensuring the efficient scheduling of resources on a daily basis, so as to ensure the effective delivery of our academic and support services to our students. While CAA’s focus continues to be faculty and academic issues, CASO’s primary foci are scheduling, operations, examinations and special projects. CASO works closely with Facilities and Security to ensure that all classrooms, labs and common areas, as well as the overall atmosphere of SBCS encourages learning and teaching. Our work requires us to develop close relationships with Academic, Facilities, Café and Security staff. We coordinate the daily scheduling of classes, Ria Gomes Manager Central Academic Scheduling and Operations

and the administration, security and

training for examinations according to the rules and guidelines of our academic partners. Finally, CASO spearheads and provides support to projects across all campuses. On this momentous occasion CASO joins with our other departments in wishing SBCS a Happy 25th Anniversary!


Corporate Education Centre For over 14 years the Corporate Education Centre (CEC) has been offering industry relevant programmes geared towards enhancing the careers of individuals. Our Vision is to be the premier advanced management education centre, overseeing the delivery at all of our campuses of higher level management and management related academic programmes, in collaboration with world class universities. CEC took form in the mid-1990s, when the foundation for the Department as we know it today was laid by Mrs. Vijaya Maraj and Mrs. Bennel Padmore. During its existence, CEC has continuously introduced quality programmes in partnership with some of the UK’s best universities. In 1995 the Edinburgh Business School, HeriotWatt University’s Masters in Business Administration was first offered. This was followed by the University of Leicester’s MSc. in Customer Service Excellence and the University of

Jenelle Alexander-Ramkissoon Senior Manager Corporate Education Centre

Sunderland’s BA (Hons) Business Studies in 1998. In 2002, the University of Leicester’s MA in Mass Communication programme was launched. A year later, the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University’s Doctorate in Business Administration was offered. Today, CEC is responsible for the administration of a wide range of programmes offered by the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot–Watt University, the University of Sunderland and the University of Leicester. As we venture into the future, I look forward with great anticipation and optimism, trusting all experiences will be rewarding and successful.


Student Services The Student Services Department envisions itself as being a strategic student support system and development unit of SBCS. Our department delivers a range of student-centric and innovative support services, inclusive of, but not limited to, counseling, advisory and coordination of social/physical activities for students to ensure that their tertiary education learning experience is holistic, productive and enjoyable. The end result being the creation of ethical, wellrounded, competent lifelong learners. The department is constantly gratified when a student returns to say “thank you” for the guidance or support provided in their time of need. This also serves as a constant reminder to foster lasting and meaningful communication with our students. The recent launch of the “Get Work Ready” programme for full time students is a project which solidifies the school’s mission to provide training that is Althea Boucaud Senior Administrator Student Services

transferrable to the working environment. Dr. Robin Maraj should be congratulated for his commitment to purpose over the past 25 years as SBCS has positively impacted on the lives of thousands of students. He should also be thanked for imparting in all staff, and by extension each department, the need for innovation as we live in a rapidly changing world. I wish SBCS all continued success.


Centre for Information Technology & Engineering / Corporate Training Centre The Centre for Information Technology and Engineering (CITE) and the Corporate Training Centre (CTC) offer a wide range of industry-specific short courses and professional certifications. Many of these courses provide an ideal supplement to a certificate, diploma or degree and enjoy industry support and recognition. They significantly increase one’s marketability or add value to an organization.

Over the years the portfolio of courses offered by CITE and CTC has been constantly evaluated, updated and re-designed to keep abreast of the latest technology and developments, as well as to satisfy the ever changing needs of organisations today. The number of students graduating from these courses has steadily increased giving testimony to the relevance of the programmes to the market.

For every course offered, the CITE and CTC teams each work as a cohesive unit ensuring that the myriad threads involved in course administration are woven together seamlessly so that students have a rewarding experience and leave satisfied

Rinnette Ramdhanie Senior Manager Centre for Information Technology & Engineering / Corporate Training Centre

that they have received a superior service. This interrelationship is apparent in the high level of respect and appreciation shown by team members to each other. While the solidarity among team members is genuine, it is intended that the effects of this mindset will become evident in the service offered to both our internal and external customers.

CITE and CTC will persist in efforts to contribute to making SBCS the region’s premier training provider of programmes aligned to lifelong learning and employability, business creation, improvement and innovation.


Corporate Services When persons think of SBCS, the focus is naturally on academic operations, the programmes offered, the calibre of lecture staff, the facilities and equipment provided to facilitate quality teaching. Corporate Services has overview over non-academic operations, and is responsible for ensuring that not only is the physical infrastructure in place, but also the personnel and processes to ensure that desired standards are set and maintained in the provision of a conducive learning environment. Over the years, I have developed a greater appreciation for the values which SBCS actively incorporates in its ‘service behind the service’. To




enterprising support teams of the Book Distribution Centre,




and the

Department of Safety and Imran Mohammed Senior Manager Corporate Services

Security; who strive each and every day to deliver that excellent service behind the service, your contributions to the success of our organisation and our students are invaluable. To have grown from humble beginnings over a quarter of a century ago, into a successful four-campus operation is testimony to the drive and vision of our Executive Director and the dedication and commitment of a supportive staff. Every employee in every department should be proud of the valuable contribution they make in ensuring the delivery of an excellent service to our internal and external customers. Congratulations to our Directors, my fellow Managers and co-workers on this special occasion. Happy 25th Anniversary SBCS!


Finance The Finance unit is the “engine room” of our operations. It is within this department all reporting and compliance requirements are fulfilled, financial and otherwise. We collate all the data provided by the other units into a comprehensive plan for SBCS’ operations. Our role can be best summed up in our department’s vision and mission statement: Our Vision: To support the company in its delivery of excellence through the establishment of a sound budgetary framework for the timely and accurate recording and reporting of financial information, thus enabling management to






performance and to make sound decisions in respect to future operations. Our Mission: To be the driving force behind the company’s

Kevin Ruiz Chief Financial Officer Finance

success, by ensuring the availability and growth of the financial resources necessary to achieve excellence in service. The Finance Department protects and grows the company’s financial assets and plays a leading role in ensuring that SBCS maintains sustainable operations.


Quality Assurance Ensuring, maintaining and exceeding quality standards are all continuous and collaborative processes. As such, efficient and effective communication is a key component in enabling excellence in organisational quality. As SBCS expands both physically and in terms of its portfolio of programmes, we are cognizant of the need to maintain the agility and flexibility that has differentiated us for the last twenty-five years, while at the same time maintaining a uniform, consistent and excellent service to our students.

To this end, we intend to strengthen the depth and breadth of interaction and dialogue both internally and externally. As we continue to introduce and deliver industry relevant education and training in an environment that is dynamic, competitive and where traditional models of learning are being challenged, SBCS realises Kumar Bobby Sookram Senior Manager Quality Assurance

the importance of collaboration. Collaboration needs to be all embracing and our strategic planning needs to be informed with input from government, local and international educational institutions, employers, parents, students, faculty, administration as well as the general public. By strengthening bonds through dialogue, identifying common goals and working together we believe that tertiary education can be both competitive and cooperative.


Human Resources The attainment of 25 years as a business entity is an accomplishment. When that business is in the field of education, then such an accomplishment is no ordinary one, as it would have impacted the lives of a cross section of people, whose educational accomplishments are linked to achievements in the national and international spheres.

During the period February 13th, 1987 to February 13th, 2012, SBCS has been privileged to attract and employ a calibre of staff who have always been worthy of ensuring that our Mission and Vision is practiced on a daily basis. From a complement of a handful of people – Dr. Robin Maraj, Earl Jack, Jearlean John, Meagan Geoffreys, Rosemarie Sinanan, Catherine Henry and Elicia Mahew, to our present body of 211 members of staff, we have indeed pursued a path which has sustained and improved many lives and families.

J. Eleanor Logie Manager Human Resources

As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary we will all continue to enrich our global community by transforming our students into life-long learners.

We also firmly adhere to the vision of our Human Resource Department to create and foster a people and goals-centric work and learning environment, that enriches us all, both as professionals and human beings.


Marketing As the organisation continues to expand and evolve, Marketing is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the brand keeps pace. We are keenly focused on developing ‘the SBCS brand into the premium brand for learner–centric, industry-relevant and globally recognised tertiary education and lifelong learning in the region.’

With a quarter century worth of support material on which to draw, we must continue to inform and educate our customers (current and future), in an ethical and professional manner about SBCS’ unique programmes, great learning experience/environment and flexible modes of delivery, all geared toward ensuring global employability and career success for our graduates.

On the occasion of our 25th Anniversary, Marketing joins with the Gerard Sampson Manager (Ag) Marketing


rest of SBCS in celebrating not only the achievements of the past two and a half decades, but the opportunities of the next 25 years and beyond.

Information Technology The IT Department’s primary objective is to ensure that SBCS’ administrative and academic operations are supported by cutting edge Information technologies that allow for optimum levels of organizational performance- in short, facilitating the delivery of an excellent service to our customers, both internal and external. We began with a single UNIX server, running on a 486 PC, over 20 years ago, a far cry from our operations today, which include , multiple high end servers, numerous server rooms/closets; PBAX and IP Phones; distributed file services; V/LAN, WLAN, and WAN; Video Conferencing; and Video Wall installations.

Over the years, there have been several rewarding moments, for me it’s not so much about the technologies, as it’s about their impact on the organization. Two events that stand out are , in 2001, the launch of the SBCS Management Information System (SMIS) module which dramatically improved our processes and boosted productivity; and more recently, the launch

Hayden Hernandez Senior Manager Information Technology

of our latest video conferencing/wall system that has decreased travel expenses and greatly enhanced the work of our academic, student services and marketing units.

The proliferation of new technologies will shortly see tablets, smart phones and other devices fully integrated into our eco system. Additionally, we are also giving active consideration to Access & Control systems with RFID and Smart Chips, Unified Communications systems, Improved Surveillance systems, E-Commerce, Monitoring and Alert systems, and Improved Decision Support Systems.

The success of SBCS is inextricably linked to IT, and we in IT are committed to providing an excellent IT service to all facets of SBCS - Academic and Administrative.


Port of Spain


On May 5, 2003, SBCS Port of Spain (POS) Campus opened its doors for operations to provide the public with an ideally located training centre on the outskirts of Port-of-Spain geared towards companies and individuals in the capital city and its environs. Being the first satellite campus, operations started off on a small scale initially with short courses in the areas of Business and I.T. as well as Corporate Training / Seminars.

The campus, situated at 46-50 Picton Street, Port of Spain, was structured with five computer labs and one training room. One year later, 31 Picton Street was acquired and designed as our Corporate Training Centre with four classrooms.

In 2005, renovations to the main building were undertaken as the Michelle Kong Manager

intention was to expand the number and type of programme offerings. In September, longer programmes were offered, namely: ACCA, CAT, University of London’s BSc. (Hons) Information Systems and Management Access Route, Association of Business Executives: Business Administration Diploma 1, and Edexcel’s BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Media. A specialized Media computer lab was developed and dedicated to the BTEC HND Media students. Additionally, well equipped audio and television studios were constructed to ensure that the media students were able to put theory into practice.

With the first cohort of media students on the verge of completion and the growing demand for media education and training, the POS campus was transformed into the Centre for Media Studies (CMS) in 2006. CMS is a specialized campus which focuses on the delivery of media and media related courses together with Corporate Training in the fields of Business and I.T..Today the campus is now outfitted with eight computer labs and five training rooms along with complete Sound and Television Studios. 22

In January 2010, we commenced offering the Final Year BA (Honours) Media and Communications in collaboration with the University of Greenwich, U.K.. This enabled our students to acquire a BA (Hons) Degree via the Edexcel BTEC HND Media pathway in less than four years. This programme prepares graduates for progression to the MA in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester. With a forward thinking approach, Edexcel upgraded the BTEC HND Media programme in 2011 to the BTEC HND in Creative Media Production to meet to the needs of the market.

As a member of the POS Campus since inception, I was able to observe the progress of students as they started the HND in Media in 2004 and then advanced to the BA (Hons) in Media and Communications. Though the journey was fraught with challenges at times, the end result proved to be one of the most gratifying experiences as I was able to witness the graduation of the first cohort of Media students. What an epic moment! Being a part of the students’ journey from start to completion of a programme is a priceless experience. I am proud to be a part of this organisation and work with a team which makes a difference in the lives of others by helping them to unlock their potential and achieve their goal of advancing their education.

For 2012 and beyond, the POS Campus looks forward to expanding its facilities and programmes to continue to provide an environment conducive to learning and to offering a number of additional cutting-edge, professional development media training courses. We remain committed to ensuring that the learning experience at SBCS is an immersive and memorable one and we look forward to seeing you on campus!

Campus Staff


San Fernando


The San Fernando Campus was opened on February 20, 2006 and we are conveniently located just off the San Fernando By-Pass. Our central location combined with our unique architectural design make our Campus one of the most recognizable landmarks in the City of San Fernando.

We commenced operations on a relatively small scale – with five computer labs that also functioned as classrooms, but within six months a new building was constructed which featured 15 ultramodern classrooms, computer labs, a Library, Study Room, and a spacious cafeteria.

When the Campus was opened we offered programmes such as the Association of Business Executives: Business Management Terry Amirali-Rambharat Manager

(BM) and Business Information Systems (BIS) which had a fulltime registration of 114, Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, Information Systems and Management from the University of London, a Diploma in Computing and Information Systems, CAT, Edexcel BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Human Resource Management, as well as short IT and Management Courses.

Today we have expanded our portfolio of programmes to include ACCA, City & Guilds EEET, and Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment and most recently Computing and Information Systems, both from the University of Greenwich, to name a few.


In the past six years we have seen growth in many of our programmes such as the Business Management and Business Information Systems programmes from the Association of Business Executives, the MBA and even the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Management from the University Of Sunderland. SBCS lives its vision of providing “industry-relevant tertiary education” and we continuously try to respond to the needs of the market. We have therefore added the top-up degree in Computing and Information Systems from the University of Greenwich which is showing tremendous potential.

On January 17, 2012 we expanded our Customer Service area to provide members of the public with a more convenient service area. A new Electronics Laboratory and facilities to allow for high quality videoconferencing of classes have also been added.

In the future we will plan to offer additional programmes that are industryfocused on the unique needs of the Southern community.

I have had many gratifying experiences as a Campus Manager over the years. I am always very proud to see students from this Campus graduate. I was very satisfied when the first MBA intake consistently had classes in excess of 30 students. The launch of the “Life-Skills” programme for students aimed at enhancing their non-academic personal development also allowed me to appreciate SBCS’ continuous commitment to developing the country’s human resource.

Together with our other three campuses, we have always provided and will continue to provide globally-recognized and industry relevant tertiary education. Like our architecture, we are a landmark in the tertiary education landscape not only in San Fernando but Trinidad and Tobago.

Campus Staff




On September 5, 2008 the Trincity Campus was formally opened. In January 2009, the first students who were admitted to the campus were those pursuing their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University. Today the Trincity Campus has grown and we have added a number of programmes including the Association of Business Executives (ABE) programme, the Edexcel BTEC Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design and Construction and the Built Environment (Building Services Engineering), the University of Sunderland’s Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Short Business and IT Professional courses just to name a few.

The Campus, which is deceptively a four story building is located on the corner of Beaulieu Avenue and Trincity Boulevard, Trincity and Alicia Cameron Manager

originally contained 15 classrooms situated underground, Administrative offices on the first floor, labs, library and Corporate Training offices on the second floor and a roof top cafĂŠ and dedicated study rooms on the top floor. All of which were fully outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment.

Since opening our doors to the public, the intake of students has increased steadily per programme and the campus now offers classes across all modes (fulltime, parttime, Saturdays and even Sundays).

The past three years have seen this Campus evolve into a busy hub and has since emerged as the Graphic Design Centre for SBCS, making this the only campus


that offers the HND in Graphic Design programme to be followed by the BA in the same discipline from the University of Sunderland. We have recently commissioned a Mac Lab to be used exclusively by our Graphic Design students.

As the Campus Manager, I have always been eager to embark on initiatives that will deepen relationships within the community as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. The most gratifying moment for me thus far has been our launch of free public education seminars which commenced in 2009. The campus embarked on this initiative as a strategy to bring people of the community together at our Campus to discuss diverse topics that impact the everyday lives of the citizenry. The first seminar “Tech talks - the Internet and your Children” was very well received by those in attendance and there was great interest in future events. Subsequent seminars were entitled “The Economy and You” which came on the heels of the world-wide economic crisis in 2008 and “Unlock Your Child’s Learning Potential and Help Him / Her Reach the Sky” which was targeted towards educators, parents and care givers.

Three successful Open Days were also held at the campus from 2009 - 2011 which highlighted our diverse programmes, modern and comfortable facilities and efficient staff who make SBCS the dynamic institution that it is.

As part of the SBCS family, the Trincity Campus is poised to play its role in providing academic excellence and an immersive learning experience to all our students and we join with the rest of the community in wishing SBCS a Happy 25th Anniversary!

Campus Staff



1 3


The departments 6



1. Book Distribution Centre 2. Centre for Accountancy Training and Education 3. Central Academic Administration 4. Central Academic Scheduling and Operations 5. Cafeteria 6. Library 7. Centre for Certified Professional Programmes 8. Centre for Information Technology & Engineering 9. Corporate Education Centre 10. Human Resources 11. Finance










14 16







12. Call Centre / Customer Service 13. Corporate Training Centre 14. Quality Assurance


15. Centre for University of London Programmes 16. Marketing 17. Managers/ Dr. Robin Maraj & Mrs. Vijaya Maraj 18. Corporate Services - Security / Facilities and Maintenance 19. Information Technology 20. Centre for University of Greenwich Programmes 21. Student Services 22. One of our longest-serving members of staff (1991), Mr. Corville Clarke- Senior Executive Operations Support



Are you looking for a professional qualification which will help you in your career? Do you want a qualification that leads directly to a AD goes here university degree course? If so then the Association of Business Executives (ABE) will help you achieve both. We have now launched our new series of professional business qualifications.


to SBCS on 25 years of excellence from all the staff at ABE! Four subject areas: Business Management • Business Management Pathway • Financial Management Pathway • Management of Information Systems Pathway Human Resource Management

You can study for a: • Level 4 Diploma • Level 5 Higher Diploma • Level 6 Graduate Diploma • Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma (only in Business Management)

Marketing Management Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management

For further information and details contact: t: +1 868 222 5230 e: 33

Getting ahead in Media and Communication Studying a distance learning programme means you can achieve an academic qualification without taking a career break. We’re one of the largest providers of distance learning education in the UK and with over 20 years experience and more than 18,000 distance learning graduates our record speaks for itself. The Department of Media and Communication is one of the UK’s leading centres for research and teaching in communications, media and culture and is internationally recognised for its research excellence. We have a proud tradition of delivering distance learning education and currently have over 400 students studying with us on our distance learning programmes. We offer a range of two year MA courses by distance learning: s Mass Communications s New Media and Society s New Media, Governance and Democracy s Communications Media and Public Relations s Communications, Media & Advertising s PhD by Distancing Learning

Apply now to join our April 2012 intake

Get ahead, get in touch +44 (0)116 252 5275

Distance Learning Department of Media and Communication Postgraduate Programmes

Pillars of SBCS Steve Jobs said we should all “connect the dots...” And that’s what I have been asked to do today - trace my history with SBCS leading up to this point in time - to being the “human fixture of SBCS.” My first ‘job’ with SBCS was … to learn, and, this is me connecting the dots, learning was transforming my life. Many of you here share this first job as well, your initial interaction with SBCS has been as a student and as you progress through your courses you were also laying your dots. I was determined to work in an IT department and so I set goals to do what I loved! I want to tell each of you that if you want a long-standing career, do what you love, not what you like, but what you love. Doing something you love appeals to the two classes of people on planet Earth, employees and employers.

Hayden Hernandez Senior Manager Information Technology

The first thing you owe yourself is to make a career of what you love. When I joined SBCS, nothing but the prospects of working in IT drove me. I think my résumé’s objective may have partially read, “…to join a small organisation and help it to grow with the use of computer related technologies…” The second connection is to do what you love, and you will be aptly rewarded. Last of all find an organisation that stands for mutual goals. In summary: Learn; of your learning; make a career of what you love; and join an organisation that matches or betters your aspirations.


I joined SBCS on February 20, 1995 as the Assistant to the Manager at the Book shop at the Champs Fleurs Campus which was located where the Administration building now stands. In the 17 years that I have been a part of SBCS, I have gained a deeper appreciation to serve and respect others at various levels, regardless of their capacity. This has also helped me in my current position as the Assistant Manager, Corporate Education Centre. During my time at SBCS I have had many memorable experiences. Two of them stand out among all the others. In March 2006, I was part of a team headed by the Executive Director that visited the University of Sunderland in England. Two years later, in August 2008, I visited Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School in Scotland. I wish SBCS all success in the future and that it may continue to see the full realization of its vision.

Bennel Padmore Assistant Manager Corporate Education Centre

I started with SBCS in September of 1997 in the capacity of Library Assistant in Champs Fleurs. This was my first job after an OJT Library programme. During my fourteen years at SBCS, I have had the invaluable experience of working in various departments within the company. I first gained experience with class scheduling as a Course Administrator, in what was back then referred to as “the engine-room,” which is now called Central Academic Scheduling and Operations (CASO), and Customer Service as the Team Leader. I have learnt that excellent Customer Service is a much more powerful tool than many would believe. This tool is essential when dealing with both the external and internal customers and it manifests itself in the success of all organisations. I wish SBCS continued success with its goal to be the premier provider of globally recognized and industryrelevant tertiary education and training in the region. I envision for this organisation, a future which will place SBCS campuses in strategic locations across the Althea Boucaud Senior Administrator Student Services

Caribbean region.

On September 15, 1998 I became part of SBCS. My first job with the organisation back then was that of the Assistant Accountant. Today, I am now the Senior Manager Finance and Administration. During my 13 years with SBCS, I have always maintained a belief in giving of my best. My time working with Dr. Maraj has only helped to inspire my drive for excellence even further. One of my most memorable experiences throughout the years was being part of SBCS’ first graduation ceremony in December 1998 at the Central Bank Auditorium. I sincerely hope that SBCS continues on its path to educate and train students at the highest level and to be the number one tertiary education institute in the region.

Carmela Kong Senior Manager Finance and Administration




Minds in motion The story behind sbcs’ distinctive architecture We are all familiar with the saying ‘the more things change, the more they remain the same’ and the call to ‘think outside the box’. Very few have the courage to dare to do things differently or try a new approach. Few can ever dream to think outside the box, having themselves been taught inside a box. SBCS, through the medium of architecture, has sought to create a mentally and intellectually stimulating learning environment for students. Our buildings are a physical expression of our philosophy and thinking. They represent a clear expression of what we hope to nurture at a fundamental level in the minds of our students; a spirit of creativity and innovation, and more importantly the courage to apply their learning in whatever ways they deem fit, in order to build a better society, regardless of the current norm. In short, to create minds in motion! We believe that the physical space allocated for learning must be one that encourages and inspires students to think outside the box. We can’t expect to create a new generation of inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs unless, at the most visceral level, we are prepared to break with tradition and define our space and future. Each campus was designed to be functional and relevant to the needs of students and staff. From the unique architecture, to the use of vibrant colours, to the continuous upgrade and maintenance; SBCS has created a stimulating and comfortable learning environment for our students. This and coming years promise an expanded library and improved study facilities in Champs Fleurs; the expansion and upgrade of the Centre for Media Studies in Port of Spain; the opening of a new Customer Service area and a remodeling of the Course Administration Department in San Fernando. Our buildings were designed by Architect Roy Mahabir, who has over the years sought to bring to life the unique educational vision of Dr. Robin Maraj; faithfully reproduced with the design of each new campus. Mr. Mahabir created a cohesive yet unique architectural façade for each campus, utilising the construction talents of contractors Helarion Bernard and Sunil Seepersad at the Champs Fleurs Campus and Sunil Seepersad at the Port of Spain, San Fernando and Trincity Campuses. This architectural design draws from the deconstructivist movement which encourages freedom of form rather than strict adherence to conventional design elements. Deconstructivism is characterized by ideas of fragmentation and an interest in manipulating a structure’s surface to distort and dislocate some of the architectural elements. Buildings which adopt a deconstructivist architectural style are characterized by stimulating unpredictability and controlled chaos. What better environment to prepare students for a future that is yet unknown than in a facility that mirrors the enigma which is the future!


Believe you Can City & Guilds is one of the world’s leading Awarding Body in Management and Vocational skills globally. In existence for over 130 years we offer more than 300 qualifications in varying sectors of the economy. Our qualifications are recognized nationally, regionally and internationally and provide a progression route for learners from the Basic Foundation Award level to Level 8 - the highest standards of professional achievement in the QCF. Over the last 20 years alone, more than thirty million learners received a City and Guilds certificate from over 8500 approved training Providers and Employers globally. City and Guilds presence in T&T spans 75 years and we are committed to working with the GORTT, Employers, Post Secondary and Tertiary Level Institutions of Trinidad and Tobago. Visit our website to learn more about our qualifications: UʘÌiÀ˜>̈œ˜>Ê6œV>̈œ˜>Ê+Õ>ˆvˆV>̈œ˜ÃÊQ6+ÃRÊ̅>ÌÊ«ÀœÛˆ`iÃʏi>À˜iÀÃÊ܈̅Ê̅iÊÀˆ}…ÌÊΈÃÊ̅>Ìʓ>ŽiÊ̅i“Ê employable or self employed it also provides pathways to degree UÊi>`iÀň«Ê>˜`Ê>˜>}i“i˜ÌÊ*Àœ}À>““iÃÊ}i>Ài`Ê̜Ü>À`Ãʈ“«ÀœÛˆ˜}ʏi>`iÀň«Ê>˜`ʓ>˜>}i“i˜ÌÊΈÃ]Ê knowledge and performance, productivity across all sectors of the economy – Institute of Leadership and ÊÊ>˜>}i“i˜ÌÊQRÊ>ÌÊ UÊ >̈œ˜>Ê*ÀœvˆVˆi˜VÞÊ/iÃÌÃÊ œÕ˜VˆÊQ */ RÊÊÊ-«iVˆ>ˆÃÌÃÊvœÀÊ>}ÀˆVՏÌÕÀ>Ê>˜`ÊL>Ãi`Ê>˜`ÊÀi>Ìi`ʵÕ>ˆvˆV>̈œ˜ÃÊÃÕV…Ê as: agriculture, animal care, Horticulture, forestry, environment conservation etc.

Sue Carlton City & Guilds Representative

Trinidad and Tobago Local Mobile: +1 868 758 6377 or +1 868 353 8132

On behalf of City & Guilds International and the Caribbean Team, I am delighted to offer warmest of congratulations to the School of Business and Computer Science - Management and staff on reaching this impressive landmark in their history. It is significant that SBCS’s 25th anniversary coincides with Trinidad and Tobago’s 50th Year of Independence, demonstrating SBCS significant contribution to the National Development of Trinidad and Tobago. City and Guilds is proud of our collaborative partnership and pledge our continued support and commitment as we strive to meet the growing needs across the region to ensure that learners are equipped for the job market and for living, and also to support efforts to reposition local economies, increase productivity, stimulate innovation and apply new technologies. Congratulations and Best wishes in all your future endeavors!

City & Guilds Head Office, 1 Giltspur Street, London EC1A 9DD, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 844 543 0000; Fax: +44 (0) 207 294 2400


City and Guilds Caribbean Pine Lodge, 26 Pine Road St Michael, BARBADOS T. 1-246-417-7080



University of London programmes offered by SBCS t"DDFTTQSPHSBNNF #4D#VTJOFTT"ENJOJTUSBUJPO




Or Contact SBCS:


1IPOF Website 41


25 High Achieving Alumni I chose SBCS for my Master’s degree as the school offered a wellstructured internationally-recognized programme. Although at that time I was working in Trinidad, I felt it was important to have a master’s degree which I could take with me anywhere in the world. Classes were offered in the evenings which were very convenient as I worked full time. If I missed a class, it was easy to follow through using the course modules and the lecturers were always willing to meet if students had problems. One of my favourite aspects of the programme was having lecturers who worked in the field and brought real-life examples to class. My Finance lecturer was employed at one of the leading oil companies in the finance department. My Economics lecturer was a Statistician with the government. They were not there to just lecture, they were there to prepare us to become successful business leaders. Two of the best things about being an SBCS student were the study facilities and the support from the lecturers. SBCS provided me with an environment conducive to studying as rooms were made available on weekends. Our Finance lecturer would also come out to give extra classes on holidays to help prepare us for that long three hour exam. Organisations searching for leadership positions will choose a candidate with a MBA over someone with a Bachelor’s degree. If you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors, complete a globally recognized MBA through a recognized institution such as SBCS which has produced successful graduates. I am now the Director of Admissions at the College of Health Sciences in Barry University, Florida. Having my MBA made it very easy for me to step into that role as I had the educational training and previous work experience as the past Marketing Manager at SBCS. I would tell new or prospective students if you want to succeed, study hard and start early. Get to know SBCS’ management team as they can guide you throughout your path. Network with other students as study groups are useful. And most of all, enjoy your time as a student!


In the past Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) practices were thought to be lacking in Trinidad & Tobago. This attitude towards HSE was believed to have contributed to increased numbers of incidents which, at times, resulted in significant loss. Internationally, there has been increased focus on HSE in both developed and developing countries and this has driven me to focus my efforts on providing sound HSE advice locally. This is closely aligned to my goal of developing competency in our human resources. To facilitate this I have pursued internationally recognized degrees (MBA from Edinburgh Business School, HeriotWatt University with a Specialism in Strategic Planning, MSc. in Occupational Safety and Health from the University of Greenwich and a BSc. in Chemistry and Zoology) and play an active role in several international HSE organizations. With over 12 years of experience in the HSE, Security and Quality fields, I am a firm believer in systems. My work experience has been in the Construction and Oil and Gas sectors primarily for multinational companies. As we celebrate SBCS’ 25th Anniversary, I believe this adds merit to the value of perseverance. I also believe that as a society we should seek Jason Maitland Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University – MBA ’09

to embody our National Watchwords of Discipline, Production and Tolerance.

I chose the MSc. in Electrical Power Systems with the University of Bath because the programme is internationally accepted and the University of Bath is consistently in the top ten Universities in the UK for Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I believe I was successful because I was able to balance my work and family life and decrease my extracurricular activities to afford sufficient study time. My experience and post graduate qualifications led to a promotion, gaining acceptance as a Registered Chartered Engineer and most importantly a salary increase which improved my standard of living. My qualifications have aided me in my position as Senior Instructor, Utilities Engineering at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. I hope all prospective students consider the purpose and importance of education and take advantage of educational opportunities.

Tagore Ramlal University of Bath – MSc. Electrical Power Systems ’08

I wish that SBCS continues to foster and improve international alliances with foreign universities so that Trinidad and Tobago nationals can compete in today’s global market. Prior to the MBA programme I was an undergraduate student at SBCS and I experienced first-hand an institution that provides a very high standard of customer service; lecturers who are experts in their field; modern facilities and flexible class hours ... all of which are available at convenient locations. The Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University is world-renowned for its excellent distance learning business programme. It is this combination which turned out to be priceless to my education and career advancement. At present I am the Curriculum Development Director at a UK training institution. Every day I interact with professionals and executives. The MBA has given me a better understanding of their issues and concerns. My favourite aspect of the progamme was the experience the lecturers brought to the subject matter which facilitated our understanding. Also, the programme’s modularised structure meant more control over what studied and when. The best thing about being an SBCS alumnus is knowing that you would be getting your money’s worth. The only barrier between you and successfully achieving your goals is the

Elizabeth Quashie Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University – MBA ’98


degree of your determination and efforts.

I’ve always been interested in gaining a better understanding of electrical and electronic systems but was never able to put that into action until one day I saw an SBCS advertisement for the programme, did some research on the school, received some favourable results, noticed that GATE was offered for the programme and I decided to enroll. I am glad to say I have no regrets. If I say that I succeeded in the programme because I worked hard that would only be half the truth. The facilities at the school were very comfortable, the equipment was up to date, and the flexible classes were also very convenient. Equally important were the staff and lecturers who were all encouraging. All of these contributed to my success. This programme gave me more confidence in myself and has opened avenues for me in electrical/electronics. I wish success to all SBCS students - past, present and those yet to come. My advice to the younger students is to take advantage of the opportunity at hand (carpe diem) because success is not handed to us on a silver platter; we have to labour for it! Richard Assue City and Guilds – Technician’s Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering ’99

I chose to pursue a Master’s Degree in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment as I am passionate about making a positive change, no matter how small, to the safety culture within my working environment. This programme also had the versatility of enabling me to be an asset to any type of work environment. SBCS, being a highly reputable tertiary education provider delivered an internationally accredited degree programme and a learning environment that was ideal in helping me to realise my full potential and achieve academic success. To those who are also pursuing this programme, realise your academic goals by intention, preparation, action and unwavering belief in yourself. I am proud to have been part of the SBCS experience!

Fiona Geoffroy School of Architecture, Design & Construction, University of Greenwich – MSc. Safety, Health and Environment ’11

I enrolled in the BSc. Computing and Information Systems in 2007. I chose this path for two reasons; Firstly, I needed a degree… but not just any degree. The degree had to be one that would give me a competitive edge in the industry and one that had considerable recognition. Secondly, the programme had to be challenging. I chose SBCS because it met all of these requirements. My success was ascribed to a number of supporting factors. One of which was the altruistic dedication of the lecturers who worked assiduously to fan the flames of motivation, hard work and my quest for new knowledge. I would like to offer the following advice to all SBCS students. To attain success you must persevere and work diligently towards the goals you have set for yourself. To SBCS, I would like to congratulate you on a job well done and urge you to continue making a difference in the lives of the students who pass through your doors. Happy 25th Anniversary! Sheena Sylvester School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences, University of Greenwich – BSc. (Hons) Computing ’09


I believe that the key to achieving any goal is through continuous learning. The diverse programmes offered by SBCS provide students with a sound academic foundation enhanced by the dedication of the staff and lecturers. This together with SBCS’ state-ofthe-art facilities equipped me with the tools and encouragement required to overcome many challenges. The SBCS experience was rewarding and added a high level of intellectual value to my life. I can say with much conviction that the benefits derived are invaluable and they have propelled me into a Management position with a dynamic financial institution. Congratulations SBCS for being pioneers in the Tertiary Education industry!

David Metvier University of Sunderland – BA (Hons) Business Management ’99

I chose the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University MBA because of its distinctive modular approach. My academic focus was always to integrate economic theory with business management. This MBA included core courses that were perfectly aligned to my academic and career interests. My favorite aspect of the programme was the structured, modular delivery of the course. The body of knowledge was clearly delineated and there was no ambiguity about what was required to be a successful candidate for the examinations. I currently own a consulting company: Business Insight Limited. The knowledge of business management and critical thinking techniques acquired through this MBA allowed me to introduce my clients to management techniques that are quickly understood and easily adopted. As an SBCS student, there was an inherent freedom to question and challenge the veracity of academic thought. Being exposed to lecturers who were academics in their own right and practitioners in their various fields, presented an invaluable opportunity to learn from their personal “case studies!” Every student must appreciate that certification is not an end in itself but a means to an end. Hayden Blades Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University – MBA ’98

What you do with the knowledge acquired is what counts, not that you have a certificate.

SBCS! 25 years in operation! Wow! I wonder if Dr. Robin Maraj had any idea of the impact SBCS would have had on the tertiary education landscape in Trinidad and Tobago! His intentions were noble and have certainly borne fruit. Congratulations Dr. Maraj and the SBCS team on your 25th anniversary. I am proud to tell the world that through SBCS I now claim the University of Greenwich and the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University as my alma maters. I rejoice in your success because Romans 12:15 says, “Rejoice with people who rejoice…” My sincerest best wishes for the future!

Martha Brown-Gonzales Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University – MBA ’10


I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to study and complete my MA in Mass Communications with the University of Leicester at SBCS. The guidance we received from our local tutor was invaluable throughout the programme. However, I could not have done it without the support of my family, employer, friends and the administrative staff at SBCS. Special mention must be made of Mrs. Bennel Padmore and Dr. Robin Maraj, who gave us support when we needed it. They listened to our concerns and provided solutions. I want to take this opportunity to wish the management and staff of SBCS continued success and congratulations on your 25th Anniversary!

Caira Cudjoe University of Leicester – MA Mass Communications ’07

After completing the BSc. in Management at SBCS, I was familiar with the quality of service offered by the institution, especially as it pertains to the lecturers. What I liked about the programme was the fact that it took a more practical approach to Marketing activities. It provided the professional training needed to be an effective marketer. I would recommend SBCS to anyone who has the desire to pursue tertiary education. The range of programmes offered caters to the needs of a wide variety of professions. I’m currently a lecturer at SBCS and my CIM qualification provided me with the in-depth, practical knowledge of marketing needed for me to be more effective as a Marketing lecturer. The best thing about being a student at SBCS is the support systems available in terms of administrators, lecturers etc. They make the learning process a little easier. New students need to be clear on the reason for being at the school, and focus on the work to be done. It is an opportunity that should not be taken for granted.

Kylash Deonarine Chartered Institute of Marketing – Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing ’06

After doing the HND in Media at SBCS, I started the BA in Media and Communications. These programmes were both challenging and very rewarding. Primarily with the help of God and a supportive team of teachers, administrative staff, family and friends, I was able to persevere and do my best. Presently, I am pursuing my Masters in Mass Communications with SBCS and the programme is well organized and quite informative. As a student of SBCS, I am awakening my greatest potential in my career and personal aspirations. At this milestone, I wish continued success for SBCS and its students.

Leisel Joel School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Greenwich – BA (Hons) Media and Communications ’11


The appeal of the ABE Management programme was its extensive course outline which was incredibly diverse and covered all major aspects of the corporate environment. I was particularly drawn to the flexibility of the programme in terms of its emphasis on certification at each stage and completion and progression to the BBA and MBA programmes. As a long standing student of SBCS I would highly recommend this institution for this course of study based on its well-earned reputation, skills of its tutors, modern facilities and the efficiency of its administrative staff. I am an Account Manager at First Citizens Bank, a position which I obtained due to my participation in the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University MBA programme having easily transitioned from the ABE programme. The knowledge I have gained from these programmes continues to serve me well on a daily basis given the dynamic financial environment in which I operate. The SBCS-student experience is one that is geared toward learning and development as well as to promote dynamic interaction between students of all ages, backgrounds, Kevin Mohammed Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University – MBA ’10

qualifications and professions.

I was a participant in the first BA (Hons.) Human Resource Management programme offered by the University of Greenwich at SBCS. I graduated with First Class Honours, topping both the local cohort and the UK graduating class of 2009. I attribute my success to my faith in God, the love and support of my family, and my drive and desire to succeed. The experience gained and lessons learned at SBCS have been invaluable and played an important part in my choice to pursue post-graduate studies here as I am currently pursuing my MBA. I would like to say congratulations to SBCS on your 25th Anniversary! Thank you for the continued commitment to providing opportunities which positively shape the future of our country’s men and women.

Zeah Desaine-Dafos Business School, University of Greenwich – BA (Hons) Human Resource Management ’10

I graduated from SBCS with a First Class Honours in the Computing Degree from the University of Greenwich. My objectives for doing this programme were fully realised as it allowed me to update and expand my existing IT skill-set to meet growing industry demands. I utilised this experience in starting up the Caribbean Division of a major international software development company based in Toronto, Canada. I worked with a team in software development and implementation projects for major companies in the Caribbean region. I then left Trinidad to pursue the Masters Degree in Computing at the Greenwich Campus in London, UK. I completed the MSc. with Distinction and graduated with the highest overall average. For this, I was awarded the Greenwich Postgraduate Award in Computer Science in 2008. I am currently based in London and working as an IT Consultant on a range of International projects in the Financial Services Sector. I continue to benefit tremendously from the solid degree foundation provided by SBCS. The courses were relevant and delivered by skilled lecturers using top class facilities and equipment. I urge all students to take advantage of the SBCS experience as it prepares one to enter the global stage and stand Bobby Manoo School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences, University of among the best in the world.

Greenwich – BSc. (Hons) Computing ’02


I decided to pursue ACCA qualification as I always had a passion for dealing with numbers and I wanted to advance my career in finance or auditing. Both SBCS and ACCA provided flexible programmes which were compatible with my work schedule. Additionally, my research revealed that SBCS had an excellent cadre of competent lecturers and they lived up to my expectations. The sessions were interactive and the review classes prepared us adequately for the exams. We also had an excellent group of students who shared their knowledge and work experiences. I would certainly recommend SBCS to prospective students. Both my son and daughter have pursued various programmes at SBCS. Several of my colleagues have pursued their MBAs at SBCS. I am impressed with the quality of student services from registration, lecturing, the cafeteria, parking and security. SBCS provides real value for money and pulls out all stops to ensure students have a proper study environment. I have since held the following positions at RBTT/RBC Royal Bank, Assistant General Manager – Bank Operations, Country Operating Officer and was recently appointed as Head – Contact Centre, Caribbean Banking. My qualifications have allowed me to use my collective knowledge and experiences. New students should focus on their goals, be positive and take time to enjoy the SBCS experience, it’s wonderful!

Shayam Ramjagsingh Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ’07

My journey through the School of Business and Computer Science from 2006-2011 was both rewarding and life changing. Determined to raise the standard in Occupational Safety and Health, I sought to acquire the academic instruments provided at the tertiary level. The result was twofold. Firstly, the programme empowered me with the necessary tools to be an effective agent in the management of change. Secondly, the astute and professional guidance offered by lecturers and staff, coupled with self-discipline and commitment, were instrumental in my achieving First Class Honours at the BSc. level. This was the catalyst for my enrolment in the MSc. Occupational Hygiene programme, which I successfully completed in November 2011. I fervently advise present and prospective students to manage your time wisely and to be committed to achieving excellence in this dynamic and competitive global environment.

Leo Knights School of Architecture, Design & Construction, University of Greenwich – BSc. (Hons) Occupational Safety, Health and Environment ’09

I chose to study the University of London’s BSc. in Computing and Information Systems programme at SBCS as it offered a flexible degree programme that I could pursue part-time while I worked. I had also heard a lot of good things about SBCS’ lecturers. I felt that a UoL degree would give me a competitive advantage in local and international job markets and allow me to matriculate in a post graduate degree programme in the UK more easily than a local obtained university degree. The CIS progamme offered the best of both worlds. It was a strong technical programme but it also provided aspects of management which gave a more holistic view of IT and not just a degree heavily oriented with programming, algorithms and mathematics. My lectures were dedicated, helpful and dynamic particularly Mr. Miller, Dr. Maraj, Prof. Posthoff and Mr. Ramnarine. The Administrative staff was extremely helpful and friendly. I wouldn’t have been able to submit my assignments were it not for the assistance of Althea and Rhonda.My BSc. in CIS has given me a solid foundation in IT to allow me to perform my job of an Analyst at TSTT competently. It has also provided me with the skills to tackle and deal with problems independently through research and critical thinking. Subsequent to completing my BSc. in Computing and Information Systems in 2003, I pursued my MSc. In Information Security at Royal Holloway, University of London in 2005. Two years after I returned from England, I decided to offer my services as a part-time lecturer at SBCS - to help them produce the next graduates to take Trinidad and Tobago into the information age.

Christian Rodriguez Goldsmiths, University of London – BSc. Computing and Information Systems ’03


The University of London’s BSc. in Computing and Information Systems stands out as the most challenging of my academic endeavours. As such, being awarded First Class Honours on its completion is undoubtedly one of my proudest accomplishments. The CIS degree provided me with an unrivalled broad base of knowledge in the field of computing which boded well for my prospective career in Information Technology. Recognizing that my journey was far from over, I researched available Master’s degrees. I quickly decided to pursue the University of Greenwich’s MSc. in Information Systems Management, largely due to its reputation for offering highly practical and industry relevant programmes. I was not disappointed. Being acutely aware of the competitive nature of today’s job market, I committed myself to expending the time and effort commensurate to post graduate studies at an institution of UOG’s calibre. Ultimately I graduated with a Distinction, an achievement which was instrumental in my transition from police officer to lecturer in the field of computing and information systems management. One of SBCS’ credos is lifelong learning. I implore all students to make this principle a cornerstone of their personal and professional lives since complacency makes us illAnthony Rosales School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences, University of Greenwich – MSc. (Hons) Information Systems Management ’08

equipped to deal with change.

I pursued the MSc. in Occupational Hygiene as my job at CARIRI entails indoor air quality monitoring and I wanted to further my knowledge and advance my career in this field. I was able to excel in my studies due to the application of my work knowledge to assignments and my final project. To all current students, the secret to success is prayer in combination with doing your best in all assignments and following the study guides provided. Congratulations to SBCS on their 25th Anniversary and to providing a wider range of career paths for students to follow!

Tisha John School of Architecture, Design & Construction, University of Greenwich – MSc. Occupational Hygiene ’11

I chose the Heriot Watt MBA Programme as it is widely recognised as a premier programme in the UK and by extension the Commonwealth. Also, there was good local support because it was a distance learning programme. When I pursued the programme in 1998, SBCS had a strong reputation for excellence which made me feel more comfortable and of course the programme was flexible which allowed me to balance work, family and study obligations. Some of my favourite aspects of the programme were interacting with my course lecturers and engaging with other students. There was a true sense of camaraderie and support. I would advise any student to follow the advice of the SBCS staff and your lecturers. Study hard and always find time for some R&R and doing the things you like to help manage the stress.

Jerome Singh Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University – MBA ’02


Upon completion of my Advanced level studies in 1999 I wanted to pursue a world class degree that combined IT with management in an institution that provided instructor-led classes with individualized attention. I found both at SBCS! SBCS afforded me the option to study an internationally recognized degree without having to endure the costs of moving abroad. I pursued a BSc. in Information Systems & Management from the University of London and graduated with Honors in 2002. The BSc. in Information Systems & Management prepared me for my current position as the HSE Loss Control Analyst at Nexen Inc., Long Lake Operations in Alberta, Canada. I got this job because my training from the course matched perfectly with my job duties. I have gained critical thinking and analytical skills which I use daily in my job. During my studies I realised that I was not only an SBCS student but also a student of the University of London. I used the same study guides as the students in London and wrote the same exams. I was happy that the academic quality, standards and processes of the University of London were matched by SBCS. I was able to consult with UoL professors who visited the Champs Fleurs campus to provide further guidance on my final year project. I would recommend SBCS to anyone determined to pursue globally-recognised degrees and certifications. Even O’ Level graduates can find their career path from the numerous courses at SBCS and progress from CXC to a Master’s degree. The academic possibilities are endless at SBCS! Asha Bridglalsingh London School of Economic and Political Science, University of London – BSc. Information Systems and Management ’02

I needed a reputable programme that facilitated the flexibility of pursuing academic studies while working. After intense research, the University of London proved to be a wellrecognised University with a world-class undergraduate programme. At that time, SBCS had just started to offer the programme and believe me first impressions last. I recalled my first encounter with Mrs. Vindra Maraj-Ogden who was very warm and I felt as if I was meeting with a career counselor. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. After my discussion with her, I made the decision to attend SBCS - a decision I would never regret. As my first semester started, I interacted with administrative and academic staff all of whom were courteous and approachable. This “openness” extended also to Dr. Maraj whom one could have approached with any issue. My SBCS experience as an undergraduate as well as my academic drive motivated me to pursue a postgraduate programme. There was no doubt in my mind that I would stay at SBCS and continue with the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University MBA where I graduated with Distinction. Both my undergraduate and post graduate studies programmes prepared me for my current job as the Senior Derivatives Trader at Citibank.

Sabrina Supersad Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University – MBA ’04

What initially attracted me to SBCS was the diverse business-centred courses offered by The University of London’s BSc. Business Administration with International Business Programme. This programme covered a wide range of topics within the business academia all geared toward cultivating the next generation of industry leaders. My favourite aspect of the programme was Mr. Linus Didier’s unique teaching style. His extensive knowledge of the local, regional, and global economic environments made for some truly entertaining and thought-provoking sessions. I am currently the Business Development Manager at Kronus Geological Services Limited, a local geological consultancy firm. My course of study has allowed me to look at potential business opportunities for our company with a more adept understanding of how the business world truly works. I would tell students: DON’T WASTE TIME! It is a lot easier to read one chapter a week instead of an entire book in less than a month.

Ade Inniss-King Royal Holloway, University of London – BSc. Business Administration with International Business ’11


WHY STUDENTS CHOOSE SBCS FOR THEIR HIGHER EDUCATION FIVE REASONS TO STUDY AT SBCS Students across all four campuses were recently asked via Facebook and Twitter why they chose to study at SBCS. Their responses ranged from the obvious to the surprising. The number one reason given was that they wanted to obtain a globally recognized degree or professional qualification. The second and third most cited reasons were the convenient locations of our four campuses and the flexibility to study part time or full time respectively. The wide-ranging programmes and qualifications offered and the modern comfortable facilities at all our campuses were the other key reasons for students across the country choosing SBCS as their preferred tertiary education provider.


WHAT SETS SBCS APART FROM THE PACK? When students were asked to describe what separates SBCS from other tertiary level institutions, most respondents noted the flexible timetables, study modes and facilities. The second and third reasons put forward were that our staff and lecturers are focused on the student experience and that our Lecturers are evaluated regularly. Our modern classrooms which are outfitted with multi-media projectors; superior administrative support; and computer labs and wireless broadband internet access also made their list of reasons why SBCS remains the number one choice amongst students for higher learning.

*Please note that students were allowed to select more than one reason, consequently, the cumulative percentage exceeds 100%.


BA Hons Media & Communications Top up Programme Working with employers and industry professionals, the University of Greenwich has designed a programme that equips students with the creative, critical and technical skills to enhance their employability. Staff are experts in their fields with a wealth of industry experience, and are dedicated to making sure that graduates have the skills to achieve in the new media market. We'll provide you with a grounding in the fundamental principles of media theory and practice, engaging with the key texts, organisations, and technologies that influence communication and decision making in the modern world. Students will have the opportunity to work with cutting edge technology; specialist resources include cameras and recording equipment, TV studio, video and audio editing suites, desktop publishing and graphics software. activities from filmmaking, photography, magazine production, web design

For more information please contact the Centre for Media Studies - SBCS POS

and the production of a range of online material.


Students are also given the opportunity to engage in a range of practical

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SBCS over the Years





1. Dr. Liz Bacon and other visiting academics from the Universities of Greenwich and Staffordshire with Dr. Robin Maraj (1999). 2. ABE Prize Winner Roshan Mohammed receives his prize from Executive Director Dr. R. Maraj. 3. Students being hosted at Career Event at Champs Fleurs Campus 4. Winners’ row at first SBCS Family Day 2007.





5. Mediation Seminar being conducted by visiting speaker from the University of California at Berkeley (1999). 6. Production team for the 25th Anninversary magazine with Dr. Robin Maraj 7. Former Minister of Science and Technology Minister Hedwidge Bereaux addresses graduates during Graduation Ceremony at Hilton Trinidad (2002).




A cross section of our faculty I started to lecture at SBCS in 1990 when I taught Quantitative Methods (IDPM, ABE, CIMA, ACCA). Over the years I have lectured on a number of programmes including Goldsmiths’ (University of London) Discrete Mathematics; PLC and SCADA systems (University of Sunderland BEng); Short Courses: Programmable Logic Controllers (Certificate and Advanced), Motor Controls, Electricity and Electronics. The students who make up the SBCS classroom today are much more varied than those in past years. Their social and learning backgrounds cover a wide cross-section and include those straight out of high school, those preparing for a career change, or those who simply want to sharpen their skills to fit into the modern work environment. It is a major challenge to adapt traditional teaching methods to this diversity. The modern student is not interested in rote learning anymore and we at SBCS are continuously required to update our methods of delivery of course content, to achieve our goal to encourage critical thinking and creativity at all levels. My first stint into teaching was over thirty years ago when I volunteered to teach adult literacy in Jamaica as part of a government initiative to promote literacy. I was so fascinated with the experience to work that I decided to continue teaching after university, not as a career but to contribute to society by helping train young (and not so young) minds. There were so many memorable experiences over the years, some inspiring, some funny and some not appropriate for print. It is hard to single out any one incident. One I consider very funny was when I taught the ‘Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics’ short course about six years ago. The course was designed to give electricians, technicians and electronics enthusiasts a theoretical background in Electricity and Electronics and to help them understand basic electronic components (transistors, diodes, rectifiers . . .) and circuit theory. After one of the sessions a student came up to me and told me he thought the course was designed to teach him to repair radio and television! I would like to see the use of technology featured more in our delivery. While I do not foresee the traditional face-to-face classroom instruction being completely replaced by technology I believe the use of more web-based video and other technological tools would greatly enhance our efficiency. 59

After completing my doctoral studies in the United Kingdom and working for some years with the British Gas Corporation in the UK, I returned to Trinidad and joined the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute. For close to 20 years I was a part-time lecturer with UWI’s Department of Chemical Engineering where I coordinated the certificate programme with the School of Continuing Studies (now the Open Campus) in Health, Safety and Environment Management. In 2006, I joined the academic staff at SBCS’ Centre for the University of Greenwich Programmes and I am the Programme Leader for the Health and Safety Programmes. I enjoy lecturing at SBCS both for the interaction with the students who make a sacrifice since they are all working full-time yet still understand the value of a sound education which makes them focused and enthusiastic; and for the interaction with the other experienced lecturers. SBCS also shows a great appreciation for their staff and as a result it is a pleasure working with the organization.

Dr. Heather-Ann Okuns

I came to the University of The West Indies as Professor of Computer Science in 1994. In Germany, I did not have any real understanding of the Caribbean, but after a while I saw one of the main problem areas: to bring the local education to the international level with sufficient self-confidence. SBCS under the leadership of Dr. Robin Maraj already started in this direction by using the cooperation with British institutions. I found (and still find) it very useful and necessary that local students have opportunities for flexible part-time and evening studies. And because of the partially missing local staff I saw it as one of my duties to contribute to this development as much as possible. The students have been very committed. I liked the teaching in these classes. And the recognition of these efforts could be seen very fast. If one remembers the state of 1994 and compares it with the existing four branches, then it is nearly incredible that this has been achieved in such a short time.

Prof. Christian Posthoff

For the past 20 years I have been with SBCS in many different capacities – as a student, lecturer and now employee. My journey with SBCS can be traced to November 1992, when I completed my A’ Levels and was eager to further my education. I remember walking on an unpaved driveway to a small “house-like” structure and wondering what lay ahead. While there were many other options, I decided to pursue the ACCA qualification – a decision that turned out to be the most rewarding in terms of career growth and development. I became SBCS’ first ACCA graduate in August 1996. During that time I personally experienced the schools’ corporate mantra: “At a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always excellence!” as at one point I was the lone student in the class for my final semester. I then pursued my MBA with the Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh Business School, and graduated in 2002. My studies have enabled me to obtain industry experience in financial services, energy, distribution and currently education. I have been a lecturer since 1997 in areas of Accounting, Finance and Management. Today I am SBCS’ Chief Financial Officer - a position which I could not have envisioned that eventful day in November 1992.

Kevin Ruiz


As a lecturer and management training consultant with experience at home and abroad, plus with other local and regional training and education providers including the University of the West Indies (UWI), I can unhesitatingly say, having worked at SBCS for almost 15 years, it has truly morphed into a virtual polytechnic being the most comprehensive and holistic provider of higher education and training in the region. SBCS has undoubtedly reached very far in attaining its Vision and Mission statements

Charles Lindsay

My time at SBCS began in 2005, seven months after my return from the US where I had spent 6 years earning my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the field of Film & Broadcast Communications. I’ve been lecturing in media and communications for about ten years now (having begun by teaching undergraduate film and video classes at Ohio University) and have taught courses such as Film Studies, Production and Media Industries. Teaching has always been an enjoyable experience for me even when I encounter difficult students. I find it to be one my greatest joys. Each cohort has in some way helped shape me as a lecturer and I hope I have in some way helped transform their lives in a positive way. My wish for SBCS is that it be a guiding light for the students who walk through its hallways.

Desireee Sampson

I first began lecturing with SBCS in 1995 with the ACCA level 3 Advanced Financial Accounting unit. Today I lecture in Accounting at all levels; ACCA, CAT, AAT and on the Accounting Information Systems with the University of London. I see students who come into our classrooms as partners in making the space we live in a better place through the search for and application of knowledge. I know my inspiration for becoming a lecturer was the divine accident that brought me into contact with the “Father of Accountancy in Trinidad and Tobago”, Mr. Herman Marcano. His passion for education and constant effort to make learning a life-long commitment was infectious. One of my most memorable experiences was when Carl Narine, an MBA student, passed with a grade A and he gifted me a copy of his exam slip. My wish for SBCS is to never lose focus on the tenets upon which the organisation was founded.

Dr. Derek Griffith


I completed the CIPS examination in 1994 and gained the right to use the designation MCIPS. Seven years later, in 2001, when CIPS was first offered by SBCS, I started lecturing at the Certificate Level. Since then, I have lectured at all the levels in almost all of the modules offered. Apart from CIPS, I also lectured in Marketing and Operations in the London B.Sc. programme. Perhaps, what I look forward to most are the seminars, which are geared towards providing participants with knowledge and tools that can be applied immediately to their job and business situations. Over the years, I have had students who, long after leaving my class, call me for advice concerning situations in their respective jobs. This, I have found very rewarding. Organisations are increasingly recognizing the importance of supply management and SBCS has been instrumental in growing the cadre of supply professionals in Trinidad and Tobago and can easily become the regional centre of supply management. This is one of my visions for the school. Congratulations on this 25th anniversary.

Vernon Henry

I started lecturing at SBCS in 1998 after completing the Heriot-Watt MBA programme. Initially, I taught Finance tutorials for the MBA and ABE programmes, but soon started lecturing the Heriot-Watt MBA Strategic Planning course, a subject that I thoroughly enjoy. I have been teaching this course now for over 11 years. The early classes were really small, sometimes just four students! My students come from diverse backgrounds, at different stages in their careers, but all pursuing the dream of furthering their education. I feel honoured to play a role in shaping their minds. Throughout my academic and professional life, I have always enjoyed explaining and simplifying things and this is why I love teaching. Sharing knowledge and developing the potential of others is a very satisfying and fulfilling experience. At this 25th anniversary milestone, I would like to wish SBCS continued success in the future as it moulds the minds of the nation to become extraordinary performers of tomorrow.

David Harnanan

SBCS has nurtured a generation!!! I am also celebrating a milestone as this marks my 20th year of affiliation with SBCS…… Yes, when we all worked and lectured in one two-storey building and everyone “knew your name”! I have lectured in Accounting, Taxation and the affiliated short programmes to full time, evening and Saturday student groups. As you can imagine, I have encountered every student type - from the adult day-care “attendee,” to the diligent plodder, to the mature brilliant mind. At times the sessions were challenging but more often than not, rewarding. I realized that my satisfaction came from not only success in that particular course but that I was a part of building a future professional. My tenure at SBCS has helped me to understand that a student needs more than just subject matter. No matter how well I think I can teach, it is not all I need to do. I must teach the student, not the subject. My sincerest wish is that SBCS continues to be instrumental in making the world worthy of its children!

Brenda Reid


I started lecturing at SBCS in 2002 when I lectured a course on Distributed Information Systems. Since then I have lectured on topics like Computer Security, Audit and Security, and Systems Planning and Management. Today students are very market savvy and are naturally more collaborative. There is also a strong sense of pragmatism. More and more students question the value of what they are being taught. Information overload and the perceived expectations of industry make students both doubtful and discriminating. I was inspired to teach by the lecturers who taught me. I learned the importance of being challenged as well as the value in empowering others. At its best education is freedom. I once had a class on encryption algorithms and the material was mathematical, abstract and intellectually intense. However, the students had the best virtues of their generation. They participated, asked questions, answered questions, gave opinions, argued and even made jokes. At the end of the session there was a tangible feeling of accomplishment, and something initially perceived as hard and probably irrelevant gained and new appreciation for its elegance, beauty and importance. Those transcendent classroom experiences are facilitated by many hidden hands that make up SBCS. They each ensure that the trust the students place in SBCS is respected and honoured. My wish is that each individual in the organisation continues to be inspired to meet challenges both profound and mundane and to grow, share and thrive.

Bobby Sookram

I began lecturing at SBCS in June 1995, when I facilitated the Finance Unit of the Heriot-Watt MBA. I went on to teach Accounting in both the ABE and the ACCA programmes. There is always a joy in my heart whenever I look at the faculty list and I see names such as David Harnanan, Burt Gransaull, Annmarie Dookie, Denise Chatoor etc. who were all past students. As a lecturer, one of my objectives is to “light a fire in the bellies of my students” and what better demonstration of this than to see these students go on to become lecturers in the MBA Programme! My most memorable moment is captured in an email received from a past student Hayley-Anne Ammon, which reads : “…I recall one session that you asked me a question in front of the entire class (of course) and I said “no”, you repeated “no” so I said “yes”, at that point you said “which one is your answer Ammon?” I replied “whichever is correct”!!LOL…” I remember her facial impression like it happened yesterday. I think there is no greater fulfillment than to actively contribute to the development of your country. This excites me and has caused me to declare that I will never retire from being a teacher.

Garvin Craigg

In 2004 I began to lecture at SBCS with the Corporate Strategy and International Business Management modules of the ABE Advanced Diploma programme. I have lectured many programmes throughout the years including CIPS Procurement and Project Management ; Heriot-Watt University (HWU) qualifications such as MSc Construction and Facilities Management (four subjects, Construction Financial Management, Project Management Practices, Project Management Strategic Issues, Value and Risk Management), MBA Project Management, MBA Strategic Management and MSc Human Resources (Developing Effective Leaders and Managers); PMP and PMP Exam Prep; Project Management for Business Professionals; Dissertation Supervisor for HWU MSc Construction and Facilities Management. Over the years I have found SBCS students to be very intelligent, well-educated and they have a thirst for learning. My motivation for becoming a lecturer was to contribute to society by developing people to improve organsational performance, and to compete to fit in industry. A memorable experience for me was a remark made by a few students that they were happier coming to class than staying at home, despite our classes being held late in the evening My wish for SBCS is to continue to educate people to fit in industry.

Ramchand Ramcharan


After spending several years as a practitioner, I felt a need for a change in career. SBCS offered me an opportunity to advance my career in a totally different but satisfying direction. I started lecturing very early in the development of SBCS and I pride myself on my punctuality and the fact that I have never missed a class. I used my professional experience extensively in my lectures. I believe that the continuing focus of SBCS should be to merge ‘the academic’ with the ‘the professional’. This, I believe, will allow us to produce graduates who are more work ready.

Andrew Inniss

I started as a Part-Time Lecturer at SBCS almost ten years ago. I have been a Human Resource Professional/Practitioner, for most of my working life. I am passionate about all facets of the human resource management discipline. I started off as a Lecturer in the Human Resource Management module in the ABE Diploma II Programme. Over the years, I have taught a number of HR related courses at the Advanced Diploma and Degree levels. Notwithstanding the diversity of the students, I am constantly intrigued by the camaraderie and respect that exist among them during class discussions. This diversity enriches the learning experience for both student and lecturer. They are the young, not so young, the experienced and inexperienced. This melting pot, challenges me to develop learning strategies that are geared to maximize the learning experience of all students. I am honoured to be part of the SBCS family. I take this opportunity to wish SBCS all the best on its 25th Anniversary and continued success as it forges ahead towards attainment of its vision to be the premier tertiary education provider in the Caribbean. Francisca Ambrose-Grant

My history with SBSC goes back to 1998 when I lectured on University of London’s (UOL) Principles of Accounting & Financial Management and the Association of Business Executives’ (ABE) Corporate Finance. Today I lecture on a wider range of courses such as the UOL’s Principles of Banking, Investment Management, Accounting Information System, ABE’s Corporate Finance, the University of Sunderland’s Financial Management, Strategic Management Accounting, and ACCA’s Corporate Reporting and Financial Reporting. Over the past 14 years I have observed that students’ enthusiasm level has waned since the implementation of the GATE programme. I was motivated to become a lecturer because the profession allowed me to share knowledge and empower students. I want to wish SBCS a happy 25th Anniversary during this significant milestone. I hope that the institution grows from strength to strength!

Gregory Francis


I started lecturing with SBCS in September 2002 when I taught on London School of Economics and Political Science’s (University of London) Introduction to Business and Management, Organisation Theory, and Human Resource Management and the Association of Business Executives’ (ABE) Organisation Behaviour and Human Resource Management. Over the years I have also lectured on a wide range of units for various programmes offered by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), ACCA, Royal Holloway (University of London), ABE, University of Greenwich and Edexcel to name a few. Our students at SBCS are motivated and not afraid to challenge established theories and their applicability to contemporary organisations. My inspiration for becoming a lecturer was an internal motivation to help others succeed in a part of life’s journey. My most memorable classroom experience was when a student shared how a previously taught topic was applied and worked in the job. I wish that SBCS continues to lead and raise the bar in providing quality education in Trinidad and Tobago.

Linus Didier

My first class at SBCS was an ACCA Financial Accounting session on Saturday May 3, 2003. Soon after I began teaching units for various programmes by ABE, CAT, ACCA and the University of London to name a few. I believe each student is a beautiful, brilliant, and unique with different learning abilities. Most students enter my classroom with a keen and eager willingness to learn! Teaching has been my first passion since the age of five when I conducted a “lessons class” under a tamarind tree in my neighbour’s back yard. Teaching allows me to touch and affect countless others. It is an inspiration to have a profound impact on the lives of students in the present and far into the future. Being a lecturer takes great patience, strength, courage, stamina, compassion, intelligence, humour, generosity etc. It often involves a great deal of self-sacrifice. The most memorable experience was being able to help a struggling student who has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). He lacked self-confidence and was often alienated. Not only has he changed greatly, but he is also a really good student now and has even developed leadership skills! I want to congratulate Dr. Robin Maraj and Mrs. Vijaya Maraj. May you continue to “change minds and create life-long learners!”

Michelle Saran

I started to lecture at SBCS in 2003 on the Business Strategy module (ACCA Level 3). I have since taught on the University of Sunderland’s Contemporary Developments in Business Management and the Strategic Management units. I see the students who come into our classrooms as “seekers”; they seek different things, knowledge, job and career advancement, confidence, recognition by their peers. As lecturers we help create that environment where they find both academic answers and answers to the quality of their character as well. There were several teachers in my family, most notably my mother and throughout my life I have been a learner too. I appreciate the difference a lecturer can make as a source of inspiration to students. My most memorable classroom experience was starting my first course lecture with a single student. I took it as a sign of SBCS commitment to supporting students in their endeavours and less about economics On this special occasion I wish all success to the Management, staff and growing alumni at SBCS. Robin Maraj is a special person who has built a special institution through his vision and commitment to his staff, students, business partners, and the entire Caribbean Community. I think the SBCS franchise is a model for the Caribbean to follow.

Darryl White


I started my sojourn at SBCS in 2001 and during September 2005 I began lecturing in the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University Masters in Business Administration programme in two subject areas: Economics and Quantitative Methods. I continue to lecture to the Economics students pursuing their MBA. During the past seven years I have lectured on a wide range of units and programmes for the London School of Economics and Political Science (University of London), ABE, and Edexcel to name a few. My students are usually from different disciplines and backgrounds with most eager to learn a new skill and working assiduously to secure a good grade in the relevant examinations. At the MBA level the students usually exhibit a passion for knowledge and demonstrate the right attitude to learning.

Peter Pariag

I enjoy lecturing at SBCS. The SBCS family contributes significantly to creating a learning environment and this makes my teaching more like worship rather than work. There are memorable experiences in each class but the greatest reward is when students commend you for excellent work and remark that your subject was the best in the programme. Congratulations to SBCS on its 25th Anniversary! Keep up the excellent work! Continue creating life-long learners with a drive for excellence and a passion for challenge.

I began lecturing at SBCS July 3, 2003. Since then, I have lectured on many units for various programmes including ACCA, ABE, Edexcel, Royal Holloway (University of London) and the University of Greenwich. The majority of our students have a passion to succeed and are eager to learn and achieve. I trace my reason for becoming a lecturer to the day I was taken to school when I was only 12 months old by a teenaged aunt, who was a junior teacher. I think from that first week my heart was made up. Teaching would be my lifelong passion, my dream. One of my most memorable classroom experiences was when I replied to a “Thank You” speech on the last day of a certain class. I told the class how much I appreciated them because they were “therapeutic”. The good; the bad; the lazy; the diligent; the less-than-average and the brilliant. There was a short silence then the whole class gave me a standing ovation. I did not think I had said anything special, but for some reason the class thought so. I had simply spoken from my heart. I would like SBCS to continue on its established road of pursuing and delivering excellence. This encourages me as a lecturer to always “put my best foot forward and go the extra mile” even through difficult situations in my personal life. Zorida Ali-Hassan

It was 2001 when I started lecturing at SBCS and my first attempt at lecturing was for the ABE Diploma 2 where I was selected to do the Management subject. As the years went by, my lecturing experience was directed to the field of Marketing adding ABE Diploma 2 Marketing, Chartered Institute Marketing and currently areas of Marketing within the Masters programmes offered by Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School. The student cross sections that I have had the pleasure to encounter have one major thing in common, which is the desire to learn and a keen interest in self-development. Imparting knowledge to aspiring professionals continues to be a major inspiration in my continuing lecturing endeavours. I wish to take this opportunity to extend best wishes to SBCS on achieving 25 years and to express my continued commitment to contributing to the delivery of the highest quality education experience to all students as part of the SBCS team.

Burt Gransaull


My lecturing career started in 2000 at SBCS. The first course I lectured was an interesting course called International Relations for the University of London (UOL). I have taught a variety of subjects for numerous qualifications such as ABE, ACCA, Royal Holloway and London School of Economics and Political Sciences (University of London), University of Sunderland, University of Greenwich, Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, Edexcel and MSc HRM. At SBCS, the students come with an appetite to learn, participate, and make maximum use of their time. Their results speak for themselves. I have been involved in developing students since 1996 and I have always found a great joy (albeit it is a struggle at times) to watch students progress. I have seen students start at the Diploma 1 level of the ABE programme, and it’s a proud feeling to see them on the graduation stage for the MSc and MBA. SBCS has evolved from the days when there were a few classrooms and students, to having many classrooms at four campuses in Trinidad. This is truly an achievement. I would like to wish SBCS continued growth and many successes in all its undertakings. Allan Ramsaroop

I have been lecturing at SBCS since 2000 when I began to teach Management Accounting and Auditing on a part-time basis. I would say my inspirations for becoming a lecturer were my ACCA classmates during my time of study who would ask for my help. They said I made it easier for them to understand. I would best describe SBCS students as eager to learn and wanting to make a difference. A memorable experience I had in the classroom was when I had just finished my lecture and a student said that she had always disliked accounting; however after coming to my class she was inspired to attempt the ACCA courses and become an accountant. I want to take this opportunity to wish SBCS success in all endeavours and continue what SBCS has been doing for the past 25 years; “making a difference” for they have made a difference in my life.

Imran Hosein

I joined the team of lecturers at SBCS’ Centre for Media Studies on October 25, 2008. I have lectured on Edexcel’s (BTEC) Higher National Diplomas in Media, Creative Media Production and Human Resource Management and the University of Greenwich’s BA (Hons) in Media and Communications. An SBCS media classroom is a diverse and sometimes eclectic place where students from the Caribbean, media practitioners, Japanese anime aficionados, retirees and recent CAPE graduates learn side by side. Media students have little interest in chalk and talk; they now demand a dynamic learning “experience” which blends personalized attention, multi-media, academic rigour and yes, entertainment. Despite what they will tell you, students love to be challenged. I have had the good fortune of being taught by some very tough lecturers – they, and the students I teach, are my inspirations for walking into a classroom. While there have been many noteworthy experiences over the years, two of them stand out. The first was a BA in Media and Communications student telling me that after my class she was motivated to pursue her MA in Mass Communications and the second was Edexcel’s External Verifier telling me that our students’ work was as good as anything he had seen anywhere before. I want to convey sincerest congratulations to SBCS on this important milestone. May the institution continue to provide students with an opportunity to dispel mediocrity.

Abbigail Ajim


I began to lecture at SBCS in 1994 when I taught the Financial Accounting Unit of the AAT programme. During my time at SBCS I have lectured on ABE’s Managerial Accounting and Financial Accounting; CAT’s Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting and Management Accounting; ACCA’s Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, and Management Accounting and Financial Management; and the London School of Economics and Political Science (University of London) Managerial Accounting. I was motivated to become a lecturer to influence the next generation of leaders so as to ensure they did not make some of the mistakes I would have made during my studies. I would describe SBCS students as participative and willing to learn. During my time as a lecturer there were two experiences which stand out for me. One of my students won a World Prize for the ABE Managerial Accounting and the 85% pass rate for my last Managerial Accounting exams. I would like to wish the Executive Director, Management Team and the School, health and strength and continued success for the next 25 years. Wayne Jones

I started teaching Software Engineering for the IMIS programme in 2001 at SBCS. Since then I have taught a variety of computer programming and software development courses for the Computing and Information Systems (CIS) degrees from the University of Greenwich and the University of London. The students that we encounter at SBCS are eager to learn and grow, and they place emphasis on excellence in their coursework and are always aiming for the highest possible achievement. I wish SBCS continued success in realizing its objective of transforming students into lifelong learners with a drive for excellence!

Vincent Ramdhanie

I began to lecture at SBCS on the 14th July 2001, when I taught Data Communication and Networking (IMIS Diploma). Over the years I have taught a range of programmes for a number of our partner universities including the University of Greenwich, The London School of Economics and Political Science (University of London), and the University of Greenwich. Over the years I have found SBCS students to be eager to learn. One of my most memorable experiences was executing a formal lecture for Final Project Supervision whilst the former Course Director Dr. David Brownrigg was present and eventually joined the rest of the class and posed his own set of questions. It came off pretty well and I recall the look in the students’ eyes who knew that they were in capable hands. Devindra Ramnarine was my inspiration for becoming a lecturer. I want to give SBCS the highest commendation on the journey thus far as it has made an invaluable contribution to thousands of learners.

Anjan Lakhan


When I decided to pursue my MBA, I chose SBCS because the programme was internationally accredited and flexible. My job involves regional travel with a vast international scope and I felt that the SBCS’ Administrators went out of their way to help me achieve my academic objectives. I was not only able to practically apply what I learnt on the job, but I was also given the unique opportunity to lecture an MBA course upon graduation which allowed me to combine and share my knowledge and work experience. I would highly recommend this MBA to upcoming professionals.

Elysia Gardner

My first class at SBCS was the Diploma 1 Organisational Behaviour course under the ABE Programme in 2007. Since then, I have taught a variety of subjects for numerous qualifications by ABE; Royal Holloway (University of London); Edexcel; CIM; University of Greenwich (UOG); and the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University to name a few. I have also been the programme leader for UOG’s BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management as well as the Corporate Trainer for programmes in Team Building, Leadership, and Conflict Management among others. I also facilitated training for SBCS Lecturers in “Emotional Intelligence in the classroom” and “Team-Building” for SBCS’ staff. My students are unique beings – a composite of different personalities, backgrounds, experiences, values and multiple intelligences, who each need to be treated with respect, love, individual attention and understanding in order to motivate them to attain not only their academic and professional goals but their holistic personal development. I was influenced by my mother to become an educator. My two most epiphanic moments in the classroom involved the understanding that students learn in different ways – not just via the traditional read-write, audio, and kinesthetic methods, but that the notion of multiple intelligences is an empirical one. Two students stand out in my mind – an undergraduate who was brilliant but could not sit still. He read and understood the course concepts so well that when he asked questions in class, they went directly to the root of the discipline. He completely “got it” as was evidenced in his successful examination results. The second student was in one of my Masters courses and completely intrigued and inspired me. She perfectly understood intricately complex concepts but struggled with the seemingly simple ones.

Carla Williams

I wish SBCS continued success in the molding of minds and the shaping of lives – and the contribution to society of responsible, competent, critical thinkers, decision makers, who are emotionally intelligent and who can take this nation and globe forward.


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1. Jerlean John gives the feature address to the first graduating class of the Heriott-Watt MBA ( 1998). 2. Students being hosted at Career Event at Champs Fleurs Campus 3. Executive Director Dr. R. Maraj and participants at the Business Process Re-engineering Seminar being conducted by the University of California at Berkeley (1999). 4. Pepsi Cola workers with Mr. Ron Pollard at Selling and Sales Force Management Training (2003). 5. Former Minister of Science and Technology Minister Hedwidge Bereaux with the graduating class (2002)




Congratulatory Message from the University of Leicester On behalf of the Department of Media and Communication a the University of Leicester I am delighted to offer the warmest of congratulations to our friends and colleagues at the School of Business and Computer Science on reaching this impressivelandmark in their history. SBCS’s 25th anniversary coincides almost exactly with the date in 2012 that marks a decade of collaboration between our two institutions. During this time we have come to know each other well and have, I believe, worked very effectively together to support a growing number of students based in Trinidad & Tobago on a range of Master’s programmes in media and communication. I am confident that through our partnership the University of Leicester and SBCS will continue to make a significant contribution to the transfer of knowledge and the development of expertise in this increasingly important area of study and employment in Trinidad & Tobago. Best wishes to all at SBCS and good luck in all your future endeavours! Roger Dickinson Director of Distance Learning

Congratulatory Message from the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences The Computing and Mathematical Sciences School at the University of Greenwich is pleased to offer its congratulations to the School of Business and Computer Science Limited (SBCS) on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary of delivering quality tertiary education in Trinidad. We are proud to have been a UK university partner to SBCS for the past 11-12 years and to have seen so many successful students at SBCS graduate from our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. We look forward to developing our relationship further in years to come. All of us here at the University of Greenwich wish SBCS a very happy 25th birthday!

Elisabeth Bacon Dean, School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Congratulatory Message from the School of Architecture, Design and Construction Congratulations to the School of Business and Computer Science on 25 years successful delivery of the highest quality tertiary education. The School of Architecture, Design and Construction of the University of Greenwich is fortunate to have SBCS as a partner and looks forward to many more years of successful collaboration in delivering the very best standards of education to the people of Trinidad and Tobago. It has been a pleasure to be associated with such a dynamic and highly regarded institution and we would wish it and all its staff and students all the very best for the future.

Stuart Allan Head of Department, Project and Construction Management, University of Greenwich


Congratulatory Message from the Business School The University of Greenwich Business School is proud of the long and highly successful collaboration it enjoys with SBCS and wishes to heartily congratulate SBCS on its 25th Anniversary. SBCS is a much valued partner in the delivery of one of the Business School’s most successful undergraduate degrees, BA (Honours) Human Resource Management. Together our institutions have witnessed our students achieve academic excellence in their field and to graduate as professionals who will contribute to their organisations, society and the business global community. Alongside SBCS we embrace an exciting future in the sure knowledge that our strong partnership and talented students guarantee we continue to play a major role in transforming lives.

Bernadette Ryan Principal Lecturer, Programme Leader BA Business Management

Congratulatory Message from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Congratulations to SBCS on their 25th Anniversary. The Department of Communication and Creative Arts at the University of Greenwich is proud of its collaboration with you as the premier providers of state of the art tertiary education in Trinidad and Tobago. SBCS is an esteemed international partner in the delivery of our globally recognized BA in Media and Communication. Our students at SBCS are equipped with the creative passion, technical expertise and critical skills to enable them to build successful careers in the media and creative industries and to contribute to the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Alev Adil Head of the Department of Communication and Creative Arts

Congratulatory Message from the University of Sunderland On behalf of the University of Sunderland I pass on my very best wishes and congratulations to Dr Robin Maraj CEO and Principal and his excellent Team at SBCS to mark this key milestone. The University greatly values its partnership with SBCS over ten years and being part of SBCS’ achievement in bringing a wider range of higher education opportunities for the people of Trinidad and Tobago. We look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship with SBCS in Trinidad in future years to contribute to the continued economic success of the island.

Professor Julie Mennell Deputy Vice Chancellor


Our qualiďŹ cations change lives all over the world Pearson congratulates SBCS College on 25 successful years and supports them as they continue to encourage students to grow and realize their potential through BTEC qualiďŹ cations 74

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