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Zhang He Selected work

Waste element factory

Buiding & landscape


Background & Information Nanning

is located south of the Tropic of Cancer, is humid subtropical monsoon climate, plenty of sunshine, rainfall, frost with little or no snow, a mild climate, a long winter and short summer, the average temperature at 21.6 degrees, the maximum temperature of 40.4 degrees extreme, extreme minimum temperature -2.4 degrees .

Nanning overall urban planned Center City land-use planning map


Dista nt histor y a ncient streets, Nanning renowned sites.

Residential area


N a n n i n g's m a i n w a te r s o u r c e, Yongjiang. Commercial district


There are a lot of shops scattered around. Education&Research


Government policy support

The cross river bridge inthe next few years will be completed

The city's old town ,have numerous residents in neighborhoods.

Trees and River

Background & Information In guangxi province, modification and utilization of waste industrial plants still in the exploratory research stage, due to closure or relocation factors idle plant and failed to get good use, in urban development can not play a significant role.

School don't have enough place for us to practise,even after school, we can't find a place to play sport games.

The factory is a nice place to held business activities,it's so wasteful to let it antiquet there.

I can't believe that even in a capital city, there is no a proper site for us to enjoy the X sport game.

The nearby park far away, and if there is a place to relaxing walks ,it will be wonderful!


of industrial sites in Guangxi on this area have n ot b e e n a b l e to fo r m a g o o d modification and utilization patterns. The project intends to industrial sites through this stage of research, to explore a unique industrial heritage Guangxi road reconstruction.

Diamond Cement Factory is located in Nanning City Liangqing Braun Road 98, located in the Economic Development Zone of Nanning City, Sha Tian, neighbors Yongjiang, surrounded by convenient transportation.

Rank of the most public participation sport Basketball

Analysis of the surrounding formats Commercial

Jogging Abandoned warehouses

Space renovation

Messy opend spacy



Landscape reconstraction Badminton Other

0 Deserted cement bucket

Conferred function

Abandoned lands

Ecological protection







Residetntial area

Design ideas Commercial Plaza Center

retains a lot of the old factory buildings, a few remaining roads within the park paths, and t h e r e i s n o g r e e n. M y d e s i g n changes are mainly re-planning of the road network, to provide a basis for the construction business functions. In addition, tourist and business needs to provide support. There is open space, semi-enclosed and space, and provides a wealth of excursions feeling. Also increase the green plants, enjoy the cool shade for visitors.


Analysis of sunshine throughout the year

Superimposed annual sunshine



Soften element

Leisure Plaza Plaza in front of the factory function for recreation and entertainment, is also the main gathering place for local passenger shuttle. I was inspired by the human path analysis for the purpose of providing visitors comfortable through the path. In addition, in order to square up and down Unicom, I transformed the middle of the slope, an increase of two by the path, as well as viewing platform overlooking the leisure plaza.

Original state

Flow of people analysis

Messy hillside

Mainly green & recreational areas Smooth slopes and increasing platform

The element of water Increase the stairs, through the upper and lower plaza

Design ideas Sole format Based on its original spatial character istics, according to the needs of the tall space is divided into a number of highly desirable space, so that the overall large space rich layering. T he first step is to transfor m the extra maintenance parts and building separation, exposing the inside of the bearing system, highlighting the beauty of simple and power ful industries; then shopping, dining, entertainment, culture, health and other modern service functions in implantation plant; Finally, according to reconstruction of the various functional features of plant outside, when necessary, can demolish the old structure replaced with a modern new structure, and the use of corridors, stairways to plants and factories, plants and organic unity of the external environment.


Commercial Catering Hotels Office Exihibition Retail Liberary Sightseeing

proposed funtions

Old factory building facade remodeling of exploration, creating both to keep memories of the city, the continuation of urban civilization, but also to show the vitality of the city once again, the zeitgeist of public art spaces space.


Major zoning

Flow of people analysis

Gathering area

Traffic analysis

Night Lights

Greening analysis

5 9 4

7 8








1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Hydrophilic square Sport venues Football field Corridor Meditation space Car park Leisure area Extreme sports Basketball court

Camellia sasanqua

Koelreuteria paniculata

Rosa chinensis Jacquem

Michelia figo

Lonicera Japonica


Rosa multiflora


Camellia japomica

Caesalpinia decapetala

kampung gajah amusement park commercial space landscape design and planning Site

Bandung,Indonesia Style Personal,Work Role Kristmanto

This project is done in my exchange student in Indonesia when graduation design. This project is to transform the amusement park design landscape design. I was responsible for par t of the commercial por tion of the amusement park.

Back ground&Information Aerial view of the terrain

Store views Indonesia

Recreational facilities

Park entrance Bandung

The Peak scenery The Site

Bandung ,

the capital of West Java province, located about 180 kilometres southeast of Jakarta, is the third largest city in Indonesia. Its elevation is 768 metres above sea level and is surrounded by up to 2,400 m highLate Tertiary and Quaternary volcanic terrain.The 400 km2 flat of central Bandung plain is situated in the middle of 2,340.88 km wide of the Bandung Basin; the basin comprises Bandung, the Cimahi city, part of Bandung Regency, part of West Bandung Regency, and part of Sumedang Regency. The basin's main river is theCitarum; one of its branches, the Cikapundung, divides Bandung from north to south before it merges with Citarum again in Dayeuhkolot. The Bandung Basin is an important source of water for drinking water, irrigation and fisheries, and its 6,147 million m続 of groundwater is a major reservoir for the city.

Park mascot

kampung gajah amusement park

Current Condition


No gathering center,flow of people dispersion.

Architecture area


Commercial shops utilization is not high.

Existing Problems


No gathering center,and flow of people dispersion.


Commercial district planning messy, decentralized.


Guide system is not clear, so that visitors easily get lost.


Positioning theme lack of clarity.




Commercial entrance insufficient accessibility.

In the hot summer months, there is not enough shade facilities.

of Bandung has tropical humid monsoon climate. Due to its elevation, climate in Bandung is cooler than most Indonesian cities and can be classified ashumid; the average temperature is 23.6 °C (74.5 °F) throughout the year.The average annual rainfall ranges from 1,000 millimeters in the central and southeast regions to 3,500 millimeters in the north of the city.The wet season conforms with other Indonesian regions, around November to April.

Design Strategy The philosophy and goals of landscape planning The Kampung Gaja theme amusement park is located in the outskirts of the northwestern city of Bandung, weekend leisure places people like to go to Bandung. The project's target customer is a pelagic population of the city of Bandung and Jakarta, and the family as the unit to play, their economic status and cultural level is relatively high, high cultural taste and style of amusement park requirements . People trying to escape from the bustling city life for the pursuit of natural, Kampung Gaja theme amusement park commercial space landscape design to create a recreational landscape.

Design refine

Quick accessibility

Split round geometric elements Original layout

Planning Idea (1) Landscape openness and hydrophilic (2) the landscape can swim, can appreciate and be participatory (3) landscape ecology and human-centered design

Goal creating the suburbs node image, improve quality theme park, perfect commercial functions and provides visitors with a leisure, travel tours, viewing and exchange places.

Children Female Male Older


The philosophy and goals of landscape planning The Kampung Gaja theme amusement park is located in the outskirts of the northwestern city of Bandung, weekend leisure places people like to go to Bandung. The project's target customer is a pelagic population of the city of Bandung and Jakarta, and the family as the unit to play, their economic status and cultural level is relatively high, high cultural taste and style of amusement park requirements . People trying to escape from the bustling city life for the pursuit of natural, Kampung Gaja theme amusement park commercial space landscape design to create a recreational landscape.

Planning Idea (1) Landscape openness and hydrophilic (2) the landscape can swim, can appreciate and be participatory (3) landscape ecology and human-centered design

Adopt the concept of green design, commercial building at the top covered with vegetation. Not only protect the top of the building, to extend the life of roofing materials, but also to create a threedimensional green landscape.

Goal creating the suburbs node image, improve quality theme park, perfect commercial functions and provides visitors with a leisure, travel tours, viewing and exchange places.

Bandung is located in the tropics, light for a long time, when tourists visit if given the exposure might seem irritable mood. Therefore, in addition to commercial planting of tropical trees as shade, but also uses the international popular and environmentally friendly design of tensioned membrane. Tensioned membrane can create huge unobstructed visual space.

Children Female Male Older

Recreational design principles

In addition, creative roof of a building in which rice cultivation. Rice is the tropical characteristics of crops, easy to grow, and wide distribution. Planting rice on the roof and in the above guide visitors, allowing visitors closer to nature.

Leisure is one of the important features of the modern urban green space design is an important part of the life sexual landscape design, and embodies an important symbol of the modern landscape design principles of humanism. People's fast-paced life in order to bring feelings of joy, laid-back, elegant design, carefully set Yuen Road, rest pavilion, Taiwan, to achieve linear smooth roads, winding streets, the venue for King effect.

In th the put of p wat but sho The will Effe orna peb the wat the stre The And

Building renovation: Ecological design principle Design

form the basis of the place of the natural process, based on a place in the sun, terrain, water, wind, soil, vegetation and energy considerations. According to the the "4R principles of" Reduce (reduction), Reuse, reuse, Recycle (regeneration), Recovery (energy recovery), as much as possible to reduce the use of energy, land, water, biological resources, improve efficiency; possible use of waste land, the original material, including vegetation, soil, masonry, etc. services at the new features, significant savings in the consumption of resources and energy; waste into resources as much as possible, to replace the original natural materials; possible to avoid the waste-to pollutants.

Transformed into a commercial plaza sightseeing and shopping combined.


to the amusement park is located in the mountains, architectural forms based on elevated terrain built. Paved ground and facade pavement, mostly as a decorative stone. The hot crop plants selected local characteristics, allocation and utilization of tree, shrub and grass combination of the three multi-level plant community construction, limited green space within reach a maximum amount of green largest ecological benefits. For selective planting grass or rice on the roof at the same time, not only for building cooling, while creating more green areas.




New main square (gather popularity) while integrating the business district resources to increase the viewing platform.


Original form

Space partitioning

Space Split Level

Plus pavement&Space transformation

Beihai,Mangrove Nature Reserve,GuangXi

Back ground&Information

The mangrove ecosystem is one of the most outstanding tropical ecosystems for the direct and indirect benefits it produces and for its intrinsic scientific interest.

Beihai, Guangxi is located in the south east coast of the northern Gulf, located at longitude 108 ° 50'45 "~ 109 ° 47'28", latitude 20 ° 54 '~ 21° 55'34 ", between the city's north-south span 114km, west span 93km. area 3337k square meters, six general household population of 1,668,400. Beihai territory Chin Northern Railway, 209,325 national Highway passing highway direct access to Nanning, Zhanjiang and other places, the North Sea and Guilin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other major cities connected together to build a highway in southwest China and convenient access to the sea. Beihai open long history, profound culture, is the ancient "Marine Silk Road" an important port of origin, is a national historical and cultural city. Beihai prominent location advantages, is located in South China economic Circle, southwest economic Circle and the ASEAN economic circle with the Department, in the Pan-Beibu Gulf economic cooperation zone junction central location in western China is the only coastal city, is the only western China also has a deep-water port, all-weather airport, railway and highways in the city.

Recently the study revealed it contributes to reduction of CO² emission if properly managed. Mangrove known as "Coast Guard," said, through the "wave dissipation, slow flow, siltation, soil" function in the formation of a dense coastal natural barriers, to achieve its good anti-wave berm effect. Surveys show that a simple artificial seawall protection is far worse than the seawall - mangrove complex systems. According to estimates, China's mangrove berm breakwater annual benefits up to 10 billion yuan.

Current Condition Constrains Water Quality Aq u a cu ltu re a n d d o m es tic was tewa ter pollution.

Existing Villiages Impact from human habitation.

Mangrove areas

Lack of infrastructure Upfront investment for site improvement.


Current Condition The main destory way of Human activities Crested 30% of the area of mangroves in the region have been kept sand mining has damaged the roots of mangrove plants, the plants of the insufficient supply of nutrients, growth has stagnated, appear dwarfed and sparse, so a piece of death.

Excavation Avicennia marina cattle eating young plants and seedlings branches and leaves, causing community productivity decline, stunted, and eventually dwarf community. In the same time, the role of natural and anthropogenic factors, some plants and finally death, causing community sparse.

Beihai area and distribution of existing mangroves Compartment No.

Compartment Name

Forest Coast



The average width of Forest

The maximum width of the forest


Ferry Terminal







Worm Laos







Old Town Ridge







Xia Village







Daguansha A







Daguansha B











Grazing The main objective is the development of agricultural reclamation and development of the salt industry, Beihai mangrove wetlands irreversible decrease was primarily due to reclamation which main objective is the development of agriculture and salt industry.

Daguansha shore - fixed sample Avicennia marina community due to the small excavations (plot area 50m Ă— 100m) in the nine years of degradation Time

Average density

Average height

Average crown area


Associated species

Occasionally kind






K.candel Corniculatum

Gymnorrhiza Rhizophora













Disappear 1 kind

Disappear 2 kinds


Socio-economic background

Behavior of coastal communities

1 Bei Hai on the east coast of mangroves more beaches, woods area reduction rate of speed. 2 The main beach on the first producers eventually disappear overall wetland biodiversity in the system greatly simplifies. 3 shrimp organic pollution coastal mangrove wetlands are not effective purification, aquaculture lost ecological insurance. 4 large mining rather than development, the final total social profit is likely to be negative!

Ease of depth of cattle grazing and trampling of mangrove seedlings in the forest.

M o re s eve re d w a r f i n g sparse woods, seedling growth difficulties, natural regeneration blocked.

Intertidal zone In middle of the intertidal zone

Flourish mangrove

Low ebb band

wave of the mariculture after 1997

East Coast to make large-scale co nstr u ctio n of sho re g rass s h r i m p d e c r e a s e, i n c r e a s e coastal mangrove forest as the inevitability of rangeland.

D w a r f s p a r s e w o o d s, lush mangrove forest destruction for livestock to open the channel.

Semi mangroves

1992 Bei Hai development boom begins

The surge in consumer excavation Sipunculus nuduse xacerbated forest and gathering fruit A.marina activities.

Climax band


Coastal shrub

Extensive agriculture

Mangrove wetlands reclamation, coastal waters force cha nge, some residual tidal mangrove forest land dune activity is frequent and intensified desertification.

Forest land

50-60 years politicized land reclamation movement.

Natural processes

Pioneer species Empty beach Zone

Seagrass Zone

Mangrove shallows Seawall construction is one of the important reasons for the disappearance of mangroves from the coast of Beihai.

The highest tide The higher tide The medium tide The lower tide The lowest tide

Cultural inspirations Traditions

Beihai Old Street

The Silk Road

Beihai Old Street

Through the soul of wetland,Transforming the


Create a new icon of Wetland Park

Wetland ecosystem restoration and building demon Natural landscapes and artificial organic integration Science research bases Windows for Ecological tourism

South Pearl

Danjia customs

Natural Beihai is a resting point on the route of migratory birds, restore mangrove ecosystems can attract more birds here to stay.

Elegant beach resources China's famous Silver Beach

Existing Habitat home to nesting white heron

Weizhou Island

Egretta garzetta

Penaeus penicillatus


Mangrove seeds


calling crab

ostrea gigas thunberg


Lateolabrax japonicus

Sipunculus nudus

Wetlands core protected area Ecological display area Ecological tour area Ecological restoration areas

Wetlands core protected area Typical aspects of ecosystem integrity and biodiversity-rich wetland areas and the need for ecological restoration and Species cultivated wetland areas and bird breeding grounds and habitats. Wetlands core protected areas are only allowed to carry out the principles of wetland research, protection and observe the work, set some small facilities to provide biological habitat and migration channels. All artificial facilities should be to ensure the integrity and minimal disturbance of the original ecosystem as a precondition. Wetlands are not core protected areas for tourism development, visitors can only carry a limited tour routes and scientific observation. In birds, habitat and breeding period, exclusion zones should be established and temporary exclusion zones.

Reclaimed farmland


EDUCATION 09.2009-06.2013

Guang Xi Art Institute


Bachelor Of Arts


Maranatha Christian University

Bandung,Indonesia Language: English Full Professional Proficiency Mandarin Native proficiency Cantonese Native proficiency

Exchange Student

AWARD Jun.2013 May.2013 Jun.2013 Dec.2012 Jun.2012 Nov.2012 May.2012 May.2012 Nov.2011 May.2011 Aug.2011 Dec.2010

National Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Outstanding Youth Volunteers Second prize scholarship Excellent graduates Gold Medals-Student Public Building Program Group Excellent Student Scholarship Advanced Individual of Social Work Third prize scholarship Merit student Outstanding League Cadres Advanced Class 3nd prize in Art and Design Competition

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Soft Ware: Auto CAD,Lumion,SketchUP,3D MAX,Revit,Dreamweavor,Ecotect,Vray,Photoshop,Illustrator,Ind esign,Coral Draw

Space Art Design Association President of the Association College of Design Student Union Director of Art Department 09 landscape classes Monitor Guangxi Arts Institute Mei Li Shi awards ceremony Responsible person The 22nd school athletic meets Athlete Leader

PROJECT Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden Landscape Design Nanning Horticulture Expo Center Exhibition Hall Interior Design Qinzhou Port Petrochemical Industrial Park Landscape Planning Tiandong County Green Space Planning Guangxi Arts Institute Xiang si hu Campus Landscape Design

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