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Annual Report Sport Across Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent

WORKING IN PARtnERSHIP A rewarding year of maximising opportunities

2011 - 2012




Sport Across Staffordshire & Stokeon-Trent County Sports Partnership would like to thank partners for their contributions to this Annual Report. Thank you for taking time out to read this annual report. Your comments or any feedback on the content, layout and format are welcome.



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Partners The Team

Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent County Sports Partnership “Working together to champion participation, enjoyment and success through sport, physical education and active recreation throughout Staffordshire.”

Foreword It gives me great pleasure to be able to write the foreword to Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent’s 2011/12 Annual Report. The Partnership continues to develop and has established an excellent reputation for delivery and supporting Partners in the development of participation in sport, physical education and physical activity. I am proud to Chair an excellent and active Board which has representation from across the sport, physical education and health sectors. Board Members bring a vast amount of experience and expertise that helps provide the strategic leadership to enable the Partnership to deliver. Thank you to all Board Members for your continued support. The number of Partners working with Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-onTrent continues to grow and we are delighted that we now have service level agreements with 30 national governing bodies of sport. As a Board we have enthusiastically embraced the opportunities presented through our core service agreement with Sport England and the Places People Play legacy programme.

Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partners Cannock Chase District Council East Staffordshire Borough Council Lichfield District Council Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council South Staffordshire Council Stafford Borough Council Staffordshire Moorlands District Council Stoke-on-Trent City Council Tamworth Borough Council Staffordshire County Council Sport England Staffordshire University Keele University National Governing Bodies of Sport Staffordshire Public Health Clubs School Sport Partnerships

These programmes have had a real impact on improving the opportunities for people to participate in sport and with the support of the Partnership, many local voluntary sports clubs have benefitted from involvement in projects and access to funding to help improve the important facilities they provide for participation. The Partnership has also continued to benefit from the support of all local authorities across the sub-region, Staffordshire and Keele Universities and Primary Care Trusts. This support has allowed the Partnership to deliver a wide range of services that support our shared goal to increase and sustain participation in sport, PE and physical activity and support those with talent to reach their full potential. Thank you to all Partners for your continued support. We are also delighted to be supporting the Local Organising Committee for the Level 3 School Games Festival and the new team of School Games Organisers who are working hard to provide opportunities for our young people to experience the excitement of competitive sport. The Board are delighted that the Partnership has retained a dedicated and knowledgeable team of staff. We acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of the team in supporting Partners and delivering on the targets set out in our Delivery Plan. On behalf of the Board and Partners I would like to record our thanks to the Team. Volunteers, of course, are the lifeblood of so many sporting opportunities across the county and I would like to record my special thanks for the time and dedication they put into ensuring we have such a vibrant sporting culture across our area. With London 2012 fast approaching I and my Board colleagues look forward to working with Partners to implement the many opportunities we have before us as we strive to achieve our vision of “increasingly active, healthy and successful communities”.

Voluntary Sector Youth Sport Trust sportscoach UK SkillsActive

Laurence O’Neill

Chair, Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | 01

Sport England Anne Rippon Strategic Lead Local Relationships - Central Sport England t e

02072 731 769

2011/12 has seen the strong relationship between Sport England and Sport Across Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent continue to develop. SASSOT has continued to perform strongly to deliver the requirements of Sport England’s core service specification for County Sports Partnerships. Our core funding for CSPs focuses on providing support to national governing bodies of sport (NGBs) to assist them in the delivery of their whole sport plans. It is pleasing that SASSOT has core service agreements in place with 30 NGBs and is actively engaged in ensuring that the opportunities for working with local partners are maximised. Sport England’s ‘Places People Play’ legacy plan is key to bringing the inspiration and magic of a home Olympic Games and Paralympic Games into the heart of local communities. We are pleased with the delivery of the Sportivate programme by partners across Staffordshire as the results show that the Year One ‘retain’ target (1,173) has been exceeded by 562 giving a total of 1,735 which is excellent. Congratulations to everyone involved. The ‘Sport Makers’ programme is also progressing well with 420 Sport Makers being recruited to-date. Congratulations must go to the SASSOT team for all their hard work over the year. Sport England’s new Strategy 2012-17 was launched in January and it will provide the strategic direction for the development of youth and community sport to 2017. The strategy presents us with many new opportunities to build our legacy from the London 2012 Games and Sport England looks forward to working with the Partnership to deliver our goals.

02 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Introduction and Highlights Mark Thornewill Director t e

01785 619 896

2011/12 has been a successful year of delivery for the Partnership. It is impossible to mention all of the achievements in this introduction but I hope you enjoy reading this annual report which details the highlights of a rewarding year. It is fantastic to see the range of work that Partners are involved with and the impact that hard work has on providing opportunities for participation in sport, PE and physical activity. Congratulations and thank you to all Partners for the excellent work. New opportunities are emerging all the time and it is great to see that some of the new programmes, such as Sportivate, Sport Makers and the School Games, are all beginning to have a real impact and start to build a legacy from London 2012. The new Sport England Youth and Community Sport Strategy, which was launched earlier this year, will present new opportunities and we must ensure that Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent maximises them. I am privileged to be part of a great Partnership and I would like to thank the SASSOT Board, Team, Colleagues and all Partners for their hard work and achievements over the past 12 months. I look forward to working with you in 2012/13. | 03

County Sports Partnership This section outlines the 2011/2012 Delivery Plan achievements and work areas by the core team. The core functions are to develop and maintain strategic alliances and local networks, deliver services and programmes to ‘grow’, ‘sustain’ and ‘excel’ in sport and physical activity and to increase investment in sport, PE and physical activity by providing the intelligence to enable partners to make evidence-based decisions.

National Governing Body Support Jane Kracke Sports Manager t e

01785 619 187

County Sports Partnerships are contracted by Sport England to deliver a range of nationally-agreed Core Services, and the majority of these are aimed at supporting National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to meet their 2009-13 Whole Sport Plan targets. We have been working closely with individual NGBs to identify exactly what support they require from us to help them address local priorities for their sport.


“SASSOT prides itself on working closely with NGBs to provide appropriate, needs-led support, and we look forward to further developing relationships with our NGB partners over the coming year.”

Core Services Agreements in place with 30 NGBs and agreements drafted / discussions taking place with a further four sports

Individual or Regional meetings held with 25 NGBs to discuss local priorities and support from SASSOT Hosting provided for 13 NGB Officers within the SASSOT office, providing access to a range of office services to enable the Officers to operate effectively

Funding secured from England Athletics and Sport England to continue the employment of the South Staffordshire Athletics Network Co-ordinator

Revise and update the Core Services Agreements currently in place to take into account Sport England’s revised priorities and any changes in individual NGB priorities

04 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Ensuring there is a clear route for NGBs to engage in the School Games Level Three Festival (to be held July 2012), and supporting those NGBs selected to run competitive competitions, ensuring appropriate planning takes place

Looking ahead to 2012-13

Provision of a range of communication services to ensure effective engagement between NGBs and other key partners, including quarterly NGB Forums, a monthly NGB Newsletter for School Sport Partnerships and NGB representation on various other forums / groups

Engagement with NGBs to ensure they maximise the impact of the Sportivate programme within their sport. Two NGBs received Year One Sportivate funding directly, to add value to their Whole Sport Plan interventions, and we have worked with three more NGBs to help them secure Year Two funding. Additionally, a variety of individual sports clubs have accessed funding.

Work with additional NGBs to develop effective, needs-led agreements Continue to support NGBs to deliver their Whole Sport Plans within Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent and begin to prepare for the next phase of Whole Sport Plans (2013-17) Continue to provide cost-effective hosting arrangements for NGB officers where required Support additional NGBs that wish to access Sportivate funding to deliver activity to young people, to ensure it has maximum impact

Club Development Jane Kracke Sports Manager t e

01785 619 187

NB. These achievements were made while Chris Turner was in post as Club Development Manager

Sports clubs play a key role in increasing and sustaining participation in sport, and in helping to ensure that NGBs meet the targets in their Whole Sport Plans. SASSOT aims to support clubs within the sub-region to grow and improve in whatever way is appropriate for them, whether it be increasing membership, gaining funding, promoting themselves within the local community or proving their credentials as an accredited club. Through our annual Club Action Plan, we have identified key work areas which will have maximum impact on local clubs, and we continue to increase, year on year, the number of clubs that directly benefit from the support we provide.

Main image

Noble Dragon’s Martial Arts club were awarded Clubmark accreditation in December 2011. They practice the I.T.F. or 'Chang Hon' style of Taekwondo as developed by Grandmaster Master General Choi Hong Hi 9th Degree.

“Clubs are the lifeblood of sport, and it is vital that we help to ensure they remain healthy, pro-active and forward-thinking if sports participation is to increase.”

Currently 276 sports clubs within the sub-region have achieved accreditation through Clubmark, FA Charter Standard or SASSOT Quality Mark.

During the past year, SASSOT has awarded £9,654 in total, to 26 different clubs, and over the course of the funding scheme, over £25,000 has been awarded to 89 sports clubs 

SASSOT’s Accredited Club Database has been broadened to include links to all affiliated clubs, with accredited clubs highlighted 

SASSOT’s Club Action Plan has been revised for 2012-13

Ensure the outcomes of the Club Action Plan are met

The SASSOT Sports Club Accreditation Funding scheme was relaunched in 2011 and now includes funding towards coaching qualifications. Clubs working towards accreditation or re-accreditation can apply for up to £600 to help them meet accreditation criteria

SASSOT helped to secure funding for a number of sports clubs by providing one-to-one support and advice, including the supply of Active People data and Market Segmentation information to support their applications

Looking ahead to 2012-13

Highlights 

Two well-attended and well-received Sports Grants and Funding workshops were held, one for Sports Development Professionals and one for Sports Clubs

Continue to work with priority clubs (identified by NGBs and other partners) to help them gain accreditation Continue to work with Local Authorities to encourage them to put a ‘Clubmark Charter’ in place, outlining the support and / or benefits they can provide to accredited clubs Audit schools, FE and HE institutions in a pilot Local Authority area regarding community use of their sports facilities, then use this information to support clubs to access these facilities. Look to expand this pilot if successful Support the delivery of the Change 4 Life Secondary Clubs, ensuring 50% of these clubs have links with a community sports club Raise awareness of the benefits of becoming a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and support clubs through this process where appropriate | 05

Sports Equality & Diversity Naomi Bird Knowledge, Communications & Equalities Manager t e

01785 619 585

SASSOT is committed to working proactively to ensure access to sport across the County for anyone, regardless of individual circumstance or background. Barriers to participation have been addressed through the implementation of a number of different programmes delivered by both SASSOT and wider partner organisations.



Disability Sport & Physical Activity Officer in post developing all aspects of disability sport. Key developments include the establishment of 6 disability multi sport clubs, the ‘Inspire to Succeed’ programme and a new disability sport directory Two County Athlete Assessment Days (CAADs) were delivered as part of Playground to Podium. This talent identification programme involved 56 young disabled children who took part in athletics, football, table tennis and wheelchair basketball. Additional sports offered on the day were cricket, boccia and golf 




An additional round of ACCESS Across Staffordshire funding was made available to projects that targeted under-represented groups. Seven projects were awarded a total of £4,000 including: Multi Sport activity for disabled children 

Women’s beginners jogging

BAME Cricket Girls’ and Women’s Football

06 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Continue to engage with the national equity organisations

Multi sport activity in areas of deprivation

Looking ahead to 2012-13

Highlights 

Wheelchair Basketball

Revise SASSOT’s Equity Policy Continue to work in partnership with Aiming High to develop sporting opportunities for young disabled children Implement an additional round of ACCESS Across Staffordshire funding Delivery of the ‘Inspire to Succeed’ programme, including Playground to Podium CAAD event.

Disability Sport Mark Fosbrook Disability Sport & Physical Activity Officer t e

01785 619 398

Disability Multi Sport Club

Disability provision in Staffordshire has seen a rapid increase over the last two years and Disability Sport has paid a large part in this development. SASSOT have supported numerous partners in successful bids to enable various events and activities to take place across the County. We have launched the Inspire brand, which currently supports disabled children accessing sport and developing their skills further. We have continued to develop the website and have a live club search facility which supports our new Disability Sport Directory. We also support and attend numerous meetings to support the development of disability sport. These include the Sport, Leisure, Art & Culture Group, Disability Sport Forums, Staffordshire Umbrella Network, Regional and National Disability Sport Groups.


Main image

Special Olympics Stafford - first multi sport disability sport club in Staffordshire to achieve Clubmark accreditation. Pictured left to right: Chris Turner, Clive Gibson (Special Olympics Stafford) and Mark Fosbrook “SASSOT is pleased to provide opportunities for disabled children to have fun through sport. SASSOT is committed to making a sustainable disability support network.”

Inspire 2 Succeed Inspirational Disabled Athlete Programme has been created from DfE and P2P funding and is for disabled children aged 7-16. The programme supports the children in their sporting development by providing different sporting events led by NGB coaches, followed up with signposting and support into a club environment as well as educational support from an Inspire Talent Camp Disability Family Fun Days were held in both Stafford and South Staffordshire. Over 170 people attended the days that were designed for young disabled children and their family members 

Disability Sport Directory - The directory aims to provide information about sports and activity clubs that provide disability opportunities either in the form of a stand-alone club / section or with integration into the club. The Directory is available in two formats. You can perform a search through our website or we have produced a hard copy.

Looking ahead to 2012-13 Disability Sport Spectacular - We want to showcase all of the fantastic work that is being done around the County for disability sport and activity. We have created the Disability Sport Spectacular to create a vehicle for providers to promote what they do as a collective. It is hoped that this will become an annual event that will continue to grow

Inspire Disability Multi Sport Clubs - Funded by Aiming High, these clubs offer an introduction into sport in a fun, safe environment for disabled children aged 5-18 and their families

Disability Sport Forums - There was a real need to develop a sustainable network of interested individuals who want to support the development of disability within their community. The Sports Forums consist of disabled people, coaches, professionals, parents, and volunteers and meet on a quarterly basis to discuss issues within their local area

Inspire 2 Succeed - Currently this programme caters for 7-16 year olds, however we believe that we have created a sustainable structure that, with the support of NGBs, could easily be replicated and rolled out to support adults Disability Sport Conference - To support the development of the Disability Sport Forums we are looking at the possibility of developing a Disability Sport Conference to support the development of the groups. | 07

Sportivate Jane Kracke Sports Manager t e

01785 619 187

Claire Greenwood Physical Activity Development Manager t e

01785 619 258

Nicola Hill Sportivate Admin Officer t e

01785 619 599

Sportivate is part of ‘Places People Play’, the 2012 mass participation legacy programme that is being delivered by Sport England. A nationwide initiative, Sportivate targets 14-25 year olds who are semi-sporty and offers them the chance to take part in 6-8 weeks of sporting activity, introducing them to a new sport or giving them the chance to improve their skills in something they’ve previously tried and enjoyed. Over the four years of the programme, SASSOT will receive over £600,000 of Lottery Funding to deliver the programme across the sub-region, with a target of nearly 6000 young people completing a block of sessions and then at least 40% of these participants continuing to take part in sport afterwards. At a local level, the programme is co-ordinated by a Lead Organisation for each District, who is responsible for ensuring that what is offered locally is what young people want, and for engaging with other local organisations to deliver activity.

“Sportivate is a great opportunity for partners across Staffordshire and Stoke-onTrent to work together to encourage more young people to take part in sport. By ensuring that what is offered appeals to semi-sporty young people, this programme can make a real impact on young peoples’ lives and sporting habits over the course of the four years.”

Exceeding our Year One ‘Retain’ target (the number of young people attending all or all-but-one sessions). Our Year One target was 1,173 and we have retained 1,735 81% of young people taking part in Sportivate sessions have been retained

08 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Our Year Two Sportivate plan has been approved by Sport England and includes an even wider range of projects / providers, with more projects targeting the older end of the age range 

Successful management and implementation of the Year Two plan, in conjunction with the Sportivate Steering Group, to ensure that Year Two targets are met

SASSOT provides strategic management for the programme, in conjunction with the Sportivate Steering Group, ensuring that all of Sport England’s reporting requirements are met and providing ongoing support and communication to the Local Lead Organisations and other key partners

Looking ahead to 2012-13

Highlights 

Approximately 170 different projects have been delivered in a range of sports across the entire sub-region 

Continue to facilitate Learning Events for Local Lead Organisations and other key Sportivate deliverers, to ensure that good practice can be shared and replicated Continue to work with the Local Lead Organisations to maximise the impact of the Sporting Champions scheme 

Compile and submit the Year Three plan, broadening the range of providers / partners involved in the programme 

Physical Activity Development Claire Greenwood Physical Activity Development Manager t e

01785 619 258

SASSOT has continued to work closely with colleagues in the Primary Care Trusts, and in particular deliver on our service level agreement with South Staffordshire PCT, as they transferred to the Staffordshire County Council Buildings, and emerged as Staffordshire Public Health. The Public Health White Paper, Healthy Lives, Healthy People (2010) recognises that in order to have an impact on the health and wellbeing of the population and reduce health inequalities, a joint working approach with a range of local government departments and other key partners is required. Along with colleagues in Staffordshire Public Health, SASSOT has worked to establish a strategic group to develop a vision for physical activity across the life course for Staffordshire. We are also continuing to support Community Sport and Physical Activity Networks (CSPANs) which, where they are active, continue to be vital to the strategic planning and delivery of sport and physical activity.

Staffordshire Public Health with over 70 people attending on the day 

Looking ahead to 2012-13 

“There were so many individual pledges of support from so many partners at the ‘Start Active Stay Active in Staffordshire’ Conference it was inspiring.”

Each Local Authority has benefited from a physical activity grant of up to £1000 through SASSOT's ACTIVITIES Across Staffodshire and Stoke-onTrent fund. Delivery was completed with over 300 participants benefiting from a variety of activity on offer, with an average cost per head of just £27

A second round of the ACTIVITIES Across Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent physical Activity grants is in the process of being awarded and we look forward to developing these projects further and sharing the ideas and activities this fund has supported

Continuing to work with CSPANs (or their equivalents) to support and develop projects and networks locally

Highlights 

A successful NGB Forum and PCT engagement event took place in March 2012. Both Staffordshire Public Health and Stoke PCT attended along with National Governing Body Officers to discuss engaging with new adult audiences to increase participation in physical activity and sport 

Working more closely with the new and emerging public health structures in Staffordshire and in particular supporting the ‘Start Active Stay Active in Staffordshire’ developments Supporting NGBs with health and physical activity developments, and involving NGB officers in the ‘Start Active Stay Active in Staffordshire’ planning groups

SASSOT successfully administered and delivered the ‘Start Active Stay Active in Staffordshire’ Conference in February 2012 on behalf of | 09

Workforce Development Ben Hollands Workforce Development Manager t e

01785 619 317

Camilla Denham Volunteer Development Coordinator t e

01785 619 694

‘The partnership with SASSOT is a prime example of how organisations can collaborate to create a greater impact whilst maximising resources. SASSOT’s recruitment of volunteers through its Sport Makers delivery provides the perfect route to accessing additional support from The Trust to develop volunteer skills and help them gain nationally recognised qualifications. This forms an important platform for volunteers to move into apprenticeships, employment or continued training in this field. The Trust acknowledges the key role SASSOT has in helping us achieve our goals.’ Andy Lock , Assistant Director, Coalfields Regeneration Trust

2011/12 saw the launch of the Sport England funded Sport Makers programme and an exciting new partnership with Coalfields Regeneration Trust (CRT) being formed. Significant work has gone into making best use of this programme by linking it to other initiatives such as Active Universities at Staffordshire University and Keele University. One of the key aims for the 2011/12 workforce plan was to attract additional investment into the sub-region to support workforce development. This has been achieved as a result of a funding award from CRT which will allow SASSOT to develop a robust volunteering offer that will add value to the Sport Makers and Community Games programmes. This funding has also helped free up resources to create a new bursary scheme linked to the Sport Makers programme. Alongside this, work has been ongoing to embed and develop the Coaching System Support Network and deliver the annual Education and Training Programme.

Highlights 

£42,000 awarded to SASSOT from Coalfields Regeneration Trust to create a volunteer pathway for 16-25 year olds linked to the Sport Maker and Community Games programmes.

Ongoing delivery of the Sport Makers programme targeting the recruitment, training and deployment of over 800 Sport Makers 

10 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

A further £23,012 invested in local multi skills community sports coaches. This brings the total external investment into the employment of coaches in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent through this programme to £944,000.

£7,500 invested in training and qualifications for coaches, officials and volunteers through the new Club Capacity Funding

4 new apprenticeships have been created in partnership with Stafford Borough Council and Stafford Sports College

Looking ahead to 2012-13

Following the launch of the Sport Makers programme in November 2011 SASSOT have successfully recruited 420 Sport Makers of which 160 have completed their training and 70 have done 10 or more hours of volunteering in the community.

Organisational Training Needs Analysis completed for all local authorities in Staffordshire as result of a new partnership with SkillsActive. A Group Training Association will be established in 2012 to take this work forward.

Creation and launch of Sport Makers Bursary Fund Role out of CRT funded Volunteer Development pathway creating training and development opportunities for up to 100 16 - 25 year olds from Coalfield Communities Delivery of Department for Education Volunteer contract linked to the School Games Work in partnership with Skills Active to establish a Group Training Association. Proactively seek additional investment to support workforce development in the sub-region

Coach Development Lee Booth Coaching Development Manager t e

01785 619 730

Over the past 12 months, SASSOT has responded to national priorities and local need to implement a Coaching Delivery Plan to meet eight national Coaching System Support Network (CSSN) objectives. The Coaching Development Manager has led on the delivery of the plan and has worked closely in partnership with sportscoachUK to ensure a smooth transition to the new priority work areas. Reporting to Sport England, SASSOT and sportscoachUK were confidently able to state that all targets set in the Coaching Delivery Plan were met or exceeded.

Simon Thomas Coaching Network Manager West Midlands sports coach UK

Implementation of the 2012/13 Coaching Delivery Plan in line with Sport England requirements and local need 

Successful delivery of the 2011/12 Coaching Delivery Plan

Launch of the ‘Talent Coaches Breakfast Club’, a CPD opportunity for coaches who work with talented athletes (pictured)

Implementation of the Disability Coach Mentor project, providing focused support to coaches that work with people with disabilities

18 Staffordshire University students trained and deployed as multi skills coaches, delivering 380 volunteer coaching hours

Focused support to the South Staffordshire Athletics Network Coaching Action Group to develop and support the Coach Development programme 

Online ‘one-stop shop’ signposting service to local NGB courses launched

Looking ahead to 2012-13


‘SASSOT have put in place an effective Delivery Plan to meet eight coaching objectives that supported partners to recruit, support and develop coaches to increase participation and support talent. Through delivering their plan SASSOT demonstrated their commitment to coaching and continue as a leading CSP in the field of coaching.’

Coaching e-newsletter distributed to 418 people each month in addition to targeted communication with coaches 

Maintenance of SASSOT Coaching, an online coach data management system that allows the 428 coaches registered to store qualifications online, book and pay for training online, receive targeted communication and find out about job opportunities via a dedicated website: 

Launch the ‘First Steps Into Coaching’ resource targeted at helping recruit people to the Coaching Pathway Develop the Talent Coaches Breakfast Club concept The ongoing management and development of the coach data management system, SASSOT Coaching Roll out of Boccia project in partnership with Boccia England and Staffordshire Day Services Continue to develop ‘Community of Learning’ through targeted communication and CPD with coaches | 11

Safeguarding Children Ben Hollands Workforce Development Manager t e

01785 619 317

The last 12 months have seen the introduction of several new programmes that involve young people, this has made it more important than ever to ensure that minimum safeguarding standards are being applied and championed through the work of SASSOT and its partners. As well as providing direct operational support to programmes including Sport Makers, Sportivate, School Games and Aiming High we have also been working hard to make sure that our own policies and procedures are in line with nationally recognised best practice and are fit for purpose. SASSOT has also continued to contribute to the national development of the Safeguarding Framework for NGBs and CSPs.

Highlights 374 volunteers and coaches attending basic safeguarding awareness training

Operational safeguarding support for SASSOT events and programmes including Playground to Podium, Schools Games, Sportivate and Sport Makers Contributing to national pilot of Safeguarding Framework and associated Self Assessment Tool. Comprehensive revision of SASSOT’s Child Protection Policy and the introduction of Safe Social Media guidance Staff and partner training on safeguarding and social media

Looking ahead to 2012-13 Develop a new partnership safeguarding in sport action plan


Ensuring all SASSOT delivery is aligned to the safeguarding standards outlined in our policies and procedures


Continue to provide basic awareness training for clubs, volunteers and coaches


“We have also been working hard to make sure that our own policies and procedures are in line with nationally recognised best practice and are fit for purpose.” 12 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Education & Training Kam Webster Education & Training Officer t e

01785 619 695

Overview of Delivery Workshop

Safeguarding & Protecting Children 1



Equity in Your Coaching


First Aid


Reflect & Practice Safeguarding & Protecting Children 2


Disability Inclusion Training


Fundamentals of Movement 17 How to Promote Community Games 64 Marketing Community Games 37 Sports Grants and Funding 9 Sport Makers 19 Brief Intervention / Healthy Lifestyles 26 Social Media Training 25 Total number of attendees


Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent will continue to deliver a comprehensive education and training programme based on demands of volunteers, clubs and sports national governing bodies.

The education and training programme is on track with meeting the demands of Staffordshire’s community and beyond. It is continuing to attract attendance on the workshops from coaches both old and new, as well as volunteers, club representatives and a range of private coach companies. It is important for the programme to continue to provide the basic tools for the individual ie. First Aid, Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Equity and workshops focussed around disability. Where possible, Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent aim to provide workshops such as; Learning, Disability and Equality in Sport; Disability Inclusion Training. The latter is offered free pending funding availability. Over the past few months there has been an increase in the number of “Closed” workshops requested. Clubs are seeing the benefit of a workshop delivered to members at its premises to help them become accredited or re-accredited. The workshops are attended by a varied mix of individuals, from a range of different disciplines, who through discussion share experiences within the group, which all contributes to an interesting learning session.

Approximately 60 workshops delivered to 932 participants from 1st April 2011 to 31st March 2012

An increase in the number of workshops planned outside of the education and training programme workshops arranged for specific needs A greater number of core workshops delivered around the county to allow maximum access for coaches, volunteers and club officials to attend

Looking ahead to 2012-13 As always continuing to roll out the new education and training workshop programme

Highlights 

A whole range of disability workshops delivered to the maximum number of attendees per workshop

The programme will also continue to have updates throughout the year as a result of listening to demands and identifying gaps Continue to diversify with different workshops helping to give an edge to those coaches who want to develop their coaching skills further Focus more on targeting workshops specifically into clubs that need to be accredited and develop further Continuing to offer various easy ways for delegates to book onto the workshops, ie. whether online, payment by cheque or by credit card over the phone Continue to implement the marketing and communication of the programme, sustain the current communication channels and investigate new technology | 13

School Games - Level Three Jane Kracke Sports Manager t e

01785 619 187

Nadine Berry School Games Coordinator t e

01785 619 726

SASSOT has worked with the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent School Games Local Organising Committee (LOC) to secure three years of Lottery Funding totalling £160,000 from Sport England. This funding will be used to provide an annual School Games Level Three County Festival that will involve more than 1500 young people each year. The School Games is a celebration of competitive school sport, providing opportunities for all young people regardless of their experience, talent or ability. In Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent a year-round calendar of competitive sporting opportunities has been co-ordinated by School Games Organisers at a local level and is designed to get young people competing in both intra and inter school activity. The LOC will provide a county final event, which is set to be a showcase of both sporting and personal achievements.


“The School Games has given the children of Staffordshire and Stoke a focus for their competitions, knowing that the Level Three School Games will be a showcase of the best sporting events within the County. I am looking forward to attending this event to see the culmination of the work that the LOC and various committees have been working on, over the last year.” Dr Rowena Blencowe, Chair of the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Local Organising Committee.

LOC successfully formed, meeting regularly and with representation from all key partner groups Festival Operations and Culture Sub-Group formed and operating effectively, with two further sub-group roles being taken on by existing Forums (Marketing and Communications, and Competition and Volunteering)

14 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Ensure that the first Level Three festival is a resounding success, providing a memorable day which will inspire participants to continue to take part in sport for years to come 

Date and venue confirmed for the Year One Level Three Festival - Keele University and surrounding High Schools, Tuesday 3rd July 2012

Competition held for school pupils to design a local logo for the School Games Level Three Festival. The winning entry was designed by Robbie Nilsen, a Year Six pupils from Richard Crosse C of E Primary School, Kings Bromley, and can be seen left

School Games Co-ordinator appointed, employed by SASSOT

Additionally, 25 satellite competitions in five different sports have also been or will be supported - these have to take place at other times during the year due to the winners qualifying for regional events which will take place before 3rd July

Looking ahead to 2012-13

Funding secured for three years (see above)

Year One Level Three sports identified a  nd rules / qualification routes confirmed - there will be 12 sports involved and 23 different competitions (including nine competitions for young people with disabilities)

Confirm details of the wider ‘festival’ elements of the event, including the opening ceremony, come-and-try and demonstration sports and other entertainment. Ensure that we meet Sport England’s target of at least 50% of the workforce for the event being young people Work with the LOC and School Games Organisers to confirm additional sports for Year Two Conduct a full review of Year One and implement the findings from this into Year Two

Community Games Jane Kracke Sports Manager t e

01785 619 187

NB. These achievements were made while Chris Turner was in post as Club Development Manager

‘Community Games' is a West Midlands Legacy Trust programme that aims to leave a lasting legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Community Games provide a wonderful and unique opportunity for communities from all backgrounds right across the West Midlands to come together to celebrate the 2012 Games and enable thousands of people to experience and create their own Olympic or Paralympic moment. The Games will enable people to learn new skills, take part in new activities and come together with their neighbours to create real community spirit. The sub-regional target is to engage 18,000 participants through 88 Community Games taking place in different communities across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent by the end of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In 2010-11, SASSOT was awarded the contract to deliver the Community Games training, mentoring and support programmes across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, and during 2011-12 we have continued to support the delivery of Community Games across the sub-region.

Nine workshops were delivered (6 x How to Organise your Community Games, 3 x How to Market and Promote Community Games) with 90 people registered

South Staffordshire PCT provided £6000 funding (administered by SASSOT), which has supported 13 Community Games in the South Staffordshire PCT area 25 Community Games have so far been registered to take place 2012-13

Looking ahead to 2012-13 Continue to manage the Community Games programme effectively during its transition from a regional to a national initiative

Improve promotion of the free resources (personalised posters and postcards etc.) to help organisers promote their events Organise and deliver eight free Community Games workshops to help organisers plan and market their own Community Games.

Highlights “Community Games are a great way for people to do something special to engage their community. With a ‘home’ Olympics and Paralympics likely to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, Community Games provide a chance for people to experience a bit of that magic at a local level.”

37 Community Games took place in 2011-12, involving an average of 13 volunteers and 684 participants per event

17 Community Games advocates have been recruited and are promoting and advocating the Community Games to the local communities they are in contact with | 15

Marketing & Communications Naomi Bird

Experience, insight and understanding are all needed to create effective communications.

Knowledge, Communications & Equalities Manager t e

The amount of time people are spending online is increasing, in particular the use of social media. At SASSOT we have continued to invest time and resources into the development of our website and social media channels. Both our Facebook and Twitter accounts have allowed us to build brand awareness as well as engage with participants on a deeper level. We have used social media to develop interest in what we offer and drive traffic to our website where people can gain further information and support. Through our ‘marketing on a shoestring’ concept we have proactively sourced new tools and software that enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

01785 619 585

tin ke ar

g on a Shoes trin




“Open organisation with a 'can do' attitude and a 'will' to help”. “A sound organisation, clearly articulated goals, excellent staff, knowledgeable advice and sensitivity to others' situations.” Comments from Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey 2011

A new two-year Marketing & Communications Plan developed

Stakeholder satisfaction survey conducted with key partners. Headline results showed:

100% of partners were either very satisfied (70%) or satisfied (30%) with SASSOT 95.5% of respondents were very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of support and advice given by SASSOT 100% of respondents were either very satisfied or satisfied with the clarity of communications provided by SASSOT 

16 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

97.8% of respondents were either very satisfied or satisfied with the usefulness of the SASSOT website with the remaining percentage stating they ‘Didn’t Know’. 

Bespoke ‘Safe Social Media’ training was delivered to over 20 partner organisations with positive feedback received from delegates Use of new tools including mail chimp, hootsuite, google calendars, google alerts, eventbrite, zamzar, issuu, prezzi Twelve monthly sport-e newsletters issued with a total of 447 articles from over 93 partners organisations. An additional 189 people signed up to receive the newsletter in 2011/12 totalling 2,830 of recipients. Disability Sport ‘Inspire’ brand developed and promotional material produced

Looking ahead to 2012-13 Continue to explore and advocate new tools and resources

Explore marketing and communication needs of clubs and provide training and resources accordingly Measure impact and celebrate success Build media relations Continue to support key partnership projects including Sport Makers, Community Games, Sportivate, School Games and Disability Sport

muzsy /

Knowledge Management Naomi Bird

The sourcing and provision of data intelligence has remained an important function conducted by SASSOT.

Knowledge, Communications & Equalities Manager t e

Sport England has developed a comprehensive range of resources and toolkits that help to provide evidence, insight and understanding of sports participation. This data has been used by partner organisations to track trends, identify target markets and better understand what influences people to take part in more sport.

01785 619 585

KPI APS1 APS2 APS3 APS4 APS5 One Million 14.6% 15.2% 16.1% 15.2% 14.1% Volunteering 4.6% 4.9% 4.8% 4.7% 9% Club 24% 24.3% 23.8% 21.6% 20.8% Membership Tuition

16.5% 17.4% 15.9% 15.7% 13.8%

Competition 13.1% 14.8% 13.3% 13.6% 12.9% Organised Sport

36.5% 34.3% 35% 35.9% 34%

Promoting the use of data intelligence and Sport England’s ‘In it for the long-run’ toolkit





Supporting NGB and Local Authorities to access Market Segmentation data intelligence 

Key stakeholder impact documents were produced detailing actual investment, number of participants and coaches/volunteers supported in a particular geographical area. The headline figures collated for Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent (2011) were: 

Total Investment

Highlights 

% increase Amount


Number of Participants 55,683


Number of Coaches / Volunteers Supported



Active People Survey 5 (2010/11) results were collated, analysed and communicated to partners. Key results are shown in the table below: Countywide co-ordination and collection of attendance data at both sport and cultural venues owned/ managed by local authorities Funding support and advice provided to partners and clubs Lottery and exchequer funding invested into the County Sustainable Facilities £3,000,000 Protecting Playing Fields £120,000 Inspired Facilities £49,754 Small Grants £129,417

Looking ahead to 2012-13 Support partners to access data intelligence including Active People, Sport Profiles and Market Segmentation



A relationship management system was put in place with core funding partners to provide a tailored approach to supporting needs. This system aims to allow partners to maximise their investment and access the right service at the right time.

Monitor and evaluate the impact of appropriate programmes Advocate the use of Market Segmentation data to inform planning and strategy development | 17

Local Authorities As community leaders, local authorities play a vital role in the provision of facilities, programmes and opportunities for people to participate in sport and physical activity. This section identifies examples of the excellent work that is carried out across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

Staffordshire County Council Janene Cox

What we do

Commissioner for Tourism and the Cultural County

Staffordshire County Council’s Culture, Leisure and Tourism Division’s key priority is to ensure that Staffordshire’s communities can access, enjoy and benefit from a range of learning, recreational and cultural activities. Within Staffordshire a strong cultural offer is recognised as enriching the lives of our communities and providing positive and shared experiences. These help to develop and empower our communities, support improved health and well-being, build skills and confidence, nurture innovation and aspiration and contribute to the prosperity of Staffordshire through tourism and the creative industries.

t e

01785 278 368

We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations including district and borough councils, other public sector organisations and voluntary agencies to deliver the cultural offer. Staffordshire County Council is also coordinating how the County can maximise the impact of the 2012 Games.

18 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Highlights 

Over 21,000 people visited the Staffordshire Hoard exhibition at the Shire Hall Gallery and the estimated economic impact to the local area was calculated at almost £365,000 

Increased participation in the national Summer Reading Challenge with almost 14,000 children taking part and 70.5% of those surveyed feeling they were better readers as a result

Successful funding grants enabled increased access to cultural and learning activities including Making Moves, a region wide craft development initiative, funding from UK Online to assist learners to develop IT skills and the Children on the Move project which documented the experience of evacuees during World War Two SCC’s Arts Grants Scheme successfully allocated £22,500 in funding to 41 groups / organisations to deliver arts activities and events across Staffordshire 270 Staffordshire schools are members of the Get Set programme, using the London 2012 Games to inspire learners of all ages

Cannock Paul Smith Sports Development Manager 01543 464 574 paulrsmith@

t e

Case Study :

No Strings Badminton (Physical Activity Grant)

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

Cannock Chase District Council’s Community Wellbeing Team-Sport play a pro-active role in providing local residents with the opportunity to take part in a range of physical activity programmes, with particular emphasis on targeting those individuals who currently do little or no activity.

SASSOT were a key driver in helping to set up the No-Strings Badminton sessions at Chase Leisure Centre. Their help and advice was crucial in securing funding for the project, through the ACTIVITIES Across Staffordshire Physical Activity Fund. This type of practical partner support is greatly appreciated and valued by the Community Wellbeing Team - Sport.

Partnership work undertaken with Badminton England, South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust and SASSOT, saw the introduction of an adults’ No Strings Badminton session at the Chase Leisure Centre. This has proved to be a valuable addition to the Team’s ‘Back to Sport’ portfolio, providing a fun way to get fit in a friendly and safe environment.

Who was it for?

Elizabeth Brett Badminton Coach for the No Strings Badminton sessions (centre in white) with a number of participants from the session.

No Strings Badminton sessions were specifically targeted at those adults who were not actively involved in physical activity on a regular basis. We worked closely with our colleagues at South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust to identify those most at risk of developing a health related illness, due to a lack of exercise.

Project outcomes 

No Strings Badminton is now an established activity session at the Chase Leisure Centre. Providing the ideal opportunity for less active individuals to enjoy exercise in a fun, sociable and safe environment 

Excellent Partnership working with SASSOT, Badminton England and the South Staffordshire PCT, allowed us to target those individuals most in need of additional physical activity. Over 25 people attended the session during its first 3 months. 

Links were established with the local badminton club, who continue to support the session. 

Here’s what one of our client’s had to say: ”After my heart attack, although I finished smoking, I put weight on and really needed a new and sensible way of living. The sessions are a fun way to exercise, whilst keeping the weight off.” | 19

East Staffordshire Volunteering Sports Action Group (VSAG)

Neil Brown

Case Study :

Sports Development Team Leader

What we did and why

East Staffordshire Volunteering Sports Action Group was established by East Staffordshire Community and Voluntary Services through inviting key partners with the aim of increasing the number and quality of sports volunteering opportunities across the borough.

What role did SASSOT play?

t e

01283 508 192

Main image

(L-R) Andy Taylor Community Development Manager, Burton Albion Community Trust, Danny Hickinbottom - Sports Volunteer Co-ordinator Burton & South Derbyshire College, Neil Onions - Volunteer Centre Manager, ESCVS, Ben Hollands - SASSOT & Neil Brown - Sports Development - Team Leader, ESBC.

The partners include East Staffordshire Borough Council - Sports Development, Burton Albion Community Trust, Burton & South Derbyshire College, SASSOT, the Star Foundation and the School Games Organiser. These partners either have or offer volunteering opportunities. The VSAG provided the co-ordination amongst partners and encouraged them to work together.

Who was it for? The VSAG group has no specific target group; we welcome all residents of East Staffordshire and hopefully provide them with the opportunity of volunteering in sport and physical activity. The VSAG group also aims to: Support the growth and development of sports clubs and organisations

Increase the number and quality of volunteering placements in sport and physical activity Encourage and enable more people to access sports volunteering opportunities

20 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Support the development of a partnership between the sport, voluntary and community sectors 

Although no funding was sourced for the VSAG, SASSOT have attended all meetings and have been a link between sports groups and clubs. SASSOT also attended the VSAG Volunteering in Sport Conference held at Burton Albion on 26 March 2012.

Project outcomes The establishment of the East Staffordshire VSAG group, which continues to develop its aims and increase volunteering opportunities for individuals. It also provides direct support in recruiting volunteers for clubs and groups

When VSAG was established we had 3 volunteering opportunities available, now we have over 40 new opportunities, with this number growing all the time

Lichfield Sarah Sleigh Sports Development Officer t e

01543 308 835

Case Study : Sport

and Physical Activity Strategy for Lichfield District

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

Lichfield District Council (LDC) approached Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent (SASSOT) to ask for support in producing a Sport and Physical Activity Strategy for the district. Firstly we formed a steering group which consisted of key Leisure Services Officers from LDC and the Director of SASSOT. In the initial meeting the group compiled a list of district priorities and set out a format for the strategy. Following this meeting a sub working group was formed to produce and bring together the emerging document.

SASSOT have supported this project from the very beginning and have given LDC vital amounts of advice and knowledge. The SASSOT Core Team have been instrumental in providing up to date statistics including demographic information, Active People survey results, Sport England market segmentation data and updates of existing and emerging national and regional policies/strategies.

Main image

Young people of Burntwood enjoying a Panna session

Who was it for? The Sport and Physical Activity Strategy is designed to underpin national, regional and local agendas and will focus LDC Leisure Services’ priorities for the next 5 years. The strategy will set out clear achievable targets which will also meet the needs and expectations of partners, external agencies both voluntary and commercial, National Governing Bodies and other parties who also have a vested interest in sport.

Project outcomes The sub working group is now very close to having a final draft produced, which will then go out to partners and stakeholders for consultation. It is then hoped the strategy will by fully adopted by the Council by late summer. | 21

Newcastle-under-Lyme Nicola Robinson Health and Fitness Officer 01782 616 606 nicky.robinson@

t e

Case Study :

Newcastle Multi-Sport Disability Club

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

It had been identified locally that there was a need for additional disability sport provision. Following feedback from parents and children it was felt that multi sport provision would be the most appropriate style of activity to offer families.

SASSOT provided the funding for this club via Staffordshire County Council’s Aiming High Programme. SASSOT also provided guidance on the types of activities to offer and produced promotional material to publicise the club.

This type of club allows children and siblings to try a range of different sports and develop different skills.

Project outcomes 

Based on the local need, a fortnightly disability multi sport club was established located at Jubilee 2 Leisure Centre on a Thursday, 5-7pm.

Who was it for? The disability multi sport club is open to 5-18 year olds who have a disability. Family members are also able to attend allowing siblings to enjoy the activities together. The club offers an hour of swimming and an hour of skill games in the studio including sports such as dodgeball and boccia. Additional organisations have also delivered activities at the club including a DJ workshop. It is also planned, that during the summer holidays, the club will be available on a weekly basis and will involve trips to local sport opportunities.

22 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

The project has been well attended and enjoyed by all involved. Participants ranged from 6 to 18 years old with an average of 12-16 participants per session

The participants attend regularly and have increased in their level of confidence and mobility skills

South Staffordshire Simon Nuttall Performance Review Officer t e

01902 696 518

Case Study :

Disability Family Fun Day

What we did and why On 17th September Penkridge Leisure Centre hosted South Staffordshire’s first Disability Family Fun Day. Over 60 people attended, which provided a chance for disabled children and their families to try out a range of sports and activities. A 23 foot climbing wall proved to be a popular activity with children reaching new heights regardless of their disability. Other activities on offer included archery, basketball, boccia, crafts, cricket, dance, golf, facepainting, new age kurling, polybat, table tennis and trampolining.

Who was it for?

Project outcomes Families were empowered to find out about the sport activities and clubs on offer in their local area and how they can access them

Children had more confidence to take part in organised sport / physical activity opportunities Children made new friends and parents had the opportunity to network. The plans for 2012 include establishing a disability sport forum which will develop opportunities for disabled people within the South Staffordshire area

The event was for young disabled children aged 5-18 years and their family members. It was designed to encourage families to experience new sports in a safe and relaxed environment.

What role did SASSOT play? SASSOT provided the funding for this event via Staffordshire County Council’s Aiming High Programme. SASSOT were also responsible for booking the venue, organising the activities and recruiting coaching staff and volunteers. They also managed the booking process and actively promoted the event and encouraged disabled children to attend. | 23

Stafford Adam Hill Head of Leisure and Culture t e

01785 619 299

Main image

Fiona McPhee, Leisure Business and Admin Apprentice

Case Study :

Apprenticeship Programme

What we did and why

Project outcomes

The borough council, working through SASSOT and the Learn for Work team based at Stoke-on-Trent City Council, were able to secure funding for 2 apprentices, one within leisure business and admin and one in sports and leisure delivery. These two functions are core to the provision of services offered by the borough council and so offered a wide scope of activity and the greatest learning opportunity for the apprentices and the greatest scope for additional help.

Within the scheme the benefits are three fold, firstly having an apprentice brings new ideas, fresh challenge and a new energy, allowing fresh thought to be brought to old ideas and often a different perspective. Secondly the scheme helps facilitate succession planning as it provides the opportunity for the borough to shape and develop the apprentices for the future either with us or generally within our industry. Thirdly the apprentices have provided useful additional resource and capacity within the services that they work.

Who was it for?

The apprentices have been at the borough for 3 months and they are both a real asset and we are now looking at whether we can extend this further and increase the number of apprentices over the next few years.

The apprenticeship scheme is targeted at young people aged 16-18 but has also bought tangible benefits to the service areas in which they are deployed.

What role did SASSOT play? SASSOT played a major role in ensuring both the candidate and the employer will get the greatest opportunity from the scheme. SASSOT helped us to identify the funding opportunities which are key in a time of reduced budgets. Scoping the roles and supporting the recruitment process was a further added value function bringing a variety of skills and a wealth of knowledge from the team to ensure we both set the appropriate job description and person specification through to the interview process and selection model. 24 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Staffordshire Moorlands Sports Clubs Accreditation Funding

Tony Wheat

Case Study :

Leisure Services Manager for Staffordshire Moorlands DC & High Peak BC

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

The Sports Development Team is conscious of the need for clubs to gain or retain accreditation and encouraged them to apply to SASSOT for their Sports Club Accreditation fund.

SASSOT was extremely helpful to the clubs by providing advice and guidance for the completion of their bids. SASSOT then assessed the bids and awarded the clubs funding. South Moorlands FC received £360, Cheadle South Moorlands FC received £310, Checkley CC received £575, Blythe CC received £495 and Endon CC received £150, for a combined total of £1,890.

01538 395 730 anthony.wheat@

t e

The funding enabled clubs either to apply to be accredited or re-accredited with Clubmark/NGB accreditation. Up to £600 was available to clubs who required financial assistance to achieve and pass their accreditation criteria which now includes coaching qualifications.

Who was it for? The funding was available to all clubs, but 5 clubs, (Cheadle South Moorlands FC, South Moorlands FC, Checkley CC, Blythe CC and Endon CC) all received funding ranging from £150 to £575. The funding has allowed all 5 clubs to successfully be re-accredited with their respective governing bodies

SASSOT offers continued advice on generic club development opportunities and are always available to pass on new opportunities and information.

Project outcomes 

To increase the number of accredited clubs in Staffordshire Moorlands 

To ensure existing accredited clubs can retain their accreditation

 | 25

Stoke-on-Trent Leslie Eyre Sports Participation Officer Sport and Leisure Services I Place t e

01782 236 930

Main image

YMCA Football Stoke

Case Study :


City Council and YMCA (Hanley) Football for All

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

Football for All is a project using football to engage with current and past residents of YMCA (Hanley). Through consistent participation they developed individually and as a group overcoming personal and social stresses. Whilst maintaining a Football for All ethos they are striving to challenge themselves further and be a shining example to other young men and women in similar homeless circumstances. The project set out to address the lack of structured football sessions for the YMCA residents, who due to a varied number of social reasons were homeless. Each session consisted of a warm up, skill development, and small sided game whilst focusing on communication, team work, respect and team structure.

Sportivate is part of 'Places People Play', the 2012 mass participation legacy programme which is being delivered by Sport England. A nation-wide initiative, Sportivate targets 14-25 year olds who are non or semi-sporty. Over the next four years, Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent will receive over ÂŁ600,000 of Lottery Funding to deliver the programme across the sub-region. Stoke-on-Trent lead on the Sportivate programme and take on the role of determining the suitable delivery of sport programmes in their area.

Who was it for? The YMCA (Hanley) provides housing for mainly male residents aged between 16 and 30. Through a Sportivate partnership (Stoke-on-Trent City Council - Engage & YMCA) evening football coaching once a week started for anyone with an interest in football. To overcome three main barriers (cost, transport and venue) it was agreed to use the neighbouring park’s community use astro turf pitch (ATP). The park ATP is actively used by the local community including ethnic groups from a wide range of nationalities. The pitch has not traditionally been accessed by the YMCA residents as a minority of them have struggled to relax in such diverse company and social tensions have sometimes run high.

26 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Project outcomes During the programme attendance levels were high with the number of weekly attendees gradually settling at approximately 14. Throughout the sessions the group dynamics and outlook gradually changed, the group was initially formed to allow anyone from the YMCA to play but participants gradually began to crave a more competitive element while maintaining an all-inclusive philosophy. This was resolved when the group organised themselves by electing a captain and two vice captains and developed further by arranging a series of friendly matches against the Salvation Army (Hanley). The future of the YMCA Football team is to co-coordinate and participate in a local small sided football inclusion league using the local park and their own ATP.

Tamworth Karen Moss Sports Development Manager t e

01827 709 316

Main image

Fitness Festival

Case Study :

Community Games

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

This Community Games event took place on the 4th June 2011 in Tamworth Castle grounds. It was a one-stop showcase of local sporting talent which enabled people to try a wide range of sports/physical activities. People coming to the event were able to sample activities such as kwik cricket, penalty shoot out, volleyball, tag rugby, zumba, have their body mass index (BMI) taken or even try a martial art.

SASSOT provided guidance and support on applying for a £500 Community Games grant.

It was a resounding success with local groups enjoying a surge in interest; one club even signed up 60 new members on the day! The inspiration of London 2012 came to Tamworth resulting in a fun packed day for all.

Project outcomes Increased awareness of local sports clubs and physical activity delivers

Increased membership numbers for sports clubs Increased participation levels at local sports clubs and physical activity providers in the borough

Who was it for? The event was for all the local sports clubs and providers of physical activity to promote and attract all ages and sectors of the community, young and old to come and try different sports and physical activity that they may not have had the opportunity to do so before. | 27

Links with Education Links with education have been and will continue to develop as a key area of work for Sport Across Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent.

Supporting School Sport Partnerships Chris Wood


School Games Organiser, South Staffordshire School Sports Partnership

There are 10 School Games Organisers (SGOs) in Staffordshire and Stoke-onTrent. All School Games Organisers are hosted at a secondary school within their district / borough or city. All of the SGOs are nationally funded for 3 days a week and some of the SGOs in Staffordshire are full-time appointments as a result of additional funding they have attracted

07876 541 730 woodc@

t e

Jane Kracke Sports Manager, SASSOT t e

01785 619 187

Role of a School Games Organiser 

Work with the Local Organising Committee to ensure links between level 1, 2 and 3 competition

Ensure a cultural dimension is present in the School Games

Develop the workforce to support the delivery of the School Games Sustain grow the network of primary Change 4 Life clubs Develop a local workforce of active lifestyle coaches Provide access to specialist training and equipment to schools particularly primary and special schools Ensure that there are inclusive and targeted themed events for young disabled people

Support young people to ensure that quality coaching is accessed and that NGB coaching and competition formats are aligned with schools Ensure that there are local quality assurance mechanisms in place 

28 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

SASSOT is playing a key role in the organisation of the School Games Level Three festival, including ensuring that Level Three competitions link in to the work of SGOs at Levels One and Two (see page 15 for more information)

Responsible for getting as many state and independent schools to participate in the School Games

SASSOT SupportWorking in Partnership

Support of the regular SGO meetings via attendance and input from a variety of team members Ensuring there are clear communication pathways between NGBs and SGOs, for example through representation on relevant forums and via a monthly newsletter Working with SGOs to ensure their schools / pupils can benefit from the Sportivate programme where appropriate. Two SGOs are Local Lead Organisations for the programme, and various schools are accessing funding or being targeted for activity Delivering two County Athlete Assessment Days (CAADs) as part of Playground to Podium. This talent identification programme involved 56 young disabled pupils who took part in a variety of sports Stafford and Stone SSP and East Staffordshire SSP both received an additional £9000 of funding during 2011/12 from the Community Sports Coach Scheme, which helped sustain multi-skills delivery in their schools Initial groundwork undertaken for the Change 4 Life Secondary Clubs support programme which CSPs have recently received funding to deliver

Arron Dunn Sports Engagement Coordinator (Active Universities) Staffordshire and Keele Universities t e

07825 112 926

Staffordshire University and Keele University Case Study :



What we did and why In March 2011 Staffordshire and Keele Universities were awarded joint funding of £107,313 from Sport England, as part of their Active Universities themed funding round, to encourage 2,000 additional students to participate in sport at least 3 times per week.

to explore including; planning events, marketing and promotion, media and design and also photography. SASSOT was also instrumental in helping us gain funding in the first place and their Sports Manager chairs the project's Steering Group.

Project outcomes 

Who was it for? The funding would enable all eligible students (those not currently participating 3 times per week) to participate in intramural sport. Intramural sport is a great way to enrich students’ experience in sport by meeting new friends and staying healthy. Competitions are based on the premise of being fun, friendly and hassle-free, providing all participants with the opportunity to socialise and play their chosen sport on a weekly basis through a variety of 'give it a go' sessions, tournaments and events or friendly leagues, without having to commit to structured training sessions or purchasing expensive kit.

What role did SASSOT play? Main image

Rush hockey tournament

To make the programme sustainable it is important to ensure that there is an effective volunteer system in place. Through SASSOT we engaged with the Sport Makers programme to recruit and deploy students, within both Universities, into activities that are run by students for students. Sport Makers also plays a vital role in encouraging more "less sporty" students to get involved in sport through offering them a variety of opportunities

Within the first year over 700 new students have participated in sport with over 300 participating three times a week

Over 15 tournaments and 40 ‘give it a go’ sessions have been provided to encourage students to participate on a more regular basis at times best suited to them A 5 -aside football league has been created to kick-start the development of intramural sport within both Universities catering for over 400 students Following a SportMakers workshop over 30 students had signed up to volunteer in a variety of sports ranging from football, basketball, dodgeball, rush hockey and running From this 70% of students continued to get involved with the activities programme and the majority went on to complete more than 10 hours of volunteering to make sport happen with one student has recently being nominated as Sport Maker of the Year Built links with local sports clubs and schools within the community to allow students to gain valuable experience and develop their skills | 29

Links with Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) Increasing participation in physical activity promotes healthier lifestyles contributes to narrowing of health inequalities and can provide economic gains by reducing costs associated with physical inactivity. The Public Health Services working across Staffordshire have increasing levels of physical activity high on their agenda. Working with key partners involved in promoting participation in physical activity, SASSOT are uniquely positioned to boost delivery of this agenda alongside sport.

Staffordshire Public Health Start

Active Stay Active Conference

Jo Robins

Case Study :

Consultant in Health Improvement

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) was in place between Staffordshire Public Health and SASSOT to support the delivery of a number of physical activity outcomes. One element was the delivery of a Staffordshire-wide conference focused on the new physical activity guidelines called Start Active, Stay Active (SASA). This is the first time guidance is given across the lifecourse (babies to elderly). The aim of the conference was to re-energise the partnership agenda around physical activity and increasing the number of people active across Staffordshire.

Funding within the SLA was allocated towards the conference with additional support from SASSOT. SASSOT’s Physical Activity Development Officer and Director led the organisation of the SASA conference in partnership with Kate Sutcliffe from Staffordshire Public Health. SASSOT led the working group to plan the conference, guest speakers, venue, logistics, workshops and conference packs.

t e

01889 571 700

Kate Sutcliffe Public Health Development Officer 01785 854 622 kate.sutcliffe@

t e

Who was it for? The conference was aimed at health and partner agency staff that can influence and increase the number of people in Staffordshire being physically active. The range of attendees included local authority staff (People and Place departments), leisure staff, third sector organisations, Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service, pharmacists etc. ABOVE [left to right]

Sonia Atkins (Staffs County Council - SCC), Dave Benge (SCIO), Kate Sutcliffe (Staffordshire Public Health), Judy Tideswell (SCC), Jo Robins (Staffs Public Health), Claire Greenwood (SASSOT), John Quigley (SCC), Mark Thornewill (SASSOT).

30 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Project outcomes The conference attracted over 70 people from across Staffordshire. Evaluation proved the conference to be successful with partners making pledges to promote the new guidelines and physical activity across Staffordshire. The information collected from the workshops will be used to develop the Physical Activity Strategy and Action Plan for Staffordshire and driven forward by the SASA working group, specifically SASSOT.

Links with the 20112 Olympic and Paralympic Games London 2012 presents a fantastic opportunity to promote participation in sport and build a lasting legacy for the development of sport across the country. Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent are determined to make the most of these opportunities.

Staffordshire Marie Fitzpatrick Staffordshire Co-ordinator for the 2012 Games 01785 854 595 e marie.fitzpatrick@ t

Jonathan Edwards meets recipients of Staffordshire’s Young People’s Sports Performance Grant awards.

Jonathan Edwards meets Team Staffordshire

Case Study : Staffordshire

& Stoke-on-Trent 2012 Conference ‘Team Staffordshire’

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

SASSOT are an active member of the 2012 Working Group supporting the legacy of 2012 through involvement and support for various projects and helping to engage key partners. This year SASSOT supported with the planning, administration and delivery of the Team Staffordshire 2012 Conference which took place on 13th March. As well as helping to engage key speakers for the conference, promoting the event to partners and helping out on the day to ensure the conference ran smoothly, several SASSOT team members delivered workshops on Sport Makers, Disability Multi Sports Clubs and the new Sport England Strategy at the event.

SASSOT have been a fundamental partner for the 2012 agenda helping to engage key partners and promote projects across the county. Their role supporting this conference involved helping with the planning (member of the conference working group) helping with administration and delivering workshops as part of the main conference agenda. SASSOT also provide funding towards the annual young persons sports performance grant and the award ceremony took place as part of this conference..

Project outcomes 

Who was it for? Partners, schools, businesses, community members; offering an opportunity to find out more about activity inspired by the 2012 Games taking place across the county. It celebrated the work of partners regionally and nationally in developing a lasting legacy and the achievements of everyone who is involved with 2012 such as volunteers, local leaders and torchbearers. We also presented awards to young people who had been successful with the SCC and SASSOT funded young person’s sports performance grant.

Positive feedback from the event and contribution towards developing a lasting legacy of 2012

44 young people were awarded a total of £370 each as part of the sports performance grant | 31

Stoke-on-Trent Vanessa Darlington Stoke-on-Trent Olympic Co-ordinator 01782 236 156 e vanessa.darlington@ t

Case Study :


School Games at Hillside Primary School, Stoke-on-Trent

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

Holden Lane Sports College approached one of its cluster schools, Hillside Primary School back in February to pilot a School Games Day. The idea was to share good practice with Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire schools via meetings, film and notes. Hillside was the first school in the city to achieve the London 2012 Education Programme Get Set Network status. Schools believe engaging in School Games is a great opportunity to get more youngsters than ever before enjoying the benefits of playing competitive sport. The objective was to use the seven Olympic and Paralympic values to promote competitive sporting participation in school and home life during the build up to the London 2012 Olympics.

SASSOT have been a fundamental SASSOT support Stoke School Sport Partnerships to deliver the School Games at Level 3 and to realise a meaningful sporting legacy from the 2012 Games. SASSOT are a key partner in the delivery of the Level 3 annual county sport event that is a culmination of Level 2 inter-school competition and Level 1 intra-school competition. The Level 3 event, organised by the Local Organising Committee builds on existing competition and programmes that have been created locally. This pilot provided guidance to schools at the start of the School Games framework at Level 1 and Holden Lane and the North Stoke School Sport Partnership were keen to share good practice across the city and county.

Who was it for?

Project outcomes

The whole school was involved including 230 children, 25 teaching/ non-teaching staff, 18 secondary school leaders and 10 primary leaders. The day’s agreed themes were Olympic/Paralympic values of friendship, excellence, respect, courage, determination, inspiration and equality and the wider health agenda including promotion of healthy eating. The itinerary for the day included an opening/closing ceremony, various key stage 1 and 2 sporting activities with lunchtime demonstrations to raise awareness of community sports clubs. 32 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

7 pupils from each class received an award for one of the Olympic values

54 winners out of 230 children The production of a film and pilot study notes for dissemination to other schools Link activities into an intra-school competition Weekly teacher awards based on the Olympic values right up to London 2012

Sports This section will provide an account of achievements for Athletics, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Netball, Rugby Football Union and Swimming.

Athletics South Staffordshire Athletics Network

Catherine Pendlebury

Case Study :

South Staffordshire Athletics Network Coordinator

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

In its third year the network continues to gain momentum with the partnership of clubs, projects, ideas and development of athletics in Staffordshire we believe is at its best it has ever been!

The team at SASSOT, and in particular the Sports Manager, provide the professionalism and advice to the network. We are also extremely grateful for the successful bid for the Beginners’ Running Project that SASSOT developed. This is already proving to strengthen, support and develop the work that clubs do in this area, keeping everyone busy and introducing more people to our sport that we enjoy so much.

t e

07800 619 841

The development of coaches in our clubs remains a strong focus with coaches continuing to find that extra time to do this for the benefit of their athletes. Again alongside the day to day running of clubs, there has been considerable time spent in developing future plans and putting this down on paper for development / whole club plans - in line with Clubmark accreditation. Inter club, fun competition has been provided for juniors and running in clubs continues to grow. Clubs are excited and preparing themselves in this wonderful Olympic year; we look forward to our own network celebrations and competition, welcoming more people to athletics and enjoying the display of our Country’s talent in London. Paul Evans, Olympian Marathon Runner with John Finney, Chair of SSAN

Who was it for? There are 7 clubs in the network these being: Burton AC, Cannock & Stafford AC, Lichfield RC, Newcastle AC, Stafford Harriers, Tamworth AC, Washland Women Runners.

Project outcomes Specific action groups continue to focus on Junior, Endurance and Coaching elements of athletics development

Continued support for coach development through a programme of workshops and a coach development day Successful Sportshall Athletics season with network supporting County team representation Club welcome booklets reviewed / developed Clubs involved in Club Development event In partnership with East Staffordshire Borough Council, the development of permanently marked running routes in the Washlands area of Burton. (Run England 3-2-1 Project) | 33

Athletics Catherine Pendlebury South Staffordshire Athletics Network Coordinator t e

07800 619 841

Case Study : Run Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent -

Beginner Running Project What we did and why

Project outcomes

Sport Across Staffordshire and Stokeon-Trent (SASSOT) has been successful in gaining Sport England funding to support recreational running and in partnership with the South Staffordshire Athletics Network and Run England we are creating opportunities for beginner runners to get into the sport. Creating new running groups led by qualified and insured leaders, these groups will be in a variety of places from workplaces, schools / colleges, leisure centres or within current athletics running groups. Alongside recruiting the runners for the groups a large part of the project is training the leaders.

Our target is to introduce (or reintroduce) 1000 people to running by creating 50 new running groups led by qualified and insured leaders, which will run for a minimum of six weeks.

The project got underway in January 2012. The search for leaders and development of groups has been exciting and encouraging. There certainly seems a lot of people in the county wanting to give running a go and we look forward to supporting them and linking them to clubs, if they want to.

34 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Badminton Barton

Inclusive Badminton Club

Mark Sellwood

Case Study :

Regional Officer Badminton England

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

As part of Badminton England’s Inclusive Clubs programme the East Staffordshire Badminton Development Group received £1200 to support Barton Badminton Club’s new inclusive badminton sessions. The head coach of both Barton Badminton Club and the development group is Alan Rogers who has a strong understanding of working with disabled players through raising a son with a learning disability and supporting local disability activity for over 10 years. Alan instigated this opportunity as the first offering of this type for badminton in Staffordshire and the West Midlands as a whole.

Unfortunately the club became established just after the Aiming High funding round had finished however SASSOT helped to provide local supportive links and promote the club through its wide network. SASSOT’s Disability Sport & Physical Activity Officer has also supported Alan with methods to find and fund equipment for the participants of the club.

07825 981 924 marksellwood@



main image

David Dighton (red shirt) enjoying a game at Barton Badminton Clubs launch event in September 2011 encouraged by head coach Alan Rogers (yellow shirt). David has progressed so quickly he is entering this year’s 4 nations Parabadminton championships.

Project outcomes 

Who was it for? The club is for all participants, young and old, with both physical and learning disabilities and their family members and carers. It runs on a bi-weekly basis based at Meadowside Leisure Centre in Burton-upon-Trent. The session was arranged to run in the hour after the local Able High multisports club to make it convenient for participants to stay on and become involved in badminton.

Approximately 15 participants enjoying badminton at fortnightly sessions with the majority being under 12 years old

3 participants participating in mainstream development sessions. 2 of these participants will be competing in this year’s 4nations Parabadminton championships 35 attendees to the Able Too launch event at Meadowside L.C

Year 2 plans Further BE investment of £750 Development of dedicated sessions at The Fountains Community Special School, Burton-upon-Trent

Development of coaching workforce providing an additional level 1 and level 2 coach Link to Olympic and Paralympic legacy by providing open sessions at East Staffs CSPAN event | 35

Cricket County Cricket Board Outcomes Pilot

Jason Britton

Case Study :

Cricket Development Manager Staffordshire Cricket

What we did and why

Project outcomes

To support local county cricket boards in becoming more autonomous business units, the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in partnership with 8 county boards has commenced an outcome-driven pilot project. The project aims to empower county boards and facilitate their development to provide a more customer-focused range of products and services driven by achieving qualitative key outcomes rather than quantitative targets.

The 8 pilot projects are all progressing positively and are helping to shape a completely new working relationship between ECB, its County Cricket Boards and local stakeholders. In Staffordshire, the outcomes - agreed through wide-ranging consultation and a strong self-assessment process - will ensure Staffordshire Cricket work programmes meet the needs of its partners.

t e

07827 307 745

main image

Outcome Pilot Project Workshop at Edgbaston

Who was it for? The pilot projects represent a completely new way of working for ECB and its local county cricket boards. The work will further develop county boards’ autonomy and ultimately help shape Whole Sport Planning decisions for the game.

What role did SASSOT play? The ECB were keen to involve a key CSP figure to support the programme at a national level and having held discussions with Staffordshire Cricket, SASSOT Director Mark Thornewill, was approached to assist in developing the programme and ensuring CSP input and awareness. Mark supported the project group at a number of meetings and workshops at various locations across the country whilst providing valuable input towards Staffordshire Cricket’s new way of working.

36 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Football Facilities

Planning Modelling

Andy Weston

Case Study :

County Development Manager Staffordshire Football Association

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

Together with SASSOT and Stoke-onTrent City Council we commissioned Sport England to carry out research to assess the supply and demand for Artificial Turf Pitches (ATPs) in the area. A number of opportunities were arising particularly in Stoke-on-Trent regarding investment into ATPs. As a NGB we wanted to ensure that funding was going in to the right areas based on need and that where possible we could identify the need for specific 3G football surfaces. To ensure we didn’t miss an opportunity we widened our modelling to take in the whole of Staffordshire to give us a greater understanding of need across the whole County.

Through SASSOT we were able to progress with the modelling on a Countywide basis as they provided ÂŁ1000. This was significant funding, but the outcomes of the modelling would benefit SASSOT and its key partners (LEA, LAs and Universities) in the future with their own ATP developments and would ensure we have a strategic approach across the County based on demand.

01785 256 994 andy.weston@




Who was it for? The modelling was carried out to help inform us on investment decisions in conjunction with opportunities through the Building Schools for the Future programme (BSF) and our input into sports strategy/Playing Pitch Strategy reviews across the County. Through doing this piece of work we could maximise investment particularly into Stoke-on-Trent by demonstrating need for 3G surfaces on specific sites and link into existing BSF proposed developments.

Project outcomes We are now able to use our funding to go further. This is due to being able to show the BSF team, with support from Sport England, where the key sites are in Stoke for ATPs and crucially where 3G pitches should be placed. The City Council can be supported on other facility developments and SASSOT has a clear county-wide vision for the development of ATPs. | 37

Netball Sport Makers

Sally Kendrick

Case Study :

Netball Development Officer England Netball

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

Sport Makers are, quite simply, people who make sport happen. This exciting Olympic Legacy programme will be using the unique draw of London 2012 to recruit, train and deploy 40,000 new volunteers in England.

SASSOT are working closely with Volunteer Centres, Universities, Colleges, NGBs and Community Clubs to identify opportunities to deploy Sport Makers in the areas/sports where the need is greatest.

Each County Sports Partnership is tasked with providing a range of placements for these new volunteers. In Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent the aim is to recruit 800 new volunteers into sport.

SASSOT organised a Sport Makers’ Convention in partnership with Stoke 6th Form College and Newcastle-underLyme College. Over 100 students signed up to become Sport Makers and were given the opportunity to take part in a brief practical session in a range of sports. New Sport Makers were given the opportunity to communicate with each sport to find out how they could volunteer. A Sport Makers grant is available for the colleges to access to support NGB qualifications or delivery of an activity where the Sport Maker is deployed.

07545 924 957 sally.kendrick@



England Netball has two opportunities for Sport Makers; signposting friends, neighbours or colleagues to Back to Netball sessions or helping promote netball at Race for Life events. My role, on a local level, is to support SASSOT to recruit and deploy new Sport Makers as well as to ensure that Back to Netball sessions are well attended and encourage ladies to keep fit and return to netball.

Who was it for? To be a Sport Maker you need to be 16 or over, new to sports volunteering and able to do a minimum of 10 hours volunteering.

Daniel Caines, Olympic Athlete & World Indoor Champion (400m) informs Sport Makers of the value of volunteers at the Convention.

Netball aims to deploy Sport Makers to promote Back to Netball sessions to their friends, family, colleagues and so on. This can be by giving out leaflets, signposting ladies to the sessions or by meeting new Back to Netballers at the sessions.

38 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Project outcomes Sport Makers can make sport happen whilst developing new skills and enhancing their CVs. The programme supports NGB initiatives and offers volunteering opportunities whilst working in partnership with local Volunteer Centres, Universities, Colleges and Community Clubs. Following the College Convention, for netball, it is hoped that the Back to Netball sessions will continue to see an increase in participants.

Rugby Football Union Years 5 & 6 Primary School TAG Competitions

Tomas Bartram

Case Study :

Rugby Development Officer Staffordshire Rugby Football Union

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

As part of the Rugby Football Union’s (RFU) national ‘TAG to Twickenham’ pathway, we were challenged to work with our local partners to develop a competition structure that fitted into the national competition framework for the RFU. By working closely with SASSOT we were able to create a partnership with the school games officers (SGOs) and dovetail into the School Games competition framework. In short, each district will help to organise at least one local level TAG rugby competition which is open to all of their primary schools. The RFU delivery team would be responsible for running each event with administration support from the SGO team.

SASSOT, helped to broker relationships with the SGOs. Further, with SASSOT’s support, we were able to ensure that our competition structure and format were adhered to at all local level competitions as the message was clearly passed on to the SGOs. SASSOT also helped to provide the competition with all necessary branding and promotional material.

t e

07841 156806

Who was it for? The competition is predominantly for primary school children in school years 5 and 6. TAG rugby is a mixed gender sport, in that both girls and boys can play on the same team. TAG is entirely non-contact and involves children developing their fundamental skills, such as agility, balance and coordination. The competition pathway starts off with local level district competition, leading to county finals, regional finals, national finals and then finally the top 4 schools get the opportunity to play in a curtain raiser before a England international fixture at Twickenham.

Project Outcomes The main outcome is that we will have introduced a modified version of rugby union to in excess of 1500 young people from across Staffordshire. Many of the events are hosted at local rugby clubs and their volunteers help out at the festival by promoting their club and encouraging the young people to join. Hopefully the young people will have enjoyed their experience and will be sufficiently enthused to make the next step from their school to a club. | 39

Swimming SASSOT host NGB Officers

Jodi Adams

Case Study :

Aquatic Officer ASA West Midland Region

What we did and why

What role did SASSOT play?

As the local Aquatic Officer for Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent it was not practical for me to be based at the ASA West Midland Regional Office in Bromsgrove. We therefore approached the County Sports Partnership (SASSOT) to see if they could provide a local office base.

SASSOT have been able to provide a local office base, with administrative support, alongside other NGB officers. This opportunity has enhanced the partnership we have as an NGB with SASSOT and has helped us develop relationships with other local partners, such as the local Primary Care Trusts.

Who was it for?

Project outcomes

t e

07824 389 746

Hosting is provided for NGB officers within the SASSOT office, providing access to a range of office services to enable the officers to operate effectively.


Rachael Kelly, World Junior Championship Gold medallist and Staffordshire ASA President, Geoffrey Kirkham, were joined by swimmers from Newcastle ASC to celebrate the launch of the Swimathon weekend and Big Splash Mile for Sport Relief at Jubilee2 in Newcastle. 40 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Closer partnership working with SASSOT and other NGBs.

Sharing of good practice Access to local knowledge Improved communication with local partners and organisations Funding opportunities

Financial Information 1st April 2011 to 31st March 2012

Annual Budget Actual

Supporting other investment… SASSOT also implemented a number of grant schemes to assist grassroots delivery of sport and physical activity: Club Accreditation Fund (£5k), ACCESS Across Staffordshire (£4k), ACTIVITIES Across Staffordshire (£9k) and a Community Games grant fund supported by South Staffordshire PCT (£6k). Over the 12 months, SASSOT supported Partners to draw down £1,191,040 of funding to support the delivery of a variety of projects.

Income 939,174 Expenditure 760,745 Net 178,429

1,006,254 604,582 401,672

The increase in income relates to the receipt of additional grants relating to: a DfE Volunteering Project and DoH Change4Life clubs to be delivered in 2012-13, a Multi Sport Club Project to be delivered in 2012-13, and a contribution from an additional local partner. The net underspend includes commitments carried forward re: physical activity development, workforce development in terms of coach scholarship awards awaiting payment, club support grants, community sports coach grants awaiting payment, the partnership reserve fund and the receipt of grants during the financial year which will be used to deliver projects in 2012-13.

Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent

Board Members 2011-12

Adam Hill Head of Leisure and Culture Stafford Borough Council

Janene Cox Commissioner for Culture and Leisure Staffordshire County Council

Andy Weston County Development Manager Staffordshire Football Association

Jo Robins Consultant in Public Health Staffordshire Public Health

Angela Dale Head of Sport Keele University

Laurence O’Neill Chairman Private Sector Representative

Carl Bennett Senior Health Improvement Specialist NHS Stoke-on-Trent

Malcolm Duncan Voluntary Sector Representative

Caroline Holder Senior Teacher Consultant for PE and Active Lifestyles Staffordshire County Council David Pinnock Voluntary Sector Representative

Councillor Mark Heenan Staffordshire County Council dr Nigel Thomas Head of Department Sport and Exercise Staffordshire University

Simon Dickie National Youth and Community Manager Amateur Rowing Association Stephen Brown Chief Executive Cannock Chase District Council Sue Finnigan Vice Chair Private Sector Representative Ex-Officio


annE rippon Strategic Lead Local Relationships Central Sport England | 41



East Staffordshire School Sport Partnership

South Staffordshire School Sport Partnership

Staffordshire County Council, Education Transformation Division

Blessed Robert Sutton, Catholic Sports College, Bluestone Lane, Stapenhill, Burton on Trent DE15 9SD

Cheslyn Hay Sport and Community High School Saredon Road, Cheslyn Hay, WS6 7JQ

CAROLINE HOLDER Senior Teacher Consultant for PE and Active Lifestyles t e

01785 278 266

Caroline Smith School Games Organiser t e

01283 749 463

Chris Wood School Games Organiser t e

01922 416 024 woodc@cheslynhay-high.staffs.

Staffordshire University DR NIGEL THOMAS Head of Sport and Exercise and Executive Board Member t e

01782 294 019

Keele University ANGELA DALE Head of Sport t e

01782 583 367

School Sport Partnerships Burntwood and Lichfield School Sport Partnership Erasmus Darwin Academy (formerly Chasetown Specialist Sports College) Pool Road, Burntwood WS7 3QW Jennifer Tipping School Games Organiser t e

01543 685 828 ext 107

Cannock and Rugeley School Sport Partnership Hagley Park Sports College, Burnthill Lane, Rugeley WS15 2HZ Nick Ruddick School Games Organiser t e

Newcastle-under-Lyme School Sport Partnership

Stafford and Stone School Sport Partnership

Chesterton Community Sports College, Castle Street, Chesterton, Newcastle ST5 7LP

Stafford Sports College, Wolverhampton Road, Stafford ST17 9DJ

CARL INSKIP School Games Organiser t e

01782 568 370

STEVE GLOVER Partnership Development Manager

07825 999 088 steve.glover@stafford t e

North Stoke School Sport Partnership

Staffordshire Moorlands School Sport Partnership

Holden Lane High School Sports College, Milton Road, Sneyd Green, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 6LG

Biddulph High School Specialist Sports College, Conway Road, Knypersley, Stoke-on-Trent ST8 7AR

Nigel Edwards Strategic Sport Manager

Zoe Harp School Games Organiser

t e

07966 509 132

South Stoke School Sport Partnership Trentham High School Allerton Road, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 8PQ Helen Moors Partnership Development Leader t e

07974 111 964

01889 571 680 ext 118 nick.ruddick@

42 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 201242

t e

01782 521 822

Tamworth School Sport Partnership Rawlett Community Sports College, Comberford Road, Tamworth B79 9AA Ben Bulleyment School Games Organiser t e

07773 421 509

London 2012 Games MARIE FITZPATRICK Staffordshire Co-ordinator for the 2012 Games t e

01785 854 595

VANESSA DARLINGTON Stoke-on-Trent Co-ordinator for the 2012 Games t e

01782 236 156

Primary Care Trusts

Netball SALLY KENDRICK Netball Development Officer, England Netball

07545 924 957 sally.kendrick@ t e

Rugby Football Union TOMAS BARTRAM Rugby Development Officer - Staffs Rugby Football Union t e

07841 156 806

Staffordshire Public Health


JO ROBINS Consultant in Public Health

JODI ADAMS Aquatic Officer, ASA West Midland Region

t e

01889 571 700

t e

07824 389 746

South Staffordshire SIMON NUTTALL Performance Review Officer t e

01902 696 518

Stafford ADAM HILL Head of Leisure and Culture t e

01785 619 299

Staffordshire Moorlands TONY WHEAT Leisure Services Manager for Staffordshire Moorlands DC & High Peak BC

01538 395 730 anthony.wheat@ t e


Sport Specific Development Officers

Local Authorities

LESLIE EYRE Sports Participation Officer


Cannock Chase

CATHERINE PENDLEBURY South Staffordshire Athletics Network Coordinator

t e

PAUL SMITH Sports Development Manager

t e

07800 619 841

t m e

01543 464 574 07967 664 287


East Staffordshire

MARK SELLWOOD Regional Officer, Badminton England

NEIL BROWN Sports Development Team Leader

t e

07825 981 924 marksellwood@

JASON BRITTON Cricket Development Manager, Staffordshire Cricket

07827 307745

Football ANDY WESTON County Development Manager, Staffordshire Football Association t e

01283 508 192



t e

t e

01785 256 994

SARAH SLEIGH Sports Development Officer t e

01782 236 930

Tamworth KAREN MOSS Sports Development Manager t e

01827 709 316

SPORT ENGLAND Anne Rippon Strategic Lead Local Relationships Central Sport England t e

02072 731 769

01543 308 835

Newcastle-under-Lyme NICOLA ROBINSON Health and Fitness Officer

01782 616 606 nicky.robinson@ t e | 43

The Team Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent County Sports Partnership would like to thank Partners for their contributions to this Annual Report.

Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent!/SASSOTCSP Stafford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Riverside, Stafford ST16 3AQ

Partnership Director MARK THORNEWILL

Coaching Development Manager LEE BOOTH

t m

t m

Sports Manager JANE KRACKE

t m e

Workforce Development Manager BEN HOLLANDS

t m e

Physical Activity Development Manager CLAIRE GREENWOOD

t m e


01785 619 896 07800 619 896

01785 619 187 07800 619 187

01785 619 317 07812 351 083

01785 619 258 07772 223 015

Volunteer Development Coordinator Camilla Denham

t m e

01785 619 694 07772 223 059

School Games Coordinator Nadine Berry t 01785 619 726 m 07800 619 308 e


01785 619 730 07800 619 695

Knowledge, Communications and Equalities Manager NAOMI BIRD

t m e

Aiming High Disability Sport and Physical Activity Development Officer MARK FOSBROOK t m e

01785 619 585 07800 619 843

01785 619 398 07800 619 693

Education and Training Officer KAM WEBSTER

t m e

01785 619 695 07800 619 884

Sportivate Administrative Officer NICOLA HILL

t e

Administrative Officer LEIGH MORTON

t e

44 | Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent | Annual Report 2011 - 2012

01785 619 599

01785 619 349

Abbreviations This report was compiled based on information received to-date, and at the time of writing, it was assumed that all details were factually correct.

ATP Artificial Turf Pitch

DoH Department of Health

P2P Playground to Podium

BAME Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic persons

ECB England and Wales Cricket Board

RFU Rugby Football Union

FA Football Association

RUFC Rugby Union Football Club

LOC Local Organising Committee

SASSOT Sport Across Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent

CRT Coalfields Regeneration Trust CSP County Sports Partnership CSPAN Community Sport Physical Activity Network DfE Department for Education

LSCB Local Safeguarding Children Board NGB National Governing Body PCT Primary Care Trust

SDOs Sports Development Officers SGO School Games Organiser SSP School Sport Partnership | 45

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