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➜ Pinterest  For Beginners: Spend A Pinteresting Day With The Things You Love Pinterest is a virtual inspiration board for collecting and organizing things you love. You can save images that you see on the web, or upload your own and categorize them on different ‘pinboards’ or theme-based image collections. Pinterest can be whatever you want it to be. Artists pin sites for inspiration, students collaborate on projects, and cooks share recipes - no matter what you’re interested in, there’s a place for it in Pinterest. Have fun learning how to set up an account, create your own ‘boards’, ‘pin’ and ‘re-pin’ to your boards, ‘follow’ boards, make comments and ‘like’ someone else’s pins.

COOKING ➜ Adaptive  Cooking for Independent Living This course is designed for students who lack basic cooking skills and who are unable to plan and prepare meals independently. Students will be able to use their acquired knowledge and skills to plan and cook simple yet nutritious and delicious meals. As a result, students will gain self-confidence and experience the triumph that comes with achievement. The goal of Adaptive Cooking is to provide training in safe procedures for preparing simple yet nutritious meals.

Course number: 909349

Course number: 606382

Sect 01 � Diana Musacchio • Mar 8 • Wake, Rm 3 1 Saturday • 9am - 3pm • $36 • Materials $3

Sect 01 � Angela Nowlin • Jan 16 - Feb 13 • Schott, Rm 27 5 Thursdays • 2:30pm - 5pm • $63 • Lab $9 • Materials $40

➜ NEW!  Website 101 with WordPress

➜ Almost  Meatless

Need a website? Don’t spend big bucks paying someone else to do it, learn a skill and do it yourself! Learn how to set up your own website - be it a personal blog or a five-star business front. Learn the mechanics of how websites work, how to update, manage, and, most importantly, how to make it your own with custom themes and images. Learn the basics of search engine optimization, what it means, and why it’s important. A class for anyone - small business owner or anyone has ever wanted a website but hasn’t known where to begin.

For students who are not strict vegetarians but enjoy meatless meals or for beginning vegetarians. You will learn the basics of healthy vegetarian cooking, proper meal balancing, nutrition, eating out and saving time in the kitchen. Several delicious recipes from soups to entrees and veggie side dishes will be prepared using whole grains, soy protein, legumes, fresh vegetables, herbs and spices.

Course number: 909350 Sect 01 � Hudson Hornick • Jan 15 - Jan 29 • Wake, Rm 3 3 Wednesdays • 1pm - 4pm • $45

Course number: 606408 Sect 01 � Suzanne Lemagie • Feb 27 - Mar 6 • Schott, Rm 27 2 Thursdays • 6pm - 9pm • $36 • Materials $18


➜ NEW!  Beautiful Brunches at the Very Last Minute

For additional classes in Digital Design, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), MAC software skills and more, please visit the CE website:

Oh, if you only had the time to plan and buy all the needed ingredients for a wonderful meal for unexpected guests! Fight the urge to jump in the car and find a good restaurant. Here is a class that will guide you through the basics of a bountiful and beautiful brunch with simple ingredients you can store ahead of time. Discover freezable options to have on hand. Use presentation techniques to make whatever you offer seem like a feast. You’ll never fear that knock on the door after you master the art of the brunch. Course number: 606409 Sect 01 � Jill Yeomans • Jan 15 - Feb 5 • Schott, Rm 27 4 Wednesdays • 10am - 2pm • $80 • Lab $12 • Materials $40

➜ Cake  Decorating Course provides students with skills to learn the art of cake decorating: birthdays, anniversary, and special occasion cakes. Course includes: covering cakes, hand molding flowers, board preparation, and other various professional decorating techniques. Students will learn the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating utilizing correct tools and baking principles for decorating. Course number: 606336 Sect 02 � Illana Wolff • Jan 14 - Feb 4 • Wake, Rm 7 4 Tuesdays • 6pm - 9pm • $60 • Materials $20 Sect 01 � Illana Wolff • Jan 23 - Feb 13 • Schott, Rm 27 4 Thursdays • 9:30am - 12:30pm • $60 • Materials $20

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