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östadsverk - Centrum for innovative municipal Hammarby Sj Sjöstadsverk wastewater purification Activities ¾ Basic Research and Development ¾Applied Research and Development ¾Reference and demonstration facility ¾Education and platform for knowledge exchange Research areas / projects ¾ Requirements for incoming water (causes of the disturbances) ¾Optimization of existing aerobic and anaerobic processes ¾Additional purification of outgoing wastewater 9 e.g. removal of pharmaceuticals from the wastewater ¾Process and measurement technology ¾Treatment of side streams ¾Climate protecting treatment technologies ¾Increased biogas production 9 e.g. production of environmentally friendly fuels ¾Development of new innovative technologies and processes 9 e.g. production of drinking water from waste water Water supply will together with climate change dominate the global environmental agenda for a long time. This is because a changed climate will also lead to new problems in terms of water supply and wastewater treatment. Hammarby Sjöstadsverk is an unique place for long-term collaboration between researchers, municipal WWTP and industry to meet future challenges within the wastewater purification sector.

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