A Networker's Guide to the SBC Digital Summit North America

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THE NETWORKER’S GUIDE TO SBC DIGITAL SUMMIT – NORTH AMERICA SBC Digital Summit North America platform provides some really powerful functionality to allow you to find and connect with people – if you know how to use it. So here is a little guide to turn you into a Networking Ninja!

FINDING PEOPLE There are several ways you can find people on the platform: 1. Clicking the “Live attendees” button in the menu bar on the bottom of your screen, lets you see a complete listing of all people online. You can search for attendee or company names.

2. Clicking the number next to the “Users in this location” on the top-right of your screen shows you a list of all the people in that particular location.

CONTACTING PEOPLE Clicking the underlined name of any attendee anywhere in the event, e.g., on the lists as indicated above, you see a window with the attendee’s details. On this window you find two ways to contact a person on the platform: The Email function and the Chat function.

Email function The email function is ideal for longer messages and allows you to keep a record of your conversations. When you click on the blue envelope symbol next to a person’s name, you can send them an email.

A window opens where you can write your message and also attach a file.

They receive this email both on the platform and forwarded to the email address they used to register for the event, with a link for them to reply to you. You, in turn, receive their reply at your registered email address.

Did you know you have an email inbox for your emails on the platform? To access it, simply click the Open Inbox button at the top of your screen and a window with your inbox opens.

In the inbox window you have an overview of all the emails you have received. From here you can open and reply to your emails.

Chat function The chat function is ideal for a quick message to someone you know or to introduce yourself. The chat history disappears when you refresh your browser, e.g., for a platform update or when you restart

your computer. So you may want to move your conversations to email when they become longer or if you want to keep a record. (Pro-tip: A hack to avoid losing your chat history is to open the event platform in more than one ‘tab’ on your browser window and chat in one tab only. As long as you do not refresh that tab and do not restart your computer/browser, it will keep the chat history.) When you click on the green speech bubble symbol next to a person’s name, you can send them a chat. When the speech bubble has a different colour a person is not contactable, either because they are not available (orange), do not want to be disturbed (red), or because they are logged off (grey).

Clicking a green speech bubble opens a chat window at the right-bottom of your screen, in which you can write your chat message and press send.

All your active chats are visible in the chat window. This lets you have more chats going at the same time and pick up on answers when you get them. This windows minimizes by pressing on the top right and it flashes blue if you have received a new chat.

CONTACTING EXHIBITORS The email and chat functions are also available at the exhibitor stands, where you can talk to the sales representative. You can find them when you’re on a stand either by clicking on the Sales Representatives button on the top right of your screen, or on the part of the stand that indicates so.

THE NETWORKING LOUNGE The Networking lounge is the ideal location to strike up a conversation with other people. You enter the lounge by clicking on the icon in the menu bar at the bottom. You find a floor stand at the left which shows the upcoming themed networking sessions, and also allows you to enter into the general conversation which goes on all day.

Themed Networking sessions You can connect with like-minded people in themed networking sessions focusing on selected markets and verticals. Sessions will invite you to join in on the discussion and will feature senior-level industry experts to help direct and facilitate the conversations. These sessions are scheduled at specific times and are listed on the Agenda To get access you need to speak to SBC staff in the Networking Lounge or at the Help Desk or look out for info via the in-platform announcements.

Virtual Networking Bar An SBC conference wouldn’t be the same without a chance to catch up with your friends and colleagues for casual conversation and networking. That’s why the CasinoBeats Malta - Digital event will feature a Virtual Networking Bar. The bar will offer attendees the option to participate in real-time networking via Zoom and have the ability to connect with others in the bar or start one-onone chats. The feature will also include a ‘bartender’ to guide and maintain the flow of conversations.

GENERAL NETWORKING TIPS Set up meetings in advance As with all industry events, it is important to contact your partners and potential clients to set up meetings in advance. If your company has a booth in the Virtual Exhibition at the event, it provides an excellent place to meet, if not the Networking Lounge will serve as an excellent alternative and will have the same options to set up 1-to-1 chats and conversations. Should you wish to meet with one of the Exhibitors, there is an option on the event website to schedule meetings with them, you can find it HERE.

Fill in your profile To make sure that relevant potential clients and partners can identify and contact you, make sure that you fill in the information on your profile. To do this, simply hover your cursor over the cogwheel symbol on the top right of your screen and choose “Edit Registration Info�.

This will let you update the info other attendees can see on your Profile Card, which functions as your virtual business card and helps you make the right contacts and connections during the event.