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SBBL ARCHITECTURE + PLANNING was founded in Tucson in 1997. Our projects include healthcare, cultural, residential, hospitality, office, and retail facilities. We understand the importance of responsiveness and client satisfaction and are readily available to our clients. • • As the lead consultant on an architectural/engineering team, we have a good working relationship with several civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers in multiple states. • Creating inspiring volume and space is one goal for our projects. Through clear com- • munication and a commitment to client satisfaction, SBBL creates unique architectural solutions and functional designs while meeting time and budget constraints. Each project respectfully complements and integrates with the surrounding environment with a sensitivity to adjacent facilities and activities.


Hospital/Healthcare Facilities Cultural/Community Centers Offices Restaurants Commercial Buildings Residencies Urban Infill Parks & Recreation Facilities Aquatic Facilities Research Offices Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Educational Facilities Industrial Buildings Laboratories

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Architectural Programming Site Planning/Master Planning Zoning/Land Use Studies Infrastructure Upgrades Investigations and Studies LEED Buildings ADA upgrades/Special Needs Interior Remodels Ground-Up Buildings/Additions Tenant Improvements Building Modifications Structural Analysis Code Analysis Specifications Writing Central Plants Historic Renovations

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Sustainability - SBBL incorporates sustainable design and products in as many of our projects as possible. Ken Imoehl is SBBL’s LEED Certified Professional. In the past 5 years we have completed projects requiring LEED certification or equivalency including retail centers and two healthcare facilities. Design for Occupied Buildings - A number of our projects, including healthcare facilities and a fitness center were designed to allow for construction to occur while the facilities were in full use. This work requires good communication skills with the owner and contractors and creative solutions to minimize disruption. Phased Construction - We have experience designing phased projects requiring us to anticipate how future work will integrate with current phases. Building Systems - SBBL has produced construction documents for more technically challenging projects such as clean rooms, ice storage systems, patient care emergency power, chiller plants, and water systems. “I don’t think anyone could have taken our existing building and made it look as new and improved as SBBL did. It was a very creative solution and on a personal level, I appreciate having SBBL’s talented team as our architect. - Randy Emerson, JCC Board Member

“From day one, we have been very impressed with SBBL’s unique combination of creativity and knowledge of the more technical side of architecture. We highly recommend their services to anyone.” - Debbie Rich, CEO, Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona


EDUCATION - McGuire Center - University of Arizona

URBAN - Johnny Gibson’s Downtown Market


INDUSTRIAL - FedEx Distribution Center

INFRASTRUCTURE - Chiller Plant/ Water Treatment Upgrades

Outpatient Mental Health Building

Outpatient Mental Health Addition

Inpatient Rooms Renovation


In our experience with healthcare, there are many important functions that are essential for a successful operation.

Corridors are wide to assure quick and efficient movement. Accessibility should exceed typical standards. Mechanical systems require controllability. Fire-rated zones allow for isolation of other zones. Sound attenuation and privacy are important considerations as is smooth flooring with a minimum of surface changes. Allowance for bariatric patients is necessary as is infection control. These and other functional aspects become essential parts of the programming. Additional Projects

Primary Care Areas Renovation

Community Living Center Buildings Correct ADA Site Deficiencies George H. O’brien, Jr. VA Medical Center El Paso VA Medical Center Big Spring, TX El Paso, Texas Women’s Clinic Addition Carl T. Hayden Phoenix VA Medical Phoenix, Arizona

Atrium Renovation El Paso VA Medical Center El Paso, Texas

Chiller Plant Upgrades Southern Arizona VA Medical Center Tucson, Arizona

Renovate Outpatient Clinic George H. O’brien, Jr. VA Big Spring, TX

Enhance In-Patient Environments Expand Patient Lodges Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center Thomas E. Creek VA Medical Albuquerque, New Mexico Amarillo, Texas Implement Cultural Changes Northern Arizona VA Medical Center Prescott, Arizona Modernize Labs Southern Arizona VA Medical Tucson, Arizona

Emergency Department Expansion (Under Construction)

Upgrade Waterlines & Valves Thomas E. Creek VA Medical Amarillo, Texas

Operating Room Deficiencies Southern Arizona VA Medical Tucson, Arizona Water Plant Upgrades George H. O’brien, Jr. VA Big Spring, TX Building 41 Structural Analysis Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tucson Jewish Community Center - Sports & Wellness Expansion/Renovation

Holocaust History Center (Under Construction)


Architecture is built space. It’s that simple. At SBBL we strive to develop innovative space that matches the client’s goals, mission, and program. Most projects have financial constraints or may require significant support from donations. We find the balance between real world issues and spaces that inspire. At SBBL, we believe that creativity is in the solutions to real world problems.

Additional Projects Girl Scouts- Leadership Building (Currently Bidding)

Canoa Ranch Recreation Center Green Valley Parks and Rec. Green Valley, Arizona

Whispering Pines Girl Scouts Mountain Retreat Mt. Lemmon, Arizona

Kino Recreation Center C.O.T. Parks and Recreation Tucson, Arizona

Quincie Douglas Pool C.O.T. Parks and Recreation Tucson, Arizona

William M. Clements Rec. Center C.O.T. Parks and Recreation Tucson, Arizona

Davis Monthan Pool Facility Davis Monthan Air Force Base Tucson, Arizona

Northwest Boys and Girls Club Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson Tucson, Arizona

6th and Grant Dog Park C.O.T. Parks and Recreation Tucson, Arizona

Funeral Home Adaptive Reuse Private Developer Tucson, Arizona

Titanic Exhibition & Museum Historic Rialto Block Tucson, Arizona

Udall Recreation Center C.O.T. Parks and Recreation Tucson, Arizona

BODIES Exhibit - Historic Rialto Block

HDR - Offices

SBBL Architecture Offices

Direct ILC Office Building

Johnny Gibson’s Downtown Market

Viva Burrito


Although businesses vary in size and type, we approach the projects with the same care and concern.

Nordstrom Rack

Schedules and deadlines are very important. We have worked with multi-million dollar corporations as well as local mom-and-pop shops. While the scale may be different, the goals are often the same. We have the expertise to help all of our clients succeed. Your business matters to us. Whether it is opening a new commercial building or creating a new work space, we can serve your needs.

Additional Projects

Big Sky Autobody

Dairy Queen

FedEx Distribution Center Ground-up facility Prescott, Arizona

1001 N. Alvernon Offices Ground-up Building Tucson, Arizona

FedEx Distribution Center Ground-up facility Garfield County, Colorado

Scion Showroom Ground-up Building Tucson, Arizona

HTC White Boxes Retail Tenant Improvement Tucson, Arizona

Boston’s Pizza Ground-up Restaurant (Tucson, Arizona)

Champion Pool & Spa Supply Retail Tenant Improvement Tucson, Arizona

Lowe’s Home Improvement Ground-up Retail Building Tucson, Arizona

Just Desserts Restaurant Tenant Improvement Tucson, Arizona

Cord Blood Registry Stem Cell Storage -T.I. Tucson, Arizona

The Hamburger Stand Restaurant Tenant Improvement Tucson, Arizona

Sunquest Systems Headquarters Ground-up Building Tucson, Arizona

Valero NEC Gas Station Tucson, Arizona

Granite Construction Headquarters Ground-up Building Tucson, Arizona

Ponzu Residence

Riverwalk Condominiums

Mira Vista Condos

Anita Street Residence


Stone Canyon Residence Lot 111

SBBL’s mission is to create homes where people can dwell. Dwellings, whether they are condominiums, single-family residences, or apartments, require careful placement on the site. We integrate views, topography, and daylighting to create a regional, sitespecific design.

Additional Projects

Elm Street Residence

One West Mixed Use Tucson, Arizona

Music Studio in the Desert Single Family Tucson, Arizona

Canoa Ranch Residences Single Family Spec Homes Tucson, Arizona

Riverwalk Condos Single Family Condominiums Tucson, Arizona

Esperero Canyon Residence Single Family Renovation Tucson, Arizona

Veteran Cottages 10-person Residences Big Spring, Texas

Highland Garden Apartment Complex Phoenix, Arizona Monier Brickyard Building Mixed Use Tucson, Arizona Morton Warm Springs Mixed Use Tucson, Arizona

Stone Curves Cohousing Community

SBBL ARCHITECTURE + PLANNING 15 E Pennington St. Tucson, Arizona 85701 520.620.0255 www.sbbl.biz Contact: Thomas Sayler-Brown, AIA at tsb@sbbl.biz

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