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February 2009

Lance, Levi & Floyd to race in Solvang The Amgen Tour of California, now is its fourth year, is recognized as the premier stage race in the United States. The time trial stage, considered the pivotal event in the eight-day race, will for the third year take place in Solvang. What will bring additional thousands of cycling fans to Solvang this year is the competition among Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, and Floyd Landis—plus a hundred others. Armstrong, seven time winner of the Tour de France, cancer survivor, and head of the Lance Armstrong Foundation that funds cancer research, retired from cycling three years ago— until last fall when he announced that he was returning to race. Everybody is wondering whether the 37-year old Levi Leipheimer takes off on his 2008 winning time trial in Solvang, propelling him to the lead that he kept to win the Tour of California. can regain his winning form in this, his Hamilton, David Millar, Christian Vande Velde, first American race since renouncing retirement. David Zabriskie, Carlos Sastre, Ivan Basso, Tom Leipheimer, winner of the last two Tours, will Boonen, Fabian Cancellara, and George Hincapie. return to fight for a third. Last year, he won the The fourth annual Amgen Tour of California Solvang time trial and kept his lead to the finish will take place on February 14th-22nd, consisting line. He was also third in the 2007 Tour de France. of 800 miles of cycling between Sacramento and Landis was the Tour of California winner in Escondido. The individual time trial will start at 2006 after taking the lead in the 17-mile time trial. 12:00 noon in Solvang on Friday, February 20th. After winning the 2006 Tour de France, he was The cyclists will depart at predetermined interdisqualified on drug charges that he vehemently vals. The event is expected to finish with a closing denies. His two-year suspension from cycling has ceremony after 3:00 PM. Cyclists will start at Misjust ended, and OUCH cycling teammates report sion Drive at 1st Street, and will finish on Copenthat he’s running them ragged with training. Alhagen Drive. though team OUCH (formerly Health Net) hasn’t The event will again boost cycling tourism in been officially invited to compete this year, all the Santa Barbara county, not only from TV coverage cycling gossip websites say it’s a done deal. seen by millions, but by a hefty increase over the In addition, those three will be facing fierce 15,000 spectators who came to our area last year. competition from other world-class cyclists: Tyler The prior three years included a stage start or finish in Santa Barbara, but the local organizers failed last spring to attract sponsors who could help finance the $60,000 or so needed for the event. As this goes to press, our Bicycle Coalition is working on involvement in Solvang to promote Santa Barbara county cycling. Read more about Solvang This is the Time Trial profile showing where the climbing tops out at 1000 feet on events on page 3. Ballard Canyon Road just west of Los Olivos.

Lompoc’s bike plan The City of Lompoc has a crafted a Bicycle Transportation Plan. It was approved by the City Council on November 4th, and by SBCAG on November 20th. City staff engineer Alex Ubaldo coordinated with the Lompoc Valley Bicycle Club to write the document. Subsequent to adoption of the Plan, Lompoc applied for $365,000 from the state’s Bicycle Transportation Account for bikelane striping, bikeway signage, and bicyclist detection at 16 signalized intersections within the city. Lompoc will contend for funds with a separate BTA application submitted by Matt Dobberteen with Santa Barbara County for a bikepath bridge over Orcutt Creek in Orcutt, connecting existing bikepath segments. We will apparently hear from Caltrans about the grants, if any, by summer.

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Santa Barbara Earth Noon meeting Feb 3rd monthly Bicycle Coalition meeting, Day is coming April 19 Our noon on February 3rd, will include county

After 16 years at the County Courthouse, Santa Barbara’s Earth Day celebration has outgrown the location and will move to the two city blocks of Alameda Park this year. Our first participation in Earth Day was in 1992 at Alameda Park where we offered valet bike parking and an information table, so in a way, we’re returning home. Plans for 2009 include closing off a block of Santa Barbara Street for valet bike parking, a green car show and food vendors. Ralph Fertig walked the site on January 7th with Community Environmental Council organizer Mike Lazero, determining how much bike parking space we will need, plus adjacent room on the lawn for our free bike check-ups and information booth. Stay tuned as details for the day firm up.

planner Tom Figg who will talk about their concerns over UCSB’s Long Range Development Plan, especially the Ocean Road development. Also, Ralph Fertig will describe bicycling in Turkey, along with some of his photos of the historic country that straddles Europe and Asia. Plus a number of other important issues. Please join us.

Bicycle letters, photos & articles leveling off

January Coalition meeting topics Our January 6th monthly Bicycle Coalition meeting was held at 7:00 PM at Rusty’s Pizza, where 17 people talking about these topics: g Ralph Fertig described a Caltrans meeting January 22 about Carpinteria bridge bikelanes, road connections, and bikepaths. g Ed France said that volunteers have so far given away 300 flashing LED bike lights, funded by Goleta Valley Cycling Club and COAST. g Dru van Hengel described State/De la Vina alternatives that will go to the City Council February 10th. g Ralph Fertig encouraged people to participate in the Ride 4 Rwanda on January 24th. g Dave Pritchett, new chair of SB’s Transportation and Circulation Committee, talked about the committee, and community views on alternative transportation. g Ed France talked about upcoming Bici Centro classes, noting that the Adult Basic bike class was already filled. g Ralph Fertig descibed a forthcoming meeting about bicyclist-motorist conflicts on UCSB’s proposed Ocean Road development. g Sarah Grant asked people to spread the word about our January 22/24th Street Skills class. g Possible conflicts between bicyclists and Nite Moves runners were discussed and it was decided to let the current arrangement continue, but monitor it. g Caltrans oceanside bikepath design along Highway 101 at La Conchita was described.

Since 1992, Bicycle Coalition president Ralph Fertig has been clipping local newspaper articles, photos and cartoons that mention or feature bicycling. Each January, he tallies the prominent ones to assess our regional published exposure to bicycling. For the first nine years, numbers increased dramatically, and during the recent eight, the increase has continued, but slowed. “I have a total respect for data,” Fertig said. “Without reliable measures of what’s happening, humans tend to fool themselves into seeing what they want to see. I don’t always like what the counts show, but we act best when we face up to reality.” The numbers may be slowing because people are increasingly seeking news and information online rather than in printed media. However, there’s no easy way to continuously measure how local residents are using the Internet to learn about bicycling. Year 2008 was disappointing because of the decline in op/eds and letters to the editor. This is one area where we can effect what is published by expressing what we think, and emailing it to local media. We are pleased that last year several Bicycle Coalition members’ submissions were published. Our thanks to Ralph Fertig for five letters, Eva Inbar for two, and one each from Mark McClure, Robert Bernstein, Dave Everett, Doris Phinney, and Barney Berglund.

Wet Willy Sez Dear Wet Willy: I can’t seem to find a bike saddle that doesn’t kill me after about 30 minutes on the bike. Any suggestions? And what do you ride? — Chafed and Beat Up. Dear Chafed, etc: A bicycle that is correctly fitted to you (right frame size, saddle height, handlebar height, etc.) can go a long way toward resolving saddle discomfort. Once these items are resolved, your bike saddle should be level to support your full body weight and allow you to move around on the seat when necessary. Too much upward tilt can result in unnecessary pressure points and too much downward tilt can make you slide forward while riding and put extra pressure on your arms, hands and knees. Even on a bike that is correctly fitted, bike saddles are much like shoes: Some feel great from day one, and some may not feel good at all—particularly after a day full of long miles. Padded cycling shorts (or pad-

by Wilson Hubbell

ded underwear for non-cycling clothing) can go a long way toward making a correctly fitted saddle feel more comfortable and, even if you don’t normally wear cycling short or padded undies, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. However, even with cycling shorts and a correctly adjusted bike, many riders go through a period of trial and error to find a saddle that is comfortable to their anatomy for an extended ride. Wet Willy endured this process and now has generally settled on the Selle San Marco Regal saddle for decent comfort under most conditions. However, my rear end is not your rear end and what works well for me may not necessarily work for you. Remember: Get the bike adjusted to fit you first. “Wet Willy” is an advice column authored by Coalition Vice President Wilson Hubbell. Please submit any questions you have about cycling issues to him at

Making the most of the Tour of California To take advantage of music, and family the world class cyactivities. clists who will come to Watch the “Race our own county, here of Truth” where up are some ideas about to 25 non-profeswhat you can do and sional cyclists will how you can help. race on the time Don’t expect to trial course for the park in Solvang or on glory of beating oththe race course. What ers. It will start at you will be wise to do 11:00 AM. is park miles away, Help bring the and bike in. There will Tour back next year be valet bike parkby buying one of the ing run by the Kalyra Unlike sports where fans are kept at a distance from viewing packages or Women’s Racing Team the athletes, cycling allow close views and even some raffle tickets at the northwest cor- conversations with them. for a $3000 bike and ner of Mission Drive and Atterdag. more. Go to If you’re coming from further south, say Stay in Solvang for the 6:00 PM Gala Evefrom LA or San Diego, consider taking the ning at Hotel Corque (formerly Royal ScanAmtrak Surfliner to Santa Barbara, then use dinavian). For $75 you’ll enjoy wine tasting, the connecting Amtrak coach to Solvang. a 3-course gourmet dinner, dancing, and a Be sure to check out the cyclists preparsurprise celebrity guest. Don’t know what to ing for their individual race at the team do between 3:30 and 6:00? Hop on that bike parking area. It’s a rare opportunity to see and tour the quiet country roads—or just international athletes, their support staff poke around Solvang. Gala tickets are availand vehicles up close. able at You Visit the free Lifestyle Festival in Solvang have to buy them before February 12th. Park between Copenhagen and Mission For overall information about the entire Drive. It’s open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Amgen Tour of California, go to www.amproviding health screenings, cancer Finally, watch each ness, education, bicycle stunt shows, live stage of the Tour on Versus TV network.

Dealing with bike theft by Ralph Fertig

Three intact bikes plus parts of two others were recently locked to the Goleta Amtrak depot bike rack. New bike lockers will be available soon.

Last December 8th, my beloved Trek hybrid bike was stolen when I was in the Santa Barbara downtown library for an hour in the middle of the day. It was locked with a heavy Kryptonite cable lock. When I came out, there was no bike, no helmet, no lock. I had locked that bike all over our county for 12 years, but in that hour my luck ran out. I sent an email query out to three bike lists of several hundred people asking if they had bikes stolen. Only 13 replied, so maybe not many have actually lost bikes. All kinds of bikes were stolen—mountain, road, hybrid, cruiser, fixed gear. Half were not locked at all, and for those that were, twice as many used a cable lock as a U-lock. The time away from the bike ranged from a minute to overnight. A third were stolen from homes, two-thirds from commercial areas. The good news was that two were recovered by the owners who found them nearby. How can we minimize thefts? Lock your bike. Park in a busy area, preferably within direct view of people. Don’t leave it out overnight. Report the loss to police for insurance claims. Walk around the area afterwards, looking for it. Leave bike photos, info and serial numbers with bike shops. If you want to do more, consider advice from Transportation Alternatives in New York City: use two lock types, lock the frame triangle and rear wheel to a pole, and take the front wheel with you. Thieves usually have tools to break cable or U-locks, but not both. They also expect to ride off with your bike, so the missing wheel deters most. Ultimate NYC bike courier security is a hardened steel chain with a heavy duty padlock. Chose the security level you feel you need. Quick Release ~ February 2009 ~ Page 3

Road construction National Parks consider can reduce our safety mountain biking

The new bike lanes on Mission Street under 101 are coming, but construction limits safe access.

Transportation improvements typically take years to plan, and more years to build. The disruption in construction zones slows everybody, but it can make it dangerous for bicyclists when lanes are narrowed and we have to share the space with cars, trucks, and construction vehicles. This is happening in Santa Barbara on Mission Street under Highway 101, Old Coast Highway, and Coast Village Road. With motorists backed up and no room to pass, be extra careful and consider taking alternative routes.

Shortly before leaving office, President George Bush proposed allowing superintendents of US National Parks to decide what trails, if any, might be suitable for mountain bikers. Before the proposal is approved, it will undergo planning language changes, environmental assessment, and public comment. Currently, road cycling is allowed on national park roadways, but off road biking is prohibited in all national parks. The new proposal would allow superintendents to consider permitting it on designated trails. It’s opening the door, but not yet allowing anybody through. Bicycle Coalition member Chris Orr tells us that this proposal reflects recent research that concludes that mountain bikers do no more damage to trails than other users. Comments on the proposal are being accepted until February 17th. You can submit your thoughts on the proposal, called RIN 1024-AD72, directly to the government; details are available at http://edocket.access.gpo. gov/2008/E8-29892.htm. Background information and an online form for submitting is also available at the International Mountain Bike Association website under the “Take action” heading.

City Council to vote on State/De la Vina­ Last December 11th, the City of Santa Barbara’s Transportation and Circulation Committee (TCC) voted unanimously in favor of removing the free right-turn lane off of east-bound State Street onto De la Vina, and controlling traffic with a signal instead. For years, motorists at that intersection have endangered straight-heading bicyclists, not to mention pedestrians and other drivers struggling to cross De la Vina at and just after the turn. The next step is more important than the TCC hearing. On February 10th, the proposal will go to the City Council that has final say on whether the safety project goes forward or not. We know that motorists will attend to say the intersection is fine, don’t waste state money on it, we don’t want to be slowed down by those more vulnerable members of our community. Seriously consider attending the meeting and speaking before the Council. The meeting will start at 6:00 PM at the Council chambers; however the intersection improvements may not be considered immediately, so check online after February 6th for the agenda at Government/Council/CAP or just phone the council office at 564-5318 for the time.

Upcoming bike meetings and events Winter’s still here, but the days are getting longer and the hills are turning green, so enjoy them by bike. Check our website for ongoing updates and longer event descriptions at February 1, Mothballs Criterium, sponsored by Echelon Santa Barbara. This Goleta series of races will run all day 8:00 AM-5:00 PM. Info at February 1-6, Solvang Winter Break, Part 1, sponsored by Bicycle Adventure Club. Route sheets are provided for 20-to-30 mile rides from Solvang. Fee includes room, some meals, afternoon social hour; no van support. Membership in BAC required. Details at February 3, Bicycle Coalition General Meeting, sponsored by our Bicycle Coalition. Meeting at noon, Community Room at the Santa Barbara Bank & Trust building, 1021 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara. Phone president Ralph Fertig, 962-1479. Quick Release ~ February 2009 ~ Page 4

February 9-14, Carmichael Training Camp, sponsored by Carmichael Training Systems. CTS founder Chris Carmichael returns to the Santa Ynez Valley each year because the roads are perfect training grounds for cyclists. Meals, hotel, nutritional analysis, and rides. Details at February 10, Santa Barbara City Council Meeting, sponsored by the City of Santa Barbara. At this meeting, staff will offer the Council alternative plans for improvements at the State/De la Vina intersection. The Council’s approval means that a good project will be constructed there. 735 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara. Meeting starts at 6:00. February 12-22, Amgen Tour of California, sponsored by Amgen. See details earlier. February 15-20, Solvang Winter Break, Part 2, sponsored by Bicycle Adventure Club. Similar to the Feb 1-6 tour, but longer rides. February 16-21, Carmichael Training Camp, sponsored by Carmichael Training Systems.

Same as the Feb 9-14 Camp. Details at www. February 20, Tour of California Gala Evening, sponsored by the Solvang ATOC Organizing Committee. See page 3 for details. February 18-22, Follow the Race Cycling Vacation, sponsored by Santa Barbara Wine Country Cycling Tours. Will include riding several stages of the Amgen Tour of California. More at February 18-23, Tour of California-South, sponsored by Trek Travel. Exclusive bike trip that offers a front-row seat for the 2009 Tour of California. Stay in Santa Ynez and San Diego as the Tour progresses. Details at February 23-March 1, Vision Quest Training Camp, sponsored by Vision Quest Coaching. Organized by cyclist Robbie Ventura, this camp welcomes all. Based in Solvang, it follows the Tour of California. Details at www.

We thank our active members

Bike tours in county boost cycling

Please thank and support these Bicycle Coalition business members: g

Bicycle Bob’s, Santa Barbara

Nett & Champion Insurance Services, Santa Barbara Open Air Bicycles, Santa Barbara g Pedal Power Bicycles, Santa Maria g Chris King Precision Components, Portland, Oregon g Run Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara g Hazard’s Cyclesport, Santa Barbara g Dr J’s Bicycle Shop, Solvang g Big Bang PR, Santa Barbara We welcome our new members Lori La Riva, Adam Lundquist, Whitney Wegener and Randy Kopf. Plus we greatly appreciate those who renewed their memberships: Chuck Cryor, Bob Cooper, Dick Kling, and Andy Lentz. g g

It might be the Tour of California, or maybe the professional cycling teams that have discovered the Santa Ynez Valley for early season training. Or perhaps the increase in cycling tours, camps, races, and clinics has come from word of mouth about our compelling diversity of riding opportunities. Whatever the reason, a tally of major Santa Barbara county bike events listed on our website for the first four months of each year reveals a great increase in bicycle touring as seen in the chart. All but one of the five tour companies come from outside our county. Our local company, Santa Barbara Wine Country Cycling Tours, is based in Santa Ynez and run by Corey Evans (owner of Dr J’s Bicycle Shop in Solvang) and Tim Gorham. In addition to multi-day tours, they offer day rides each weekend, ideal for quick getaways. Read about them at Something that didn’t exist four years ago is cycling training camps and clinics. Again, they may have started coming here due of the Tour of California or the cycling team training in our area. Factors in the increase of races comes from Mike Hecker’s many mountain biking events held near Los Olivos, plus the UCSB Cycling team’s spring races. Overall, Santa Barbara county is becoming better known as a cycling destination, helping our economy and increasing our safety by simply having more people on bikes more often.

Wheelin’ Warriors ride with Tailwinds Bicycle Club

Quick Release accepts advertisements. Circulation reaches about 500 people. Ad details and an order form are available online at .

Local cyclists with developmental disabilities were first robbed, then helped by a community response. Last September, some thieves stole their bicycles and equipment from a locked trailer in Santa Maria. People immediately rallied with compassion and consideration, as individuals, service clubs, volunteers and bike shops donated money to buy bikes, equipment, a new trailer, cycling outfits, and the use of a van. Santa Maria’s Tailwinds Bicycle Club welcomed the cyclists, now named Wheelin’ Warriors, as members. Their inaugural ride was held in Los Olivos on December 13th, with a lively group of 23 athletes, parents and volunteers. Anybody is welcome to join their rides on the first Saturday of each month. Get details from Cheryl Dettrick at 459-0608, or from the Tailwinds ride schedule at Quick Release ~ February 2009 ~ Page 5





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