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April 2005

Adult Ed class offered by Coalition For the first time ever, the Adult Education division of Santa Barbara City College has agreed to offer a bicycling class—it’s the Bicycle Coalition’s Street Skills for Cyclists class. Our appreciation goes to hard work by our Board members Nancy Mulholland and Don Lubach for arranging this Spring 2005 class. We fervently hope that the class will be a great success so it will be offered on a regular basis to South Coast residents who partake in Adult Ed classes. At least 25 people are needed to hold this class—and offer it in the future. Here it is:

Street Skills for Cyclists class Saturday, May 7, 9:00-1:00 Schott Center, Room 29 310 West Padre Street, Santa Barbara

You can register beforehand at the Schott Center, or on the day of the class. There is no fee for the class that is open to anybody over 18 years old. League Cycling Instructor Nancy Mulholland will be the instructor. If you have any questions about this four-hour lecture and discussion class on safe cycling, contact Mulholland by phone at 5639073 or by email at

April 5th meeting Join us on the first Tuesday of each month for our general meeting: Tuesday, April 5th Sizzler Restaurant 5555 Hollister Ave, Goleta no-host dinner 6:00 PM meeting 7:00 PM

Online email list We sponsor an online email forum where you can post and read messages that pertain to regional bicycling issues. It’s easy and free. To subscribe to our general forum, just send an email message to:

Leave the subject line and body of the message blank. That’s all!

Join the Coalition You can help improve bicycling safety and conditions in Santa Barbara County by joining others in our own regional Bicycle Coalition advocacy group. Together we will continue to make a real difference. See page 6 for details.

Our Cycle Smart program The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition’s Cycle Smart bicyclist education program offers bicycling skills classes for school children and adults. Look for details of upcoming classes inside Quick Release, or contact our Coordinator Nancy Mulholland by phone at 563-9073 or email

San Jose Bikepath moves ahead in the Goleta area Partly in the City of Goleta and partly in the County, the San Jose Creek Bikepath will connect Cathedral Oaks on the north with the Obern Trail near Goleta Beach on the south. It will provide bicyclist access between North Goleta, Old Town Goleta, Goleta Beach, UCSB, Isla Vista, and points east along the Obern Trail. On March 14th, the 1.4-mile long section of the bikepath south of Hollister Avenue was discussed at the Goleta Planning Agency meeting. An This photo looks north over an area where the proposed bikepath hour was spent considering the Draft will diverge from Highway 217 (on the right), pass over the gas pipelines, and use the access road underneath 217 before Mitigated Negative Declaration docuconnecting with the Obern Trail. ment for that upcoming section of the bikepath. What it means is that, while there are Jose Creek south of Highway 101—and that possome environmental problems with the bikepath, sibility will be studied as part of an upcoming they can be mitigated by suggested actions. flood-control project for the creek channel. Bicycle Coalition president Ralph Fertig was At the end, the Planning Agency voted to acone of six public members who spoke. He praised cept the plan but wanted more information about the project while expressing concern for the projected traffic on Kellogg. There are many steps northern part that includes biking on Kellogg Avyet to come, and there will be times for public enue. Because Kellogg has parking on both sides comments in the future, especially when quesand no bikelanes, he hoped that some safer altertions about funding the important bikepath arise. native could be offered in the future. That concern was expanded on by Goleta agency member Jack Hawxhurst who noted that the document did not consider additional truck traffic expected along Kellogg after the Ekwill and Fowler connections to Kellogg are constructed. One intent of those connections is to divert inIt’s back by popular demand! Mark your calendars for dustrial traffic from Hollister onto Kellogg. Saturday, May 14th for the bicycling event of 2005 Different possibilities were suggested. Goleta that you won’t want to miss. An evening with friends, Community Services Director Steve Wagner said dinner, awards, and the return of Willie Weir. Willie that parking might be removed from one side of will regale us with tales of his bike touring in Turkey Kellogg, allowing bikelanes. A more-promising during the Iraq War. Watch for an invitation this possibility is putting the trail alongside the San month or look at

Willi Hart checks out by Don Lubach

The Bicycle Coalition has learned that longtime UCSB bike shop manager, Willi Hart has passed away. Hart was the ultimate bicycle eccentric. He never bothered to roll his chain-side pants leg down (that is, when we wasn't wearing shorts), small bike parts dangled from his pierced earlobes, his hair was Einstein wild, but he paid meticulous attention to his mustache which was trimmed in, of course, the handlebar style. My favorite thing about Willi was his uncompromising advocacy for bicycle transportation and the importance of do-it-yourself repair. I have good memories of Hart at his office. Whenever a student over inflated a tube, Willi seemed to sense the impending explosion, and right at the big bang, launch a fresh tube in a deftly thrown arc into the stunned recipient’s hands followed by a “that’ll be only a few bucks because you will install it and still have time before your next class!” He was a caring boss, mentor, and teacher. And boy did he love NFL football. My favorite memory of Willi Hart is from a mid-1980s Gaucho Basketball game. During the peak seasons for the men's team, even the wheel chair section was packed. I observed Willi as he arrived near the end of the first quarter of a big game. I saw a commotion in the wheel chair section and observed Willi as he actually rolled over the chair of a smiling fan and then receive an honorable hug and kiss from nearly every wheel chair user at the game. I asked someone what was going on and they told me “Willi fixes all the bikes and all of the wheel chairs in town.” The bicycling community is grateful to Willi Hart for his legendary spirit. I will never patch a tube without hearing his voice narrating me through the procedure. Thank You, Dear Mr. Willi Hart, Esq. I wish I could have helped you as much as you helped all of us. Quick Release • April 2005 • Page 2

Abel Maldonado Highway 150 bridges co-sponsors bicycle bill to be replaced State Senator Abel Maldonado has cosponsored a bill SB 523 that will retain the current funding levels of the Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) at $7.2 million annually. Historically, the BTA languished for decades with $360 thousand annually until in 1997 Brooks Firestone introduced bill AB 1020 that increased the amount to current levels. If nothing is done now, the funding will shrink to $5 million in 2006. The Bicycle Coalition wrote a letter to Maldonado on March 23 to thank him for his sponsorship of this important bill. We also sent one to our other Senator Tom McClintock who is a member of the Senate’s Transportation and Housing Committee that will consider the bill in April. It said, “Today, the BTA receives over $50 million in requests for projects annually, so retaining the current $7.2 million level of funding is essential to keep safe access by bicycle available to children and adults alike.” Our letter continued, “Out of the 3126 counties in the United States, Santa Barbara County has the 14th highest percent of people who bike commute to work. Even more bicycle to school and other destinations. At the University of California Santa Barbara campus, for example, there are 15,000 people on bicycles each school day.” We ended with, “Within the past few months, government agencies within Santa Barbara County updated their bicycling plans so they will be eligible for BTA funding. Please support all our efforts to provide healthy living, physical activity and public safety.” Stay tuned, a lot more will happen.

Without a doubt, there’s no dry bicycle crossing of Rincon Creek, but a new bridge is coming.

Our winter rains swept away a Highway 150 bridge, closing the scenic road between Carpinteria and Ojai. For years, Caltrans has been proposing the replacement of two 75-year old narrow bridges, along with straightening the meandering highway. In 1997, their plan was rejected by the Coastal Commission upon appeal by the Sierra Club. Since then, Caltrans has worked with nearby residents, ranchers and environmentalists to craft a plan acceptable to everybody, and that’s what they’re now moving ahead with. In addition to the bridges and road, the awkward intersection of Highways 150 and 192 will be altered so the steep 192 grade is reduced and the roads will meet at a 90º angle. It will take a while to complete, but we’ll look forward to biking on it. If you have questions, contact the County’s Abe Leider 568-3508 or at

Santa Barbara Airport bike racks are popular

Thanks to the Airport administration, two bike rack areas like this are located in a busy, well lighted locations near the entrance.

Two years ago, Airport director Karen Ramsdell replaced decrepid bike racks with new ones, and when those filled up, she installed more. Currently, 12 bicycles are accommodated. On March 6th, a visit showed 12 bikes locked there. An email message to Ramsdell from Bicycle Coalition president Ralph Fertig noted the 100% usage and described new secure bike locker technology. Ramsdell responded immediately: “Thanks for the info on the lockers. We are just starting on the scope of work for the Terminal Improvement Project so I will make sure we include facilities for airline passengers who come to the airport by bicycle. I’ll see about ordering another rack.”

CycleSmart bicyclist education news Adult Ed Street Skills Class

Last month, we reported in Quick Release that concrete barriers blocked the shoulder on Highway 101, forcing cyclists to share the road with 70 MPH cars and trucks. We’re pleased to report that Caltrans has moved them back. UCSB staff member Dominic Clark who often bikes from Ventura emailed the good news on February 23: “The barriers along the NB 101 at La Conchita have been moved back so that the shoulder is once again available to cyclists. Thank you for your efforts to inform the public of the situation and pressure those responsible to take the necessary action.”

This is a first for us—an Adult Education bicycling class in Santa Barbara. Do you feel comfortable bicycling in traffic? How do you make a safe left turn on a city street? How do you navigate a roundabout on a bicycle? We’ve got just what you need—our “Street Skills for Cyclists” course. Read about it on page 1, look at our flyer online at, and if you have questions, call instructor Nancy Mulholland at 563-9073.

CycleSmart Web page A new page with background information on our CycleSmart program is now online at:

Partnership with the American Lung Association The American Lung Association’s 24th Annual Bike for Breath ride is scheduled for June 24-26 in the Santa Ynez Valley. In the past, the Association has offered training rides and bicycle safety checks to their registrants. This year they are encouraging their “trekkers” to attend one of our Street Skills for Cyclists classes as an overview of bicycle safety and their legal rights and responsibilities as California road riders. Donna Pearson-Beal, Program Director, is including notices about our upcoming class in their newsletters and email notices.

Partnership with COAST for Safe Routes to School program CycleSmart is providing League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) to teach Bike Rodeos at six elementary schools this spring as part of COAST’s Safe Routes to School Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Training. Law enforcement officers will be presenting safety information in assemblies and physical education classes; LCIs will teach safe bicycle handling skills and traffic rules to 4th graders in follow up rodeos. These schools are offering the Training sessions: Kellogg (April 26), Monte Vista (May 5), Mountain View (May 17), Cleveland (May 26), Vieja Valley (May 27), and Hollister (June 1).

Monte Vista PTA and CycleSmart The Monte Vista Elementary School PTA is partnering with CycleSmart to present the Super Cyclers (based on the LAB’s Kids II curriculum) class starting April 14th. It’s a six-week course for 4th-6th graders held once a week at Monte Vista School in Santa Barbara. Taught by LCI instructor Nancy Mulholland, students will learn and prac-

101 barriers moved

Bicycle Coalition Board member Drew Hunter, center, helps kids at Washington School with their bike rodeo.

tice the skills necessary for safe bicycle use in a variety of settings. After demonstrating their traffic awareness skills and mastery of playground skill courses, the students will join their instructor and other LCIs for rides on quiet neighborhood streets. The Super Cyclers course will be limited to eight students. Contact Nancy Mulholland for more information or, space permitting, to enroll your child. Monte Vista students will be given priority.

Green bike “parade” The Bicycle Coalition is offering a bike ride to nine of the 15 commercial, residential and gardening sites that comprise the Sustainability Project’s 2005 “Parade of Green Buildings.” The nine-mile long bike tour, crafted by Ralph Fertig, is your choice of do-it-yourself at your own pace, or a group ride with leaders. On Friday, April 29th, there will be an opening wine reception at 6:00 PM followed at 7:00 by keynote speaker John Knott at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Then on Saturday, April 30th, all 15 sites will open to the public between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The Hayward Design Center, 606 Olive Street, is the Parade headquarters. Parade tickets of $15 give you the Friday night reception/lecture, entrance to all sites, a map, booklet, and five workshops. You can download the bike ride from our site: Other details about the events are available at: Come on out and show people what sustainability is like.

“Bicycle Recycle” bill in Assembly A new “Bicycle Recycling and Disposal Program” bill was introduced on March 10th into the California Assembly to mixed reviews. A $7 fee on new California bicycles would pay for a statewide recycling program. According to Assemblywoman Betty Karnette, more than 250,000 bicycles are disposed of each year statewide at a cost of $3.50 per bicycle. Fewer than 3,000 of those bicycles are recycled. Her bill would encourage bicycling by getting used bikes into the hands of those otherwise unable to afford them. Some object to what they view as an undesirable tax on bicycles, and mass retailers of cheap bikes feel that $7 will make a difference to some of their potential customers. However, the money raised would support local programs such as “earn-abike” programs where kids dismantle and rebuild bicycles. The Bicycle Coalition worked with Girls Inc a few years back with such a program— maybe it could return with funding from the new bill. However, just how the centers and their locations would be selected, and what might be funded, is very vague in the bill. Nobody in Santa Barbara County is going to drive old bikes to a Los Angeles center, even if it helps save our landfill. To read the bill AB 1103, look at it here:

Cycle throughout, not through “I started to wander in what turned out to be a large, lazy figure-eight loop. I ended up in the little nooks and crannies of this amazing New Zealand. I explored tiny roads I would have blasted by in an ‘across’ trip.” — Willie Weir, Adventure Cycling, Nov. 2004

Quick Release • April 2005 • Page 3

Trails Council honors Michael Feeney At their March 8th annual meeting, the Santa Barbara County Trails Council gave their Environmental Award to Michael Feeney, the executive director of the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County.

Michael Feeney holds up his award at the Trails Council meeting.

Feeney talked and showed photos of important open space, wildlife habitat, farms and ranches that has been saved from development within our county, much of it accessible on bicycle. Since 1985, the Land Trust has protected over 13,000 acres of the county’s most beautiful areas, including the Arroyo Hondo Preserve, Sedgwick Reserve, Carpinteria Bluffs and the Coronado Butterfly Preserve. To learn about the Land Trust, go to

SB Bikestation due in spring 2006 On March 21st, Santa be installed initially along with other Barbara residents amenities; user dewere updated on mand would then be progress for an upmonitored. coming Bikestation that will be conWhile other Bikestructed inside the stations serve as Granada Garage transfer points for parking structure in people using buses or Santa Barbara. rail, the Santa BarWhat the 1360 bara version will square-foot space mostly provide secure will offer has not yet bike parking for been determined. those who commute The Bikestation’s Andréa White described plans Andréa While, exto jobs near the for the Granada Garage Bikestation. ecutive director of County Courthouse. Bikestation, the umbrella organization for “People will only walk two or three blocks from bicycle parking to their destinations,” six similar facilities, offered an overview of White noted, so the service area is limited. what others have provided for bicyclists. The City is still seeking ideas from the She then said that her report as consultant will be forthcoming, but will suggest a flex- public and you can submit them through an online survey at, or ible and scalable facility. An unstaffed bike storage facility with computer-controlled contact the City’s Dru van Hengel at 564access and video surveillance would likely 5544 or at

Upcoming bike meetings & events With some meetings and events being announced only a week or so before they take place, consider this list as a beginning. Go to for updates. April 3, Spring Hazard Sprint Triathlon, sponsored by the UCBS Triathlon Team. This was “Splash & Dash” until last year when they added an 18-mile cycling ride to make it a triathlon. Limited to 300 participants. Location is Campus Point at UCSB, starting at 8:00 AM. Bike race is on paths and city streets. Post race refreshments and ceremony. Registration details at http://, or phone 965-1782.


For Santa Barbara County Bike Maps, info on ridesharing and van pools, just call: 963-SAVE. Quick Release • April 2005 • Page 4

April 22-24, Firestone Mountain Bike Weekend, sponsored by RideSB and Stump Grinder Production. This weekend features registration and course pre-riding on Friday; Chamberlin Ranch Downhill and Dirt Criterium on Saturday; and State Championship series Cross Country Race and the free Youth Series Kids Race on Sunday. Among the exciting riding, there are meals, camping, prize raffle, T-shirt, live music and a beer garden. Race location is Firestone Vineyard near Los Olivos. Event details at

April 5, Bicycle Coalition General Meeting. This is another one of our evening meetings. There will be an optional no-host dinner at 6:00 PM, with our meeting following at 7:00. Sizzler Restaurant, 5555 Hollister Avenue, Goleta. Phone president Ralph Fertig, 962-1479 or email him at

April 23, Santa Barbara Earth Day, sponsored by the Community Environmental Council. The most pleasant festival in Santa Barbara. It runs from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM at the County Courthouse in Downtown Santa Barbara. We will once again have our booth, bike parking, and bike check-ups. For festival details, look at

April 12, Santa Barbara Car Free Meeting, sponsored by the APCD, the Bicycle Coalition and other partners. Their purpose is to promote car-free travel in the South Coast of our county. The project has a site, hosts programs and has developed a free map. Meeting at the Upham Hotel, 1404 De la Vina Street, in Santa Barbara, 11:00 AM. Details from Mary Byrd at 961-8833 or

April 29-30, Parade of Green Buildings, sponsored by the Sustainability Project. The Bicycle Coalition is offering a bike ride that includes 9 of the 15 commercial, residential and gardening sites that encompass sustainable building or management practices. You can do the bike ride by yourself, or join a group on the 30th. Download the ride at: Other details at:

Earth Day 2005 Earth Day in Santa Barbara is possibly the best local event. This year on April 23rd, our Bicycle Coalition will return for the 13th time. We’ll have a bike checkup area led by Geoff Grow and a separate information booth in an alternative transportation area. Come by bike and stop to chat. We’re seeking bike mechanics to assist with the popular bike checkups, and volunteers to staff our booth. If you can help, please contact Ralph Fertig at 962-1479 or

Bramsen’s bike art

March Coalition meeting topics Our March 1st Bicycle Coalition meeting attracted 17 people to discuss these topics: • George Amoon described design progress on the San Jose Bikepath in Goleta; funding will be an upcoming concern. • Ralph Fertig talked about our Earth Day participation at the Courthouse, passed around a booth staffing sign-up form. • Ann Moore from the Arthritis Foundation described their fall charity ride that passes through our County. • People were encouraged to promote our Street Skills for Cyclists class on March 5th. • The transportation section of the draft Goleta General Plan was discussed. • Vie Obern described the dedication ceremony of an historic De Anza Trail sign at Rincon County Park. • Mike Hecker described preparation for his Firestone MTB weekend in late April. • Erika Lindemann talked about Traffic Solutions’ expanded bike commute programs this May. • Ralph Fertig described the two new Sideways film bike rides around the Santa Ynez Valley wine country. • Mark Mittermiller described substandard bikelane striping on Via Real east of Summerland; the County will have to correct the striping.

Traffic Solutions unveiled local artist Dave Bramsen’s commissioned Bike Challenge art work for 2005. Erika Lindemann is seeking a new phrase to go with the art, noting that “our promotion this year is moving away from focusing solely on ‘Bike to Work’ and so we’d like the slogan to represent this ‘bicycling-for-every-daytransportation’ concept.” Traffic Solutions has offered the Bicycle Coalition free use of Bramsen’s art, and we most likely will adopt his charming design for Bike Week.

Java Station swap meet

• The “Walk & Roll California” conference this September was discussed; people are considering submitting papers; there will be an optional SB weekend afterwards. • There is a “Bicycle Recycle” bill with a $7 bike sale deposit before the state legislature, provoking mixed reactions. • Ralph Fertig described an optional UCSB safety class that bicyclist violators can attend instead of paying fines. • Bike Week activities were discussed. We have three events the first weekend, but need others during the rest of the time.

The Java Station’s Johnny Martin, left, ran another successful Swap Meet on March 5th in Santa Barbara. Here he’s shown with John Berberet at the Santa Barbara Mountain Trail Bike Volunteers’ booth. The meet featured live music, a barbecue lunch, and of course, lots of coffee and bikes.

We thank our active members Please thank and support the following Bicycle Coalition business members: • Bicycle Bob’s, Santa Barbara & Goleta Commuter Bicycles, Santa Barbara • Jeffrey Stoutenborough, Architect, Santa Barbara • King Cycle Group, Portland OR • Nett & Champion Insurance Services, Santa Barbara • Open Air Bicycles, Santa Barbara • Pedal Power Bicycles, Santa Maria • Piekert Group Architects, Santa Barbara • Rincon Cycles, Carpinteria We welcome our newest Bicycle Coalition members John Andoh and James Hosp and we certainly thank those who renewed their memberships: Drew Hunter, Mark & Shira Musicant, Bob Burgess, Grant House, Alexander & Nancy Trieger, and David, Karen & Zach Wheeler.

Quick Release • April 2005 • Page 5

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Jose Creek south of Highway 101—and that pos- sibility will be studied as part of an upcoming flood-control project for the creek channel. A...


Jose Creek south of Highway 101—and that pos- sibility will be studied as part of an upcoming flood-control project for the creek channel. A...