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QUICK RELEASE Serving Santa Barbara County We’re a countywide advocacy and resource organization that promotes bicycling for safe transportation and recreation.

How to reach us Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition PO Box 92047 Santa Barbara CA 93190-2047 phone 568-3046 email web

March 4th meeting Join us on Tuesday, March 4th for our monthly meeting. Help us celebrate and improve bicycling during 2003: Tuesday, 12:00 noon County Public Works Conference Room, 1st Floor 123 East Anapamu Street Santa Barbara, California

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Coalition pursues Santa Maria trail On February 11, the Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Commission considered the opportunity to create a trail to replace a 4.9-mile section of current railroad. The Bicycle Coalition was represented by Vice President Ralph Fertig who urged the commission members to be visionary and look at future needs when the City’s urban growth expands into the present-day agricultural areas where the rail line goes. The railroad under consideration is owned by the Santa Maria Valley Railroad. They announced their intention to abandon that section last October, and the City obtained a 180-day extension to June 12 to consider possible action. The Recreation and Parks commissioners listened to over an hour of public testimony. About half were farmers who wanted the land for agriculture. The other half were in favor of buying the land for public multipurpose trails. Three members of Tailwinds Bicycle Club spoke, along with a spokeswoman for a walking group, and a man from a railroad group that wants to run a tourist train there. Alexander Posada, the Recreation and Parks Director suggested four actions that the commissioners might choose. After a lengthy discussion, they decided to pursue the purchase. They asked staff to word a new recommendation that would ask the City Council to accept the railroad land as an important link in circulation; to authorize use of $30,000 in City Trail funds to develop an acquisition plan; and to assist community groups in funding the acquisition. The next step will be on March 11 when the Rec and Parks Commissioners meet to discuss their new recommendation

The railroad runs along the northern edge of Allan Hancock College, under Highway 101, past homes, and along farms, to the Santa Maria River.

that will subsequently be sent to the City Council no earlier than March 18 for action. It’s at that City Council meeting that public opinion will be heard again. It’s very important that cyclists, bike shop owners, active lifestyle advocates, and others speak up for saving the corridor. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. We’ll keep you informed here and on our email list.

Commute to work by bike is first choice after cars A new study about local workers shows that— after the automobile—the bicycle is the preferred means of getting to their jobs.

You can help improve bicycling safety and conditions in Santa Barbara County by joining others in our own regional Bicycle Coalition advocacy group. Together we will continue to make a real difference. See page 6 for details.

Our video for sale We’re pleased to offer our own video “Decide to Ride.” It’s about a young woman who learns to bike commute to work. It’s only $18 (tax and US shipping included) from us, address above. A description is available at

March 2003

Even in the dark days of winter, the County’s bike enclosure has regular use by workers who don’t store their bikes inside.

The January study asked Santa Barbara County Public Works employees a number of questions, among them “How do you normally commute to work?” An impressive 85% of the workers responded to the survey. As expected, most said that they use cars to get to work. But if not driving, bicycling is the favored means of commuting for 8% of the workers. That’s more than the 6% who walk. More than the 4% who take the Clean Air Express bus (that’s a natural-gas transit project run by Traffic Solutions with 8 buses for North County commuters coming south). And more than the 1% who use local bus service.

Effective contact with public agencies Word from the President Here’s how to get the attention of public agencies and get your needs attended to. City, County and State transportation agencies pro- Wilson Hubbell, President. vide us with the infrastructure we use to get around. These organizations primarily handle motorized transportation concerns, with bike and pedestrian issues as a sideline, and sometimes a problem associated with bicycling can slip below their radar screens unless we speak up. The traditional way of getting your governmental needs attended to is to contact one of your local elected officials and tell them your troubles. This generally works well and sometimes—as a last resort—it may be the only way to get the attention you need. But what about reporting routine things like potholes in bikelanes or lights out on bikepaths? Knowing who to call and what information to provide may be all that you need. Each issue of the Quick Release contains a list of who to call in which jurisdiction regarding bicycling facility problems, traffic signals that don’t detect bikes and things like that. In addition to a telephone, nearly all the people on the list have e-mail access. The best way to get a problem solved is to send the appropriate person on the list an email containing: • The location of the problem • A description of what’s wrong, and • A picture of the problem (as an attachment to the e-mail). This really helps the responsible governmental organization because the person receiving the information can send it directly to the maintenance crew that will be responsible for going out to fix the problem. The crew—and their supervisor—will also have your picture and written description of what you believe is wrong. This method is much more effective than a phone call for expressing your concerns, and you can copy the whole thing to higher-ups in the organization if you don’t get some sort of a response in a reasonable amount of time.

Quick Release • March 2003 • Page 2

Upcoming bike meetings & events March 4, Bike Week 2003 Meeting. Bike Week 2003 is only two months away. Bring your best ideas. County Public Works conference room, 123 East Anapamu Street, First Floor, Santa Barbara, 11:00 AM. Contact Dru van Hengel, 568-5544. March 4, General Meeting. Meeting at noon, first Tuesday of the month, County Public Works conference room, 123 East Anapamu Street, First Floor, Santa Barbara. Phone president Wilson Hubbell, 568-3046 or email him at

Electric bikes part of Adult Ed class Bicycle Coalition member Don Lubach just taught a Santa Barbara Adult Education class on electric-powered vehicles for transportation. The Saturday, February 15 class attracted 14 participants, most of them retired people, who wanted to learn about getting around the South Coast by means other than a car.

March 8, Solvang Century, sponsored by SCOR. The West's big seasonal kickoff ride. Choose 100 or 50-mile rides starting from Solvang. The century ride includes 13 miles through Vandenberg Air Force Base. Pre-ride dinner, Bicycle Expo and barbecue. Info and online registration or phone SCOR 562-690-9693. March 29, BMX Clinic, sponsored by Santa Barbara BMX. Ritchie "Avalanche" Anderson will put on a clinic for BMX riders. Anderson is the coach for Jarrett Kolich, the club's #1 pro rider. Novice & Expert riders, 10:00 AM-1:00; Rookies 2:00 PM-5:00. Details at 564-8859 or at

Don Lubach tries a Merida electric bike while Bicycle Coalition member Bob Cooper watches.

Lubach talked about the problems of congestion and pollution with which automobiles burden our community, and how we’ll benefit from clean and appropriately-sized transportation. He was helped by Todd Wolfe, owner of Alternative Motors. Wolfe brought an electric car, scooter, and bike to describe and allow people to try. A good feature of the bike was that it required pedaling to run, and supplied The Bicycle Coalition started its web site over the battery boost for challenging hills. Thanks seven years ago. However, we didn’t have a to Lubach for conceiving of the class and for counter that told us how many individual visiContinuing Education for supporting it. tors actually came to our site until March 2000. We just completed a third 12-month period, and it shows that we’ve more than doubled the number of visitors in two years.

More site visitors

Possible loss of Ortega Hill bikepath

On February 12, Caltrans’ project manager Rob Miller described problems with the upcoming Ortega Hill bikepath between Montecito and Summerland. What’s happening is that the lighting planned for the path “may have negative effects that the community has not fully considered yet,” says Miller. Those effects may require an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that not only needs more funding, but might also mean a delay and possible loss of current funds if construction doesn’t begin this year. The Bicycle Coalition’s Wilson Hubbell and The site itself currently consists of 1275 items spread over 187 web pages, occupying over 38 Ralph Fertig immediately responded with emails to involved individuals. They both said megabytes of memory. The bulk of that consists of our history as archived in 148 issues of not to let lighting along the path hurt the project—it can always be added later. Miller our newsletter Quick Release. Our thanks to feels that it will be resolved and he anticiwebmaster Ralph Fertig for all his work in pates a draft EIR and public hearing in April. promoting bicycling to the online world.

Coalition urges funds for safer schools

Two cycling events draw hundreds of racers

Two cycling races held on February 2 and 8 attracted 700 competitors to Santa Barbara The Bicycle Coalition asked the California OfCounty. The weather was perfect for racing, fice of Traffic Safety to fund two projects that our hills and fields were lush green, and the will make bicycling to school safer. The appliwell-publicized presence of the US Postal Sercation is for $105,000 to be used around all 52 vice team for January training elevated cyschools in the unincorporated County. Wilson cling on everybody’s mind. Hubbell, the County’s alternative transportaMothballs Crit. This is an early season critetion coordinator and president of our Bicycle rium race sponsored by the Echelon Santa BarCoalition, believes that both of the projects bara cycling club. It was held at Research Park will make motorists more attentive in school in Goleta where it attracted 400 racers, rezones. The two projects are these: ported the club’s president James Morgan. Signs for school zones, $60,000. HannahHaving the race each year at the same time Beth Jackson’s bill that allows an increase of and place probably helps attract an increasing motorist fines within school zones when chilnumber of cyclists, conjectured former presidren are present was signed into law last Sepdent Bryan Krouse. tember. If jurisdictions choose, they can Good Old Days Road Race. This is a new road implement the program that will double the race sponsored by the recently-revived Santa fine for misdemeanors, and increase it for infractions. For it to be implemented, signs stat- Barbara Bicycle Club and Mike Hecker’s Stump Grinder Productions. The races were 34, 68 ing the fines must be installed around the and 102 miles long, depending on the riders’ school zones, and this funding is for those classification. They drew 300 racers to the signs at all 52 schools. The program is a pilot events that took place on Zaca Station and program in three California counties— Alameda, Santa Barbara and Ventura. Revenues Foxen Canyon Roads in the Santa Ynez Valley. from the fine increases will be used by the The event was the first that the club has schools to make it safer for children walking or promoted in five years, showing that they bicycling to school. have indeed returned with enthusiasm and professionalism. Among the pro riders who Solar-powered speed signs, $45,000. A year ago, the first two of these innovative ra- raced were Jonathan Vaughters and Steve dar signs were installed near Montecito Union Larsen. And a good sign for the future of cycling, nearly 100 beginner racers competed. School with great success. They detect the speed of motorists entering a school zone and display their speed in large numbers during hours when children are around. They are installed in a footing alongside the roadway, and Santa Barbara’s Dru van Hengel is working don’t need the large trailers that frequently with San Luis Obispo’s Jean Anderson and the block bikelanes leading to school. The funds will purchase six new signs for use at yet-unLeague of American Bicyclists to offer training determined schools. to become a League Certified Instructor (LCI). It’s scheduled for April 12-13. Once certified, individuals can teach bicycling classes, and obtain insurance coverage through the League for possible injury during the those classes. For details on the LCI training, go to To get other details, contact Jean Anderson at 5459003 or email her at

LCI class for BikeEd

The Mothballs Crit closed-loop race brought 400 racers to Goleta.

The Good Old Days Road Race took place among lush green hills of the Santa Ynez Valley.

Help needed for Santa Barbara Earth Day

Since 1992, the Bicycle Coalition has participated in the South Coast’s Earth Day celebration. This year, we plan to reach more environmentally-aware people than before at the April 27th event. We’re planning three things: • A bicycle parking area • An information booth in the main area • Free bike check-ups by mechanics. Although it’s still undecided, we may have bicycle “valet” parking where our volunteers park others bikes for them. We’ve done it before, but are considering extending it to other events that attract numbers of local people. Logistics are being handled by Pierre Apparently, people who use the County’s Pub- Delong again. The Bicycle Coalition is offering lic Works Conference Room after we’ve had our $12 an hour to mechanics to work on bikes (they have to bring their own tools). We’ll be noon meetings have complained about residual odors. Yup, people who bike instead of looking for helpers for set-up, break-down, and help during the day to chat bicycling with drive will sweat, so we’re guilty as charged. visitors. The event makes everybody feel wonHowever, we don’t want to loose the room that we’ve used for a decade, so we’re open to derful about helping our beleaguered planet. Contact Delong at 696-6267 or by email at suggestions of how to deal with complaints without hosing everybody down. Ideas?

Challenge of aroma

Quick Release • March 2003 • Page 3

Carpinteria Coastal Vista trail opens

February meeting topics

Our February 4th meeting was our first daytime meeting of 2003. A large number of topics were discussed and actions taken. • The Coalition will support the County’s application to the state Office of Traffic Safety for school safety measures. • Motorized scooters on bikepaths were considered, and the Coalition voted to pursue prohibiting gas-powered ones on paths. • Shoreline Drive changes in Santa Barbara were discussed. • Bob Burgess showed photos of construction of the new Micheltorena Street bridge in Santa Barbara; the Coalition will write the Looking west along the wonderful new Coastal City and Caltrans to assure that the Vista trail, with fine views in all directions. proposed bikepath next to the railroad will not be compromised by new construction. A splendid, although short, trail is open along • We decided to have the remainder Bike the Carpinteria Bluffs. The surface isn’t paved, Week flags sewn up for sale. it’s compacted decomposed granite that’s fine • The Santa Maria Valley Railroad abandonfor bikes going at a casual pace. And considerment was discussed; Wilson Hubbell will ing the spectacular views of the ocean and check with County Parks for any interest, Channel Islands, there’s no reason to speed. and Ralph Fertig will speak at the Santa It has what looks like a wood railing all Maria Rec and Parks Commission meeting. along the ocean side, but it’s really concrete • Wilson Hubbell reported the results of a cast to look like wood. Landscaping is yet to County Public Works employee survey that come, and the trail will eventually extend showed 8% commute by bike. along the entire Carpinteria coast in both di• Pierre Delong will pursue Earth Day particirections, says Public Works Director Rick pation, including a separate booth in the central area, bike check-ups and parking. Fulmer. Railroad undercrossings to the beach are being considered as future projects. • Wilson Hubbell has asked US Representative Gallengly to include Santa Ynez Valley bikelanes in the TEA-21 reauthorization. • Our April 1st evening meeting will be at FREE Sizzler Restaurant in Goleta.


Bikesmiths returns Longtime bike shop Santa Barbara Bikesmiths closed two years ago when the rents soared, but the owner Jim Hopperstad has reopened in Carpinteria as “Bikesmiths.” It’s the cutest bike shop around, specializing in bike repairs and maintenance. Stop by 5441B Carpinteria Avenue when you’re in the neighborhood.

For Santa Barbara County Bike Maps, info on ridesharing and van pools, just call: 963-SAVE. Quick Release • March 2003 • Page 4

Blooming flowers and trees surround the new Bikesmiths cottage in Carpinteria.

Dan Secord, bicyclist (and councilman) “I always had a bicycle as long as I can remember,” Santa Barbara City Councilman Dr. Dan Secord relates. When I was growing up, I used my bike to deliver newspapers from a canvas bag. Then, in his late teens, as Dan’s interests turned to woman and cars, his trusty bicycle was left behind.

Dr. Dan Secord, dressed for business, relaxes for a moment at Santa Barbara’s City Hall.

Originally from Redlands, California, Dan studied medicine at UC Riverside and when he later looked for a community to practice, he had three requirements: it must have a worldclass hospital, an oceanfront beach, and an airport. Santa Barbara had them all. He’s never left or regretted his decision. Dan returned to bicycling along with other members of a neighborhood running group, the WLPA, who sought gentler exercise as they aged. They still run and bike as often as possible, and have a big event, the “Turkey Trot” on Thanksgiving Day when the extended families run and bicycle around town. One of Dan’s visionary programs that he has championed is to have “green bikes” around for easy access by anybody in Downtown Santa Barbara. His original idea of hundreds of bikes everywhere has been modified by liability issues to a controlled, card-accessed program that is still coming. “The City’s process is glacial,” observes Dan with resignation. The two most memorable bicycle tours that he’s taken were commercial, sagged tours. One went from Glacier National Park to Yellowstone, crossing the continental divide seven times. The other went from Astoria, Oregon to Northern California. Both had members of his local WLPA group, but they enjoyed meeting other riders as well. Does Dan bike to City Hall? Of course. “I put my bike in my office and change into clothes that I keep there.” An admirable example for the City and us all.

Shoreline bikeway improvements approved Dan Burden workshop Changes important to roadway lane: on the bicyclists in Santa Barhill, bicyclists will bara are coming to a travel at 25-35 MPH, popular section of but once they reach Shoreline Drive near the flatter section beLedbetter Beach. The fore the new bikelane improvements essenappears, they will tially remove the slow down. The quesocean-side lanes of the tion is what will mocurrent four-lane hightorists do behind the way and replace them slowing bicyclist? It’s with a separate hard to know until bikepath, a grassy things are actually lawn, and wider sideconstructed, but walk. This means: given that traffic on that section of ShorePart of Shoreline Drive will be reconfigured with • The uphill bike lane a new bikepath, wider sidewalk, and landscaping. line is light and the will remain. shared flat section • The downhill bikelane will be removed on the downhill short, and the road is twelve feet wide, it may section, but will return for the flat roadway not be a problem. section before Loma Alta. On February 4, the project was considered • A new 11-foot wide bike path will connect by the Planning Commission. About 15 people Ledbetter parking lot with Shoreline Park. spoke; nearly all favored the project, includ• Bicyclists approaching the top of the ing the Bicycle Coalition’s Ralph Fertig who bikepath will be directed to cross Shoreline thanked Rob Dayton and others who worked Drive at the stop sign at La Marina. hard to design the project to accommodate bi• Bicyclists at the bottom of the downhill cyclists. The Commission agreed upon minor bikepath can choose to enter the Ledbetter changes, but overall lauded the transformaparking lot, or the on-road bikelane. tion of unused roadway to green space and One major concern was what downhill motor- improved facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians within the City’s beautiful shoreline area. ists will think of bicyclists in the 12-foot

Dan Burden returned to Santa Barbara last February 3-4 to conduct a workshop for the City’s Transportation Department and other individuals. Burden, founder of the Bicycle Federation of America and the Bikecentennial bike ride across the United States, now consults with municipalities that are planning walkable, bikable, and livable communities.

Dan Burden, left, watches for motorists at a traffic-cone roundabout at Laguna and Valerio.

The first day was spent looking at designs for intersections, crosswalks, paseos, roundabouts, and other traffic management methods. The second day consisted of experimenting with temporary control configurations at several intersections in the St. Francis Hospital area.

Active members Please thank and support the following businesses that are Bicycle Coalition members: • King Cycle Group, Shasta Lake • Lightning Cycle Dynamics, Lompoc • MarBorg Industries, Santa Barbara • Nett & Champion Insurance, Santa Barbara • Rincon Cycles, Carpinteria • Santa Barbara Infrared, Santa Barbara • Tri Paradise Sports, Santa Barbara This cross-section drawing shows the downhill part of Shoreline Drive: one bikelane, a 10-foot uphill lane, a 12-foot downhill lane for cars and bikes, the bikepath, a grassy area, and a wider sidewalk.

We’re pleased to welcome new Bicycle Coalition members Kent Epperson and Brian Smith. Plus we’re very grateful to the following who renewed their memberships: Curtis Ridling, Dick Kling, Don Lubach, Sam Hartline, Jean Anderson, Doris Phinney and Owen Patmor.

Ads in “Quick Release” Quick Release accepts small advertisements. Circulation is over 400 people. Ads are business card size, 3.5” wide x 2.0” high. Cost per ad is $18 each, or 12 consecutive ads for $180. Details and an order form are available on PDF format online at Quick Release • March 2003 • Page 5

Discounts to members

Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition

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✔Yes! Sign me up to help make bicycling better for all of us in Santa Barbara County: ❏ Individual $25 ❏ Business $100

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❏ New membership ❏ Renewal membership Make check out to Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition. Mail to Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, PO Box 92047, Santa Barbara, CA 93190-2047

Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition President, Wilson Hubbell, 568-3046

Vice President, Ralph Fertig, 962-1479

Secretary, position open Treasurer, Gary Wissman, 964-4607

Director, Chuck Anderson, 893-4616

Director, Mike Hecker, 966-1807

Director, Drew Hunter, 452-5112

Director, Erika Lindemann, 961-8919

Director, Dru van Hengel, 564-5544

Regional bicycle clubs & groups Bicycle Touring Club of Solvang Dan Henry, 688-3330

Chaingang Gary Minar, 688-7957

Valley BMX Dave Carney, 688-7543

Cyclone Racing Beth Wallace, 753-6673

Echelon Santa Barbara James Morgan, 692-2766

Goleta Valley Cycling Club Hildy Hoffman, 964-0802

Lompoc Valley Bicycle Club Ray Harris, 736-5454

SB Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers Chuck Anderson, 565-7511

Road repair contacts Caltrans Pat Mickelson, 968-5779 Rick Fulmer, 684-5405 x402

Goleta 961-7500 Larry Bean, 736-1261

223 W. Ocean Avenue, Lompoc

Big Gear Bike Gear 324 State Street #A, Santa Barbara

Cycles 4 Rent 101 State Street, Santa Barbara 633 E. Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara 1111 E. Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara

George Gerth, 564-5385

Santa Maria

Brenton Taylor, 968-1615

Bicycle Connection

Santa Barbara City Santa Barbara County

UCSB Cycling Club

250 Storke Road #A, Goleta 15 Hitchcock Way, Santa Barbara


Mike Hecker, 966-1807 Santa Barbara BMX, Dale Bowers Larry Moore, 922-4864

Bicycle Bob’s


Santa Barbara Bicycle Club

Tailwinds Bicycle Club

Members of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition are offered discounts at local bike shops. It’s another reason to join our advocacy group. To get your discount, take your copy of Quick Release to the shop & show them your address label that says “MEMBER” on it. Or cut out the label box and take it. Discount details are posted on our web site at who.html. Please patronize the following shops:

Wilson Hubbell, 568-3046 Rick Sweet, 925-0951 x227

Solvang Tom Rowe, 688-5575


Hazard’s Cyclesport 735 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara

Mad Mike's Bikes 1110 E. Clark Avenue #G, Santa Maria

Open Air Bicycles 224 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara

Pedal Power Bicycles

Dennis Whelan, 893-7009


1740 Broadway, Santa Maria



P.O. Box 92047 Santa Barbara, CA 93190-2047


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