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FALL 2008

Sm all Bus in es s A c c elerator S AM PLE Gu id e This guide will lead you to resources to help you with market research in

Adventure Outdoor Small Business Snapshot of this Business Accelerator What kind of information will you find in each section?

RESOURCES TO HELP YOU FIND ONE INDUSTRY OVERVIEW Resources that help you to summarize the current status and outlook for your industry or sector.

TWO CUSTOMER ANALYSIS Resources that help you to complete your market analysis with information on customer needs, target markets, technical developments.

THREE COMPETITIVE/MARKET ENVIRONMENT Resources that help you to analyze your competitive market including potential competitors and market share.

Industry Data

Financial Data

Competitive/ Market Data

“The tourism sector in BC has seen a downturn in the number of visitors from the US (2006) but overseas visitors are increasing…”

“Recreational and Vacation Camps spend most of their revenues on wages (28.1% on average in 2004)… ls (2004).”

“British Columbia attracts approximately 333,000 Outdoor Adventurers over a two year period from Vancouver. This number is expected to reach 441,000 by 2026…”

BC Stats

Performance Plus

Tourism BC

Industry Surveys & Analyses Investors will want to know about prospects for your industry. These sources provide information for the industry overview piece of your plan. To get a big picture, start with industry surveys and analyses from investment houses and risk advisory services. Use news from industry and trade associations to learn more about product lines within an industry.

NEED MORE INFO? Contact Aleha McCauley, Community Business Services Librarian @ UBC. Tel: 604.827.3906 E:


To Get Started Books can provide a great overview of your industry

You can search the The encyclopedia of Ecotourism by David Bruce Weaver (2001) online here.


FALL 2008

RESEARCHING YOUR INDUSTRY GOVERNMENT CLASSIFICATION SYSTEMS Identifying your industry: It may not be clear at the start what industry you should research. One strategy is to see if, and where, your idea might be classified in an industrial classification system. These systems organize and code products in numeric hierarchies. Industry classification codes can also be used to harvest government industrial statistics and to generate lists of competitors in company directories. Industry Canada and Statistics Canada are the two major sources of statistical data on Canadian industries. They both use North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), an industry classification system, to display data at levels of detail ranging from industry sector to discrete products. Knowing the classification codes for an industry or product can be helpful for many aspects of industry research including finding relevant statistics and locating competitors. Another commonly used classification system is the Standard Industry Code (SIC). The SIC code has been superseded by NAICS, but is still used by some commercial databases. Finding and/or using these classification systems to effectively search can be tricky so don't hesitate to ask a librarian for help. 

Industry Canada & Statistics Canada


Here are some NAICS categories to help you to get started: ✦ 713990

Outdoor adventure operations Hunting and Fishing Camps with accommodations ✦ 721213 Recreational (except Hunting and Fishing) & Vacation Camps ✦ 721212

Here are the corresponding SIC categories. ✦ 914 Recreation and Vacation Camps ✦ 9141 Outfitters (Hunting and Fishing Camps) ✦ 9149 Other Recreation and Vacation Camps You can do your own keyword NAICS SEARCH ▶ http:// or try conducting an advanced google search with the name of the classification code and some keywords.

Need some inspiration?

Find sample Business Plans Business Plan Handbook. Gale Publishing. ▶ Available at most libraries. RESEARCH TIP: volumes are published annually and each edition had different types of business plans so you may want to check a few different editions. Use the alphabetical index to see if there is an appropriate sample business plan. There is one volume that available online: Business Plan Handbook website http:// index.html] and the “Outdoor Adventure Travel Company” and “Outdoor Travel Lodging OUTDOOR/RECREATION SMALL BUSINESS ACCELERATOR

Company” plans. sample business plans available. NOTE: You can also search Worldcat to search this publication and identify which editions have relevant business plans.

Industry Surveys & Analyses Investors will want to know about prospects for your industry. These sources provide information for the industry overview piece of your plan. To get a big picture, start with industry surveys and analyses from investment houses and risk advisory services. Use news from industry and trade associations to learn more about product lines within an industry.

The deep web

Library Databases The terms invisible web, hidden web or deep web all refer to the massive storehouse of online data that search engines don't capture. Terabytes of information can be found in databases and other research resources, while searchable and accessible online, they are not crawled by conventional search engines such as Google. Libraries pay for their users to have access to much of this information in their electronic resources collections or databases; a key component of the deep web. Please keep in mind that databases are proprietary and thus libraries are often restricted by specific legal usage agreements. In order to do research for various sections of your business plan you will need to consult library databases. Many databases are arranged differently, with unique interfaces and features, and in order to retrieve effective results it helps to know the taxonomy of the specific database you are using. If you need help searching a specific database do not hesitate to contact your librarian.  


Library Resources ABI Infor m. You will need to see if your local university or college library has access. Contains citations, abstracts and full-text articles from 1000+ business magazines and journals that track business conditions, trends, management techniques, corporate strategies, and industry-specific topics Canadian Business and Cur rent Af fairs (Ebsco). This is a provincially licensed resources contact your local public library has access. Access to its Business (general and specialized), Current Events (newspapers and other media transcripts) and Reference (popular and academic journals) databases. Full-text retrospective coverage to 1993, and citations to 1982.   Business Source Complete (Ebsco). You will need to see if your local university, college or public library has access. Quarterly reports on major industries in 175 countries. Includes 5-year forecasts and SWOT analyses. Keep in mind that you can also find information on industry trends, forecasts, outlooks, competitors, how to run a specific business and more good stuff in this database. You can get started by searching keywords such as TOURISM, INDUSTRIAL management, TRAVEL, BUSINESS, ADVENTURE tourism, Service Industries. You can refine your results by geography and/or publication type. For example, to find out more about starting and managing a tourist operation, here is just one article that stood out: Toughen up, it's tourism. Starting and managing a tourist operation. McManus, Geraldine. NZ Business, Aug2004, Vol. 18 Issue 7.  SPORTDiscuss (Ebsco). You will need to see if your local university, college or public library has access.

Offers comprehensive, bibliographic coverage of sport, fitness and related disciplines in 60 different languages. Market Insight Industr y Surveys by Standard & Poor. Also available in print. Bi-annual surveys on the environment and trends for 50+ U.S. industries.  MasterFILE Premier This is a provincially licensed resources - contact your local public library has access. A good general database to get started on your research. Good source for reference books. Try searching with keywords TOURISM and TRAVELERS.

Key Websites Generally government websites and association website and online trade publications and magazines are the most useful sources of industry related information as they often freely publish Industry-specific analyses, trends and articles. Small Business BC Very helpful for all aspects of opening a small business in BC. Check out: A Guide for Tourism Business Entrepreneurs. January 2006. Online ▶ http:// %20Business%20Guide%20-% 20English.pdf Statistics Canada This is the premier source for Canadian statistical information. There are many ways to access Stats Can information and some of your options will be discussed below. You can search the public statistics canada website or you can search for publications through your stats can depository library http://dsp-


FALL 2008 Collection/Statcan/index-e.html Key reports you can find: Canada. Statistics Canada. Tourism statistical digest, Ottawa: 2003. 87-403-XIE. [Available quarterly at DSP libraries].

Statistics Canada. “The changing recreational spending patterns of Canadian families”. Canadian Social Trends, Ottawa: Spring 2002. 11-008-XIE. [Available quarterly at DSP libraries]. SEARCH TIP: tr y doing a CTRL F search for “recreation” in more recent publications.   E-Stat. Statistics Canada. You will need to see if your local university, college or public library has access.. E-STAT is Statistics Canada's "electronic learning package" for students. It contains comprehensive statistical and demographic data about Canada, including detailed census returns from 1986-2006. CANSIM. Statistics Canada. When writing your business * FOR FEE. You pay per table. plan be sure to consider: Statistics Canada's key socioeconomic database. Updated daily, the overall CANSIM sizeprovides of your fast industry and easy retail (e.g. accesssales, to a large manufacturing range of the latest statistics shipments, etc.)available in Canada.. Please the key note: product your library and market may have access via E-Stat.   segments.   your customer buying criteria and processes all types of businesses in the industry. key industry trends and the outlook for your industry. Note: This should only be 1-2 pages of precise information.


FALL 2008

USE TRADE ASSOCIATIONS TO FIND INDUSTRY OVERVIEWS, COMPETITORS, TRENDS, NEWS, ETC. Here are a few key associations to help you get started: British Columbia Adventure Network Association of Canada Western Canada's Business Service Network World Tourism OrganizatioN Canadian Tourism Commission Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council Tourism Industry US. Outdoor Industry Foundation. READ THIS REPORT: United States. Outdoor Industry Foundation. The Active Outdoor Recreation Economy . 2006. Online ▶ science/outdoor_industry_recreation.pdf


Key Websites

News Yahoo Finance News by Industry. for news highlights by Industry. BC Stats Current reports and statistics from British Columbia's central statistical agency. Go to the Tourism page: http:// You should also make note of the Links to other tourism statistics sites.   Tourism BC. [corporate site] Comprehensive, local, and current industry and market analysis. Here are just a few of the key reports you can find: Canada. Tourism BC. Look for this report ; Characteristics of the commercial nature-based tourism industry in British Columbia, January 2005. You can also find other reports based on activity i.e. land-based, water-based, etc. You can also find income and demographics for activity based tourists here TravelMotivations/CanadianTravelMotivations.aspx. You can search for these by sector. TravelMotivations/CanadianTravelMotivations/ CanSectorSpecificReports.aspx  Go to the Council for Tourism Associations to access a depository of travel-related reports specific to BC. Search the publications here - publications/publications.aspx. Here is one of the many OUTDOOR/RECREATION SMALL BUSINESS ACCELERATOR

reports that you will find: Canada. Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts; Western Econ. Diversification Canada; Small Business BC . A Guide for Tourism Business Entrepreneurs. January 2006. 20Business%20Guide%20-%20English.pdf Industry Canada. Canada's most comprehensive internet site for business information and statistics about Canada and other countries. In addition to providing market research, industry statistics, company directories, and information about doing business internationally, this portal hosts interactive applications such as customizable benchmarking tools, cost calculators, and online business planning. You will find industry reports, company information, trade statistics, imports/exports by product code or industry, special reports. SEARCH TIP: You can search Canadian Industry statistics by NAICS code. Here is one of the many reports that you will find:Canada. Industry Canada. Eco-tourism and adventure tourism discussion paper from the Eco-tourism Industry Focus Group. January, 2001. Online ▶ http:// British Columbia Ministry of Economic Development Reports Related to trade, investment, and economic development in British Columbia. Includes natural resources, film, tourism, and construction. Here is one of the many reports that you will find: Canada. B.C. Competition Council; Tourism Industry Advisory Committee B.C . The Premier's Tourism Industry Advisory Council final report / prepared for the B.C. Competition Council. 2006. http:// Tourism_IAC.pdf . Use the BC Legislative Library catalogue to find government reports.


Financials EDGAR â–śhttp://toby.librar resources/infopage.cfm?id=466 Filings with the US Securities & Exchange Commission by companies listed on US exchanges. 10K reports give the most detailed information LexisNexis Academic You will need to see if your local university or college library has access. Follow the 'Business' link to find company annual reports, financials, credit reports. Perfor mance Plus eng/Home Database for benchmarking financial data on specific Canadian industries. You can also find a collection of financial data and annual reports of Canadian companies. See this tutorial for help. SEDAR â–ś resources/infopage.cfm?id=291 Canadian equivalent of EDGAR. Corporate filings of companies operating in Canada, required by securities regulators. Good source for information about a company's plans, competitive environment, markets, products, assets.

Ratios Canadian industr y nor ms and key business ratios. Dun & Bradstreet Canada. You will need to see if your local university, college or public library has access. Provides access to a set of business ratios, measured as relationships between companies' balance sheet and income statement categories, across industries classified as per Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes. Statistics Canada. (2006). Financial perfor mance indicators for Canadian business. Ottawa: Statistics Canada. 61-224-XCB. Print copies may be available at your

local library. Key financial ratios by industry, based on up-to-date, reliable and comprehensive data on Canadian businesses, derived from Statistics Canada databases of financial statements. The indicators are designed to serve as financial performance benchmarks against which individual firms and industries can be compared. Financial Post Cor porate Analyzer. You will need to see if your local university, college or public library has access. Corporate and industry benchmarking reports for Canadian companies and industries Annual Statement Studies, Risk Management Associates. Mergent. You will need to see if your local university, college or public library has access. US & international company data that can be compared and exported into Excel Quarterly financial statistics for enterprises. Ratios for Canadian industries.

CONSUMER ANALYSIS The following section lists resources that help you to complete your market analysis with infor mation on customer needs, target markets, technical developments.

FALL 2008 postal code. Useful for doing market research for small business. Use this resources to find create custom reports using Census data Consumer Trends Report Office of Consumer Affairs available at Provides a general overview of past and current economic and marketplace trends of relevance to consumers. Statistics Canada. Spending Patterns in Canada, http:// Ottawa: 2007. 62-202-XWE. [Available in print annually at DSP libraries]. This annual survey collects information about expenditures by households and families in Canada on a wide variety of goods and services. Find out how much Canadians spend on recreation by province. Statistics Canada. (2006). Market Research Handbook. Ottawa: Statistics Canada. 61-224-XCB. Find out how much Canadians spend on recreation services and camping equipment by province.

Tourism BC Canada. Tourism BC. Opportunities for BC: Activity based tourists in Canada Income and demographics for activity based tourists. August, 2004. http:// Characteristics%20of%20Commercial% 20Nature-Based%20Tourism.pdf. You will find income and demographics for activity based tourists. Very specific market data on Outdoor adventurers, Winter outdoor tourists, Alpine Skiers, Wilderness resort guests, Golfers, Scuba divers and more!

PCensus Available only at VPL (in person only) CD Rom station. Provides access to detailed demographic information. Find population, income, and spending levels for all of Canada, by province, city, or

OUTDOOR/RECREATION SMALL BUSINESS ACCELERATOR You will need to see if your local university, college or public library has access. Mostly US or Global information.


Finding Company information, annual reports, competitors, etc.


Business in Vancouver, Book of Lists. You will need to see if your

Hoover's Company Records


local university, college or public library has access. This is a useful source of business information in this market. No other directory matches the depth and comprehensiveness of this collection of B.C. business data.

Canadian Companies Capabilities

app/ccc/srch/ lang=eng&prtl=1 Easily searchable database of 60,000 Canadian businesses including hundreds of specialized manufacturing, service and product specific business directories with business profiles that contain comprehensive information on contacts, products, services, trade experience, and technology. Search results can be presented and printed in comprehensive, short or custom reports.

Canadian Key Business Directory You will need to see if your local university, college or public library has access. Features the top 20,000 companies with $5M+ in sales, 50 employees at a single location or headquarters, or 250 employees total. Each record contains company name, trade style name, full address and telephone number, number of employees, sales volume, year established subsidiaries, primary and secondary SIC codes including line descriptions, and key executive contact names and titles. SEARCH TIP: Choose Companies by Industry for Public companies, Lead List Generator for Private Companies.

Frasers home.jsf A comprehensive directory and search tool, providing information on Canadian industrial wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and their products and services. You can search by product name, company name or brand

You will need to see if your local university, college or public library has access. Featuring profiles of more than 40,000 companies, 600 industries, and 225,000 key executives. Users will find information including: company overviews, company histories, company officers and board members, competitors, products and operations, rankings, related industry information and historical financials. If you already know the company name or ticker symbol of any of the key player in your industry then try searching for their Hoover records to find key information.

FALL 2008

COMPETITIVE/MARKET ENVIRONMENT To understand the strengths and weaknesses of your idea, it will be helpful to learn about competitor firms and their products. Company directories can be used to create lists of competitors by industry, product line, size, etc. If your competitors are public companies, learn more about them by reading their financials and annual reports. News archives provide a range of competitive information including private companies and start-ups as well as public companies. Patents are a good way to learn about the technical and design features of competitors' products.


You will need to see if your local university, college or public library has access. Detailed U.S. & International public company data with enhanced features that allow you to compare companies and export data into software applications such as Excel. You can find a firm's final balance sheets, income statements, capital structure, text descriptions of the firm's business and history, as well as its officers and directors. Ratios for Canadian industries. It is best to search by Standard Industry Code (SIC). If you can find a 10K report you will find analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a company's financial standing.

Reference Canada/USA

You will need to see if your local university, college or public library has access. Access to information on more than 1 million businesses throughout Canada, and even more in the US. Records include name, address, phone number, contacts, number of employees, annual sales volumes, line of business, and credit rating. Do a custom search and limit by Yellow Page Heading so you can enter keywords. You can also search this directory by SIC. Be sure to use the red LOOKUP button to get results.


MARKET SHARE & SIZE The size of a market and the share of this market held by competitors are key to assessing the competitive environment. Keep in mind that there is no single source of market size/ market share data and that this kind of information is usually pieced together from various sources. TRADE PUBLICATIONS Trade Magazines can be very helpful in pointing out trends. Contact your local university, college or public library to see which ones they subscribe to online or in print. TIP: to find a list of key publication in your industry search Ulrichs Periodical Directory –http:// TRADE SHOWS You may want to attend some trade shows to learn more about your competitors.You find out about trade shows from your trade or industry association and/or publications. Check out Small Business BC’s helpful guide on Trade Shows in BC. The 2009 list is available here: http:// 2009TradeShows.pdf

Small Business Accelerator  

This a guide for BC entrepreneurs who are interested in researching how to start an outdoor adventure tourism company.

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