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Jordan: Hope, what happened to you drinking only one night a week? Hope: I’m not…drinking…I’m enjoying my beer… Sav: she’s socializing Hope: haha yeah I’m socializing Jordan: shut the fuck up (to the computer) Sav: So when am I picking your little girlfriend up? TJ: Whenever, I might make Shane pick her up. Give me a mother fucking four!!! (playing a drinking game) Sav: TJ, why do you always wanna play this game? You’re always the one who gets fucked up at the end TJ: I didn’t wanna play! Jordan: Hope just sets it up Hope: haha TJ: yeah I know. This is fucking bullshit. Everyone: laugh Travis: Well I gotta use the bathroom. TJ: it’s right there down the hall Jordan: how much is the Smirnoff ice partypack? Sav: I don’t know TJ: it’s probably like fifteen or something. I can look it up on Kroger. Yeah it’s sixteen Jordan: okay Sav: Teej, you wanna go? We can pick her up and stop by the liquor store? TJ: yeah that’s fine. Sav: alright TJ: can I ride the bus first? Hope: yes yes yes you can. I’m glad you asked Travis: I don’t think I like this game Sav: this is only the second part of the game TJ: it’s fucking bullshit Travis: it seems terrible Sav: it’s called short bus cuz you get fucking retarded after riding the bus Travis: ooooooooooh I get it now TJ: lower, higher, lower, higher, higher (in the background) Jordan: who’s that in the room talking? Jesus? Sav: Jesus doesn’t live here anymore Jordan: what? Sav: yeah he like left to go back or something TJ: no he’s still here. He got a new apartment or something Sav: oh I thought he left TJ: naw, he’s still here. He like talked to me on facebook the other day Sav: oh. He always got me tooooooo drunk. TJ: yeah, every girl I brought here he did Sav: he was always like “take a shot, take a shot” and I was like “no” and he was like “I do not understand. What does no mean?” and I was like “no means the same in both languages!!” Everyone: hahahhaha TJ: anyone wanna smoke a cigarette with me in the bathroom? Sav: I’ll join ya. I know Hope wants me to give me one Hope: oh do I?

Sav: yeahhhhhh Hope: haha whatever you can have mine (They walk away) Jordan: are they peeing together?? Travis: no, they went into the bathroom Jordan: oh they’re smoking in the bathroom? I thought they were smoking outside. I ain’t smoking in the cold! Travis: haha (They come back) Hope: sav, you leaving now? Sav: yeah, right Teej? TJ: yeah sure it don’t matter Sav: well let’s go. Travis: Well I have to go, my roommate just finished studying at the library and… he’s my ride Everyone: “okay bye” “bye dude” “see ya” Travis: it was nice meeting everyone! (Travis exits) (Sav and TJ exit) Jordan: imma put this in the fridge Hope: no! just drink it! Drink with me Jordan: no, it’s warm feel it Hope: oh yeah it is


Serena Baek

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