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2019-20 SCHOOL CALENDAR August 21 - Meet the Teachers Night at 6:30, but we ask parents of AP students to meet at 6:00 in the dining hall & parents of PLUS students to meet in the DLC at 6:00 These pre-meetings will be about 15-20 minutes so that parents can attend the regular schedule at 6:30. Visit the Junior Class Bake Sale during your student’s lunch period. August 15: Feast of the Assumption – No School August 16: Fall Pictures Friday Night Lights, 7 pm Football Field

December 6: First Friday Adoration December 9: All-School Junior Ring Mass, 10am December 16-19: Semester Exams - ½ days August 21: Meet the Teacher Night, 6:30 December 18: NCAA NLI Signing Day PLUS or AP Meeting 6:00pm January 6: Faculty PD, No School for Students August 22: 1st All-School Mass, 10 (Mass uniform) January 7: Classes Resume August 23: Pep Rally January 20: MLK Holiday – No School September 2: Labor Day – No School January 22: All-School Mass (March for Life), 10am September 3: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm January 22-25: March for Life September 4: 1st Wed. Dismissal, 2pm (Faculty Inservice) February 4: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm September 6: First Friday Adoration February 5: 1st Wed. Dismissal, 2pm (Faculty Inservice) September 9: Senior Retreat NCAA NLI Signing Day September 10: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm February 7: First Friday Adoration September 16: College Fair, 11:15am-12:45pm February 17: President’s Day – No School September 17: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm March 3: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm September 23: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm March 4: 1st Wed. Dismissal, 2pm (Faculty Inservice) September 26: All-School Homecoming Mass, 10am March 6: First Friday Adoration September 27: Homecoming Game vs. Raleigh-Egypt, 7pm March 9-13: Spring Break October 1: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm March 21: Trivia Night for PG October 2: 1st Wednesday Dismissal, 2pm (Faculty Inservice) April 1: 1st Wed. Dismissal, 2pm (Faculty Inservice) October 4: First Friday Adoration April 3: First Friday Adoration October 8: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm April 7: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm October 11: Professional Day – No School April 8: Wednesday of Holy Week (1/2 day) October 14: Fall Break – No School April 9, 10, 13: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Break October 15: Faculty Retreat – No School April14: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm October 22: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm April 15: NCAA NLI Signing Day October 24: Band Concert, 6:30pm April 21: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm October 29: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm April 28: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm November 1: All Saints Day – No School April 30: All-School Mass (May Crowning), 10am November 6: 1st Wednesday Dismissal, 2pm (Faculty Inservice) May 1: First Friday Adoration November 7-10: Fall Play May 7: Baccalaureate Mass, 7pm November 12: Activity Day, Early Dismissal, 2:20pm May 8: Graduation, 7pm November 13: NCAA NLI Signing Day, 3pm May 18-21: Final Exams November 27, 28, 29: Thanksgiving Holiday May 21: Last Day of School

Win A Free Semester of Tuition! Who: All Parents, Grandparents, Alumni, and Friends of SBA, ages 18 and up What: A $100 ticket gets you a chance for a free semester of Tuition at SBA!! (Value of $5,475) When: Tickets on sale through September 19, 2019 Where: Tickets available at SBA office, on Meet the Teacher Night, at other select SBA events & Why: All proceeds benefit the SBA Blessing Fund How: Winner will be drawn at halftime of SBA Football game on September 20.

Reminder: all medicine forms expire at the end of each school year and must be updated yearly. The medicine distribution form can be found on the website under the forms section. If your child needs any medicine during the school day these forms must be filled out and a prescription for the medication must be on file. This is for over the counter medicines as well. Please contact me with any questions. Nurse Lindsay • • 901-260-2869 DRIVER’S PERMIT ATTENDANCE VERIFICATION Required, for a student to get a Driver’s Permit! Students may pick up a form in the front office during regular office hours. Please have student Social Security Number to complete the form. ADMISSIONS –

Are you concerned about the future of your high school student? Finding the solutions through goodness, beauty and truth only comes with an authentic Catholic education. Let St. Benedict at Auburndale High School (SBA) be the answer to your prayers. Applications are still being accepted for 2019-20. Please visit our website at for procedures & application.

Faith at SBA! Looking Ahead

CLASS MASSES Mon. Aug. 26 – 1st & 2nd Period Tue. Aug 27 – 3rd & 4th Period Wed. Aug 28 – 5th & 6th Period Thur. Aug 29 – 7th & 8th Period All-School Masses -10am, Gym (Students in Mass Uniform)

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Thur. Aug 22 – All-School Mass, 10am (Students in Mass uniform)

Mass offered in memory or honor of a loved one or friend?

Be sure to sign-up for Nest year’s FIRST FRIDAY ADORATIONS! Wonderful way to spend time with the Lord and pray for SBA! Contact: Deacon Jeff Drzycimski 260-2888 •

Please contact Deacon Jeff Drzycimski at 260-2888 or

First Friday Dates Sept. 6 Oct. 4 Dec. 6 Feb. 7 Mar. 6 Apr. 3 May 1

Inquiries about volunteer and leadership team needs, please email

The Home & School Association provides service through volunteer efforts for many events at SBA throughout the school year. Because they do not fundraise, they request a $45 per family donation to help take care of all the special activities that Home & School help support. To make a family donation visit -

Consider Volunteering with Home & School SBA’s Home & School Association is able to serve our school’s families, faculty and staff through the work of many volunteers. At the end of the current school year, we’ll be saying goodbye to a number of parents who have been valuable members of our volunteer team for a number of years—making this a great time for new parents to get involved! If you would like to know more about Home & School and the organization’s various volunteer needs, the next group meeting will provide a perfect opportunity to get more information. Visit this link for information


SBA Project Graduation 2019-20

Dear St. Benedict at Auburndale Parents: A tradition for the St. Benedict seniors is a drug and alcohol free “lock-in” given by the senior parents. Over 95% of our seniors participate each year and they have a wonderful time. We rent out Incredible Pizza and they have unlimited play time, as well as unlimited pizza, drinks and snacks. Whether your child loves go-karts, bowling, putt-putt, laser tag or lots of video game. There is something for everyone! Each senior receives a goodie bag valued at over $100 as well as super door prizes that have included 32-inch flat screen TV’s, Yetis and Gift Cards to name a few. It will also be the last time they will all be together as a group.

Ticket price is $150 for those who pay now, price increases to $175 after September 30, 2019. The SBA Project Graduation committee also hosts a “Trivia Night” to raise money to provide a fun-filled night for our graduating seniors, to keep them safe and off the streets on graduation night. Our Project Graduation committee needs your help in a variety of ways. The Trivia Night is Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 6:30 pm in the SBA Dining Hall. We would like to invite you to be a part of this fun-filled night as a sponsor, volunteer or player. Trivia Night is an event that involves a competition of many teams of “experts” on various subjects. It is a competition that requires teams to answer ten rounds of ten questions about anything from science to nonsense. We are also looking for parents of freshmen, sophomores and juniors to get involved with Project Graduation to keep this wonderful tradition going in order that the future years maintain the success level we have experienced. We need several parents to volunteer during the event. On behalf of St. Benedict Project Graduation, we appreciate your help. Donations are tax deductible, and we would also like to offer our sponsors complimentary notice in our SBA Annual Report. Again, thank you for your support of this important event! SENIOR PARENTS, BE SURE TO SEND IN YOUR STUDENT’S RESERVATION AND PAYMENT! Sincerely, Amy Iovinelli SBA Project Graduation Committee Chair 901.849.9644 •

St Benedict Project Graduation Rules & Permission Form SBA Project Graduation (PG) is held on the night of graduation at Incredible Pizza from 11:30 pm-5:00 am. Incredible Pizza is located at 1245 Germantown Parkway Cordova, 309-3132. The purpose of SBA Project Graduation is to have a drug and alcohol-free evening of fun and fellowship one last time. RULES: If graduate arrives and is suspected to be “under the influence” (either alcohol or drugs) and the student fails a Breathalyzer test, parents will be called and the student will not be admitted to Project Graduation regardless of the paid admission. ▪ We strongly suggest that parents drop off their students and pick them up due to the long hours of fun, they will be very tired. ▪ No guests are allowed; ONLY students of the SBA Class of 2020 who have paid. ▪ Check-in is between 11:30 pm - 12:00 am. No one will be able to enter after 12:00 am. ▪ All bags, purses and items brought must be checked in. The less students bring with them the better. Storage is limited. ▪ No one will be allowed to leave early without a signed parental form. If a student has permission to leave, a parent will be notified and the student will not be allowed to re-enter. Students will not be eligible for door prizes if they leave early. ▪ There will be food and drink provided all night long. ▪ PG ends by 5:00 am. If a student does not feel capable driving home, please notify any of the chaperones and we will call a parent to come pick-up him/he. Any questions or if you need to reach us during the event: Amy Iovinelli (901.849.9644) SBA Project Graduation Permission Form I/We do give our child ______________________________permission to attend Project Graduation, and we acknowledge the rules listed above. I/We can be reached at ___________________________ in the event of an emergency. I/We DO______ give our child_____________________ permission to leave Project Graduation at any time during the event. WE acknowledge that we will be notified by the phone number listed above that he/she is leaving. I/We DO NOT______ give our child_____________________ permission to leave Project Graduation until the event is finished. Signature: _____________________________________ Date: __________________________ Make $150 check payable to SBA Project Graduation and return to the main office by October 1, 2019.

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St. Benedict Monday Mail 08/12/19

St. Benedict Monday Mail 08/12/19  

St. Benedict Monday Mail 08/12/19

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