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Monday Mail for the Week of February 11th, 2013: Important Upcoming Calendar Reminders - February 13th ……. Ash Wednesday – All School Mass, 9:55am, SBA Gym - February 18th ……. Presidents’ Day – NO CLASSES - February 23rd ……..”Swing & Bling” 3rd Annual SBA Fashion Show (More information below) - February 26th ……. Honors/AP Fair – 6:30pm, SBA Dining Hall

2013-2014 Online Re-Registration for CURRENTLY ENROLLED STUDENTS Re-Registration for currently enrolled students will be an ONLINE process. An email was sent today with a link to your student's re-registration form. (A separate email was sent for each student in your family.) The Online Form and $250 Registration Fee per student must be paid and submitted online by February 22nd in order to secure your child's seat for the 2013-2014 school year. A $100 late fee will apply to all registrations received after February 22nd. For more information, please contact Claire Sweeney at Thank you!

Show Your  Love   for    


With  a  donation  of   any  size  to  the  SBA   Annual  Fund,  you   can  wear  JEANS  on   VALENTINE’S  DAY  –   this  Thursday,   February  14th.     Our  Annual  Fund  impacts   every  aspect  of  school  life  at   SBA  including  tuition   assistance,  campus  programs   and  operational  needs.     Thank  you  so  much  for  your   continued  support!      

Saturday, February 23rd at 6:30pm Reservations $25 per person Go ahead and make your reservations now! You can bring a friend, bring 8 friends, or find a friend when you get there! Reserve a table of 8 or just a seat or two. Email, call 260-2892 or go to

Thank you so much for considering an item donation to any of the Fashion Show’s Dazzling Displays that we will have drawings for at the end of the night on February 23rd.

For a complete list of display themes and suggested items, visit

Of course, all donations are greatly appreciated! Send items in with your student

or drop them off in the front office at any time!  


Thank you SO much!

Top 5  Items  Needed  this  Week   1. Kitchen  Gadgets/Small  Appliances   2. Patio/Outdoor/Garden  Items   3. Tickets  –  to  any  local  events  or  venues   4. Jewelry/Accessories   5. Gift  Cards  to  Anywhere        

Swing and Bling

Top Reasons to get EXCITED a bout the Fashion Show!

Dazzling Display  Drawings   We  sell  sheets  of  25  tickets  for  $20  and  2  sheets  for  $35.    You  can  buy  as  many  as  you  would  like.     As  you  go  around  and  check  out  the  various  themed  displays,  you  then  drop  your  tickets  in  the   buckets  you  choose.    At  the  end  of  the  night,  we  have  a  very  exciting  drawing  and  some  very   memorable  winning  reactions!    Not  to  mention  all  of  the  great  door  prizes  that  we  draw  for   throughout  the  evening…  

$1 Spirits!   Frozen  Margaritas,  Margaritas  on  the  Rocks,  Wine  and  Beer  for  $1!    Need  we  say  m ore?  

Table Reservations  with  Friends   Reserve  a  table  for  you  and  your  girlfriends!    If  you  reserve  one  before  February  8th,  you  get  a   free  bottle  of  wine!    It  doesn’t  cost  anymore  and  it  ensures  that  you  gals  will  all  be  together  for   the  fun  night  ahead!    (Tables  seat  8.)   NEW  THIS  YEAR  –  We  will  have  a  table  just  for  new  moms  –  so  if  you  don’t  know  anyone  and   want  to  join  in  the  fun,  we  have  a  place  for  you!    Bring  a  friend  if  you  would  like,  or  make  friends   when  you  get  there!      

FOOD and  FUN   Who  doesn’t  love  the  delish  food  at  Swanky’s  Taco  Shop?    Set  up  buffet  style  with  an  appetizer   bar,  taco  bar  and  dessert  bar,  you  can’t  go  wrong!    Your  $25  reservation  includes  your  dinner  and   soft  drinks.    The  fun,  fashion  and  friendships  come  free!  

Fashion, Fashion,  Fashion!   This  year,  our  fashion  vendor  will  be  Chico’s  Laurelwood.    They  have  designs  for  everyone  and   beautiful  accessories.    Our  SBA  m om,  alumni  and  teacher  models  will  make  the  looks  even  more   fabulous!      

Honors/AP and Elective Fairs There will be an Honors/AP Fair on February 26th at 6:30pm in the dining hall. This is an opportunity for students and their parents to see all of the Honors/AP classes that will be available for next year. There will also be an Elective Fair on February 27th during all three lunches in the dining hall for students to explore the many elective options that will be available to them next year.

“Kids Kan” Food Drive During the week of February 18th, SBA will begin its annual participation in the “Kids Kan” Food Drive! This is an annual spring effort to raise can food and money for the Food Bank. On Tuesday, February 19th Kix 106 will be doing a radio remote in front of the school while taking donations from 6:457:45am.

Pitner Driving School Pitner Driving School is accepting applications for their 2/253/8 class from 3-6 PM. Applications are available with freshman counselor, Mr. Collins (

The Rule: St. Benedict’s Newsletter St. Benedict at Auburndale

Saint quotes of the month: "And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” - 1 John 4:16 “The greatest romance one can find, is to fall in love with God. The greatest journey one could embark on, is to seek Him. The greatest achievement one can obtain, is to find Him.” - St. Augustine “We love because He first loved us.” - 1 John 4:19 “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” - Blessed Teresa of Calcutta


“Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the leader and perfecter of faith.” -Hebrews 12:2

Spiritual Events at SBA Pray at SBA: Mondays at 7:15 a.m. in the Chapel BenedicTeens: Thursdays at 4:30 p.m. in Rm. A111 (Mr. Smith’s classroom) Feb. 1: 1st Friday Mass at 7:15 & Adoration Feb. 13 Ash Wednesday: All School Mass; distribution of ashes in Chapel after Mass Remember: This is the beginning of Lent, and a day of fasting (small meals) and abstinence (no meat). No snacking between meals.

Schedule of Lectors & Altar Servers Feb. 13: All School Mass Lectors: Zach Favorite & Kathleen Bray Altar Servers: Alex Thompson, Joseph Ferrante, & Dalton Bailey Gift Bearers: 4 Basketball Players

Diocesan Events: Women’s Morning of Spirituality: All females at SBA are invited and encouraged to attend!! Go to for more information and to register. SEARCH: Feb. 22-24 Pray for all students attending and serving this weekend! Diocesan Youth Celebration at SBA March 1-2! Registration forms available in Theology hallway and in Monday Morning Mail.

Director of Spiritual Affairs: Khira Rotty Email: Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

The Rule: St. Benedict’s Newsletter Lent: A Time to Grow in Love

Year of Faith Check out these websites for more info. on the Year of Faith: content/ novaevangelizatio/ en.html

Lent and sacrificing is NOT about God wanting us to be miserable (as I sometimes feel on Ash Wednesday because I’m so hungry), but about denying ourselves extra luxuries, offering them to God as sacrifice of love, and growing closer to Him. Let’s admit it, as a culture, we are able to fulfill any desire, at any time, and to an excessive extent. Here are examples: Food, phones, computers, video games. These aren’t inherently bad, but do we abuse them or place them above God? Are we eating appropriate, healthy amounts of food and giving thanks to God, or are we eating more than we should until we’re miserable? Are we more interested in communicating to three people at one time on our phones, rather than the one person who came to be in our presence? Are we using computers as resources and aides to assist us in our growth in knowledge of Truth, or are we utilizing them as vehicles to gossip or use others (i.e. pornography)? Are we playing video games at appropriate times and using appropriate language, or do we play for hours and cuss out other people? Lent is taking time to cut out the excess that’s in our lives. We do that through fasting and abstinence, and really focusing on our physical and spiritual well-being, as well as that of others. Most importantly, it’s about remaining focused on the Beauty and Love of God and His blessings that we take for granted everyday!

Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13), and then He did it! He loves us all with Great Love and we are His friends! Let us lay down our lives and selfish ways for Him, for others, and for ourselves that we may all grow in holiness, greatness, friendship, and Love! -Khira Rotty

What to Give Up for Lent: 20 Weird Ideas

Great Articles on Love and Lent:

By Life Teen | February 6, 2013 on-fasting-john-paul -ii-lentenreflections/

Don’t eat the last bite of your food Park at the very back of the parking lot Put a popcorn kernel in your shoe every day Don’t use your apps Get to know your neighbors Pray the “Hail Mary” and do an ab crunch for every single word Stop complaining and/or being negative Give up texting and call whoever you need to talk to Don’t use utensils Give away 10 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and a pair of shoes When you wake up, jump out of bed, kiss the floor, and learn humility Wear the same 4 outfits for all of lent Everyday do 20 (or 100) pushups and offer it up for someone who’s sick Leave a post-it with a positive message on it wherever you go Cut out all screen-time (phone, TV, computer) after dinner Use your weekends to babysit for free Send a different person an affirmation email every day of Lent Don’t straighten or curl your hair Sit and stand up straight – don’t slouch! Every day take a picture of something or someone you’re grateful for and hang the pictures in your room

SBA Athletics - Upcoming Events Monday, February 11th - FR Boys Basketball – SBA Tournament (HOME @ 7:00/8:00pm) Tuesday, February 12th - Boys Basketball vs CBHS (HOME) o JV Game at 4:30pm o Varsity Game at 7:30pm - Girls Basketball vs St. Agnes (HOME) o JV Game at 3:30pm o Varsity Game at 6:00pm Friday, February 15th - Girls Lacrosse vs Collierville (HOME) o JV Game at 4:30pm o Varsity Game at 6:00pm - Wrestling – State Individual Tournament, Day 1 (AWAY) Saturday, February 16th - Wrestling – State Individual Tournament, Day 2 (AWAY)


Monday Mail - 2/11/13  

Monday Mail to the Parents for the Week of February 11, 2013

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