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SBA takes a Stand


On Eagles’ Wings

From the President To all our SBA families and friends –

Develop m en t

Greetings from the staff and all our students here at SBA! Think way back. Back when you were much younger. Can you remember when you first got the talk. You know, the one all parents dread having to give. No, no, not that one, I mean the other one when they had to finally confess to you the truth about Santa. That talk. I remember it oh so well. I was already well past old enough to believe my classmate chatter, I just didn’t want to. I was quite happy residing in my state of obliviousness but my sister, younger by one year, was not. She threw the question out there one Christmas Eve and Mom and Dad knew it was time to come clean. Years later, our own kids pestered and pried. We, on the other hand, fought the valiant fight to keep a little magic alive in their imaginations. We even heard our middle daughter staunchly defending the existence of one jolly old elf just as we had done. “I know there’s a Santa Claus,” she debated with her friends, “because both Katy and I each got a bike last year and my parents could never afford two at once.” Poverty had served us well. We all know that the real truth of this season has nothing to do with bearded elves or sleigh-pulling reindeer. Oddly though, most of the men we imagine at the Nativity probably did have beards but instead guided donkeys that hauled their special cargo. And in this one forever-remembered trip, it hauled a mother with the king of kings. This year, there’s a grandson in our lives. He’s too little to grip tightly to either story, but even at age fifty-eight, I battle with myself as to the proper perspective between the divinity of what happened under that star … and the magic of what happens under our tree. I have long believed in the child Jesus who, like any kid, would have loved a little of our current-day hoopla. And I believe in a loving father-God, who smiles at us when we help others smile. But mostly, I believe He came to make sure we understood the need to make other people’s lives better than they are. Whether we wrap it or not. In this season of both miracles and magic, we wish all of you a blessed and holy holiday. George Valadie President

From the Editor Stand Up, SBA! Our cover theme this issue follows a video that the Development team produced for interested eighth graders. You can catch the video on YouTube at com/watch?v=3v01k2B0aP0. It’s not really difficult to stand up for SBA because SBA stands up for so much as you will see in the video and in this issue. On the Table of Contents page, you will find a description of the photo vignette on the cover. Pretty clever, as is the video! Of Course they don’t express how much SBA stands up in education, service and in faith, but they capture a lot. But, be sure to read all the sections as SBA students, faculty and alums have “stood up” for so much since our last issue. We’re especially proud of our students that have been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation and our Academic All-Stars announced so far this year. In addition, the outstanding athletic performance of junior running back Jordan Wilkins this year has brought SBA school pride to the limits. When I began writing and compiling content for this issue, I thought it might get to 28 pages. As you can see, it has gone way beyond due to all our accomplishments, but also to the many alumni who have gotten in touch with us to let us know what’s going on in their lives. The Alumni section is full to the brim with so much news and interesting stuff. Keep it coming! Until next time, may you have a blessed and peaceful Christmas! Sharon Masterson, Editor Director of Communications & Sports Information


On Eagles’ Wings

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“Your way of acting should be different from the world’s way…. Rule of Benedict 4.20-21 Catholic Schools: Ambassadors of Peace


St. Benedict at Auburndale High School is a diocesan, coeducational, college preparatory school committed to academic excellence through a comprehensive and challenging multi-level curriculum presented in an atmosphere permeated with the aims, values and teachings of the Roman Catholic faith. On Eagles’ Wings is a publication of St. Benedict at Auburndale High School Editor/Director of Communications & Sports Information Sharon Masterson President/Principal George Valadie Assistant Principal Sondra Morris Director of Alumni & Development Lori Trew Regis ‘91 Director of Admissions Ann O’Leary Advisory Board 2011-12 Don Williams, Chairman Msgr. Peter Buchignani, V.G. Jon Bascom Doug Byrnes Julie Clary (’00) Mindy Costabile (Executive Committee) Melanie Craft Nick Griffin (’98) Joe Incardona Chris LeBlanc Halsey Mabry Paul Schuhlein John Schuman Phil Sisneros (Executive Committee) Mike Watermeier Wanda Winnette Pat Wycoff Beth York

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Alumni Cover – SBA Takes a Stand Top Left – SBA stands up for faith

On Eagles’ Wings magazine is published by the St. Benedict at Auburndale High School Office of Communications. Change of address or correspondence Please send all changes to: Editor-On Eagles’ Wings St. Benedict at Auburndale High School 8250 Varnavas Drive Cordova, TN 38016


Top Middle – SBA stands up for life Top Right – SBA stands up for learning Center Left – SBA stands up for the team Center – SBA stands up for honor and country Center Right – SBA alums stand up for all SBA alums Bottom Left – SBA stands up for the hungry Bottom Right – SBA stands up for each other

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On Eagles’ Wings

A new year, a new challenge By Don Williams, Advisory Board Chairman

Having been one of the original board members when this board was formed a little over three years ago, I have spent most of my time on the finance committee - first as a member, and following that as the committee chair. In that capacity I became keenly aware of the budget challenges and needs of our school from our President, George Valadie and our financial wizard, Kathy Hurt. This year as chair, I am diving deeper into other areas of our school needs like development (we have an excellent new Development Director, Lori Regis) technology along with building and grounds among others. Our newest challenge this year as a board is the SACS assessment this coming spring which requires input from the board as well as administrators, teachers, parents and many others. I trust that we will make an excellent showing due to all the hard work already being put forth on many fronts. My thanks to our outgoing Chair, Mike Waddell, for his leadership. I also want to welcome new board members Paul Schuhlein, John Bascom, Nick Griffin (’98), Halsey Mabry and Joe Incardona. Our goal is to make our school better. I have no doubt we will accomplish our goal.

From the Office of Alumni and Development By Lori Trew Regis (’91), Director of Alumni & Development

It is funny how life works out, and things come full circle, isn’t it? I attended Auburndale/ St. Benedict at Auburndale from kindergarten through 12th grade (1979-1991) and I even grew up in Countrywood! I can’t believe that after 20 years, I am back here. I find myself having flashbacks almost every day. I feel like things are so different, but still so the same. As you know, our school has a very unique history. If you are not familiar with it, you should definitely check out that part of our website, because you would be proud. SBA has come a very, very long way. In the 1990 yearbook, there is a picture of a dump truck working on Germantown Road and it describes the carpool problems in and out of the school while the road is being widened. The last sentence reads, “The new traffic flow may become beneficial to the school.” I love that. We had no idea. I think that it is important (and so does everyone here) to keep our history alive and our alumni plugged in. There are things I have been pleasantly surprised by that I want our Alumni to know: • At every All-School Mass, these students say a special prayer for all Auburndale and SBA alumni and their families. I found that very touching. • There is an ARCHIVE room in the library that houses all things cool and old. The original Eagle mascot costume is in there! (Become a member of the Facebook Saint Benedict at Auburndale Alumni Group and check out the pictures!) • There are drawers and drawers of name and address changes where these people have tried to keep up with us! If there are fellow alumni not receiving alumni mailings, I am shocked! • At football Homecoming when they invite Alumni to the Block Party – they mean it. AND there are lots of Alumni there, so if you have never been before – COME ON! • It was a great environment to grow up in then, and even though it is much larger now – it is STILL a great place to send your kids to school. I don’t know how 1,000 kids are all great kids, but they are. With all of that in mind, I found it fitting to name the 2011-12 Annual Fund “Lasting Legacies.” You should have received the brochure in the mail that outlines all of the things the Annual Fund does for our school. Whether you graduated from Auburndale


Develop m en t

On Eagles’ Wings

and remember the Smith family, you graduated from St. Benedict at Auburndale and remember the religious order of Dominican Sisters, or you graduated from St. Benedict at Auburndale High School and remember moving into the new buildings……WE ARE ALL EAGLES. In that Eagle spirit, I hope many things…. I hope that, if you have not been an active alumni, that maybe you will take a look at the Facebook page, update your information on our website or make an appearance at a game. We would love to see you. I hope that you will remember the so many generous people like you and before you who helped advance our school with their gifts and that maybe you will consider a gift too. Then your legacy will be helping to take us to the next level. And I hope mostly that your memories of Auburndale or SBA are fond ones, like mine, that are only reinforced now by knowing that tradition has carried on, and that success has been the outcome of the ole Alma Mater.

Be sure to check out our Christmas message video at

Simple Ways to Help SBA



SBA Gift Card Program The SBA Eagle Bucks Program allows you to earn money for our school programs while shopping! Just buy your gift cards from us! They will make GREAT Christmas gifts! To place your order, you can fill out the form on our website or you can stop by the office for a form. We have many gift cards in stock in the office, but orders are placed on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. SBA receives a percentage of the sale of the gift card.

The 2011-12 Annual Fund for SBA Saint Benedict High School kicked off the 2011-12 Lasting Legacies Annual Fund drive in October and we set a few lofty goals that we need your help to achieve. Because the Annual Fund helps us to sustain our campus programs, balance our school budget and keep our tuition cost one of the lowest in Memphis, we would like to raise $200,000 this school year.

Reloadable Kroger Cards

With this goal in mind, we will also be able to contribute to our tuition assistance program and campus technology upgrades. In addition to the financial goal, another objective is to increase in contributors. We realize there are financial challenges facing many of us, but we urge you to give what you can. No gift is too small and every gift is needed and appreciated. 100% participation from our families would be terrific!

Stop by the office to get your SBA reloadable Kroger card. At the register, load it with the exact amount of your purchase each time you check out and SBA will receive a percentage of the sales. You wouldn’t believe how much it adds up for our school! Target Redcards

As of December 7, 2011 the Lasting Legacies Annual Fund totaled $110,598.80, with $70,940.05 in unrestricted gifts and $39,658.75 in restricted gifts. What a tribute to our school! If you have already given to the Lasting Legacies Drive, thank you so much for your contribution. If you are still considering a gift, we thank you for your consideration and are here if you have any questions. Please contact the Development Office at 260-2892 or see our website at You can also scan the following QR code with your SmartPhone to donate now. Thanks so much!

Please designate SBA as your school of choice when using your Target Credit Card for their Take Charge of Education program. It is easy and very effective; visit for more information. Coke Rewards Points 1. Purchase your favorite Coca-Cola products to get codes. 2. Go to & sign in (register if you aren’t a member). 3. Enter your codes to get points – then search for our school to donate points. For more information on any of these easy ways to help our school, please contact the Development Office at 901-2602892 or email at


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On Eagles’ Wings


(All Sports Schedules may found on the website


½ day – End of semester,

begin Christmas break


Holiday Hoops Basketball Camp -

(Boys) 8 am-Noon, (Girls) 1-4 pm

Classes resume


Martin Luther King Holiday (no classes)


Talk by Sister Helen Prejean, 7-8 pm


March for Life Trip, Washington DC


Crossroads Concert –

Soprano Mary Wilson, 6:30 pm

29-Feb.4 Catholic Schools Week FEBRUARY 13

Faculty Retreat (no classes)


Trivia Night, Sponsored by

Project Graduation


Ash Wednesday

Spring Musical – Anything Goes


End of 3rd academic quarter


Classes resume


Fashionista Fiesta Fashion Show,

6:30-9:00 pm


Holy Thursday (½ day-begin Easter Break)


Good Friday


Easter Sunday


Classes Resume




Crossroads Concert – Ryan Kathman,

One-Ham Manlet, 6:30 pm


Spring Production –

A Midsummer Night’s Dream



Begin Spring Break





Senior Awards Night, 6:30 pm


Baccalaureate-Church of the Incarnation,

7:00 pm


Commencement-Hope Church, 11:00 am

Senior Project Graduation Party


Final exams


Last day of classes, ½ day


Admission & Guidance Information ADMISSIONS Applications for the 2012-13 school year are now being accepted. Please visit our website at for admissions procedures and application. Parents Please Note: All siblings who wish to attend SBA must complete the Application for Admission. If you have questions, please contact Ann O’Leary, Director of Admissions, at 260-2875 or GUIDANCE Parents of seniors (Class of 2012) – if you would like a conference concerning college plans for your child, please E-mail Senior Counselor Mary Cox at to set up an appointment. Please see the following schedule for College Entrance Testing.


Paren t Con n ecti on ACT TEST DATES ( Test Date

On Eagles’ Wings


Registration Deadline

Test Date

Registration Deadline

Feb. 11, 2012

Jan. 13. 2012

Jan. 28, 2012

Dec. 30, 2011

Apr. 14, 2012

Mar. 9, 2012

Mar. 10, 2012

Feb. 10, 2012

June 9, 2012

May 4, 2012

May 5, 2012

Apr. 6, 2012

June 3, 2012

May 8, 2012

SBA Code needed for registration – 430-451 DRIVER’S PERMIT ATTENDANCE VERIFICATION FORM The Driver’s Permit Attendance Verification Form is required in order for a student to get a Driver’s Permit. Students may pick up a form in the front office during regular office hours. Please have student Social Security Number to complete the form.

News From Home & School Association

Project Graduation           

Senior Parents, be sure to get in your student’s reservation for Project Graduation. PG’s main support fundraisers are Trivia Nights. The November Trivia Night was hugely successful and a near sell out. So get your reservations in for the next one on Sat., February 18. PG is not only a fun event for the graduates, but for all involved, too. Volunteers and ideas are needed. For information contact Chairs – Darla and David Boston and at and Chuck Kantor

Merry Christmas to all of our St. Benedict families, from your SBA Home & School Association. We had a great start to our year and would like to thank everyone who came out for our Freshmen/Sophomore tailgate, as well as those who joined the Home & School Association this fall. Membership forms are available in the front office for anyone still wishing to join. We would like to extend a special thank you to all of our volunteers who helped with the 8th Grade visits and Open House during the fall. Unlike some bears, your Home & School volunteers will not be hibernating this winter, they are just getting warmed up.

Theatre looking for patrons

We started off November by hosting the National Honor Society reception and the Ring Mass reception. This month we are providing Christmas gift cards to all of our faculty and staff. After the holidays we will host the Teacher Appreciation luncheon, Mu Alpha Theta/Language Honor Society reception and our senior events including, the Father/Daughter dance, Mother/Daughter tea, Father/Son outing, and Mother/ Son dinner. Please watch your SBA weekly mail for further information about these events as well as information about Home & School meetings. Both our Teacher Treats and First Friday Adoration committees are active on a monthly basis throughout the academic year.

SBA’s award-winning music and drama departments offer the opportunity for friends of SBA to sponsor or advertise in theatrical/musical production programs throughout the year. SBA’s productions of Anything Goes and Midsummer Night’s Dream are the next events upcoming where you can advertise your company or recognize that special student at a very reasonable price. Support SBA while getting an opportunity to spotlight your special student or company. For information or sponsorship and/or purchasing advertising contact Cindy Wells, Fine Arts Chair, at or check the website.

If you have any questions about Home & School or would like to volunteer please contact Shannon Schuhlein at 901751-2225 or  


Ab ou t Ou r Fai th

On Eagles’ Wings

A Decision

I started to realize just how valuable my Faith could be. It became more than just teachings I learned from the church. To me, Faith also became a tool I used to further my relationship with God, and put me on His path. I started to practice my Faith in the most real and concrete way possible - through prayer.

By Daniel LaForce, senior Often in life, we will make decisions that completely alter the way we think and live. Some are made to our benefit, while others seem to impede the paths we want to take. Either way, every decision we make will affect our path in the long run. For me, the most important decision I have made recently is one that I feel will substantially affect my path in the long run: the decision to come into the Catholic Church.

My relationship with God had become better than ever before, and when I entered my sophomore year, I made a decision: I wanted to enter into the Catholic Church. Last September a year ago, I started taking RCIA classes to prepare me for my Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion, at the Easter Vigil Mass. After making the decision, I was met with overwhelming support from my friends, family and the SBA community.

My family and I have never belonged to any particular denomination or church, but I’ve been raised in a home with Christian values and ideals. Combined with my 12 years of Catholic education, these values have become an important part of who I am. My Faith has been important throughout my life, but my relationship with God has often been on the back burner. I never really questioned why I called myself a Christian, or why my Catholic peers did the things they did, until I entered high school.

The entire process of entering the Church has been an amazing journey! My relationship with God is still a work in progress, and there is always room for growth. With the help of God, my friends and my family, I continue to move forward in my Faith. My Baptism was just the beginning to my life with Christ, and for now I look forward to growing in my Faith and my relationship with God every day!

Upon entering high school, I did what most people do at my age. I started to question everything, and most of my questions were about my Faith. I wanted to know what it meant to be a Christian. I started going to different Christian churches, and looking deeper into their teachings. Studying different church teachings and theology proved to be useful, but I quickly realized that I needed more than that. I needed more than just the studying and researching... I needed a relationship with God. I needed to have Faith.

Daniel’s sponsor and mentor as he studied to enter the Catholic Church was his sophomore theology teacher Patrick Smith (left).

SBA teens continue their tradition of standing up for life The St. Benedict Teens for Life Club organized its second annual Pro-life Day of Silence in Solidarity for the Unborn on the Oct. 18. This Day of Silence was recognized across the United States with hundreds of thousands of students participating. It is a fact that over 50,000,000 unborn human lives have been snuffed out by abortion since the infamous 1973 Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision that (along with its companion case, Doe v Bolton) legalized abortion on demand. This tabulates to over 4,000 abortions in this country each day.


Ab ou t Ou r Fai th

On Eagles’ Wings

The students at St. Benedict wanted to have a way to express their concerns about the rising loss of human life and the culture of death in which they have grown up. Therefore, they established their own Day of Silence by abstaining from talking at lunch and between class periods. Students who kept the silence promise wore arm bands to signify their witness. They also placed an empty desk with a rose tied with a blue or pink ribbon in each theology classroom signifying a vacant desk of a classmate that was to be, but whose life was lost because of abortion. Signs on the desks stated, “For every two babies born another baby dies in an abortion.” This very poignant and moving exercise has impacted many students so much that many sign up for the Day of Silence.

unborn. They were energized to do more by hosting the Day of Silence. October is Respect Life Month in the Church and SBA’s Teens for Life use the month as witness for the unborn and their mothers. The month-long “Cemetery for the Unborn” helps recall to mind the thousands of babies lost by abortion. The club also sponsors a “Tree for Life” collection (similar to the Angel Tree collection at Christmas). Hundreds of new baby items were collected and distributed to Birthright and Life Choices pregnancy centers in Memphis for their baby closets. The last event in October that the group sponsored was the International Rosary for Life held in our chapel on Oct. 29. The Rosary was led and prayed by the students for the end to abortion.

SBA’s Teens for Life also recently participated in the 40 Days for Life witness at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility on Poplar. Just after their witness, they learned that the Shelby County Commission voted to rescind local tax payer funding of Planned Parenthood’s family planning services. This occurrence did not go unnoticed by those students who gave an hour on a Saturday in October in prayer and solidarity with the

In January, over 120 SBA students and chaperones will travel, once again, to our nation’s Capital for the March for Life. SBA was the first high school in the Memphis Diocese to make this pilgrimage of faith and remains steadfast in its witness for life.

Because of their tradition for standing up for Life since St. Benedict began, The SBA Teens for Life were presented the inaugural “Ambassadors of Peace” Award presented by Superintendent of Catholic Schools Dr. Mary McDonald at the Catholic Schools Professional Day in October.

As part of what seems to be a tradition now at the annual Homecoming Mass, SBA alumni who are members of the current faculty and staff were asked to bring up the gifts.

† In Memoriam The faculty, staff and students of St. Benedict at Auburndale offer our most sincere condolences to all those families who have lost loved ones. We remember them and all our dearly beloved in our daily prayers and Masses. Shelby Hinrichs, 69, the father of Jay Hinrichs (’96) and grandfather of Trey (’11) and Jordan (’13) Wilkins, passed away on September 4, 2011.


Head li n e News

On Eagles’ Wings

SBA Students Recognized in Country, State and City National Merit Scholars Wendy Alyea, John Hofer and Caitlin Terry have been named National Merit Commended Students for their exceptional academic promise. These three SBA seniors are among about 34,000 Commended Students recognized this year. They placed among the top five percent of more than 1.5 million who entered the 2012 National Merit Program by taking the 2010 Preliminary SAT/ National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test(PSAT/NMSQT). Commended Students demonstrate outstanding potential for academic success. In addition, senior Ivy Anderson is one of some 3,100 “Outstanding Participants” in the National Achievement Scholarship Program, a separately funded program for minority students sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). Ivy scored in the top three percent of more than 160,000 promising minority students. “These young men and women have demonstrated outstanding potential for academic success,” commented a spokesperson for NMSC. “These students represent a valuable national resource; recognizing their accomplishments, as well as the key role their schools play in their academic development, is vital to the advancement of educational excellence in our nation.”

Wendy Alyea

John Hofer

Caitlin Terry

Ivy Anderson

Three SBA seniors have been selected Commercial Appeal c spire Academic All-Stars so far this year Allison Fetz, Alanna Murphy and Caroline Sabbatini. Allison is recognized for General Scholarship, Alanna for Drama & Speech and Caroline for Mathematics. Each year SBA has numerous students appear as Academic All-Stars and is grateful to The Memphis Commercial Appeal and c spire wireless for their sponsorship of this worthy event in recognizing all that it is good about the area’s high school students. Allison Fetz

Alanna Murphy

Caroline Sabbatini


Head li n e News

On Eagles’ Wings

Jordan Wilkins selected Mr. Football Finalist Following the 2011 football season, junior running back Jordan Wilkins was named a TSSAA Mr. Football finalist. It has been a while since SBA has had a finalist (Doug Whittaker in 1998 was the last) and Jordan, who is highly recruited by several Division I schools, is certainly worthy of his selection. He and his family were honored on November 28 at the Tennessee Titans Mr. Football Awards luncheon in Murfreesboro. Jordan was the only Division II-AA West Region player recognized this year. This prestigious award is presented to the top ten backs and linemen in five classifications of the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA). High School coaches and members of the media nominate the finalists and the selection of the finalists is made by a committee of statewide sports writers. This is an extraordinary award for which a prep player is nominated and receives, but especially for a player who is just a junior. Jordan put up some impressive stats this season and those coupled with the previous years’ accomplishments makes him one of the best in the state, if not the country.

Jordan Wilkins gaining some of his 291 yards rushing in the Eagles’ over-time win over Briarcrest in region action this year.


Ach i evem en ts

On Eagles’ Wings


from Louisiana or Texas at the week-long program. He was able to visit the Baton Rouge daily, The Advocate, and also visited the Baton Rouge ABC affiliate, WBRZ. There he was able to observe a live broadcast of the evening news. Zach wrote an article on the LSU Petroleum Engineering program and designed the page. He said, “Overall it was a great experience to be able to live in the dorms and see college life up close. Also, being taught by actual college professors gave me a good feel of the program at LSU. I have been accepted to LSU and plan to attend.”

Students representing SBA in the All-West High School Honor Choir are: Addie James, Ryan Cooper, Carmen Martinez, Madeline Marconi. Representing SBA in the All-State Honor Choir are Madeline Marconi and Alternates, Ryan Cooper and Carmen Martinez. Representing SBA in the All-West Jr. Honor Choir are: 1st Soprano Tia Clorina; 2nd soprano Cassandra Carasco and Caroline King, 1st Alto Jackie Banks, 2nd Alto Ashley Evans and Maria Marconi;1st Tenor Spencer Smith. Dakota Bailey, Dalton Bailey, Alex Gaffney, Hannah Jones, Peter Longoria, Rebecca Longoria, Megan McKenny and Madison Roberts attended the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis in November. Freshman Caroline King attended the 2011 Proteus Syndrome Foundation (PSF) Family and Medical Conference in Gaithersburg, MD in October. Proteus syndrome is a rare genetic disease that took the life of Caroline’s brother, Patrick, at age five in 1992 before she was born.

2011-12 Student Leaders

Seniors Hayden Morrissett and Lindsey Wells joined Mid-South Food Bank’s “Students Against Hunger” ambassadors program and represented them at the Mid-South Teen Volunteer Fair and the Cooper-Young Farmer’s Market this past summer. They are helping organize food drives, this year, at SBA.

SGA – President Michael Robinson, Vice President Daniel LaForce, Secretary Kara Krajenta, Treasurer Madeline Lewis, Chaplain Courtney Bond, Historian Caitlin King; Senior Class Representatives Ivy Anderson, Victoria Brown, Meghan Padial, Alexa Tooker, Ann Wallace; Junior Class Representatives Mariah Bamrick, Brittany Fields, Jessica Focht, Crain Hubbard; Sophomore Class Representatives Pauline Cabe, Madison Durkee, Katie Morgan, Jeanne Sta Ana, Jill Stark; Freshman Class Representatives Michael Bardos, Catie Blackwood, Madison Bond, James Duffley, John Prascak

Seniors Caroline Sabbatini and Josh Stoddard are the SBA representatives for the Wendy’s High School Heisman recognition for scholarship, athletics and character. Caroline has advanced as a state finalist for the award.

Senior Class – President Kail Powers, Vice President Valerie Holmes, Secretary Hannah Valle, Treasurer Caroline Sabbatini, Chaplain Rebekah Little Junior Class – President Alex Bolds, Vice President Kathleen Bray, Secretary Addie James, Treasurer Caitlin McCurdy, Chaplain Anastasia Mosby, Prom Chairman Sara Stukenborg

Sophomore Nikki Shah recently earned the Five Year National Award from the National Guild of Piano Teachers. She performed 10 memorized pieces each year for five years in Germantown’s Piano Guild Auditions, where she earned superior ratings. She received the guild’s five-year pin and a porcelain bust of Bach from her teacher Benita Pepper.

Sophomore Class – President Andrew Lee, Vice President Daniel Sweat, Secretary Sarah Timmins, Treasurer Adrienne Lewis, Chaplain Grace Davis Freshman Class – President Grayson Golightly, Vice President Kirkland Schuler, Secretary Grant King, Treasurer Grace Gilman, Chaplin Gabby Velasquez

The SBA student newspaper, The Eagle’s Eye, had their on-line video of “Volleyball hosts Fan Appreciation Day” chosen as a feature on the American Society of News Editors Foundation High School Journalism homepage in September.

Art Club – President Sarah Jodeh, Vice President Jackie Glover, Secretary Holly Black, Treasurer Kate Walsh Bridge Club – Founder Piper Ziebarth

Senior Zach Wiley, Sports Editor for The Eagle’s Eye, attended the Louisiana Scholastic Journalism Institute at the LSU Manship School of Mass Communications this past summer. Zach was the only attendee that was not

Club St. Jude – President Kail Powers, Vice President Ann Wallace, Secretary Caroline Sabbatini, Treasurer Valerie Holmes


Ach i evem en ts

On Eagles’ Wings

Chelsea Casaccia, Rodney Clarke, Trevor Cooke, Andy Cox, Allie Cumings, Hunter Donohue, Amanda Duckhorn, Patrick Erstine, Richard Ewing, Allison Fetz, Katelyn Graham, Chris Hailey, Jake Jeffrey, Caitlin King, Kara Krajenta, Daniel LaForce, Jeff Lamer, Robert Lawrence, John Lawson, Madeleine Lewis, Will Macyauski, Madeline Marconi, Katie Miller, Elizabeth Packard, MC Peay, Jessie Peel, Cody Person, Kail Powers, Michael Robinson, Paige Scrivener, Tanner Sebren, Josh Stoddard, Brittany Taylor, Caitlin Terry, Craig Thillen, Alexa Tooker, Clayton Trice, Hannah Valle, Casey Wagner, Molly Wagner, Ann Wallace, Katie Zazzara

Computer Club – President Trey McGinnis, Secretary Joey Cardosi, Treasurer Harold Pierson Engineering Club – Co-presidents Wendy Alyea, Marissa Boulanger, Vice President Mark Cabe, Secretary Nathan Sun, Treasurer Jake Arnold French Club (Le Cercle Francais)) – President Tristan Garner German Club – President Louis Focht, Vice Presidents Tucker Hanemann and John Hofer, Secretary Adriana Schirlo, Treasurer Rhett Chism  

Spanish Club Officers – President Brittany Taylor, Vice President Elizabeth Packard, Treasurer Anne Marie Miller

Japan Club - Alexandra Wakefield Key Club – President Lisa Ong, Vice President Kaitlyn Freirott, Secretary Luke Griesmer, Treasurer Matt Chernauskas

Spanish Honor Society – President Jake Jeffrey, Vice President Kara Krajenta, Secretary Molly Wagner, Treasurer Alexa Tooker

Knowledge Bowl – TV Team - Captain Marc Cabe, Matt Groendyke, Brandon Lea, Sarah Clare Parker, Wendy Alyea (alternate); Tournament Team - Marissa Boulanger, Pauline Cabe, Ryan Cobb, Ryan Cooper, Aaron Cummings, Jake McClure, Hunter Scrivener, Thomas Summers, Sarah Timmins, Zach Wiley

Teens for Life – Chairmen Zach Favorite, Chris Hailey, Daniel LaForce, Morgan Patrick, Alex Thompson, Lindsey Wells Yearbook The Talon – Editor Jessie Peel, Creative Editor Courtney Bond, Photography Editor Kristen Lazarini

Model UN – Co-Secretary General/President Charlie Marczynski, Co-Secretary General/President Catherine Mitchner, Co-Secretary General/President Sarah Timmins

AP Scholars are numerous at SBA

Mu Alpha Theta – President Josh Stoddard, Vice President Zach Noelke, Secretary Allie Cumings, Treasurer Luke Griesmer, Chaplain Anna McCrarey, Historian Marissa Boulanger

SBA had 12 AP Scholars, four of which were juniors (selected by scores on 2011 AP Exams) • AP Scholars (granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams) – Renee Adamec (senior), Rhiannon Black (2011 graduate), Sarah Claunch (2011 graduate), Louis DeGruy (2011 graduate), Allison Heirigs (senior), Cathy Holmes (senior), Megan Singer (senior), Paul Wagner (2011 graduate)

National Honor Society – President Jessie Peel, Vice President Megan Singer, Secretary Brittany Taylor, Treasurer Allie Cumings, Chaplain Ivy Anderson, Director of Academic Advancement Marissa Boulanger National Thespian Society – President Mary Katherine Langley, Vice President Michael Robinson, Secretary Paige Scrivener, Treasurer Madeline Marconi

• AP Scholars with Honor (granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken and of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams) – John Bamrick (2011 graduate), Katie Incardona (2011 graduate)

Newspaper The Eagle’s Eye – Editor John Hofer, Copy Editor-Marissa Boulanger Pep Club – Co-Presidents Hannah Holt & Zoee Klinger, Vice- President Monique Boyce

Poetry Club – President Alex Garry, Vice President Kaitlin Rogers

• AP Scholars with Distinction (granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams) – Mason Butler (2011 graduate), Colleen Cummings (2011 graduate)

SADD – President Zachary Noelke, Vice Presidents Marc Cabe, Matt Chernauskas and Luke Griesmer, Secretary Anne Marie Miller, Treasurer Brittany Taylor

• 95 students took AP tests (many took multiple tests) – 12 with score of 5, 32 with score of 4 and 33 with score of 3

Senior Retreat Leaders – Chad Albin, Ivy Anderson, Nathan Ballard, Maddie Barbier, Courtney Bond, Elissa Brooks,

• Special recognition goes to SBA’s English Language/ Composition AP students who took the exam. Their average score was 4.1 (perfect score is 5)

Photography Club – President Amanda Melvin, Program Chairman Louis Focht, Recorder Brittany Grisanti


Ach i evem en ts

On Eagles’ Wings

St. Benedict weighs in on Pop Tab Collection St. Benedict High School students, teachers, families and friends have collected beverage can pop tabs over the past four years through the school’s Club St. Jude, which supports the Ronald McDonald House and St. Jude. This year a “Pop Tab Challenge” was included in the school’s Homecoming Week Festivities. The senior class won the homecoming challenge by collecting a total of 93.1 lbs. of tabs, but Club St. Jude combined each of the class contributions and headed Valerie Holmes, Caroline Sabbatini and Kail Powers to the Ronald McDonald House for their “2011 Pop Tab Palooza” know it’s all for the children. competition on Oct. 15.  SBA won the Ronald McDonald House Pop Tab Palooza/school division with a total of 158.5 lbs. of pop tabs!  In celebrating their success on behalf of the Ronald McDonald House, Club St. Jude also was gratified for the opportunity to be “green” in helping to recycle the tabs. The group continues to sponsor the pull tab collection throughout the school year. Sponsor for the SBA Club St. Jude is Coach Janet Daleke. St. Benedict Club St. Jude members (from left) Caroline Sabbatini, Kail Powers and Valerie Holmes are anxious to find out the weight of their pop tab collection for the Ronald McDonald House.

Freshman Maddie Arnold recognized for essay SBA freshman Maddie Arnold was recently presented a plaque and $100 as the Tennessee State winner of the 2011 Tennessee Youth Essay Contest sponsored by the Tennessee Council of Insurance Professionals. Maddie wrote her essay as an eighth grader at St. Francis of Assisi School under the guidance of her English teacher Wendy Stewart. The topic for the 7th and 8th grade level was “What changes do you see in the way people will live 25 years from now?” Following is Maddie’s award-winning essay “What changes do you see in the way people will live 25 years from now?”

Congratulating Maddie are Mr. Valadie (left), “In twenty-five years the world will be at peace. I see parents and children Annie Lee (second right), President Tennessee being able to walk in neighborhoods with no worries of dangers around every Council Insurance Professionals – Memphis corner. There is no demand for fuel; people ride bikes everywhere. I see a world Chapter and Wendy Stewart (right). where no children are starving, where families are close. People have no desire to own a gun or lock their doors because there is no need to. I see a world where all the problems in the Middle East are solved, a world full of smiling faces. It’s what I see, if we all can, it can be.”

Allison Fetz receives Saba Scholarship The second Nabil “Bill” Scholarship has been awarded to senior Allison Fetz for her use at the college of her choice. Allison received the scholarship for her essay, “How my St. Benedict education will help me succeed in college.” In her essay, Allison expressed that she was given a multitude of opportunities to challenge herself at St. Benedict in order to achieve her goals of studying architecture in college and to someday establish her own firm. She says, “My St. Benedict education has taught me that with hard work and determination, along with a strong spiritual life and faith in God, I can achieve anything and everything I set my mind to. I am ready for college.”

Gary and Susan Fetz (left) celebrate with their daughter Allison as she receives notification The Saba Scholarship was established in 2010 in memory of Nabil “Bill” Saba from Bill Saba’s sister, Kathy Saba (second right) by his family following an untimely death in 2006 at the young age of 37. Each and Mr. Valadie that she is the 2011 recipient of year they hope to honor a worthy SBA senior with scholarship monies for college. the Saba Scholarship.


Facu lty Focu s

On Eagles’ Wings

St. Benedict journalism teacher urged to be bold, to lead and to innovate

Instrumental Music teacher Tom Link was nominated for an Ostrander Theatrical Award for Sound Design for Eleemosynary at Playhouse on the Square at Theatre Works in August.

St. Benedict High School Journalism teacher Dianna Cervetti was selected to attend the 2011 Reynolds High School Journalism Institute this past summer at the University of Missouri, Columbia. This groundbreaking institute has been funded since 2007 by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, a national philanthropic organization founded in 1954 by the late media entrepreneur for whom it is named. Since the program’s inception in 2001, 1,768 high school teachers have completed the institute and most continue to advise students in journalism.

History teacher Mark McDonald served as a tour guide and docent in the recent “Facing History and Ourselves-Choosing to Participate” national multi-media exhibition from September through November at the main library. The “Choosing to Participate” exhibit is the centerpiece of an initiative to encourage young people to think deeply about the importance of participating in a democratic society. Mr. McDonald escorted SBA history students through the exhibit, as well.

The institute helps teachers: • to make a compelling case for the educational value of journalism • develop a framework that helps students develop critical thinking skills, news and ethical judgments • gain stronger reporting, writing, editing, photo, Web, multimedia, graphics and entrepreneurial skills needed to help students start or improve independent student media • focus on multimedia news reporting, writing and verification • instill an appreciation for the first Amendment Each teacher is given the building blocks of a classroom media library, including an AP Stylebook as well as guides on multimedia, scholastic press law and engaging diverse communities. Cervetti is the Eagle’s Eye, SBA’s school newspaper, sponsor. She said, “This institute was very enlightening and intensive. We worked all day until late into the evening on the newest and latest trends in high school newspaper publishing, both in print and on-line. It was a great opportunity for me and I have come back with so many ideas for our staff.” She has recently set up the Eagle’s Eye electronic, interactive edition at

Gianna Sophia Rotty was born on September 2, 2011, weighing 7 lb. 2 oz. and measuring 20” long. She is the daughter of SBA’s Pastoral Ministry Director Khira Rotty and husband Derek.

Ms. Cervetti also serves as head track coach.

Ms. Cervetti checks out what Thomas Jefferson has penned as he “sits” on a bench on the grounds of the University of Missouri in Columbia.

Congratulations to Athletic Director Greg Stiel who became a grandfather on October 22. His daughter, Caroline, gave birth to Liam Grayson Hamel, 6 lbs, 5 oz, 19 inches in Nashville.


Facu lty Focu s

On Eagles’ Wings

St. Benedict High School faculty recognized at awards ceremony Nine members of the St. Benedict High School faculty and staff were recently honored at the Memphis Catholic Schools Professional Day with awards denoting years of service and exemplary teaching.

players; Theology teacher Christine Giles received the St. John Bosco Award for total Christian formation of students; Business and Economics teacher Karen Timmins received the Sister Elizabeth Ann Seton Award for teachers who design and successfully implement teaching techniques in the classroom; Journalism teacher, Athletic Department Assistant and Head Track Coach Dianna Cervetti received the Good Samaritan Award for emulating the Good Samaritan in the Gospel and showing compassion in Catholic schools; Technology teacher and Assistant Volleyball and Track Coach Janet Daleke received the 30-years of Service to the Catholic Schools Award; Math Department Chair Annette Dabaldo received the 35-years of Service to the Catholic Schools Award and IT Director Cain Carson received the Immaculate Heart of Mary Award for dedication, commitment, self-sacrifice and kindness to everyone as he represents the heart of Catholic education.

History teacher and Head Girls’ Basketball Coach Don Sebren received the Sister Ruth Ann Schmitt Award for exhibiting outstanding leadership, dedication and commitment in providing educational opportunities for special needs students; Business Manager Kathy Hurt received the St. John Neumann Outstanding Service Award for exhibiting outstanding organizational skills and mission in spreading the Good News of Christ to the school community; Physical Education teacher and Assistant Football and Basketball Coach Chris Jordan received the St. Sebastian Coaching Award for consistently exhibiting in words and actions an attitude of Christian sportsmanship and maintaining high expectations for Christian behavior from


On An d Off Cam p u s Key Club members help out with Special Olympics

On Eagles’ Wings

Holocaust survivor tells of Nazi scourge Paula Kelman visited the Mr. Mark McDonald’s Facing History and Ourselves and Honors World History classes on November 16. Mrs. Kelman is originally from Czestochowa, Poland and immigrated with her husband to America in 1949 following World War II. She spoke to the classes about the Nazi invasion of Poland around the time she was 12 years old, near the same age as Anne Frank. Mrs. Kelman was accompanied by her daughter, Dorothy Goldwin, who introduced her mother and spoke of the impact the Holocaust had on her life as well. The family lives in Memphis and shares their story with many through the Facing History and Ourselves national organization.

Key Club members sophomore Jamie Patterson (left) and junior Brittney Beckham (center) help out at the annual Special Olympics sponsored by St. Ann-Bartlett Parish.

SBA joins in support of Wings Cancer Foundation SGA President Michael Robinson (center) greets Wings Foundation members following the joint presentation of money collected by SBA, CBHS and St. Agnes for the charity, which supports the West Cancer Clinic. SBA, alone, donated $3,000 after selling tickets to the SBA-CBHS football game, selling t-shirts, the girls soccer team collection at their last regular season home game and general donations. Although the check indicates a donation of $3,500, there are additional funds that have yet to be included in the final count.

St. Benedict Scholars Attend Annual Red Mass Mr. Jim Epley’s SBA AP Government students had the good fortune to attend the Diocese of Memphis 21st Annual Red Mass at St. Peter’s Church on September 30. The Red Mass is sponsored by the St. Thomas More Catholic Lawyer’s Guild of West Tennessee. Bishop J. Terry Steib, S.V.D. was main celebrant with priests of the Diocese concelebrating and Deacon Jeff Drzycimski serving as homilist. In addition to the students from St. Benedict, several other Memphis-area Catholic high school and CBU students attended the Mass and a special program designed just for them prior to Mass. The program discussed financial literacy and the rule of law and was presented by the Honorable Tu M. Pham, U.S. Magistrate Judge for the Western District of Tennessee. The tradition of the Red Mass can be traced back many centuries in Europe. The ceremony has also officially opened the judicial year of the Sacred Roman Roto, the tribunal of the Holy See. In this country, the tradition began in 1928 and continues to this day. The Red Mass is celebrated to invoke the blessings of the Holy Spirit upon public officials, judges and lawyers of all faiths at the commencement of the judicial year.


On Eagles’ Wings


an d

Off Cam p u s

The following SBA students were greeted by Superintendent of Catholic Schools Dr. Mary McDonald and Judge Jennie D. Latta of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Tennessee and whose daughter, Judy, is a sophmore at SBA.

Australia/New Zealand Trip June 2012 Don’t forget, the Eagles are heading out for the “Down Under” 14-day trip next June. For information contact, Eric Wells at

Front row (from left) Brandon Jenkins, Marc Cabe, Matt Groendyke, Dr. McDonald, Judge Latta; Second row (from left) Ryan Cooper, Wendy Alyea, Alex Graziosi; Third row (from left) Matt Parker, Paige Scrivener, Cathy Holmes, Rachel Sowell; Top row Ben Schneider.

Eagles on the Go Next June June 2012 trip spotlighting the Ancient Incan Empire Language Department Chair Laura Burke is hosting a trip to Peru in June. Highlights include Machu Picchu, the Amazon EcoLodge as well as Lima and Cuzco. For information contact Ms. Burke at

Trip to Europe focuses on art

SBA art teacher Robyn Dulaney Pela and Sandi Chando, student tour guide par excellence, are sponsoring an artfocused trip June 18, 2012. All SBA art students, alumni and Art Club members and their families are invited to travel with them to see the great art of Europe for 10 exciting days. For information, contact Ms. Pela at pelar@



an d

Off Cam p u s

On Eagles’ Wings

The SBA Media Center/Library a Place of Progress By Rebecca Hall, Head Librarian

In August of 2004 the new SBA Library opened with approximately one thousand items carefully, selected and retained from the library on our former campus, and three thousand new books that were ordered by the various academic departments over the course of the previous school term. For even a small student body of about six hundred students this was a meager, insufficient collection by today’s standards. Around October the library acquired its first online resources, a respectably large general research database, an online encyclopedia and three excellent social studies websites.

instructional use, almost all selected and requested by faculty to enrich and spice up classroom offerings. In addition to academically oriented holdings, the SBA Library strives to cultivate students who read recreationally or for personal enlightenment, rather than solely for course requirements. To this end the library regularly acquires a selection of bestsellers, both fiction and nonfiction and provides some current, popular young adult titles often ordered by student demand. There are also a number of print magazines, including the major news ones, “Sports Illustrated,” “Discovery,” “Popular Science” and even “Teen Vogue.”

In spite of these limited offerings, the student body quickly discovered and made use of the new books ordered especially for them, the library’s thirty computers, the mounted TVs, comfortable seating, magazines and a welcoming atmosphere. That was the beginning of a library that meets the criterion of what school libraries strive for---to be a central, highly utilized fixture of daily school life for its entire community of students, faculty and staff, which today number more than eleven hundred library patrons.

By virtue of joining with seven other metropolitan private school libraries last year, to make an enormous group purchase of online resources, SBA was able to acquire an online reference library and an archive of literary criticism worth many more thousands of dollars than any single member library could have financially managed. Through this consortium we also subscribe at a reduced rate to an interactive website, “Global Issues in Context,” offering cultural, political and geographical data, as well as continuously updated news from every corner of the world. In the works is another acquisition project involving these same libraries to jointly purchase most of the online research holdings of another major publisher.

As of October 2011, the SBA Library has grown impressively in these seven years. Library holdings may be accessed via the school website from anywhere with internet availability. The catalog of our local collection is web-based and constantly updated. The original online resources have expanded to include two enormous general research databases comprising many thousands of journals, magazines, books, newspapers, maps, etc. Accompanying one of these subscriptions is a huge literary research website, an additional newspaper database, a health reference site and almost unlimited professional educational materials for faculty use. The three social studies websites now number nine, including such topics as World Religions and Pop Culture.

The library’s role as a favored gathering spot for large numbers of students to study, read, go online or simply relax is obvious if one stops by before or after school or during virtually any of the three daily lunch periods. Teachers frequently reserve the library to bring classes for research; in short, the SBA Library is probably one of the most utilized and busiest school libraries to be found. On the acquisitions agenda for the current school year, budget permitting, will be a major expansion of online resources in the sciences. Libraries are never a finished product---there are always new resources on the horizon.

The book collection currently boasts more than 13,000 volumes and about 650 DVDs and tapes are available for


Sp orts

On Eagles’ Wings

Fall Sports Wrap Cross Country – The Cross Country teams had a great year with West Tennessee League Championships for both. The Eagles went on to the State Meet with the Lady Eagles finishing as State Runner-up and the boys, who edged out MUS and CBHS, won a 4th place finish overall as a team. The Eagles were led by junior Colin Pitawanakwat who finished 11th with a time of 17:04 followed by senior Daniel LaForce who finished 16th with a time of 17:44. Freshman Jeremy Stewart had an outstanding race, finishing 22nd with a time of 17:56, as he was coming off an injury. LaForce was the West Tennessee League overall winner for the boys. The boys’ varsity team will only be losing one varsity runner next season and they will look to maintain their dominance in the region and improve their standing in the state. The Lady Eagles edged out Baylor to place second behind Harpeth Hall and were led by junior Madison Lessley and sophomore Mayson Morrissett. Lessley and Morrissett finished fifth and sixth with a matching time of 20:02 followed by junior Madison Smith who finished ninth with a time of 20:47. The girls’ runner-up finish was largely

Macyauski, who was selected to play in the 2011 AutoZone Liberty Bowl High School All-Star game on December 10, at MUS. Golf – The Eagles were represented by senior Elizabeth Packard and junior Tyler Howard in the individuals state tournament. Tyler finished with a score of 85 for the first day and concluded the tournament with that score as the boys tournament was halted on the second day due to rain and darkness. Elizabeth finished with a score of 106 for the first round and 111 for the second for a two-day final score of 217. Soccer – The Girls Soccer team finished number two in the region to advance to the first round of the state tournament, again this year. Goalie Kara Krajenta was invited to play in the East-West All-Star Game in Hendersonville in early November.

impacted by sophomore Jessa Sudduth who, in the last 200 yards of the race, sprinted in a fantastic finish besting Baylor’s fourth and fifth runners. The Lady Eagles will lose only one varsity runner going into next season and will look to maintain their dominance in the region as well as the state.

Volleyball – The Lady Eagles finished the regular season as Region Runner-up, advancing to the State Quarterfinal game at home against Girls Preparatory School out of Chattanooga. The Lady Eagles won the match in five sets and, once again, advanced to the State Final Four in Murfreesboro. The Lady Eagles finished the year with a 34-11 record. A highlight of the year was capturing the annual River City Classic Championship in September. Once again, the Freshmen and JV teams also had winning seasons. The JV finished with an outstanding 28-4 record and a tournament

Football – The Eagles had a great year ending with a winning record (6-4). Two of the Eagles’ games were named Fox 13 Games of the Week and the SBA team was selected Fox 13 Team of The Week following their Region win over Briarcrest in overtime. The Eagles were also ranked in the Commercial Appeal Preps Dandy Dozen and among the Top Ten in the State poll. Highly recruited junior running back Jordan Wilkins netted over 1,500 yards for the year. Congratulations to senior defensive lineman Will


Sp orts

On Eagles’ Wings

championship at Briarcrest for the third consecutive year and the freshmen finished with only two losses for a record of 16-2 on the year and a tournament championship.

Dance – The Varsity and JV Dance Teams had an extraordinary fall when they brought home titles as Regional Champions of the Mid-South Regional Championships on November 5. Both teams captured first place honors in all divisions they entered – JV Hip Hop, JV Pom and Varsity Hip Hop and qualified for Nationals. Then they followed up the next weekend with both taking first place in Hip Hop at the TSSAA State Championships.

Cheer – The SBA Cheer team qualified for Nationals with a second place finish in the Super Varsity Division at the regional competition in November and finished fourth at the TSSAA State competition even with a multitude of injuries.

SBA Golf Team receives a big thank you The 9th Annual DeNeuville Charity Golf Tournament was held October 7 at Galloway Golf Club. 120 golfers, sponsors, and donors raised more than $20,000 for DeNeuville Learning Center. The golfers had a great time at the event, enjoying warm temperatures, countless door prizes and dinner catered by Huey’s. A large portion of the volunteer support at the event was provided by members of the SBA golf team. The passion and commitment of the coaches and team was truly admirable. Mike Heitzman, Tournament Chair stated, “This is the first year that we have young men and women help us with tournament preparation and assisting our golfers with their bag drop. Having the help of the SBA team took our tournament to a much more professional level tournament, thank you SBA!” DeNeuville’s mission is to assist women of all backgrounds learn skills to make positive decisions for themselves and their families. Visit for more information and “Like” them on Facebook to find photos from the golf tournament.


SBA Golf Team members who volunteered at DeNeuville’s tournament are bottom row (from left) Wendy Alyea, Lindsey Tong, Morgan Kahle, Alexis Bingham, Jeddah Salera, Bridgett Gaston; middle row (from left) Greaves Wilson, Henry Evetts, Andrew Holliday, Danny DeBacker, Robert Allen, Jake Jeffrey; top row (from Left) Caitlin McDonald, Coach Barbara Hervey, Richard Ewing.

Sp orts

On Eagles’ Wings

Two seniors commit to colleges

SBA senior Andy Cox signed a National Letter of Intent to pitch for the Vols at UTK.

Senior libero Kristina Headrick signed with CBU of the Gulf Coast Conference to play volleyball.

Catch some hoops at the Forum before a Grizzlies NBA game (with Oklahoma City) on January 10. Look for further information about times and ticket prices on the SBA website and Facebook page.

The SBA Varsity Men’s Basketball Team will, once again, have a game a FedEx Forum with the Marion (IL) High team. The Eagles are scheduled to play in early afternoon

January 2012 February 7th, 10, 2011, 2:30 P.M. ATTHE THEFEDEX FEDEXFORUM FORUM AT

Each ticket grant access to both the high school basketball game and Scholar Athletes arewill numerous the

game that night at 7:00pm.

Each year TSSAAEveryone recognizes student/athletes, for theirwill contribution coming from not St. only Benedict receive a discounted ticket rate. in sports, but also their contribution in the classroom. The 2010-11 Scholar Athletes are 149 in number from the current senior (63), junior (49) and sophomore (62) classes. For game the complete list of scholar/athletes visit This will sellout, so tickets must be booked in advance!

Purchase tickets contact Martin Taggart at 901-205-1459 or


Alu m n i News

On Eagles’ Wings


Jenni Gillespie Helms (’97). Matt was honored at a luncheon in November along with the other “Top 40” selections.



Clint Gist is married to Rachel Gist and the couple has two children, Jackson (7) and Harrison (3). Clint is a Senior R & D Quality Engineering Technician at Wright Medical Technology and the family makes their home in Arlington, TN.

Chris Burcky was a candidate in the Alderman’s race in Arlington, Tennessee this fall.

Sean McMurray Watson is married to Lane Watson and they make their home in Frisco,TX. Sean is the Regional Public Sector Manager for Sprint. Mike Rodgers lives in Cordova where he is the owner of Trinity Wine & Liquor.

Katie Coon Steinbrecher and husband, Jim, welcomed daughter Laura Grace on July 11, 2011.

1991 Kelly Duffey Chandler is married to Steve Chandler and the couple has three boys, Konner (13), Carter (9) and Carson (4). The family makes their home in Germantown, TN and they are owners of a Home Health Care business and a mobile oil changing business.

Michelle Sanford Pashby and husband Jeremy live with their two children Jaxson and Mikayla in Bartlett, TN.

1992 Cristy Rochevot Browning is married to Jason Browning. They have five children, Cameron (16), Mason (12), Madison (11), Chase (9) and Gracen (9). The family lives in Bartlett, TN. where Cristy works in student records with the Shelby County School System. 1998


Nick Griffin works for ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital where he is the Manager of Financial Marketing. Prior to joining ALSAC, Nick worked in the banking and finance industry where he held several leadership positions. He earned an MBA in Finance and a BS in Business Marketing. Nick is married to Mary Williams Griffin and enjoys racing in triathlons. He has completed two Ironman 70.3 triathlons and various running events. Nick is currently serving on the SBA Advisory Board.

Susie Rybczyk Dowd and husband John welcomed their new daughter Lily Grace on July 28, 2011 weighing 7 lbs, 3 oz and measuring 20 inches long.

1995 Matt Helms was named to the 2011 Memphis Business Journal “Top 40 Under 40.” Matt, who was the President of the Class of ’95, is the Executive director of the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group. He is the co-founder of the ABA Place (Autism Connections) with his wife

Landon Himelright married Angela Petty of Germantown on October 8, 2011 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Memphis followed by a honeymoon to Jamaica. Angela received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. She is currently the Vice President of Municipal Underwriting at Duncan-Williams, Inc. Landon received a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace from Middle Tennessee State University and is currently a pilot with American Eagle Airlines. The couple makes their home in Memphis.


Alu m n i News

On Eagles’ Wings

Jennifer Montgomery Robinson is the new President of The Buggy Bunch, the largest growing non-profit Mom’s group on Florida’s Treasure Coast with over 1,100 members. Jennifer and husband, Marcus have a son, Trey, and live in Vero Beach, FL. where she is a paramedic.

Angela Griffith Mann graduated from the University of Memphis School of Law in May, 2011 and is licensed to practice in Arkansas and Tennessee. She also married Brian Mann in May, 2011. The couple makes their home in Little Rock, AR.


Matt Gronostaj is an account representative for Allen Lund Company Transportation Brokers of Memphis. He makes his home in Collierville.

Chris Moore has made the commitment to raise $10,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by running in his first half marathon on January 5, 2012 at the PF Chang’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon in Phoenix. His mom (Sherry) is a two-time survivor of lymphoma and Chris has set up a donation website and blog at

Sara Haskins DeGroff is married to Zach DeGroff and they have a son, Isaac (1½). The family makes their home in Cordova where Sara is a Licensed Professional Counselor and enjoys selling Premier Jewelry. Casey Engebretzen Shell received her masters degree in 2006 and is currently a Speech Pathologist. She married Hunter Shell in 2007 and they are expecting their first child in April, 2012. They make their home in Madison, Ala.

2000 Drew Bringhurst has been involved in the recruiting and staffing industry for six years and a little over a year ago, he and his partner began the production of a website that is specifically designed to connect active job seekers with employers who are looking to fill open positions in the most economical and innovative way possible. is a hybrid between job boards, social networking sites and social media sites that is specifically designed to connect the active job seeker with companies that are actively seeking candidates to fill an open position. It is based in Memphis and Drew makes his home in Memphis.

Caleb Jones is a customer service representative for Wolfchase Toyata and makes his home in Memphis. Mandy Motta McMillan is married to Andrew McMillan and they have a son, William (5). They make their home in Memphis and Mandy is currently studying to obtain her cosmetology license. Kim Otts is an RN at LeBonheur Neonatal ICU and is living in Memphis. Joe Pawlowski married Kristin Mallory of Marion, AR. on November 12, 2011 at the First United Methodist Church in West Memphis, AR. Kristin and Joe will make their home in Cordova.

Adam Heitzman owns Higher Visibility, a Memphis based interactive marketing agency that offers a full range of internet marketing services ranging from Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing and Website Design. Check out Higher Visibility at

John Quinn lives with his wife Mary Louis in Birmingham. They have one child, Curran (2), and expecting their second. John is an accountant.

Trey Russell is a Firefighter/ Paramedic with the Memphis Fire Department. Trey and wife Miranda have a new son, Bobby Russell IV (Dru), born on May 25, 2011. He weighed 8 lbs, 3 oz and measured 20.” Trey says Dru is an identical twin of his daddy. (See Alumni Photo Album)

Brenna Ragghianti has moved to Greensboro, NC to attend law school. Casey Regen is an ER pediatric RN living in St. Louis. Chip Schadrack is a Sales & Audio Engineer Assistant manager. He is engaged to be married to Stephanie Stockbridge (’01) in April 2012. Mary Shelton is a teacher in Memphis. Kasten Sims is a dentist practicing and living in Memphis.


Stephanie Stockbridge graduated with an AA from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in 2007. She is an accountant and purchased a new home in Cordova this year. She is engaged to be married to Chip Schadrack (’01) in April 2012.

Travis Acton is a software engineer in Memphis and is married to Andrea Acton. Lee Campbell is a caterer in the Memphis area and was married this November. Connie Candebat Ashbrand is a photographer and is married to Tim Ashbrand. The couple makes their home in Memphis.


Alu m n i News

On Eagles’ Wings

Jimmy Stokes is a Department Manager at Lowe’s in Germantown.

Award. He was presented this award for superior performance of his duties while serving as a team leader in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2009.

Amber Thomas Plass is an RN and lives with husband Tommy Plass (2000) in Memphis. The couple is expecting their first child in January.

Deanna Jones is a Pastoral Minister at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Dodge City, KS. It is a parish of about 3800 families. Deanna helps with Baptism preparation, Marriage Prep, teaching “Theology of the Body,” promoting NFP and a variety of other things for both the Anglo and Hispanic Communities. She says, “What a gift to speak both languages, which I owe in part to my time at SBA!” Deanna just began Newman University’s MA in Theology program and hopes to graduate in the fall of 2013. She makes her home in Dodge City.

Ben Warren is married to Marianne Warren and is in sales in Jackson, TN. 2002 Patricia Lynch makes her home in Memphis and teaches first grade at Immaculate Conception Cathedral School. 2003 Daniel Bigham is a DJ, promoter and graphic designer and was recently nominated for Promoter of the Year in a nationwide competition from Just Circuit Magazine. Daniel received this nomination in less than one year of working in promotions. He works at Carrillo Music as a graphic designer and Director of Social Media. He is the youngest Billboard reporting DJ in their history and does graphic design for DJ/Producer Hector Fonseca including covers for Rihanna and Katy Perry. Daniel is a resident DJ in Wilmington, NC and makes his home in Leland, NC.

Jestein “Leigh” Lamey Gibson was married to Jonathan Gibson in Ballachulish, Scotland on May 28th, 2011. Jestein graduated from CBU in ‘08 with a degree in History and minor in Global Studies. She earned her master’s degree in Material Culture and Artifact Studies from the University of Glasgow in ‘09, where she met Jonathan at her first exhibit in Glasgow. Jestein has been the Curator of History at the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis for the past two years. Jonathan is a graduate of Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland and currently works for Flextronics in Memphis in the Apple Division. Before his recent move to the United States, he was a manager for Hilton Hotels. The couple currently lives in Cordova and they are expecting a baby girl in late February.

Caitlin Doyle Motte enjoyed celebrating the St. Louis Cardinals World Series run and ultimate win with husband, Jason, who was the closing pitcher for many of the play-off and World Series games. Jason recorded the final outs for both the National League Championship Series and the World Series wins. The couple lives in Memphis during the off-season and Caitlin serves as Assistant Coach for the Lady Eagles Basketball Team. (See Alumni Photo Album)

Liz Sharpe was nominated for an Ostrander Theatrical Award for a supporting role for an actress in From up Here at the Circuit Playhouse in Memphis. This is her second consecutive nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Chase Holmes passed the CPA Exam in the spring of 2011.

Lindsey Tompkins McKinley welcomed triplets – Sophie Jean, Chloe Marie and Robert “Hollis” – on August 9, 2011.

Rachel McGehee Revelle and husband Stan welcomed a new son, Charlie (7 lbs, 14 oz), on Nov. 7, 2011. Charlie joins big brother, Stanley.

Sarah Valadie wrote an article, “No Longer on Life Support,” that was published in the September/October issue of Momentum Magazine (the official Journal of the National Catholic Educational Association) about the Education that Works internship program at Memphis Catholic High School. Sarah graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in Journalism. She is continuing to work at First Tennessee while freelancing in her spare time. She is excited about pursuing a job in journalism in the near future.

2004 Matt Dean is currently a Dean’s List student at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. He was Honorably Discharged from the United State Marine Corps with the Heroic Achievement


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Kristen Crone graduated from CBU in May 2011 with a BA in Liberal Studies for Education. She was accepted into the Lasallian Volunteer program and is teaching English as a second language and tutoring inner-city middle and high school students at the Lasallian Educational Opportunity Center (L.E.O. Center) in Oakland, CA.

Taylor Capocaccia graduated from Ole Miss with degrees in journalism and English. Following graduation he backpacked across Europe (from Iceland to Croatia) for three months. Most recently, he has been a law clerk in Memphis. But, following his dream, Taylor has moved to Paris, France to attend language school followed by graduate school to pursue a degree in global communications. (See Alumni Photo Album)

Lauren Gordon graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville in May, 2011 with a BA in Communication Studies and a Minor in Business Administration. Lauren was a member of the National Honor Society of Communication Studies and recently took a job with Kraft Foods as a Senior Sales Representative.

Ryan Speakman appeared in Bitter Sweet, Bard College’s SummerScape revivial of Noel Coward’s operetta in August at Bard’s Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.

Ann-Katherine Hailey graduated a semester early from the University of Georgia in December, 2010 (Magna Cum Laude) with a degree in Child and Family Development. In February, she spent three weeks in Cusco, Peru volunteering with International Volunteer HQ at a nutritional center for malnourished children in the community. Ann-Katherine tells us, “I was able to see Machu Piccu where I found a coin that my brother John Michael (’09) had hidden when he went with my parents two years ago (he wrote down directions)!” This past summer, Ann-Katherine was manager at the Windyke Country Club pool and began a two-year Masters of Social Work program at the University of Memphis and an internship at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. (see Alumni Photo Album)

2006 Megan Baker graduated Summa Cum Laude from Baptist College of Health Sciences in April, 2011, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Radiography. While there she was inducted into the Alpha Eta Honors Chapter and currently is a Medical Radiography Technologist in Memphis. Clint Jones graduated from the University of Memphis in August, 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He is currently working in sales with Budweiser of Memphis. David Misenhelter was recently employed in a fulltime position as a police officer with the Oxford, Mississippi Police Department after serving two years as a reserve officer. On September 15, 2011, he graduated from a 10-week basic training program at Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy (MLEOTA) in Pearl, Mississippi. Along with receiving his diploma, David was recognized as an expert marksman and was awarded the Top Honors Achievement for the best combined score in academics, physical fitness and firearms. The recruits refer to this award as the “Top Cop” award.

Michael McCaffrey is currently a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps, Military Police Division. Michael served as a member of the Special Reaction Team aboard Camp Pendleton in San Diego for two years. In June, 2010 he deployed to Japan as a part of Military Police Company. Cpl McCaffrey is deployed in Garmser, Afghanistan in the Helmand Province. He served in the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment out of Hawaii. And was a part of a 12-Marine Police Mentoring Team that embedded with Afghan Police Forces. Upon completion of his deployment in November, Michael returns to Japan to complete his obligation until next April. He plans to leave active duty and return to Memphis to pursue a degree at the University of Memphis. Michael, his parents and sister, Carrie (‘08) want to thank all of his SBA friends and families for their continued support and prayers. He sends his message of “Semper Fi.”

2007 Jeff Bogue is serving at the Church of the Incarnation in Collierville as Coordinator of Youth Ministry. Carter Capocaccia is a senior at Ole Miss studying psychology. He is exploring graduate school to continue his education. Carter works on research projects and enjoys kayaking and off-road biking. Carter and his Dad, Dana, plan a trip to visit his brother Taylor (’05) in Paris during Christmas with a special trip to the Vatican for Midnight Mass.


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Kelsey Miles is the starting setter for the CBU Women’s Volleyball Team. She earned a spot on the second team Daktronics All-South Region volleyball team after leading the Lady Bucs to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in school history. She is also the first player in CBU history to earn a spot on the American Volleyball Coaches Association All-Region team. She averaged 10.34 assists per set this season.

Jordy Zarshenas graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville in December, 2011 with a degree in communications. He is planning to work for the National Restaurant Association in Nashville with the goal of opening his own restaurant someday. 2008 Kathleen Aldrich visited China, again, last year as a college senior at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville in conjunction with IES Abroad. She left for Shanghai in February and returned in June. While there, she participated in daily classes at Fudan University (the Harvard of China), which included lectures and a class encompassing everything associated with Shanfhai – history, education, business, etc.

Maria Pirani appeared on the Chancellor’s Honor Roll for Highest Honors (3.8 through 4.0) at the University of Tennessee-Martin for the Spring, 2011 semester.

Kim (Obart) Boldreghini is engaged to be married to Casey McCutcheon on June 12, 2012. Kim earned a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and is currently an after school care teacher at Providence Christian Academy in Murfreesboro, TN. Casey earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Memphis and currently works for A & W Lawn and Landscaping in Memphis.

Dorothy Svgdik is a junior at Rhodes College and has received a scholarship to study aboard. She is taking Western European Studies at Oxford University and is spending five weeks touring Italy, France and Germany. 2010 Shelly Blancq recently had the female lead in the University of Memphis Theatre musical The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Shelly has been in five shows at the U of M and played Olive Ovstrosky in this musical.

Claire Grecco was named to the University of Tennessee-Knoxville 2011 Spring Semester Dean’s List as Magna Cum Laude in Education, Health and Human Sciences. Katelyn Jeffrey was named to the University of Tennessee-Knoxville 2011 Spring Semester Dean’s List as Magna Cum Laude in Business Administration.

Valarie Canale has been inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Alpha Lambda Delta National Honorary Society and Zeta Tau Alpha at Mississippi State University.

Morgan Murphy is a senior at Auburn University with a major in Broadcast Journalism and plans to attend graduate school in Sports Administration. Morgan is currently President of the Student Athlete Government Association after serving as Vice President in 2010. She is All-SEC Community Service Team for softball, on the Leadership Board for Fellowship of Christian Athletes and was nominated and selected to participate in the NCAA Sports & Career fourday Forum held last June in Indianapolis.

Jordan Costabile was named to the University of Tennessee-Knoxville 2011 Spring Semester Dean’s List as Summa Cum Laude in Arts and Sciences. Delsey Lawson was named to the President’s List for the 2011 Spring Semester at Mississippi State University and was inducted into Sigma Alpha Lambda, a national leadership honors fraternity.

Alexander Nollan is a junior music major (jazz piano) at Rhodes College.

Ian Miller is a featured vocalist in the current University of Memphis TV commercial, “Express Yourself.”


Alexis Moore Appeared on the Murray State University Dean’s List for her freshman year. In addition, Alexis was inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Alpha Lambda Delta Academic Honor Society, Sigma Alpha Lambda Leadership and Honors Organization and awarded outstanding freshman as the Lee Clark Residential Hall representative to the Murray State SGA. Alexis is also a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and has been accepted to nursing school for her sophomore year at Murray State.

Jennifer Hale earned a spot on the Second Team All-South Gulf Coast Conference at defender for the CBU Lady Bucs Soccer Team. She played all 18 games of the regular season as central defender.


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Gabe Quistorff was named to the University of Tennessee-Knoxville 2011 Spring Semester Dean’s List as Cum Laude in University studies.

Hannah Kurtz started as an outside hitter for the CBU volleyball team as a freshman. She had an outstanding year with the Lady Bucs, leading all players with the most kills and being named a Gulf South Conference Player of the Week. Hannah, along with Kelsey Miles (’09), helped the Lady Bucs receive their first ever bid to the Division II NCAA Tournament.

Cody Thayer was elected, along with another fraternity brother, to represent Mississippi State Fraternity Chapter Phi Delta Theta to accept the Harvard Trophy for most outstanding Phi Delta Chapter in the US and Canada. The Harvard Trophy award winner stands out all the more because of the members’ abilities to balance both their academic obligations with that of their social and extra-curricular responsibilities. 

Shannon Rooker completed her Freshman Navy ROTC orientation week at Ft. Benning, GA. in August and at the end, her platoon, Alpha Platoon, won the overall competition. Also, Shannon won what has traditionally been the Iron Man Award for the top overall performer, won for the first time by a female Midshipman. It is now the Iron Woman Award, at least for this year. She beat all the male Marine Option Midshipmen!

2011 Jackson (left) & Mason Butler (right) joined a UT friend to be the first University of Tennessee-Knoxville freshmen to sign their names at “The Rock” on the UTK campus in August.

Kirsten Rousseau is a middle and right side hitter for University of Alabama-Huntsville Lady Chargers of the Gulf Coast Conference.

Marissa Weiss has joined the University of TennesseeChattanooga Rowing Team in the coxswain position. She is also a member of Kappa Delta Sorority.

Julie Eckel was the starting keeper as a freshman for the University of Tennessee Lady Vols Soccer Team and named to the “Top 100 Freshmen” Soccer Players in the Country by She placed 45th.


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ALUMNI PHOTO ALBUM 1990, 1991, 1992 Combined Reunion


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2001 10th Year Reunion

2011 BLOCK PARTY & HOMECOMING Football Alums SBA football player alums were introduced on the field following the 1st quarter of the Homecoming Game in September. They were welcomed by Coach Mike David and Mr. Valadie. Players from the State runner-up team of 1996-97 were spotlighted along with Monsignor Buchignani, who was on the sidelines with the team that season and continues to be a huge SBA fan.


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The Chad Connelly (’02) family and JP Masterson (’03).

Rebecca Brown (2000) provided the National Anthem prior to the start of the Homecoming Game.

Chris Masterson (’97), Bo Beck (’94) and Rob Brown (’94).

Chelsea LeBlanc and Larkin Turner from the Class of 2011


2011 Homecoming Queen Ashley Magnifico (left) comes back to crown this year’s queen Caitlin King.

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Members of the Class of 2004 (from left Andrew Daevel, Katie Prestigiacomo, Meg Marineau and Sarah Sudduth.

Craig Hammond (’96) with wife, Lynn, and sons, Dalton (9), Jake (5) and Mark (3).

Ann-Katherine Hailey with children from a nutritional center in Peru where she spent three weeks in a volunteer effort. The Jestein Lamey (’04) and Jonathan Gibson wedding on Loch Leven in the Scottish Highlands.


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Patrick Fetz (’11) presents the holy water font he built for the chapel this past summer with the help of Coach Eric Wells. Patrick took on the effort as part of the 2011 Senior Class gift to the school. He delivered the finished product in August before he left for college.

Enjoying an SBA football win over Bolton were alums from several classes, Lynn Jennings Park (’01) and family, Trey Russell (’00) and family, Jack Koban (’99) and Chris Cathey (’99).


Look-a-likes Trey Russell (2000) and baby son Dru.

Taylor Capocaccia (’05) visits the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Caitlin Doyle Motte (’03) had the time of her life with husband and St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jason Motte during the Major League Wild Card Series, National League Championship Series and ultimately the World Series. As mentioned earlier in “Class Notes,” Jason was the closer for many of the play-off games and Caitlin was along for the thrilling ride.

Caitlin and Jason enjoy a Caitlin gets a congratuIt’s a “keeper” says Caitlin special moment following latory hug from fellow and Jason with the World the win over the Brewers SBA alum Gina Bargiachi Series Commissioner’s in the NLCS. (’07) on the field followTrophy. ing the World Series win.


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Calling Class Reps!!

If you are listed as a representative, or would like to volunteer please email Lori Regis in the SBA Office of Alumni and Development at to verify your information and to give some input on the breakfast date and details.

Saint Benedict at Auburndale’s Alumni Association consists of 2,774 alumni (see following class numbers chart). We have done our best to maintain communication between the school and our alumni, but we would love your help. From our website, to our Facebook group, to our On Eagles Wings magazine and mailings, Auburndale/SBA Alumni receive many communications from the school. Additionally, we host numerous alumni events to keep our alumni connected. As good as these outreach methods are, they cannot replace the personal link with a classmate. If your class needs another representative or does not have a representative listed below, we are asking for volunteers to not only keep us updated on your class, but to also build interest within your class. 

2011 – Katelyn Anderson 2010 – Paige Bolden, Mary-Kate Cooke, Adam Domico, Michael Hogan 2009 – Mindy Brown, Jes Schneider 2008 – Mickey Gilliland, Katelyn Jeffrey, Kristy Rosenberger 2007 – Philip Valle, Katie Nichols 2006 – Olivia DeLozier, Jason Smith 2005 – Chelsea Hillard, William Pulido 2004 – Andrew Daevel, Kim McCleary 2003 – Chelsea Jones, JP Masterson

Once we have alumni representatives for each class listed and accounted for, we would like to host an on-campus breakfast to catch up and kick-off the alumni rep program.

2002 – Tom Davis, Chris Gallina, Brittany Gammell 2001 – Bret Bilbrey, Shannon Lynch Macki 2000 – Pearson Allen, Presley Taylor


1999 – Eric McGee

1. Help locate lost classmates and provide updated contact information to the school alumni office.

1998 – Sydney Lynch Kellenberger 1997 – Kevin Kern, Chris Masterson

2. Help organize, along with others, your class reunion.

1996 – Melissa Ackerman Brownlee, Kim Wyatt Brewer,

3. Serve a one-year term with an open option annually.

Sarah Noelker Ortiz, Amber Reeves Williamson

1995 – Rena Masterson Fay, Matt Helms

Auburndale/SBA Alumni Numbers

1994 –

Class Number of Graduates

Class Number of Graduates

1993 – Katy Kull, Rusty Workman

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Class of 94


1991 – Kelly Duffey Chandler, Lori Trew Regis, Sara Stansbury

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Class of 95


1990 –

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1989 – Sherrie Overton Rojas

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1988 – Christy Burns Ford, Renae Adcock McElwain

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1986 – Mike Coleman

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Homecoming offers glamour and glitz

Homecoming Friends and Fun

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Fashionista Fiesta” Fashion Show Saturday, March 24, 2012 6:30 pm, SBA Dining Hall Tickets on sale in January!

On the SBA Stage Crossroads Concert Series

January 29, 2012 Songs of Love: Start the Season of Romance with world-renowned soprano, Ms. Mary Wilson.

April 15, 2012 One-Ham Manlet: Ryan Kathman attempts to navigate ALL the roles in Shakespeare’s most difficult play, “Hamlet” - will it be something rotten or is there method to this madness? Musical & Dramatic Productions

March 1-4

April 26-29

Sister Prejean is the author of Dead Man Walking, An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States, that became a movie, an opera and a play for high school and colleges. She has been instrumental in sparking national dialogue on the death penalty and helping shape the Catholic Church’s opposition to state executions. She will be on campus earlier in the day on January 19th to address the St. Benedict student body.

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On Eagles' Wings - Fall 2011  

On Eagles' Wings Magazine for the Fall of 2011.

On Eagles' Wings - Fall 2011  

On Eagles' Wings Magazine for the Fall of 2011.

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