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The chief function of the common council is analysis. Instead of a platform of tired promises, our council needs a decisionmaking framework. Getting South Bend back on top will require a focus on defined, realistic goals. SB4g provides that focus. Municipal governments have finite resources. A city that tries to be everything to everyone will end up disappointing more often than not. The solution: do less, better. Existing Strengths

Greatest Needs

Location & river

Commerce & education

Higher education

Public safety

Healthcare institutions

Focused governance

South Bend’s first three chapters: 1st Generation









2 Generation 3 Generation

South Bend would not exist without the St. Joseph River. Location defined the city’s economy from incorporation in 1865 to the eve of World War I. The next fifty year saw the glory days, as visionary business leaders put the hardworking residents of South Bend to work in fields as diverse as the citizens’ ethnic backgrounds.

The natural and human resources that elevated South Bend to past prominence are still here. New assets, like strengthened partnerships with our local institutions of higher education and energetic young leaders, are now at our disposal. We must identify priorities and focus our efforts.

Unfortunately, our third generation has not been as bright. A result of complacency as much as a changing economy, South Bend’s manufacturing base dried up. While waiting for the past to return, we fell behind. We will soon enter the next fifty years. In 2065, what will be the story of South Bend’s fourth generation?

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Kyle Chamberlin Independent for South Bend Common Council, District Four While it is easy to become discouraged about South Bend’s future, we are all cognizant of its boundless potential. Now is the time for next generation leadership, and seeking elected office is the only way I know to provide a shock to a system of local government sorely in need of a fresh approach. The challenges facing our city are too great to be solved by any one person or any one party. I made the decision to try something new. This fall, I will be the first independent candidate on the ballot for a South Bend office in over 80 years. Seeking elected office as an independent is admittedly an ambitious undertaking, but it is no more ambitious than the task of revitalizing our city. Please join me in shaping the next generation of South Bend.

The challenges facing our city are too great to be solved by any one person or any one party. To those who say my fresh approach will never work, my response is simple: “What about the way South Bend has elected leaders for the last fifty years has worked?”

Questions for Kyle? (574) 287-6218 Paid for by the SB4g Coalition

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Explore the SB4g vision for South Bend's next generation in 90 seconds

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