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FIGHT PREMATURE AGEING Ageing is unfortunately an inevitable process for us all, but if you take steps to protect your skin now, you’ll benefit in the future. Environmental factors play an enormous role in how well - or not - you age, so it’s really important to look at how your current lifestyle might affect your skin in the future. Those bad health and beauty habits you have now could be exposing you to longterm skin damage and accelerating the ageing process. But don’t worry, if you take notice of our tips, you’ll stay looking youthful for longer. Keep Your Skin Safe in the Sun The sun is one of the biggest factors in premature ageing, so you need to ensure that you properly protect against it. You’ll be well aware of the need for sunscreen when you’re lying on the beach, but you might not realise that you need to use it every day. That’s because skin-damaging UV rays are present even when the sun isn’t shining.

Apply sunscreen liberally to every part of your body that’s exposed to the sun. Don’t rely on SPF-enhanced make-up alone for your face, it’s likely that you don’t apply enough of the product to fully protect your skin. And remember the dangers of UV rays go far beyond wrinkled skin, over exposure puts you at risk of developing skin cancer.

If you can’t live without an all-year-round tan, then you’ll need to find an alternative to regular visits to the sunbed. Sunbeds are equally - if not more - damaging than the sun and they’ll leave your skin looking coarse, leathery and wrinkled.

Time to Quit Another lifestyle factor that you need to address for the sake of your skin - and your health - is smoking. It’s hard to quit, but if you want to curb or prevent the signs of premature aging then it’s a must.

And sun-lovers really must be aware of the damage to their skin, because it doesn’t end there. Squinting in the sun can, over time, cause crow’s-feet, so always wear sunglasses and ensure that they offer proper protection for your eyes or you may become more prone to cataracts in later life.

The free radicals in cigarette smoke break down collagen, slow the skin’s ability to heal and make it look sallow, dull and lifeless, because smoking inhibits the blood supply that keeps skin looking healthy. Wrinkles prematurely begin to form and you start to age quickly compared to your non-smoking friends.

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