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The Stag focuses on the one last night (or in this case, weekend) of freedom that men do their best to enjoy before getting married. Only here the groom-to-be would actually prefer to be joining his betrothed on her hen do. So instead, he, his best man, and the brides brother embark on a rural rambling weekend. Further proof that Ireland can provide the most hilarious yet moving productions of the British Isles arrives on the big screen this month. A word of warning to fans of gloss, though despite first appearances, The Hangover this is not. Nevertheless, as the title suggests, The Stag does focus on the one last night for a man who has no intention of going on something as crude as a stag weekend, and is more interested in overseeing the flower-arranging at his upcoming nuptials. With his dislike of masculine stereotypes ensuring that there will be no strip joints, or vomiting in rubbish stewn city centre alleyways whilst wearing a supposedly witty, bespoke t-shirt. Instead David (Andrew Scott) and stag Fionnan (Hugh

O’Conor) lead a merry band of well-meaning chaps on a rural rambling weekend. Which should be relatively uneventful, if it weren’t for The Machine – an over bearing macho man (Peter McDonald) who has managed to get to the core of what a weekend with friends should, and always will, be about and as you can imagine catastrophes arise. Fionnan’s gay brother (Michael Legge) and older partner (Andrew Bennett) suffer largely in silence, but their unstereotyped relationship is one of the film’s definite trump cards allowing The Machine’s exhausting homophobic bluster to be revealed as precisely that. Location and mood mean the stag is a very different beast all together from The Hangover. From the perspective of a Brit, its more honest and less melodramatic and from the perspective of those beyond, chances are it will be seen as far more humble notion of what might happen when a group of guys are out of their comfort zone, longing for slippers and a cup of cocoa. Despite some flaws - we recommend.

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