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Sadey Williams moved from newyork to a town on the outskirts of texas. It was called samelia. This place was in the middle of no where. The place had no tourists it was blank boring. There were shops, restarants and many more but it was just boring. It was simple, and no one wants simple anymore. They wanted exiting , fun and alot more less boring that's including me. But anyway me and my dad moved here because his job transfer came through. My mum died when I was just two. I mean I dont remember much about her apart from she was beutiful and she used to sing me my favriot lullaby hushaby mountain. She sang it to me every single night. Then she died in a car crash. She was on her way home from London. It was late at night. So now it's just me and my father. He has been great to me bringing all the money in and everything. Dad has done everything for me and I am so greatful to him. He is a great father. But soon i want to go and follow my own dreams, desires and adventures. But for the momment I will live the normal life of a fifteen year old. I was in the car with my father. We started talking. Dad said" hey hun dont worry ive put you in a school called north bay". "Okay" I said it un-enthusiasticly. I think my dad noticed but he didnt say anything. I turned the radio on again no good songs were on so me and dad just sat there in silence for a while. Then and again me and dad looked at each other but still said nothing. Then finally one of us spoke. "Okay Sadey were neally there". Dad already been to see the house and change the furnishings. I said nothing I just waited till we got there. We pulled up outside the house. I opened the door and walked to the rear of the car then I opened the boot and took my suit cases out. I waited at the porche. Dad came and unlocked the front door. He said "leave your stuff in the living room for now and ill help you with it later ,first we will have a cup of tea and some sandwiches" "Okay ill pop the kettle on and ill start making the sandwiches" Dad took me upstairs to show me the rest of the house. Then finally it was my bedroom. It was all red and black. "Oh my gosh dad I love it thankyou". "Im glad you do"he laughed. "Tomorrow you start school he took a breath I know..... I know your not looking foward to it but you have to go" "And I dont want any trouble tomorrow Okay?" "Okay I promise anyway I paused for a momment anyway I am kind of looking foward to going to a new school" Truth was I was really dreading it. More than ive ever dreaded anything in my life but I guess I was going to have to put up with it for another three years. Three long boring years. Then dad left my bedroom. I thought to myself how would I ever make friends in a strange town like this. I mean I have friends back in Newyork but Here. First day of school. I woke up and got a shower, dried my hair, brushed and straightened my hair then got ready. Dad shouted me down said he's got a surprise for me. I thought it would be a new bag or something. I went downstairs bringing my bag full of books and my coat. I went into the kitchen shouting dad dad where are you. I went out of the kitchen into the living room still shouting. Then I saw him outside he was waving his arm's and saying come here. I ran out the front door. Dad passed me some keys. "Huh what are these for then?" I asked. "huh ummm well look in the garage then" he said mysteriously. I ran I saw a Mini cooper. I was really exited. Before I left for samelia I had my driving test. First time passed oh yeah baby. Anyway I drove to school , music pumping roof down just chilling. I turned into school. Someone came running up to me and started talking. "Hi my names Brooke what's yours?" "Hi im Sadey umm nice to meet you."

"Umm im sorry to ask so suddenly but............ never mind!" "No what is it, seriously I wont mind, what is it?" "I was just wondering............. do you....... do you want to be friends. It's okay if you say no I dont mind" "Yeh sure, where should I meet you then?" "Umm do you know the english center meet me and my friends there at lunch". "Okay will do see you then" "Bye". "Bye". "see you later". "yeah you too". After afew lessons I met up with Brooke and her friends. Brooke introduced me to Nick, Jake, Tyrone, David and Daniel. She also introduced me to Ruby and Sky. Tyrone was the only one who was single. And hey he was very cute. He started whispering to the other's. I wonder what he is saying. Then he came up to me and asked me on a date. Then Lunch quickly finished. It's eird how much time can fly when yo are having fun. Tyrone held me close and kept on hugging me. He tried to kiss me but Brooke pulled me away I tried to ask her why but she wouldent ansew me. Home time I got in my car and drove home. Later that evening Tyrone met me in the restaraunt he kissed me ahhhh. Then all of the others came. Brooke asked me am I coming to the Beach. "Yeh what beach you going to?" "The Dome Beach" "Okay yeah who'll pick me up". "Me" said Tyrone. In the morning I went back to school we all agreed 1 hour after school. When I got home I got ready and went for a quick drive before Tyrone came and picked me up. I left my mobile at home and told dad I was going to stay in a tent on the beach tonight. He had no problem with it I was truly surprised. Then Tyrone pulled up outside. "Love you Bye see you tomorrow" "Yeah you too bye". I got in the car and we set off. We set up the tents and once we done we made a camp fire. Then we went for a dip in the sea. Me and Tyrone we lost control that night. He pulled my top off and pushed me to the ground. I pulled his off still kissing him passionatly. He then undun my bra and took my pants off. I pulled his off too. He took my knickers off and then smelt them then licked them. I pulled his underwear off. He put my breasts in his mouth tendely but sucked hard then I grabbed his penus and started to pull it up and down up and down up and down. He put his fingers in my vagina and fingered me so roughly. Then he leant over and licked my vagina. Then I leant and sucked his penus. Then it got hotter. We both stood up and he stuck his penus up my bottom and went in out in out in out. Then he done the same to my vagina.

The dirty truth about life  

contains pornographic descriptions

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