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THE BOOK OF YES Why Australians are saying yes to a price on pollution.


TO OUR ESTEEMED POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVE, Soon you will vote on one of the most important pieces of legislation ever tabled in Australia, the clean energy bill. This legislation will finally put a price on carbon pollution and, with that money from big polluters, we can invest in clean energy and support households, workers and business. When that vote comes, please know that millions of Australians want you to say yes. Tradies, businesspeople, old people, young people, mums, dads, grandparents. Australians from all walks of life have been raising their voices and talking to their neighbours as part of a broad alliance of community groups representing over three million Australians.

Our positive movement has sparked conversations spanning the entire country – from Toowoomba to Parramatta, from Kalgoorlie to Hobart. We know that the debate has been complex, and at times divisive and distracted. That’s why we think it’s important at this point to ask Australians a simple question:

Why support a price on pollution? In this book you will find just a few of their messages. So please, before you vote, take a moment to look through its pages.


Say Yes Australia community volunteers held hundreds of events and activities across the country, from Toowoomba (Qld) to Glengowrie (SA), and from Capel (WA) to the Macedon Ranges (Vic).

I want a better future for Australia and the world - Simon Northbridge, NSW

Without a cost there is no value - without value there is no care - Kerri Belmore, NSW

Addressing global warming is common sense risk management. - H,C&A deChelard Hamilton, VIC

The simple fact is the world cannot support our current lifestyle - Nate Nisbet trigg, WA

we only have one planet - Lulu Bondi, NSW

the health of the planet is at stake. Stand up and be brave!!! - The whites Colac, VIC

Regardless of the issues it just makes sense to use less

- Peter Suitor Stuart Park, NT

I SAY YES The Government’s Clean Energy package and carbon price will be critical to maintaining the competitiveness of a country that together we have made so great. There has always been opposition to change and exaggerated claims about the negative impacts mainly from those who think they will lose out, but let me tell you like the major reforms of the past Australia has been better off as a result. Today our economy and our standard of living has improved remarkably. We can’t afford to jeopardise this by being left behind as the rest of the world cleans up its act.

BECAUSE... It’s time the big end of town stopped taking the public for a ride; the effects of the carbon price will be relatively small and well compensated but the benefits will be enormous now and into the future. Today I say yes to a carbon price because my experience as Prime Minister tells me that, quite often, what seems like tough decisions must be made if we are properly to discharge our responsibilities to future generations. R J L Hawke

it's our responsibility for future generations

- Sewell Family BICKLEY, WA

climate change is more important than an extra 10 cents for bread - The Pellys Bundeena, NSW

I want to be proud of my Gov't and my country for positive action - Jane Crouch Ripponlea, VIC

The time is now! we've had too much talking, not enough action. - Tony North Strathfield, NSW

keeping Australia healthy should be a priority for Australians - MY GREEN AUS Australia, VIC

I want a healthy future, for me and for future generations. - Tara Woolloongabba, QLD

I want Australia to help save our planet for future generations - Poppy Concord, NSW

ending pollution & climate change problems lies with us!

- Jocelynne Melbourne, VIC

We must replace fossil fuels with renewable energy - Ian MacIndoe Parramatta, NSW

Time is running out. It is time for ACTION - Tom slater Hawthorne, QLD

I want the future to be bright for my grandkids.

- Holly Capalaba, QLD

it is how i can do my part for the environment

- Lucy-Iona Narrabeen, NSW

Our planet is our responsibility. - Warwick Mihaly North Melbourne, VIC

I want a healthy, sustainable world for my family's future. - Eileen Bardon, QLD

I SAY YES BECAUSE... climate change is a great, but still avoidable, threat to our - and our children’s - health and survival - Prof. Tony McMichael Forrest, ACT

I want to preserve this beautiful world - Kiri Ashgrove, QLD

sustainablity makes sense!

- Bernadette Bedford, WA

Our future depends on us all taking action NOW

- Debbie fitzroy, VIC

Our planet is incredibly beautiful but delicate. Let's cherish it

- Michael Bird Flynn, ACT

it's time to start considering the long-term

- MW Indooroopilly, QLD

My kids are worth it! - Sasha pascoe vale south, VIC

it is the smartest way to secure our children's future

- Alejandro Highgate Hill, QLD

the time is right - Duc Tran Sydney, NSW

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we can't keep burying our heads in the sand! - Michelle Pomona, QLD

Our natural environment IS our economy.

- Ryan Robinson Moorooka, QLD

it will drive down carbon usage & spur on clean energy innovation

- Sam Bondi Beach, NSW

It is time to support clean and renewable industries. - Jeff Sandon 2031, NSW

Australia has to set a good example to the rest of the world - joy ott gordonvale, QLD

It's a small price to pay for the long term benefit. - Rolly Scarborough, WA

I want my kids to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef too! - Martin Rady Manly, QLD

we have a moral obligation to future generations - martin 4070, QLD

clean energy is key to the NEW economy! - Steve Footscray, VIC

The cost to the environment should be accounted for. - Matthew Northmead, NSW

a carbon price will fund and drive investment in renewable energy

- Josie Lee Thronbury, VIC

I want Australia to lead the world in the ecological age

- Austin Caffin Toowong, QLD

I care about our future and I want Australia to set an example

- Mary van Reyk 2026, NSW

we need to plan for the future and act responsibly now!

- Sarah Northcote, VIC

Climate change is huge and urgent, act now!

- Louise M Brunswick, VIC

For a clean energy future, lets reduce CO2 emissions now - Quentin Balgowlah, NSW

I want to see action on climate change and peak oil.

- Liz Brunswick, VIC


bane – Markets, Bris


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Say Yes co

Science I trust & act soon we must.

- Bruce wyong creek, NSW

We need to be the change we want to see

- Heather Duncraig, WA

It will benefit all Australians: present and future!! - Chris Toquay, VIC

we can make a difference and fight climate change - Julian Marsfield, NSW

I SAY YES BECAUSE... text to go here text to go here text to go here gton, arket, Darlin

rleigh M paigner, Eve

Say Yes Cam


- Michael Caiten

It's time to take responsibility for our impacts!

- Pippa Millswood, SA

We must help our island nations. Rising seas are wiping them out

- Barbara Korumburra, VIC

I want Australia to be a great place to live for my kids!

- Greg J petrie, QLD

We can make a difference. We can't afford not to. - The Schenks Lake Gardens, VIC

We need to be part of the solution NOT part of the problem!

- Brooke Walker Balmain, NSW

industry has procrastinated too long - say no and they still can

- Kerrianne Hallett Cove, SA

To say 'nay' today means tomorrow we pay. - Prof. Paul Macleod, VIC

We need to cut carbon pollution

- Rod Dyson Newtown, NSW

it's time to put our children and the earth's future first. - Jenny Rozelle, NSW

We're in a great position for making a positive change now!

- Jacqueline Gibb MacGregor, ACT

I SAY YES BECAUSE... 0.1% of economic growth is a bargain to get some insurance against climate change - Nicholas Gruen Economist, Port Melbourne, VIC

I want to be part of a clean energy future - John Knox Airport West, VIC

the first forward step must be taken now !

- Mutt St.Marys, NSW

it is our responsibility to care for our home...the earth. - Richard & Zoe Goondiwindi, QLD

we deserve to have a safe future

- Knox Niddrie, VIC

it will benefit everyone in the long run

- Michael Balwyn North, VIC

We are running out of TIME! - Warwick Smiths Gully, VIC

i love this planet!

- Ian Coorparoo, QLD

its an investment for our planets future !

- Mark Lutwyche Elizabeth Beach, NSW

There is only one earth. We all share it so let's take care of it - kathleen wattle park, SA

Australia can be a force for a stronger safer future

- Jude Auchenflower, QLD

Because I think scientists are more informed than the media! - Cathryn Bentleigh, VIC

It's time we give back to the earth; to share the burden. - Jess Carlingford, NSW

Money speaks and our environment needs a voice - tax pollution! - Suzanne Harris Willagee, WA

I want future generations to be able to see the amazing wildlife!

- Mark North Epping, NSW

I want to help the environemental and economic growth of AUS

- Kai Liu Warrandyte, VIC

Australia can be a leader to a better future.

- Anthony Element Highgate Hill, QLD

It's time to make the big polluters pay!

- Kathryn Brown Elizabeth Beach, NSW

we need to save our beautiful world - zennnie North Fitzroy, VIC

Australia is Beautiful and Green Energy can keep it that way!

- Kirralee Thorneside, QLD

It is time to stop the talk and ACT - Alan Stewart Roleystone, WA

It will let countries know we're serious about this global issue!

- Cameron West Hobart, TAS

We all need to be responsible for a cleaner, more sensible future - Tanya & Zahra Menora, WA

We have to do something NOW! This is OUR future!

- Danielle Mutton Annerley, QLD

Even Liberal voters need fresh air, water and soil to survive! - John Footscray, VIC

There is no planet B. Planet before profit! - Dora Apricus Arana Hills, QLD

it's an essential, enlightened response to a pressing problem - Ezzy Melbourne, VIC

we are custodians of this planet for our grand kids - Carolyn & Dick Ashgrove, QLD

we have the ability to enact change for the better! - steph Deakin, ACT

We want a clean sustainable future for our children - liana Wayville, SA

II SAY SAY YES YES BECAUSE... BECAUSE... text to go here I want Australia text to go to here to move 100% text to go here renewable energy as soon as possible - Diana Gibson Mosman, NSW - Michael Caiten

We must act now before it's too late!

- Warren Coogee, NSW

I want to be proud of Australia's commitment to a better world - Fuglsang family Collinsvale, TAS

the potential consequences of NO are too serious not to - Jack Rosanna, VIC

we have to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! - Taylor Family Woodford, NSW

I am a young person whose concerned for our planet's future. - James Killara, NSW

the health & wellbeing of all Australians matters to me - Adair & Rob Tea Tree Gully, SA

we need to protect our planet for future generations. - Mo Davies Bowraville, NSW

It's a VERY SMALL price to pay for our children's future

- Christine Brighton East, VIC

future generations depend on us to save the planet for them.

- Mario & Ros Mansfield, QLD

To show my kids that I tried to address climate change - Ged Gowrie, ACT

Australia is a great country - it can and should lead the way. - Sue East Fremantle, WA

we should leave our descendants a world of diversity and life

- Lynne S of Oz Glebe, NSW

future generations don't have a voice and they deserve a say too!

- Duncan Camberwell, VIC

we only have one planet to share between 6,945,147,000 of us -S+s+D Middle Cove, NSW

I want a Future...one that is cleaner and greener for all!

- Brenda Middle PARK, QLD

The longer we wait the more costly it is to correct our climate

- Gaylene W Hindmarsh, SA

I want Australians to have a pollution free environment

- Terri Brown Tuart Hill, WA

If we wait it will be too late - Rocky Henry Coorparoo, QLD

This is a great opportunity for innovation. - Sue Wiles Wentworth Falls, NSW

I will support politicians who stand strong for what is right

- adriana Glenorchy, TAS

It's our future at stake. - F. O'Leary Unley, SA

we only have one world - alicia Werribee, VIC

The earth will thank us for it. - Isabelle Cottesloe, WA

we owe it to the future. I want to be part of the YES generation

- Kimberlee Highgate Hill, QLD

I SAY YES BECAUSE... I am convinced by reputable scientists of the need for positive action - Ted Egan Alice Springs, NT

our country and the world needs a future - anne roberts toorak, VIC

we love Australia and so will our grand-children - the Tracks Mt Hawthorn, WA

I want to leave the planet in good shape for my children!

- Julia Nailsworth, SA

Any other response says NO to our childrens future - Lambo Maiden Gully, VIC

We have the skills, vision and courage to be leaders. - Gretchen Kenmore, QLD

I want my child to be able to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef - Christine Rees Portarlington, VIC

Climate change is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. - Nikita Pennington, SA

Our planet has a fever and we need to bring her temperature down.

- Ingrid Shaw Exeter, SA

The time is now. It is urgent to act now - Brian Regan East Bentleigh, VIC

our kids need to know that we tried to fix the mess that we made

- Marnie Bonbeach, VIC

We need a cleaner energy future!

- The Richo's Wauchope, NSW

Because the environment has been abused for too long - Tjoan Como, NSW

Say Yes in

ket, Brisbane

ies Park Mar

all at Dav formation st

It's time to nurture our planet and all the people on it

- Renee Brookfield, QLD

we must act on climate change if we want a habitable planet. - Pete E Camperdown, NSW

I want to be the change I wish to see in the world - Ali Riddells Creek, VIC

As a young person I want to maintain a safe climate for my kids!

- Jaden Harris North Curl Curl, NSW

I SAY YES BECAUSE... text toagocleaner here I want text toand go here planet a safer text to go here climate for future generations. 

- John Lloyd Chesney Vale, VIC - Michael Caiten

now is the time to start a clean energy future.

- Susan Seven Hills, NSW

The planet needs us... But not as much as we need the planet!

- Chris Alger Cranbourne South, VIC

It's time to put a price on pollution

- Jacqueline Annerley, QLD

i am only 11 and i want forrests when i grow up - Kye Port Lincoln, SA

I want a future that refelcts our wise planning and investing

- Rachel A Arana Hills, QLD


We need to act and NOW is the best we can do. - Margy B Morningside, QLD

I SAY YES BECAUSE... a carbon price is the fairest way to cut emissions of carbon dioxide

- Prof. John Quiggin St. Lucia, QLD

I want a renewable energy future

- Sarah O'Connor, ACT

Clean energy is the brightest future! - Cathy Elanora, NSW

this is a solid first step to a desperately urgent threat

- Justi Wood North Perth, WA

I'd rather pay than the planet.

- Matt lismore, NSW

I have a right to clean air, clean water, and a clean conscience. - Monique Strathalbyn, SA

we should pay for the emissions our consumption creates

- Sharp Family Tatura, VIC

our children deserve to enjoy our world too!

- Ben and Anja Beldon, WA

When habitat and species diversification are gone, its too late. - Bryan dulwich hill, NSW

It is the most important moral challenge of our generation

- Gabrielle Bassendean, WA

We need a clean energy economy now.

- Cathy Hawthorn, VIC


BECAUSE... - Peter Doherty, Nobel Laureate Parkville, VIC

Time is running out & this is an important first step - Lisa Caripis Balwyn North, VIC

The world's future needs a vision, leadership and our support. - Hughes Family Klemzig, SA

Volunteers distributed hundreds of thousands of flyers, neighbour letters and posters throughout the campaign.

It can help save the world's biodiversity and our future - DrTein McDonald Woodburn, NSW

No would mean we had learnt nothing from the last 100 years

- John Kemp Hilton, WA

Solar trumps coal any day.

- Felicity Lawson, NSW

For the sake of our children and our grandchildren please act now

- Dora Berenyi Daylesford, VIC

I love this planet and value diversity of species

- Joy R Pomona, QLD

it's time to stop talking and start taking action!

- Glen St Kilda East, VIC

I know that clean energy industries are the future for Australia.

- Chris West End, QLD

Clean energy = green jobs for Regional Australia

- Nat Tatura, VIC

the future of my generation is at stake! - Gemma BC Crows Nest, NSW

it sets a positive example for others to follow - Chris Wayville, SA

This action is the best investment our generation can make - Amanda H Middle Cove, NSW

i want to see a green sustainable economy flourish in my country - Gemma Schuch Highgate Hill, QLD

a carbon price is needed to protect our climate

- Mark, Ringwood Ringwood, VIC

protecting mother nature is priceless - Liesha Newtown, NSW

I want future generations to enjoy the lifestyle we have today!

- Elise Yankalilla, SA

we need to INVEST IN RENEWABLE ENERGY - The Igoes mosman, NSW

I SAY YES BECAUSE... a carbon price is the first step in transforming to a sustainable Australia

- Dr Chris Riedy

Researcher Institute for Sustainable Futures Ultimo, NSW

With the carbon tax, we CAN make a difference!!!

- Cobalt Kensington, NSW

I care about wildlife and my children's future. - VMJ Mount Barker, SA

I am not a scientist but I'm clever enough to listen to them. - Terry Kain Subiaco, WA

Now is the time for action. Now is when we can make a difference. - courtney bailey mullumbimby, NSW

If you put the bins out, you pay for it. Same goes for carbon! - Aimee Bound New Town, TAS

I want a future - Libby Homebush, NSW

I am privileged enough to have the choice. - Thea Walton Perth, WA

its MY future that will be affected; its MY responsibility to act

- Bonnie Kensington, NSW

Its time for large companies to be held accountable. - christina Norton Summit, SA

it's the right thing for the Australian economy. - Peter Carlton North, VIC

WE SAY YES BECAUSE... climate change is already affecting poor communities in developing countries inaction now will cost more later on - Oxfam Australia Carlton, VIC

We want our economy to be ready for the long run....

- Brad, Sherida 2460, NSW

it's my future!

- Samantha Cooper mona vale, NSW

Doing nothing is not an option - Chris T Potts Point, NSW

We need a safe climate to create a bright future! - Laura Sydney, NSW

It's the smart thing to do for our future - - Alex Greenwich, NSW

my conscience won't allow otherwise.

- Nick Dennis Currumbin Valley, QLD

Australia has the chance to set a trend for the world.

- Emily Brunswick, VIC

I feel good when Australia does the right thing

- Steve Newtown, NSW

the sustainable future i see is a magnificent place

- James Redfern, NSW

we must act NOW to reduce carbon emissions

- Mark Wembley, WA

It's time to make a start on reducing emissions

- Sebastien Red Hill, ACT

Australia is in the right position to be leaders in change - Emily Malabar, NSW

the Australia I love is a forward thinking postive country - Sue -Sunbury Sunbury, VIC

NOW is the time to make a leap from unconscious to accountable! - Arna Baartz Murwillumbah, NSW

It's time to take action and make a difference to our planet!

- Rosie O'Reilly Stuart Park, NT

Our children will judge us for the action we take TODAY! - Jason & Fiona Carina Heights, QLD

We rely on our planet. It is time to return the favour.

- Damo Alstonville, NSW

a few dollars now will mean avoiding a catastrophe later - cristy Annerley, QLD

Some things are bigger than politics and economics.

- Jono Edithvale, VIC

I've seen the destruction climate change has on biodiversity!

- Grant Carrara, QLD

by leading by example, the world will follow! - Andrew George Glenalta, SA

Our earth needs friends who will stand up for her!

- Kate Whitfield, QLD

I want my daughter to have an enviroment that is rich and varied - Geoff Ninderry, QLD

some things are more important than the price of bread - Larno Five Dock, NSW

I refuse to believe we are too cheap to protect our environment - Flavia East Victoria Park, WA

we need to preserve our planet for all human and animal kind

- Evie Lane Cove, NSW

I SAY YES BECAUSE... I love this planet and want my granddaughter to be able to love it with a safe climate - Andy Grodecki

Science Communicator, Gleneagle, QLD

anyone making a mess should be held accountable to clean it up!

- Mark Annerley, QLD

I believe in a sustainable future! Its time for CHANGE! - Stacey Koole Corio, VIC

I want to be proud of our past, by making a better future from it - A.Macdonald wodonga, VIC

We understand the science and care deeply for our children - Susan Andrew Nightcliff, NT

it would show that we're not a country of the selfish and foolish

- Alex Frankston South, VIC

if we don't then who will? - Amy Ashgrove, QLD

Awareness without action is irresponsible.

- Jo Pomona, QLD

i was taught to take responsibility for my actions

- Rachel Turvey Park, NSW

The science is clear. Please help my grandchildren - Doone Wyborn Anstead, QLD

if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem!

- Anne Mason Lorne, VIC

Buranda Leafletting at

b, Brisbane

transport hu

a healthy planet is worth its weight in gold! - emsy Elwood, VIC

We are NOT afraid to - YogaPeople Heathmont, VIC

we can't afford not to

- Linda Earlwood, NSW

If we don't act now future generations will pay for our folly

- Evan Eaglehawk, VIC

I want to live knowing that there will be a world to live in. - Rosanna Canley Heights, NSW

Only in unity can we hope to influence positive change. - M.Hart Nowra, NSW

We need to get back to 350ppm from our current 391ppm - Sherbs Lyneham, ACT

Planting the seed may cost but with harvest comes profit.

- Anke Birrong, NSW

I'm 17 and want to live in a world as beautiful as it is today.

- Daniel Filan Hornsby Heights, NSW

We need to act now - not wait for everyone else. Just do it! - Ron & Sue Smith Boreen Point, QLD

Pretending it will be OK won't change anything

- Bron Kirribilli, NSW

we can no longer ignore the facts of climate change

- Kerry The Gap, QLD

Australia will be able to stand tall and say we took action. - Dan Hocking Smythesdale, VIC

This is our chance to do something! let's Say Yes together! - Christina Zillmere, QLD

This is an opportunity for us to INVEST in new technologies - Tim Spinks South Yarra, VIC

current and future generations are depending on it

- Sophie Reid, ACT

We all need to be part of the solution.

- Y.M. Sutherland, NSW

people and our earth are worth more than corporate profit - kate & matt Box Hill North, VIC

our pollution is hurting the most vulnerable - Madeleine Clarence Gardens, SA

It's just sensible risk management. - Tom P Waverley, NSW

Carbon tax makes us attractive trading partners in long run

- Sandra Warn Hazelbrook, NSW

It's a rational and ethical thing to do! - inari Cornubia, QLD

Sustainability is about economy, society AND the environment! - Jacqueline Jerrabomberra, NSW

it's a brilliant solution to a very difficult problem. - Yolande Pickett Mt Evelyn, VIC

It's time to be proactive not retroactive - Julia Jolimont, WA

We simply must start to address the issue NOW

- Dave Blackheath, NSW

It's the economically rational thing to do.

- Ian Smith Taylors Lakes, VIC

we have children

- Sherry & Baz Lowden, WA

it will create the jobs for the future


I am trying to build a better world

- Brad Harris Robinvale, VIC

I SAY YES BECAUSE... text to go here this benefits the text here healthtoofgoour text to go here communities and the health of our planet - Professor Michael Kidd AM, World Organization of Family - Michael Caiten Doctors, Glenelg, SA

g personal


le, WA

rs’ in Fernda

ghbour lette

ay Yes ‘nei ly-signed S

It is time to act for the future - Ed Smart Clifton HIll, VIC

changing our behaviour towards polluting is essential.

- Rosie The Patch, VIC

Say Yes information stall at Bendigo Market, Victoria

I won't put my head in the sand - Brigid Brunswick West, VIC

I care

- --Dave Bardon, QLD

I SAY YES BECAUSE... it’s up to us to give future generations a liveable planet - Nick Earls Author Toowong, QLD

our country is too beautiful to waste! - Ally Hazelbrook, NSW

either polluters pay, or the planet and future generations do. - Char Grainger Clayton, VIC

To show the world that Australia does CARE! - Isa Kardinya, WA

As one of the largest polluters, per capita, we need to act! - Bill Royston Park, SA

This planet is too beautiful to ruin with our neglect - FitzGerald fami maleny, QLD

When the environment is destroyed the economy will be too - jOHN and Mel Blackwood, SA

It's time to stop talking and take action

- Hannah Nundah, QLD

I dont want a bleak future due to poor past choices - Natalie Tempe, NSW

It makes simple economic sense!

- Monique Artarmon, NSW

II SAY SAY YES YES BECAUSE... BECAUSE... text to go here is the climate change text to go here there biggest threat text go here is totoglobal public health - Climate and Health Alliance - Michael Caiten Camberwell, VIC

Australia needs to show the rest of the world how it's done!

- Carbon House West End, QLD

I imagine a better world and this is a small step towards that - Nicole Latrobe, TAS

The world isn't ours to inherit; it is a gift we give to our kids - Erienne Drewvale, QLD

History will recall Aust as a climate leader with courage

- Dr Ross Headife Port Melbourne, VIC

I SAY YES BECAUSE... I’m no climate change expert, but I respect those who are - Meshel Laurie VIC

I care about the future.

- Andrea M Coburg, VIC

I want a carbon tax to stimulate a green economy and jobs

- Rodders Mt Ommaney, QLD

it's a win for the economy, the environment & our quality of life - eb Reervoir, VIC

Australia should show the way. Let's get on with it! - The Thompsons Wanniassa, ACT

we need to think global, act local & respond personallynow!

- Cara, Epping 3076, VIC

the science is in, the story is clear: we just can't wait. - Greg Battye Yarralumla, ACT

Our planet deserves all the help it can get to survive!

- Linda V Pacific Pines, QLD

Our children deserve to inherit a clean earth

- Kate Bellevue Hill, NSW

it will be cheaper in the long run

- Damian K Clifton Hill, VIC

Because i owe it to the generation later down the line.

- Bill Claremont, WA

the world we have is wonderful and worth cherishing - Helena Highgate Hill, QLD

Our planet is too precious to wait and see. We need to act now!

- N Royall Kings Point, NSW

our Earth is priceless.

- Catherine Caulfield North, VIC

It's worth paying more so we can always enjoy a clean environment - Rose Giudici South Hobart, TAS

For all those who don't have a voice to do so

- Caitlin Dadd Bellingen, NSW

time is running out.

- Wynne Russell Taroona, TAS


BECAUSE... - Geoff Weir, Director, Financial Sector Services Point Piper, NSW

The cost of continuing to ignore the problem is too high

- Lucky Ainslie, ACT

Saying NO is no longer an option. - Andrew Southbank, VIC

The science of climate change is Real and its time for ACTION

- Natalie Spence, ACT

Our coal addiction makes us world's biggest polluters per capita

- Robyn Yaroomba, QLD

I care for the planet, for wildlife and for future generations. - Paul Stuarts Point, NSW

YES is the future, YES is the key to a safe earth.WE NEED YES! - M H-J Balwyn North, VIC

it's high time we got started building our clean future economy - Helen Williams Annandale, NSW

I love our planet and we should do everything we can to save her.

- Emily K Brisbane, QLD

If not us who? If not now when?

- Megan Evans Werribee, VIC

using 100% renewable energy in Australia just makes sense!

- Lydia Andrews Newtown, NSW

I care about the 'greatest moral dilemma of our time' - Christine Toowong, QLD

A clean energy future is a sustainable future. - GM TENNYSON, NSW

I want to leave my children a country that has a healthy future. - Carmen Blanco Dudely, NSW

We need to look after our ailing Earth before it's too late. - Steve H Collie, WA

we need a healthy environment for survival, health and happiness!

- Bethia Blond St. James, WA

It is the right thing to do!

- JC Chisholm, ACT

the future of our planet depends on it. - Cath Elizabeth bay, NSW

The longer we wait the harder it will be. The time to act is now!

- Jo Askew&Family Drake, NSW

Our kids will suffer if we don't act immediately! - Gill Kalbeeba, SA

we must do something to reduce our carbon footprint. - Penny Haberfield, NSW

It just makes sense!

- BEC Caboolture, QLD

I believe in common sense

- Will Narrabunda, ACT

a clean future is a better future.

- Damian I Marrickville, NSW

I love our pristine oceans and clear blue sky - Jedda Martinsville, NSW

Our land, oceans, and animals are what enrich our lives!

- James Kew, VIC

I SAY YES BECAUSE... we need to urgently fix our planet so our kids can grow up in a beautiful world - not a broken one - Dylan Lewis

Radio Announcer, Nova 100, Richmond, VIC

The science is unassailable. Doing nothing is not an option. - Len Forest Hill, VIC

I love my kids

- Karina Wallsend, NSW

If we don't we'll live to regret it - Steve coogee, NSW

97% of climate scientists are worth listening to...

- Jarren Nylund Annerley, QLD

Time is running out. We need to act NOW! - Jennie Crookwell, NSW

our current way of life is unsustainable - Joe Hampton, VIC

I SAY YES BECAUSE... we can’t afford to risk continued carbon pollution. Pricing carbon is win-win - Nigel Waters Citizen and Privacy Expert, Nelson Bay, NSW

Australia should lead, not follow.

- Zoe adelaide Kensington, SA

my kids deserve to see what we have now - Betty Cherrybrook, NSW

I want to see Australia set up well for the future - Douglas Johnson Fitzroy, VIC

It's a short term cost to a long term solution. - Axeris Sondyre Kalamunda, WA

We should help give life back to the planet that gave us ours!

- Stacey Lachmund Traralgon, VIC

it will bolster innovation, making industries more efficient

- erwin st kilda, VIC

Australia can be leaders and give future generations a fair go

- Glen North Wahroonga, NSW

i say yes to beauty, freedom and empowerment - mORGANA East Melbourne, VIC

there can be no economy without ecology! - Tom Mosman, NSW

I can and recognise that I am a global citizen

- Ian Cunningham Albert Park, VIC

We have an obligation to both our planet and future generations

- Nikita S Waverton, NSW

if we don't, our selfishness will cost our kids & grandkids all.

- Sue Carrum, VIC

It provides the opportunity for us all to live more resposibly

- Celeste Brunswick, VIC

we cannot sustain current levels of resource depletion and growth

- Danni Stevens Central Coast, NSW

The 'weight' of carbon emissions will be felt for generations

- Emma Blacktown, NSW

It is about doing the right thing, for the greater good.. - Andy North Coogee, WA

Tomorrow could be too late. - Alex Beechworth, VIC

I want a future for my kid's kid's kids

- Paul North Balgowlah, NSW

We face a climate emergency, let's go 100% renewable. - Pablo Abbotsford, VIC

The future of humanity lies in the balance. Save our planet now!

- Jillian Redlynch, QLD

I SAY YES BECAUSE... the science is clear; we must act urgently to slow climate change - Prof. Ian Lowe Brisbane, QLD

because we must begin to value our resources - Tophe Kingsford, NSW

I love and care for our world. - Penny Langmead Caulfield North, VIC




- Steve L Ipswich, QLD

I want my children to live in a sustainable, clean future

- Michelle K St Kilda East, VIC


We’re a broad and historic partnership project of leading civil society organisations representing youth, workers, the environment and the community. Between us we represent over 3 million Australians. We have come together under the “Say Yes” banner for this critical year of action. Say Yes Australia is a non-partisan initiative, and does not receive any government funding. The following organisations came together to start Say Yes Australia: Australian Conservation Foundation Australian Council Of Trade Unions Australian Youth Climate Coalition Climate Action Network Australia The Climate Institute Environment Victoria (On Behalf Of Australia’s Conservation Councils) Getup! Greenpeace Australia Pacific World Wildlife Fund Australia

SayYesAustralia.org.au Copyright © 2011 Say Yes Australia Authorised by K Skinner, 27 Peel Street, South Brisbane 4101 The messages included in this book are those of the individuals and organisations that submitted statements via our website (www.sayyesaustralia.org.au/add-you-voice) or by email and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Say Yes Australia coalition or its affiliate organisations.

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Say Yes Australia community volunteers held hundreds of events and activities across the country, from Toowoomba (Qld) to Glengowrie (SA), and from Capel (WA) to the Macedon Ranges (Vic).



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The Book of Yes  

On October 11, 2011, the day before one of the most important votes in Australia's history, the Book of Yes was presented to PM Julia Gillar...

The Book of Yes  

On October 11, 2011, the day before one of the most important votes in Australia's history, the Book of Yes was presented to PM Julia Gillar...