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Wireless Sensor Network

LIGHTING CONTROL SENSbee applied to lighting control is a system which optimizes the energy consumption of the public lighting. It provides real time information about the status of the street lights, allowing efficient maintenance thanks to remote detection and control of damages and failures.


Secure & Reliable

2 Secure & reliable

1 Wireless. SENSBee provides a wireless monitoring system which obtains information about the status of the street lights. It also controls the lighting or switch off of the lamps, creating an intelligent control network to optimize power consumption.

Plug & Play

3 Plug & Play. The process of installation is very straightforward, since the user only needs to connect the lines chosen to start performing. No extra configuration is necessary, not even when the power supply is interrupted.

SENSBee offers a secure and reliable communication due to the encryption implemented and the redundancy added to the protocole in order to avoid data leakage. The integrity of information is guaranteed.

Remote Communication

4 Remote communication. Remote communication is possible via different technologies including Wifi, Ethernet, Bluetooth o GPRS. This allows knowledge about the current status of the lightings, as well as on/off control and access to the data gathered by SENSbee.

Wireless Sensor Network

Individualized Control SENSbee applied to lightning allows individualized control of public lightnings. This way, every light is the origin and the destination of information and actions. Individualized control opens a world of possibilities with tasks related to obtaining and managing information.

Lighting Scenes Creation Thanks to individualized control, SENSbee allows the creation of lighting scenes according to concrete needs in a dynamic and remote way. Lighting power can be easily managed depending on a timetable, as well as switching off single lights in order to improve energy efficiency.

Failures Detection SENSbee monitors the status of the street lights providing information about single and real energy consumption.. It is possible to detect failures combining these types of data. Therefore, maintenance efforts are reduced; no workforce is needed to check the street lights, since the information is received in a server., managing the maintenance efficiently.

Added Services Including new data acquisition systems is easy with Sensbee, adding new possibilities to installation. In this way, sensors able to obtain information about traffic density, poluttion or noise levels can be included. The possibility of establishibg remote communications enables the availability of information everywhere.

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Wireless Sensor Network

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SENSbee applied to lighting control is a system which optimizes the energy consumption of the public lighting. It provides real time informa...

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