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Wireless Sensor Network

COMMUNICATIONS SENSbee as a communication gateway is a system that provides security and integrity to the wireless, low power communication based on SWAN technology. Thanks to this technology, a versatile system with an easy installation is achieved, able to meet every user’s specific communication needs.


1 Wireless communication gateway. SENSbee provides a wireless communication gateway substituting the classic wiring systems minimizing installation processes, maintenance and avoiding visual impact of wires.

Plug & Play

3 Easy installation. SENSbee enables communication among different ports in a transparent way to the user. The process of installation is reduced to a plug & play philosophy, avoiding any extra configuration.

Secure & Reliable

2 Data integrity guaranteed. SENSbee offers a secure and reliable communication thanks to an encrypted protocol and its own confirming mechanism. Data integrity is guaranteed.


4 Wide variety of interfaces. SENSbee offers a wide catalogue of interfaces like Ethernet, WiFi, USB, relay outputs, etc. It is able to get adapted to the communication protocols of the different systems.

Wireless Sensor Network

Traffic control The extension of the road signposting always leads to greater costs as far as civil construction and annoyances caused by them. SENSbee provides communication among traffic lights, controlling circulation both in crossroads and pedestrian crossings. SENSbee also carries communication independently of the area regulator used, since it adapts any model chosen. SENSbee guarantees the security and integrity of all communications thanks to the encrypted protocol it implements.

Marine Measuring systems when applied to the marine sector, specifically to fishing boats, suppose a big leap for the control of an optimal operation of them. The installation of those systems is executed with wiring to the main control room of the boat which involves substantial problems in such a hostile environment as the saline is. SENSbee facilitates installation and provides water tightness IP67, essential for this environment. On the other hand, SENSbee offers an immune communication to electromagnetic interferences that, in fact, affect traditional wiring systems.

System integration Thanks to the versatility of interfaces that the SENSbee system offers (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB...), it allows the interconnection amongdifferent systems being able to get adapted to any kind of communication protocol. Also, once SENSbee is implemented it is rather easy to add other systems under the same remote information exploitation tool.

Production lines Within the industrial sector, remote controll is specially critical in production lines. SENSbee allows to gather all information from the spatially distributed devices adapting its communication protocol and sending it to a remote server where the analysis of the data takes place.

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Wireless Sensor Network

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SENSbee as a communication gateway is a system that provides security and integrity to the wireless, low power communication based on SWAN t...