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sayiddah fatima mcCree illinois institute of technology

WHH-GT 18 Plattenbau Tower Location: Berlin, Germany Professor: Eva Kultermann Date: Fall 2008 The Plattenbau is a typical building type, found throughout the old East German territories. This project used strategies to upgrade and improve the tower by focused on sustainable design. The tower has a new double skin facade and a new base for better interaction of the building and site.

floor slab panels modified exterior wall panels modified

double skin glass facade aluminum louvers

residential entry level

exterior space

balcony site sketch colored roller shades

existing site layers

modified tower

new tower base


living machine





Vosges-Haut Chocolat Factory Location: Chicago,IL Professor: Thomas McLeish Date: Spring 2007 Vosges Haut Choclat factory located in the changing West Loop neighborhood was a project that incorporated aspects of sustainable design. It used a double skin facade, courtyard and interior skylights to increase interior daylight in the factory floor and to cut electricity costs.

Maritime Facade for Poblenou Location: Barcelona, Spain Professor: Carles Vinardell Date: Fall and Spring 2008 This project is located in the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona. It is an area that is undergoing a phase of urban renewal and is transforming from an industrial area to an area of integrative communities. In this project, a multipurpose building was designed to serve the new residents of the community.

Taylor-Laurisden Fieldhouse Location: Chicago,IL Professor: Charles Braucher Date: Fall 2006 The Taylor-Laurisden Fieldhouse acts as a path through the park and the activities within the park. The program areas in the park are organized around the fieldhouse itself and also thinly forested areas, which provides shade and more green areas within the park.

The Taylor Laurisden Fieldhouse uses a stressed ribbon roof for the height differences needed in the spaces. The roof uses a stressed wire counterbalanced by concrete piers. The wall structure is a translucent polycarbonate system filled with gel to provide insulating qualities.

Schindler-Chace House Study Location: Chicago,IL Professor: Lauren Kowaski-McGee Date: Spring 2005 A ďŹ rst-year studio project that included a site visit to the SchindlerChace House.The exercise included hand drafted drawings and photomontage to depict the spaces and place of the House.

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