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NOVEMBER 3, 2010

Vacation Bible School 2010 A picture is truly worth a thousand words when it comes to Vacation Bible School! Sure, we could describe the many very cool activities, crafts, and food creations that were present at the various Vacation Bible School programs in our division, but we think that pictures capture the fun that was had better than we ever could! Plus, the excitement on the kids faces shows in full color that they were excited to be learning about Jesus!


Inside this issue: Summer Cam p Highlights


Youth Councils 2010—Identity


Corps Ca det Kick-Off


C a pt ain’s Corner


Whether your Corps was exploring the high seas, trekking Upcoming through the rainforest, or visiting Planet Zoom, we know the kids Events had an AWESOME time and we thank YOU for all your hard work!

Fort Collins Corps

West Adams Corps

Broomfield Corps

Sheridan Corps


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Teen Sports Camp Recap

by Erin Kofoed

Sports Camp 2010 Rocked! Why? First of all, imagine a large group of teens (about 80). They all break out into focus groups - either basketball or soccer, and are given personal instruction for over 4 hours a day. They also get free-time to do the ropes course, fish, swim, purchase items at the canteen (like candy), and mingle with each other (or to play against their instructors and camp staff members). During free-play, the competition gets tough as tackling and dirty playing abounds. This is a time where you can play whatever sport you like. Kids target their counselors - and get to take them on - "mano y mano." Seth Franco (from the Harlem Globetrotters) was also in the mix for the entire camp, and gave personal instruction to the basketball kids throughout the week (and played some dirty soccer during free-time as well). He also shared his testimony and spoke to teens one-on-one. On Sunday many kids took the challenge to live for God - to be an example of His love. During the ESPN Awards Ceremony trophies were given to the MVP's as well as the Honor Campers. Each cabin also had a Top Camper Award. On the last day, each kid got to take a ball - and they all got each other's autographs. Did you miss out on Teen Sports Camp last year? Don't make that mistake again! Teen Sports Camp is for kids age 13-18 and takes place from June 29th - July 4th, 2011. See you there!

Intermountain Music & Worship Arts Camp Award Winners Majors A Band B Band Keyboard Beginner Guitar Advanced Guitar Percussion Major Chorus Recorder

Lisa Bingham Angela Herrara Jael Mallory Caitlin Gauslow Bella Newberry Parish Fackrell Ka'Tavie Louis Kiara Kennedy

Aurora Denver Citadel Aurora Billings Centennial Bozeman Aurora West Adams

Chorus Kids Chorus Mixed Chorus I Mixed Chorus II

Lorenzo Dow Danielle Aalders Harold Bibler

Denver Citadel West Adams Billings

Electives Beginner Guitar Zyonna Wilson Advanced Guitar Tyler Griffin Keyboard James Herring Timbrels Emily Roybal Boom Whackers Callie Boykin Trash Bashers Sarah McFarland Rhythm Nation Josh Sanborn Puppets Jeriel Jiminez Drama Jasmine Cabrera Devotions In Motion Chloee Schott

Billings Denver Citadel Denver Red Shield Ogden Denver Red Shield Centennial Ft. Collins Denver Citadel Aurora Bozeman

High Awards Honor Theory Award Jr. Honor Camper Sr. Honor Camper Jr. Outstanding Musician Sr. Outstanding Musician

Tyler Griffin Lorenzo Dow Callie Boykins Jeriel Jiminez Tyler Griffin

Denver Citadel Denver Citadel Denver Red Shield Denver Citadel Denver Citadel

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Youth Councils 2010— 2010 Identity Delegates arrived by van, all 20 Corps of the great Intermountain Division were represented. In total, there were 172 of us (100 delegates, the others were chaperones and leaders lucky enough to be able to tag along). After registration, we ate dinner and moved along to the first “United Session: Who Am I?” Each corps had an entry for a fashion show and they showed us their identity using their clothing. Capt. Raymond Erickson-King told us who he was, and how your past does not dictate your present. Late Night activities consisted of “Minute to Win it,” a Dance Dance Revolution (with Praise Tunes), making our own personalized ID cards, and playing board games. The next day started with an awesome breakfast, then devotions by corps. We made our way to “United Session 2: What Am I Doing?” This was followed by a group photo, then Rotation stations. We had three stations that we rotated to (our groups had different colored wristbands), “My On-Line Identity,” “Sharing My Identity With Non-Believers,” and “Sports Identity.” After that, we all got to do Free-Time activities, which consisted of: Polar Bear Club (where people jumped into freezing cold lakes), a 5K walk/run, a hike, high ropes course, football (where Maj. Doughty played dirty), basketball, volleyball, and a craft (making personalized tie dye shirts). Some of the kids (and leaders – I was guilty) joined in a friendly game of assassin

– where you each get a name (target) and mark each other with a marker, but only when the person is with less than two people. There were lots of groups of kids with bodyguards throughout the weekend – it was pretty funny. Justin Halverson cheated and marked me as I went through the dinner line (okay – he got me fair and square, but he was very tricky). For dinner we did a theme – “Dress like a celebrity you resemble.” I went as Brittany Spears, my husband followed suit as K-Fed. There were some “interesting” characters in attendance – such as the Joker, Lady Gaga, Abby from NCIS, and Nacho Libre - to name a few. That night we had a concert with Brian Campbell and band, followed by more late night activities. There was a cookout (with hotdogs and s’mores), a coffee house with live acoustic guitar (and an open mic – lit up with lights), and a movie: “To Save A Life.” I played board games in the coffee house for a few hours with CO’s and delegates mixed together beautifully and bonding as Capt. John Bennett and delegates soothed us with their singing and acoustic guitar. Capt. Shoshannah was cheating in scrabble and hiding tiles - I’ll be sure to pray for her. Sunday morning came fast, and all were challenged by the moving message from Maj. Ivan Wild. He dared the men to stand and promise to be

by Erin Kofoed Godly men, and gave the girls roses and told them that their identity was in God. I almost cried as he passed roses to over 20 girls repeating to them that their self worth was not dictated by the world and that God made them beautiful. He gave a challenge to shred their old identity cards, and take a new one on the alter as they prayed – each signing a card saying “I found my identity in Christ.” He then invited them to leave their finger print on the cross it was a black cross and their prints were fluorescent ink. When he passed the black-light over it he told them how the world was dark and their unique prints – their Godly identity - was a light to a dark world. Lives were touched, how can I say for sure? Because, I’m on facebook, and I spy on our kids. They all had some great, encouraging, posts the days following Youth Councils. I proudly read each one and commented back with a joyful heart. How can I sum up our weekend together? Old people wearing ear plugs, young people playing “the game,” and “assassin,” the Joker and Lady Gaga, a strange eyeball that constantly stared at me in meetings, Polar bears and 5K’s, a whirlwind of inside jokes – but most importantly – decisions made to purposefully Identify ourselves in Him. God is good!

Youth Department Mission Statement

The Youth Department of the Intermountain Division, with a servant's heart, strives to encourage, equip, and train youth leaders so they can effectively disciple and mentor children and young adults.

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Captain’s Corner By Captain Jennifer Erickson-King Associate Divisional Youth Secretary

Fall. Fall is my second favorite season of the year, first is summer. I really enjoy fall. The reasons why I enjoy fall are because of the colors of the leaves changing on the trees, a lot of the days are still warm outside, and seeing parts of nature changing. As there are 4 seasons in the year, I know that God created these 4 beautiful seasons to come after one another. Each of the seasons has its purpose and it’s evident to see the beauty in each of the seasons. I sometimes take things for granted because I get so caught up being busy in my everyday life. So sometimes, I forget to see the beauty of God’s amazing and beautiful creation that He provides for us each and every day. But, most of the time, I do notice the beauty of God’s amazing and beautiful creation as I sit outside wherever I may be, or as I drive around this pretty Intermountain Division. Take a moment out of each day to enjoy & appreciate God’s beauty that surrounds you. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”

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Corps Cadet Kick-Off Boondocks Fun Center On October 30th Corps Cadets from around the division joined together to “kick-off” this season of Corps Cadets at Boondocks Fun Center. It was a great time of fellowship, food, and fun! Armed with game tokens, the Corps Cadets set off to race bumper cars, play miniature golf, and face off in laser tag! This year we’ve seen an increase in the number of Corps Cadets in the division & we hope you’ll join us!

Become a Corps Cadet! Requirements: • Be 13 years old or in the 7th grade • Be part of the weekly Corps programs • Have parental consent • Be enrolled as a Junior Soldier* *Non-soldiers may audit Corps Cadets with retroactive credit given upon enrollment.

See your Corps Officer or Youth Leader for more information!!

Upcoming Events

Dates to Remember: November 14th Junior Soldier Enrollment Sunday February 6th Candidates’ & Corps Cadet Sunday February 11th-13th Future Officer’s Fellowship (CFOT) March 4-6 Young Adult Retreat

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IM Youth Newsletter Vol 1 | 3  

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