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Description Sayap Nusantara 速 is a digital music project which is explore and mix Indonesian culture Heritages and modern arrangement. Since it was founded at 2009 by Renzo La Vista, Sayap Nusantara 速 has been the first Indonesian ethnic digital music Artist.

What do we do? 1. MUSIC PRODUCTION 2. LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCE We mix the modern technology and traditional creativity, and such as : Music Arrangement 

Dance Choreography

Fashion & Accessories

Visual Effect

Market Analysist 1 SEGMENT MARKET 

Middle -up live style peoples

Social economy status (SES) : A, B+, B

 

Open minded urban peoples

Age range around of 25 to 45 tahun

Market Analysist 2 TARGET MARKET 


Bar, café and mall visitors

Hotel Guests

Government Guest

Market Analysist 3 POSITIONING

Becoming a trend setter in Indonesian music industry as the first ethnic digital music artist

Marketing Strategy 1


Explore Indonesian ethnic music which has high selling point on international market

Create the ethnic music with modern arrangement to make it easy to make it easily understood, accepted and loved by local publics

Build a fan base, trough the distribution system to the public for free music

Markering Strategy 2 ABOVE THE LINE PROMOTION : 

Build the community through various social media and mailing lists

Distribute sample songs for free via online media

Promo video clips and talk shows on various TV stations network

Promo songs and talk shows on various radio stations network

Marketing Strategy 3 BELLOW THE LINE PROMOTION : Build community through creative industry seminars and digital music workshops  Build partnership with marketing agency  Build partnership with various Event Organizer  Build partnership with various network outlet for marketing merchandise 

Has been done at this time 

Have released an online album which can be downloaded for free on the internet

Already has thousands of community "Sahabat Sayap Nusantara"

Have released merchandise, such as:    

Audio CD, Video DVD, T-Shirt Sweater

National and international level concert

Actively promotion and build the community via any printing media, social media, workshop

Achievements : 

1st Winner of Indonesia Creative Icon 2009

Semifinalist of Indonesian ICT Award (Inaicta) 2010

Finalist of Telkom Indigo Fellowship Award 2010 – TELKOM

Best Ratting #1 on, 2010 – Online Community Channel

Best Ratting #1 on 2011 until present – Indonesia Kreatif

Soundtracks production : 

Soundtrack of Uniform Samuel’s Company Proflie 2008 – Fashion Designer

Soundtrack of Flawless Auto Lounge Company Profile 2008 – FX Plaza, Jakarta

Soundtrack of Ritech Expo 2009 - Menristek RI

Soundtrack of Pekan Kreatif RRI 2009 - RRI Nasional

Soundtrack of Animart 2009 - Bursa Animasi Indonesia

Soundtrack of Majapahit Online 2011 – Online Game

Soundtrack of Majaphit Online Game, 2012 – Anantarupa Studio

Soundtrack of Gatot Kaca Game, 2012 – Anantarupa Studio

Soundtrack of Sampoerna Business Plan presentation, 2012 – Philip Morris International

Live Performance : 

Concert of Cultures Heritages, 2012 – Museum Nasional, Jakarta

Concert of Apresiasi Seni dan Budaya Etnik, 2011 - Binjai

Guest Star of Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia (PPKI), 2011 - Jakarta

Opening Act of Pecha Kucha Night (PKN), 2011 – Jakarta

Concert of Peringatan Hari Pahlawan Nasional, 2010 – Guitar School Indonesia, Jakarta

Djarum Super Mild Concert feat Citra Scholastika, 2011 - Serpong

Guest Star on The Bazar Picnic event, 2012 - Medan

Guest Star on Medan Community Festival, 2012 – Medan

Guest Star on Festival Komunitas Sukses Mulia, 2012 - Medan

Guest Star on Medan Heritages Tour event, 2012 – Medan

Workshop and Seminar : 

Instructor of Digital Music Workshop 2010 – Seamolec, Jakarta

Speaker of Indonesia Creative Indsutry Seminar, 2010 - BSI Collage -Jabodetabek

Speaker of Digital Business Update Seminar, 2011 – USU Collage, Medan

Live Talk Show on Metro TV, 2011 - Jakarta

Profile Expose on Emusik Kaltim Magazine edisi Juli 2011 – Banjarmasin

Live Talk Show on Most FM Radio, 2012 - Medan

Live Talk Show on Visi FM Radio, 2012 – Medan

Live Talk Show on Kiss FM Radio, 2012 - Medan

Event Pics


Seamolec - Jakarta

20th November 2010

Event Pics

TELKOM INDIGO AWARD Jakarta Convention Center 8th December 2010

Event Pics


Binjai – North Sumatera 19th March 2011

Event Pics SAYAP NUSANTARA INTERNATIONAL LIVE CONCERT Jakarta Convention Center 7 July 2011

Media Expose Live report at the Venue

eMUSIK KALTIM Edisi Juli 2011

Talk Show on METRO TV







Behind the scene

RENZO LA VISTA Male ,7 Juli 1984

founder & composer

This young and gifted man is the founder, song writer and composer of Sayap Nusantara. He came to the multimedia industry since 2003 as a movie maker, graphic designer, motion graphic artist and music composser. In 2009 he was founded Sayap Nusantara and co working with any local creative content provider, did some live concert in local and international level, be the highest rated in Indonesia creative industry and achieved some awards.

Our Clients samuel uniform


RENZO : 0838 9021 3190 email : twitter @sayapnusantara Facebook Group : Sahabat Sayap Nusantara

Sayap nusantara profile 2013 (english)  
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