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Sayantani Dasgupta I am a final year student of Visual Communication Design at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. I believe in design being instinctive, and creating reletively stress free yet elegant designs. Most of all, I believe in delivering high quality work with minimum fuss. Most of all, I deeply believe that Google will soon rule the world. p. +91 9620922179 (Bangalore) +91 9674647326 (Kolkata) e.

Indian Chamber of Commerce Live project

Pitch for rebranding of one of India’s oldest trade organizations.

Graduation Exhibition of Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology Live project

Concept, Identity and collaterals for the graduation exhibition of the 10th graduating batch of Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. Two routes were explored, the first one dealswith shaping and reshaping, formation of a solid base and exploration of personality.

GradShow 10.0

A second route explored for the Srishti graduation exhibition— exploring typography, indian identity and the cybertronic existance.

Brand Yourself Class project

A challenge to brand elements of one self and facets of personality. Final deliverables: a set of visiting cards.

2011 An Art Odyssey Class Project

Branding a packaged tour for art students to specially selected art related locations. Collaterals include a kit to include everything one might need on such a specialized tour.

Masala Petti Class project

An excercise in sustainable packaging utilizing using spent beer pints and other found objects to package spices. Inspired by old colonial spice plantations and age old indian storage practices.

Ludeo Live project

Bottle design for men’s perfume aimed at upper class demographic. Form and structure inspired by playing cards, ace of spades, medieval armours and precious stones.

Classic Jujube Live project

Conceptualizing a fictitious sub–brand for Wills Classic cigarettes targetted at upper middle class women, social smokers inspired by the branding strategies used till the 1960s to promote Lucky Stripes cigarettes in the USA.

A Brief History of Human Sacrifice Class project

Info graphic poster cataloging ancient practices of ritual bloodshed, methods used, demographics, geographical areas as well as time line.

Experimental Type Class project

Experimental typographic illustrations composed of the lyrics of the song “I am a disco dancer.� Final form of this project was a flip book.

HottoGoal Live project

Vernacular campaign for Airtel to build association with football in Bengal similar to its competitor’s association with national cricket. Deliverables included press, outdoors, contests and other branding materials. Concept was to play to the World Cup frenzy and connect it to the madness for football in Bengal. It translated to adapting the visual and poetic style of Bengali poet Sukumar Ray to current times and soccar.

Web Design– Portfolio Site Class project

Design and coding of a personal portfolio site. The overall theme was exploration of digital painting.

Akshara– Learn As You Play Live project

A teaching aid developed to teach children of classes one through three of government and government aided schools to recognize basic vernacular script as well as english through a toy like a jig saw puzzle. The toy was developed as an exploration to combat the problem of inadequate elementary education in government funded schools. The project was selected as one of the seven finalists at the UNICEF and INDEX Design Challenge in Copenhagen, Denmark in February 2011.

Caricatures Class project

An exploratory project of caricaturing people one knows, as a prelude to a sequential art project. The work is more stylized and graphic than traditional caricatures, and accompanied by text.

Adan Garcia in Forgetting Class Project

A sequential art project following the explorations on the previous page. Its a fifteen page excerpt of the full comic. The concept for it germinated from a project of relay writing called Project 98, which i was a part of almost five years ago.


Calcutta: The Future Fantasy Personal project

Mixed media on paper. Subject came from the thought about commuting issues and further thoughts of Calcutta in the future.

Of Paint Brushs and Other Pretty Things Personal project

Personal piece. An interpretive portrait of an aquaintance done in mixed media, and trying to prove art needn’t be incomprehensible.

Alter Egos Personal project

Personal piece, gouache on paper, referenced from a photostory on the idol makers of Kumartuli of my own. Exploration of the concept of avatars and how much they differ from alter egos and completely separate identities.

Puppet Master Class project

Cover illustration for a class sequential art project. The subject matter of the graphic novel was power play, and the many outcomes of it.

Belief Personal project

Personal piece. Exploration of painting and illustrating in the digital medium. Stylistical attempt at the question of belief, with a hint of Lord Krishna for taste.

Going Away Live project

Illustration of a children’s short story by Lewis Carrol, requested by a publication house, not finally used.

Lord of Swords: Ares Personal project

Personal piece. Photo manupulation exploration exploring pagan subjects in modern contexts.

The Trouble with Jack

Personal piece. Exploration of digital painting. Part of a personal project of illustrated book of short stories, each story dependant on the illustration accompanying it.

Studies in Portraiture

T-shirt Graphics Live project

The challenge was to be able to condense 2 days worth of incidents into a static narrative to form an eight by eight block of graphics.

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Portfolio- Sayantani Dasgupta  

The story so far.....

Portfolio- Sayantani Dasgupta  

The story so far.....