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From a two-bedroomed apartment to a global leader in 50 years – Capgemini, the story of a unique start-up

Serge Kampf founded Capgemini in 1967. A man ahead of his time,

Kampf was quick to realize the role IT would play in the business world in the years to come. He was the first to combine technical and organizational consulting with customer proximity. His vision helped him successfully transform his business into one of the world’s first full range IT services companies.

A message from Paul Hermelin, Chairman and CEO of Capgemini Group

Serge Kampf was inspirational at every turning point in the Capgemini adventure. In 1967, while launching Capgemini in Grenoble, he was among the first to grasp what was required of a

service provider to succeed in the new world of IT. I remember fondly the year 1993 when Serge invited me to join the team. Nearly 25 years later, the Group has strengthened its

position even further, now ranking among the top in the industry. We can be proud of our success. We owe it not only to those who have placed their trust in us—our clients, employees, shareholders and partners—but also to our founder, an exceptional creator and industry champion, the likes of whom are hard to find. What fascinated me most about Serge was his interest in the little things as much as the bigger picture. He could enter into the most precise details, and the next moment define key elements of the company’s overall strategy at lightning speed, rightly anticipating industry trends before they fully emerged. He hated sticking to what was comfortable, and his entire journey, like the Group’s, was the result of striking a subtle balance between being bold and rational. Being bold leads us to take risks and rationality focuses our hunger for adventures. Serge was not afraid to continually reinvent the Group he had built. His demanding vision, obsession for results, and passion for people never ceased to amaze me. But more importantly, he fought tooth and nail for the values that made him who he was. These were profoundly human values that

speak to all of us, represent the bedrock of Capgemini’s culture. After 50 years, Capgemini has become a truly global and multicultural group, steadfast to the ethical framework that guides our operations and fiercely attached to our independence: global because we are firmly anchored in both our European birthplace, as well as the United States—and more recently India and Brazil—and multicultural because we embody the principles of diversity. There is no dominent culture, but an extraordinary coming together that transcends cultural boundaries. Now it is up to us, to write the next chapter in this incredible story. We will continue to live up to our clients’ high expectations by overcoming the exciting tech feats of tomorrow. We will ensure that digital technology and the cloud, like AI and automation, are understood to be tools that empower us rather than replace us. To that end, Capgemini must continue to transform, innovate and take risks with that same desire and determination shown by those who have made the Group what it is today. Happy Birthday Capgemini!

Capgemini MoveFifty – Move for a Cause As Capgemini turns half a century this year, the group has decided to celebrate 50 years of movement by unleashing a global challenge for a cause.

The Projects "Building a better future for children", Guatemala

The Idea From June 1 to October 1, all Capgemini employees are invited to move in some way -- run, walk, cycle (or be creative) to support three education projects in France, India and Guatemala. Based on mobilization, the group will contribute up to € 100,000 to the initiatives. How it works Download KmForChange app to track the distance you over. Yes, it is that simple. Make every kilometer count! But don’t stop there, go a tiny step further and share your photos and videos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Do not forget to use #CAPGEMINI50. Let’s paint the social media blue!

Every Kilometer, Every Post Matters…

Bosques del Quetzal is a small town in Guatemala with one of the poorest adult literacy rates and lowest education investment among the Latin American countries. The 2014 floods in the neighborhood of Ciudad Quetzal completely destroyed a local school impacting the lives of 250 children under the age of 12. Around 480 volunteers from Capgemini Guatemala pledged to contribute their time and a percentage of their monthly salary (which was matched by Capgemini Guatemala) to rebuild

the school from scratch. They built four classrooms, restrooms, a perimeter wall, and provided furniture. In 2016, two other projects were included, and these efforts have now positively impacted the live of over 332 children.

schools, over 200 teachers, from 10 different social categories, and in 10 different locations. "Cap sur le code", France

"Enlight", India

Enlight is an award-winning project by Capgemini India to bring education to girls from disadvantaged families, including girls with disabilities. It focuses on four major objectives: improving competency levels and preparing for higher education, promoting community participation in school governance, enhancing teacher capacities, and promoting innovation and inclusion. It is currently supported by 150 employees who have collectively put in over 25,000 hours. By 2020, Enlight targets 10,400 girl children with support from 10,400 Capgemini employee "mentors", and reaching out to more than 150

‘Cap sur le code' is a program codesigned by Capgemini France that encourages kids, especially girls, between the ages of 8 and 14 to learn coding games while having fun. This free-of-cost program sparks innovation and inspires kids to pursue computer science as a vocation. The program aims to bridge the digital gender divide. This project was launched in partnership with Cantine NumĂŠrique (a digital ecosystem society) and CCO Nantes (a social and digital innovation society) and has currently benefited 80 girls. Set up at Nantes, the team is now looking at deploying the program in several cities in France including Paris, Bordeaux, and Rennes, as well as abroad.

Managers lead by example at Morocco MOVEFIFTY

2017 is a special year for our team members in Morocco who are not only celebrating the Group’s 50th anniversary, but also Capgemini Morocco’s 10th anniversary. On May 19 and 20, Capgemini Morocco invited all its managers to

its annual "Morocco Managers Meeting" in Marrakech. On the second day of the seminar, the attendees brought out their sport wear to join our MOVEFIFTY global challenge.

Over 100 participants recorded around 400 kilometers to contribute to educational projects in France, India and Guatemala.

MOVEFIFTY Challenge Day gets a thumps up from team Brazil

The MOVEFIFTY Brazil Challenge Day on July 30 saw our team members across Brazil walk, run and cycle as part of the global challenge. Our colleagues not only added kilometers, but also had fun doing it as they posed for

photographs. Talent brings you a slideshow of these images today. Tell us how you are contributing to this challenge and post your messages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Yammer using #Capgemini50.

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