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Mr. Stevens

12/7/12 8:02 AM Mr. Stevens is so great He has nothing you can hate He’s brighter then the shining sun And last of all, he’s


MacBook Pro I want to bring home my MacBook pro If I don’t, my mind will blow They always say it will be soon But that only lasts till’ afternoon Tomorrow we bring home our MacBook pros With happiness my eyes glow And now that they come home with us We never have to fuss

12/7/12 8:02 AM

Pizza Monster

12/7/12 8:02 AM The pizza monster is my brother “He’s going crazy”, says my mother That’s all he eats from day to night We always hope he stops, he might Cheese Cheese Cheese Sauce Sauce Sauce Crust Crust Crust Eat pizza, he MUST


12/7/12 8:02 AM Oh how I so hate math I’d rather walk through a deadly path And if you made me do a pi I think I’d really rather die Math is just so hard to do C’mon you have to agree too


12/7/12 8:02 AM I love cheese I really do But that cheese just tastes like poo And if you made me eat the whole I might as well trade in my soul Nothing could possibly taste so bad Just seeing it makes me so sad


12/7/12 8:02 AM Come here go there I really can’t bare That way too crazy craziness I cant even say I’ll survive today I’m already a big mess My head goes pop My feet go flop I can’t say nothing else Cause when you feel This crazy deal You’ll say don’t even guess


12/7/12 8:02 AM The bell rings It’s lunch! The time that kids can munch! And when they’re done It’s time for fun Its time to be at recess Run, Skip Maybe even flip Imagination’s up to you And if you’re at lunch not recess, Don’t hurry, watch out, CHEW!


12/7/12 8:02 AM On a summer day, it’s a hero On a winter day, it’s worth’s zero There’s short to tall From BIG to small It’s a fan Nothing else.


12/7/12 8:02 AM Anna’s way to awesome Prettier then a blossom She’ll be my friend Until the end She’s always by my side


12/7/12 8:02 AM She’s the craziest in crazy town But still would win the best friend crown Maya’s funny nice and smart Of parties, she’s a huge part She loves to run around and play There’s nothing bad that you can say


12/7/12 8:02 AM There is paper here and there but it doesn’t come from just thin air you cut trees down, one, by one and soon they will all be gone Paper is made from trees you know We don’t have infinity of everything so, If you waste our good old trees There is no one you would please


12/7/12 8:02 AM We have the best of friendship Our cruise will never tip If a storm hits our boat We’ll still keep afloat Our boat has might But not meant to fight To fix damage we work together Forever and ever

Rhyming Poems  

These are fun rhyming poems. Please enjoy!