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Human Resource Management (HRM) - What You Need to Know Human Resource Management (HRM) is an expansive term, covering a broad spectrum of functions relating to the employment relationship and strategic aims of employers. One of the biggest challenges for HR professionals falls under Recruitment and Hiring. Here are a few tricks of the trade that seasoned HR professionals want you to know about building a strong team: Quality over Quantity It is more important to cast nets in the right places, than to cast many nets in the hopes of ending up in the right place. Make it your businessto know where the top talent in your industry hangs out often, and check in at that locale often to stay current. Know What You Are Looking For How can you find anything if you don't know exactly what you are looking for? Analyze the position you want to fill and also consider the culture of your workplace. Your star will must be the right fit for both. Stick to Your Guns on Deal Breakers Just as you should feel sure of the qualities you seek, you should also know what you do not want. You should only get the best and qualified people to work for you. It is important to consider the characteristics or shortcomings that will be deal breakers and don't compromise just to fill the vacancy. Prescreen This is the most popular tool by good recruitment firms. Pre-screening is an invaluable tool and should not be neglected during the recruitment process. Many deal breakers can be identified through a short phone call or email to prospective candidates prior to moving forward. Make the Interview Valuable Take time prior to a face to face meeting to be sure of the questions you want to ask. Don't shy away from the difficult ones. Use the interview to be clear about the expectations and working environment of the job vacancy. Check References Always compare your first impressions with those of a prospective employee's past employers. After all, you have likely met just once or twice; sure the meetings have gone well but are they genuine? Anyone can charm their way through an interview. Recruitment and selection is a risky businessprocessas it can be difficult to determine who the right person is for your team. Through positive Human Resource Management (HRM) techniques, your search efforts will be strengthened and the chancesof finding a star for your team, improved.

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Human Resource Management (HRM) - What You Need to Know