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After a Brisbane Recruitment Service? What to Look For

With a beautiful climate and enviable lifestyle, Brisbane employers have plenty of dedicated locals - and a constant stream of new residents, intent of staying - to choose from when recruiting. The labour is there; the major challenge for employers then is determining the most effective means of recruiting the best. Recruitment services can lend a hand in this area but make sure you consider the following when choosing one:

Small Details = Big Difference Hours of Operation and location are also important factors to consider when choosing a recruitment service. If you are a weekend business, you need a firm that can be flexible to your needs.

Education & Experience Research the education and experience of the company - and its workforce – that you are choosing. Ideally, seek out a service that specializes in your industry or, at the very least, has a recruitment background.

Investigate Past Practices Past performance is one of the best indicators of future behavior and employers on the hunt for recruitment services should look for successstories, research prospect websites and seek out testimonials from previous clients. The Recruitment & consulting Services Association, the governing body of recruitment agencies in Australia and New Zealand, and is a great place to accessbackground information on providers.

Package Details Inquire into the screening methods used to identify candidates. Are there additional services such as drug and alcohol testing or psychometric testing that can help in assessing appropriate candidates?

Comfort Check Meet face to face with you prospects. The relationship must be comfortable. Your selection should be one that understands or wants to understand your needs and the local Brisbane market.

Safeguards Ensure that you understand the contract completely before signing on the dotted line. If you are not satisfied with your hire, wouldn't you like the option of a replacement?

Cost Cost is a determining factor for sure, but the cost schedule is even more important in making an informed choice. While some recruitment services charge a basefee that will be added to over the course of your service, others offer a flat fee for service. You must decide which method suits your needs most effectively.

As the Australian Capital city with the fastest employment growth in the past decade, Brisbane recruitment services are in high demand and high supply. The trick is to take your time and consider the options. Do this and your organization will benefit with a great hire.

We're a Brisbane recruitment service who will hire you hire the right person if you're on a budget. Call today for a free position profile and learn more about how our services will help you by going to

After a Brisbane Recruitment Service? What to Look For  

The labour is there in Brisbane; the major challenge for employers is determining the most effective means of recruiting the best. Recruitme...

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