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Saxmundham Middle School

Friday 17th December 2010

Dear Parents and Carers, What a fabulous, fun filled half-term. It was brilliant to see so many parents and carers at Parents’ Evening this term. It was the most attended Parents’ Evening we have ever had and so we thank you for your commitment to the school. Additionally, your responses on the parental questionnaire were extremely positive and helpful. Consequently, we hope to put many of these ideas in place in the New Year. We would like to take this opportunity to wish the community a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday 5th January. M Devereux and A Hall.

AUTHOR SEARCH FOR WORLD BOOK WEEK Can you help? During the week beginning the 28th February, we are hoping to enlist the help of some children’s authors. Do you know anyone that could come into school to complete a whole school assembly or do some workshops with the children? So far we have been able to book Melanie Welsh, who has written ‘Mistress of the Storm’. This is a book that has been written especially for children aged 9-13 years. This is the first book of a four part series and I am sure Melanie will be happy to sign any copies the children may have.

If you do

know anyone, please let us know, as we would love to have a different author everyday.

BOOK MASTERMIND Once again Saxmundham Middle School are taking part in the SLS Book Mastermind competition open to years 7,8 & 9, which meant we needed to choose a pupil to be the SMS area finalist. The area finalist will then take part against other schools in the county. To choose our area finalist, we held an in-school competition which consisted of over 20 contestants answering 20 questions on their favourite books in just two minutes – I would like to say thank you to everyone who took part in these preliminary rounds. It is a daunting task to sit in the big black chair, in front of all your classmates; they all did superbly well. Well Done to you all. The two highest scoring contestants from each year group; Ghislan Arthur & Matt Paris - Year 8 and Rebecca Miller & Meghan Revell Year 7 went through to an inter-school round with Leiston High School. Despite the previous week’s weather, we were able to travel over to the High School on 6th December. Each contestant took a couple of friends for support. We went straight into the book round and Mr Mayhew, Assistant Head Teacher of Leiston High School asked the questions, and again we were all very impressed with the contestants’ knowledge (especially as they had had to read another book for this round). We had a short break, where we were able to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Then, on with the dreaded General Knowledge round! Mrs Godwin, the High School Librarian, asked the questions and everyone did very well despite being nervous! I can happily report that for the second year running Saxmundham Middle School beat Leiston High School and brought home the Leiston/Saxmundham BookMastermind Interschools Competition Trophy – Well Done SMS. Huge congratulations go to……Matt Paris for winning overall and for being SMS Area Finalist, Rebecca Miller for coming a close second and Lauren Clarke of LHS for coming 3rd. Well Done – We look forward to following his progress in the Area Finals.



The price of School Dinners will

It is imperative that we have

rise from ÂŁ2.00 to ÂŁ2.10 in


2011. If you think that your

child to attend a trip/visit. A

child may be eligible for Free

phone call is not sufficient, so



please ensure any forms are

the school office and they will

filled in and returned to school

be only to happy to help you.

by the deadline.






CHRISTMAS SHOWCASE WOW! What a fabulous evening. The children, from all year groups, put on a spectacular performance of fun filled entertainment. There was singing, dancing, solo performances on musical instruments, whizzy, diablo stunts and much more. A huge thank you must go to all the pupils that took part; they were amazing. In addition, well done to Mr Evans for organising this fun filled event - great fun was had by all.

CHILDREN IN NEED On Friday 19th November, the pupils raised a staggering ÂŁ198.10 for Children in Need. This was through wearing non-school uniform, a cake stall and a bring and buy stall. This was an incredible achievement. Thank you to everyone who donated items for the cake stall, bring and buy stall and made donations. A great team effort. THANKYOU.










embarked on a Times Table Challenge. The first round started within Maths sets, where each child completed as many sums as they could in two minutes. The top performers went through to the next round which took place in front of their peers in a Year Assembly, completing a different set of questions. Finally, two pupils from each year group went through to the Whole School Final on Thursday 25th November. The pupils in the final were: Fiona McGeachy,







Mussaddique Hussain, Hannah Edwards, Natasha Chenery and Daniel Carr. The final winners were Mussaddique Hussain in Year 7 and Harriet Nye in Year 6. Well done to you. addition, well done to Mr Leathers for scoring the highest mark! Thank you to Mr Minton for organising this event. Great fun was had by everyone.


PUPIL OF THE MONTH During the months of October and November, the pupils have continued to shine. The worthy winners for October were: Year 8 Neil Glasscock, Year 7 - Megan Lee, Year 6 - Amy Jamison and Year 5 - Matthew Trussler. For November, the stars were: Year 8 - Ryan Chaplin, Year 7 - Alice Nichols, Year 6 – Jesse Barker and Year 5 - Elizabeth Ferguson. FABULOUS WORK EVERYONE.

WILDFLOWER MEADOW Year 6 pupils have been closely studying the grass area behind the children’s centre, however they have found that there are very few different plants and animals living there. In order to improve the area and make it a more interesting place to study, they want to turn it into a meadow. They worked out that, to turn the whole area into a meadow, it would cost £100. In order to help reduce costs, under the guidance of Mr Gardiner, pupils in 6S and 6B have written letters to different, nurseries, garden centres and seed distributers. So far the response has been over whelming and we have several packets of seeds and bulbs ready to sow and plant in the New Year. A big well done to those pupils whose letters have proved so successful! We hope to run a whole school competition shortly to design and make bird scarers to stop the seeds from being eaten!

CLASS COMMENDATIONS Class Commendations continue to be a roaring success with all pupils. All classes have worked incredibly hard this term, in order to receive their non - uniform days. Every class has had at least one non-uniform day this term. However, 5W

are topping the chart

with 44 class commendations in one term. A magnificent effort.

GIFTED AND TALENTED During this term there have been a number of Gifted and Talented projects. A group of Humanities students went to Barber’s Point, early in the term, to explore archaeology (You may have seen this in the EADT). Following on from whole school assemblies, the Gifted and Talented R.E students have met with a number of different religious speakers from a variety of faith groups; Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. In addition, we currently have a group of budding ICT students creating a new website for the school in an after school project, on a Monday night. As well as this, some ICT students are having an extra lesson a week expanding their skills further. ( A group of Year 8 are trying to plan the best trip ever!) Next term, Mme Godet is planning to take some Year 8 pupils to the France Show in London.



A change of role: If you have any c o nc e rn s a b ou t ou r safeguarding procedures or you need clarification on any matters, then please contact our school Safeguarding Governor, Jeff Orr: safeguarding@saxmundhammiddle. He will be only too happy to help you or to point you in the right direction. The Senior Designated Safeguarding person within school is Mr Mark Devereux.

Please can we ask you to take extra special care during the winter months in the school CAR PARK. The children’s safety is of paramount importance to us. Unfortunately,




people are driving too fast on the ice. PLEASE TAKE CARE. *All school closure updates will be posted on the school portal.

CRAFT CLUB STARS Just a quick note to thank all the Craft Club students. They are a group who come along every week and help to create, fabulous displays. This half term, they have created gorgeous gifts for the Christmas Fair. On Tuesday lunchtimes the Library is filled with sequins, card and glitter, and lots of hard work. THANK YOU. A special thank you must go to the Year 8’s who consistently help with tidying up afterwards, it is much appreciated.

THE FRIENDS OF SAXMUNDHAM MIDDLE SCHOOL The Friends would like to thank everyone who supported the Disco and Christmas Fair this term. Both events went brilliantly and the support received was staggering.

Once again, many thanks for all

the donations, cakes, raffle prizes and help. The children’s stalls were EXTRA SPECIAL! The pupils raised £352.00 on their stalls. Fabulous work and not much mess left either! THANK YOU. The Christmas Fair raised just over £1600. This is an overwhelming figure. Rest assured, this money will be invested in the children, thereby, providing them with further, fabulous opportunities. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the FOSMS.

STAFF CHANGES At the moment, we are very pleased to report that there are no changes at present to the teaching staff and LSA cover. However, Mrs Elias has secured a Bursar’s job at Coldfair Green, Knodishall. She will be starting there straight after Christmas for the mornings only and will be at Saxmundham Middle in the afternoons. From Easter, she will be at Coldfair Green full time. Therefore, please can we request that you be patient with us in the office until we find a replacement. We wish Mrs Elias well and thank her for her outstanding commitment to the school over the last 16 years.

HEALTHY SCHOOLS As you may be aware, Saxmundham Middle School is a Healthy School. However, we are becoming increasingly concerned with the number of pupils that are eating unsuitable snacks (crisps, chocolate and sweets) during break times. The school’s preferred






Therefore, during the week beginning 31st January, we will be holding a healthy schools week to remind pupils about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. If you have any ideas about how we can promote this, please let us know.


PD Day - Tuesday 4th January 2011

Back to School - Wednesday 5th January 2011.

FOSMS Meeting - Thursday 10th February 2011

Year 7 London Trip - Friday 11th February 2011.

Half - Term - 21st - 25th February 2011.

PD Day - Monday 28th February 2011.

Year 6 - Lowestoft Trip - Friday 4th March.

Year 7 - Norwich Trip - Friday 11th March.

Parents’ Evening (Subject) — Thursday 17th March 2011 (Late)

Parents’ Evening (Subject) - Monday 21st March 2011 (Early).

Class Photographs – Monday 28th March 2011.

School Disco - Friday 1st April 2011

Easter Holidays - Monday 11th April - Wednesday 27th April.

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