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Establishing Professional Practice Sketch up Week 1

Orbit Tool – Wheel and click down to move the area Pan Tool – Wheel and left click to view a different area Push/ Pull Tool – Moves walls out or in accurately Line Tool – Draws lines were you want Offset Tool – Increases the wall thickness or any wall accurately Shape Tool – Draws rectangles and circles precisely Move/ Copy Tool – The move tool acts as both move and copy to copy press ctrl and click. Drawing rectangles use the rectangle tool at the top then draw the rectangle were you want them, remembering to change the view point to say where the rectangles will appear.

Drawing stairs change the viewpoints from horizon line to bird’s eye view to draw the rectangles, to a stair like quality.

Drawing a House

Step 1: Draw a rectangle from a bird’s eye view angle Step 2: Push up the rectangle 3000mm using the distance box in the corner. Step 3: Offset the wall using the offset tool at the top this should be an accurate wall measurement of 300mm Step 4: draw a rectangle for the door and window at a horizontal view point then push out the wall to meet a red dot.

To add colour use the paint bucket tool at the top and choose the section that you want to add colour to e.g. Windows = glass.

Sketch Up  
Sketch Up  

Starting to use sketchup