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A Quarterly Newsletter of the USA Central Territory World Missions Department

World Missions


World Services: Water of Life Pure, clean water is a necessity of life. Many of us take for granted the ability to turn on a faucet and draw fresh water whenever we want, but that’s not the case for much of the world. Consider this: • • •

One in eight people don’t have access to clean water One in three people lack improved sanitation facilities Every 3 seconds a child dies from water related issues—that’s 4,100 children per day!

This year’s World Services promotional materials bring to light the water crisis that affects much of the world and explain how The Salvation Army is working globally to address water issues while also helping to lead people to Jesus, the Water of Life. “To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life.” - Revelation 21:6

The World Missions Department is pleased to share the following World Services resources with you this year: World Services Video “Into the World: Water” This three-part video offers educational information regarding worldwide water issues, and highlights ways The Salvation Army is working to help develop better sanitation conditions in India and improve the water situation for children in Kenya. The videos will be available for free (download or streaming) on the Visual Communications website, They will also be available on DVD, upon request. World Services Poster—Promote World Services at your corps by posting this official World Services poster in a prominent place in your corps building. There are also 6 water-related posters available that could be incorporated into a World Services display. Donation Envelopes/Coin Banks— Distribute these resources to your corps

1st Quarter 2014 Volume 7, Issue 2

congregation to encourage weekly World Services giving. These resources can also be used for the yearly World Services Ingathering offering. Pledge Cards—These cards can be used to kick-off the new World Services year, which begins on May 1, 2014. Encourage your congregation to record their commitment to World Services and see what a great impact even $1 per week can make to World Services! Vacation Bible School Curriculum—The World Missions Department has developed a 5-day water-focused Vacation Bible School curriculum. Suggestions for crafts, activities, snacks, Bible lessons, and even a missions project are included. This curriculum could also be adapted to be used in Sunday School, character building programs, and more! Be watching for a sample packet of all these World Services materials to arrive at your corps or ARC later this Spring. Also, let us know how these resources are making a difference in your corps community as you promote and raise funds for World Services!

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Summer Mission Team 2014

Project 24/29: Hungary

On behalf of Lt. Colonel Paul Smith, Territorial Program Secretary, we are pleased to announce Summer Mission Team 2014. Please join us in praying for these fine young adults and the locations that they will serve this summer!

Brazil / Bahamas 1. Audrey Hickman* 2. Amanda Tregellas** 3. Caleb Allan 4. Ellen Kim 5. Paul Kim 6. Andrew Mahone 7. Kayla Miller 8. Alex Paguibitan 9. Nivia Paredes 10. Sara Ruthberg

Central 1. Robyn Shanahan* 2. Victoria Aldridge 3. Samuel Arias 4. Douglas Cornelious 5. Stephanie Hansel Heartland 6. Eddie Kang Western 7. Cat Perez EMI 8. Bramwell Turner Indiana Metro *-Team Leader **-Assistant Team Leader

Metro WUM Metro Metro Metro

Hungary 1. Veronica Cintron* 2. Mariles Hood 3. Greg Hurula 4. Chelsea Means 5. Andrew Nance 6. Jessica Pascoe

Indiana Metro Metro Metro WMNI Metro

Papua New Guinea 1. Justin Johnson* 2. Christopher Irvine 3. Summer Koehler 4. Macy Theriot

Metro Indiana Metro Northern

Midland Metro Metro Metro Western Metro Metro EMI

Project 24/29 is a Salvation Army youth event designed to teach young people about world hunger and preventable diseases that take the lives of 29,000 children every 24 hours. In this 24 hour over-nighter event, participants learn about a specific country, culture and the needs of the local people through educational activities, intentional prayer time, fundraising, service projects and Bible studies. This year the focus for Project 24/29 is the country of Hungary, one of our Partners in Mission. Funds raised through Project 24/29 will be used to purchase emergency food packets for the homeless in Hungary. It only costs $7 to sponsor an emergency food packet including tinned meats, stews and vegetables. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help alleviate hunger across the globe, consider hosting a Project 24/29 event at your corps. For additional information, please go to: http:// missions/2429/index.html or send an email to Complete leaders’ guides and promotional materials are available upon request.

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Mobilize Begoro: Regeneration Project 2014 The Salvation Army Begoro Rehabilitation Center in Ghana is home to 45 children with disabilities. Through The Salvation Army’s sponsorship program, these residents are provided with food, housing, education and physical therapy while learning the skills needed to master mobility, communication, and self-care. During the Regeneration 2014 conference for USA Central Territory young adults, delegates participated in the “Mobilize Begoro” fundraiser to provide the specialized equipment needed to help these students thrive. For every $50 raised, a wheelchair, crutches, orthopedic shoes, and other tools were provided to Begoro residents to help improve their independent mobility. One of the fundraisers for the Begoro mobility project was a clothing swap held on Saturday afternoon. Over twenty shoppers participated by bringing clothing donations to contribute and then paying $10 to select new clothing items to take home. A few shoppers did not bring any

clothing donations so they paid $15 to shop. The shopping took place in rounds, with individuals choosing just three items per round. If individuals wanted to shop in an additional round they had to pay extra money. Near closing time shoppers gave extra donations in order to fill-a-bag full of clothing. Overall the clothing swap raised $350 for mobility equipment. In addition to the clothing swap, buttons and t-shirts were sold and an offering was collected. Throughout the Regeneration weekend the young adults raised $3,821.33, representing 76 pieces of specialized equipment, to help mobilize the residents of the Begoro Rehabilitation Center.

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All in God’s Time During Central Bible Leadership Institute 2012, youth delegates were given the opportunity to pray for and write letters to Majors Curtiss and Sandy Hartley who were preparing for missionary service in Papua New Guinea (PNG). At that time the Hartleys did not yet have a permanent address in PNG, so the letters were set Majors Hartley with local friends in PNG aside to be sent at a later date. Days and weeks went by and the letters were forgotten. In early 2014 the letters were rediscovered by the Youth Department and sent along to the Hartleys. The letters arrived at just the right time! Major Curtiss Hartley reported, “I spent a few minutes reading each card, and it was such an encouragement to me. Some of the names I recognized, many I did not. But it was obvious that someone had taken the time to think about, talk about and pray about our then upcoming ministries here in this wonderful country! The notes from the young people were simple and succinct, yet heartfelt. It is funny to imagine that, as you pointed out, the cards were probably put away for safekeeping until our arrival, and only now were they discovered and sent. Yet perhaps God knew that now would be the time the encouragements would be most needed! Having just returned from our mid-term homeland furlough, it was (is) a tough time for us, so these notes from the young people really are a blessing.”

around the world >>> With an official Salvation Army presence in 126 countries, in many cases The Salvation Army is already on the ground and ready to help if natural disaster or political unrest occurs. Here are some ways The Salvation Army has recently been involved in providing emergency services:

Indonesia Territory In September 2013 Mount Sinabung volcano in Indonesia began emitting gas, and since late January the volcanic activity has been more erupting more violently. Because of the volcanic activity 30,000 people have been displaced from their homes and the disaster has claimed at least 16 lives. The Salvation Army has been working with the government to provide more than 10,000 people with temporary housing, food, medical aid and spiritual guidance. As the volcano activity calms down, The Salvation Army will also be involved in rebuilding and relocating programs for those who have lost their homes.

New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory In January 2014 Cyclone Ian, a category five storm, hit the South Pacific kingdom of Tonga. As one of the most powerful storms on record with gusts of almost 180 miles per hour, Cyclone Ian destroyed buildings and took the life of one individual. Since the cyclone hit near the beginning of the school year, The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory has been instrumental in providing funds to replace school uniforms and school supplies lost as a result of the storm.

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Upcoming Events Please be in prayer for these upcoming events in the USA Central and our Partner in Mission Territories:

February 15-22—Global Mission Team to Jamaica

February 28-March 10—Western Division Mission Team to Suriname

March 7-9—SMT Orientation

March 25—28—Global Track Conference: “The Power of One Army...Transforming our World”

March 28-April 1—Visit to the USA Central Territory by Sergeant Moise Kodio of Mali, Mr. Thaya Sekhar of India South Eastern, and Mr. Benjamin Dhaya of India South Eastern

March 30-April 7—Global Mission Team to Haiti

Upcoming Opportunities •

October 27-November 7—Global Mission Team. To request an application send an email to

overseas personnel >>>

Major Wes Green appointed to IHQ In January Major Wes Green departed for International Headquarters in London, England where he will serve as the Property and Budget Officer in the Business Administration Department. Having recently served as a territorial auditor and then a business officer, this new appointment is well aligned with Major Green’s skills and experience. Major Green is excited about this new adventure, and is looking forward to experiencing life overseas. Please pray for him as he settles in his new home and becomes acquainted with his responsibilities.

USA Central Territory Missionaries Majors Philip & Sheila Davisson Canada—Booth University College Associate Dean for Extended Learning / Spiritual Life Coordinator 1158 Colby Avenue Winnipeg, MB. R3T 2P9 CANADA Email, Birthdays 5/22 (Sheila), 12/21 (Philip) Anniversary 8/23

Captains Sergii Kachanov & Tatiana Kachanova Canada—Corps Officers 1644 Bob-O-Link Way Nanaimo BC V9S 2P8 CANADA Email Birthdays 1/16 (Sergii), 2/2 (Tatiana) Anniversary 11/3

Captain Christopher Marques Majors Robert & Rae Doliber Haiti—Recovery & Development Director / Special Projects Manager Armee du Salut PO Box 301 Port-au-Prince HAITI Email, Birthdays 6/5 (Rae), 7/15 (Robert) Anniversary 9/8

Japan—Assistant to the Territorial Youth Secretary Olive House A-103 1-39-12 Wada, Suginami-ku Tokyo, 166-0012 JAPAN Email Birthday 10/20

Major Michelle & Captain Deon Oliver (Caleb, Giselle, Liam) Australia—Corps Officers

Major Violet & Captain Dr. Felix Ezeh (Matthew) Trinidad & Tobago—DS, Men’s Fellowship Secretary, Corps Officer / DS for Women’s Ministries, Matron for Josephine Shaw House Major and Captain Ezeh c/o The Salvation Army PO Box 248, Port of Spain, TRINIDAD Email Birthdays 4/20 (Violet), 4/30/02 (Matthew), 11/22 (Felix) Anniversary 5/19

Major Wes Green England—Property Project & Budget Officer The Salvation Army 101 Queen Victoria Street London EC4V 4EH UNITED KINGDOM Email Birthday 1/20

Majors Curtiss & Sandra Hartley Papua New Guinea—Territorial Director of Support Services / Territorial Financial Secretary The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters P.O Box 1323 Boroko National Capital District PAPUA NEW GUINEA Email, Birthdays 8/29 (Curtiss), 11/16 (Sandy) Anniversary 8/6

9 Crosby Place McDowall Queensland 4053 AUSTRALIA Email Birthdays 2/23/2005 (Liam), 3/9/2002 (Giselle), 9/8/2000 (Caleb), 10/11 (Michelle), 10/22 (Deon) Anniversary 6/26

Commissioners William & Nancy Roberts England - Chief of the Staff / World Secretary for Women’s Ministries The Salvation Army 101 Queen Victoria Street London EC4V 4EH UNITED KINGDOM Email, Birthdays 2/26 (William), 10/27 (Nancy) Anniversary 11/16

Major Cindy Shellenberger Australia—Corps Officer The Salvation Army 9 Magnolia Crescent Craigmore, SA 5114 AUSTRALIA Email Birthday 11/23

1st Quarter Birthdays & Anniversaries January 16—Sergii Kachanov 20—Wes Green

February 2—Tatiana Kachanova 23—Liam Oliver (‘05) 26—William Roberts

March 9—Giselle Oliver

2014 1st quarter wmp newsletter