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About Us Stage Audio Works is a leading international supplier, manufacturer and distributor of cutting-edge technology solutions to the event technology, houses of worship, commercial, education and industrial sectors with the philosophy of providing only the highest quality, most technologically advanced solutions in order to ensure customer satisfaction and growth in Africa.

Stage Audio Works’ aim is to offer complete solutions for a multitude of projects, venues and applications, and we supply the most technologically advanced equipment and solutions from world class brands. Stage Audio Works proudly represent:

Stage Audio Works is a dynamic, innovative company driven by passion, performance, professionalism and perfection. Stage Audio Works believes that service, support, training, professional products and attitude are the foundations for customer satisfaction and company growth. “we supply the industry” is our company mission and aim. Supply means going far beyond simply selling products, it includes design, product service, training, technical support and more… Stage Audio Works meets the ever-growing demands of the market by offering complete solutions that encompass audio, video, lighting, rigging, interactive displays and energy management control systems and more.






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BBBEE Level 3 Contributor 110% procurement recognition




Training Workshops & Seminars Stage Audio Works workshops & seminars form part of product training, reinforcing the understanding of the systems and their uses, an extension to documentation with the opportunity to touch, see and hear. Training workshops include audio, video, lighting and rigging. . Stage Audio Works also offers church sound training, covering the basics of church audio systems, design, management and practices as well as. These workshops are developed for volunteers and non-professionals. Participants will gain audio troubleshooting skills and will be able to execute better live sound mixes. ProPresenter and ProVideoPlayer training workshops complete the Stage Audio Works training portfolio, offering both advanced and introductory courses.


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Stage Plus Engineering & Manufacturing

Stage Plus, a Stage Audio Works brand, is devoted to the design, development and manufacture of problem-solving products including flight cases, trussing, staging, padded bags innovative metals and cable fabrication. Products built for industry people by industry people using advanced software, machinery and materials finding a balance between quality, automation and efficiency. Assembly is undertaken by a carefully selected group who have the product quality at heart. Stage Plus cases offer durability and use only the highest quality flight case hardware available on the market. The new advanced CAD drawing capabilities allow cases to be modelled in 3D before they are built. Virtual cases avoid constant corrections to the real product. All aluminium is of a structural grade and wood sheets are sourced from European Birch plywood. All flight case hardware is sourced from Penn Fabrication in the UK. Stage Audio Works’ manufacturing facility also includes an aluminium welding and fabrication facility for aluminium structures, trussing and scaffolding, which is further enhanced by the conclusion of a manufacturing licensing agreement between Stage Audio Works and Total Fabrications and a new robotic manufacturing line. This enables Total Fabrications truss designs to be manufactured by Stage Audio Works in South Africa, making this world renowned truss design more easily available to the local markets in Africa. Need a flight case repaired? Stage Plus offers a flight case clinic. We understand the pressures of the live event industry and that is why Stage Plus cable fabrication offers you ready made cables off-the-shelf.


Essentials - All the Small Bits

XLR ID Rings & Nuts



Brother Label Printers

Brother Labelling Tapes


5 ch. Cable Protectors

Gaffa Tape

Cable Ties

Wooden Blocks



9V Batteries 5

AA Batteries

AAA Batteries


T Series (Pro) 1/4” Jack

T Series Switch Plug

M Series 1/4” Jack

EP / AP Series


Neutrik Rear Twist

XLR AC Z Series

Ten 47 Tourline

Neutrik Ethercon

K Series Mini Jack



AX Series

Amphenol SP Series 6

Power Connectors


Ten47 Powerline Single Pole


Neutrik Powercon

Ten47 Showline 19 Pin

Stage Plus Socapex Splitter

Ten47 Tourline Multi Pin

Neutrik Powercon Chassis

CEE Form, SA16A

Audio & Data Cable













Elephant Robust


Mercator 8

Lighting, Power & Video Cable





19 Core


Transit 5



Vector Plus (HD/SDI)

Hicon HDMI

Ready-Made Cables & Reels


Microphone Cable (Black)

Microphone Cable (Yellow)

Microphone Cable (Green)

ProCab SVGA Cable

ProCab HDMI Cable

3 Phase Power Cable

Power Lock Cable

DVI Cable

VGA Cable

Multi-Core Cable

Roto Reel

Roto Reel in Flight case

Bulk Cable

Tools & Testers Tool Kits X-Tool


Socapex Tester

DMX Tester


Music Stands

HERCULES Stands, as the name suggests, is committed to building tough and strong instrument stands. HERCULES firmly believes that today’s musicians deserve better stands to support their demanding performances. In response to musicians’ requests, HERCULES conducts exclusive research and development to eliminate the problems associated with ordinary stands. These groundbreaking solutions and patented designs set HERCULES apart. HERCULES stands are Innovative, Solid and Caring. These three principles guide our design, development manufacturing and worldwide distribution. Each and every one of our stands incorporates thought-out solutions that enhance functionality. We employ the strictest manufacturing procedures and quality control standards because you trust us to backup your performance. Singing or playing, the last thing you should worry about is your gear. Recording in the studio, performing on the stage, or relaxing at home – HERCULES are stands you can trust!



Music Stands


210 6

210 9





18860 (Black)




Direct Boxes


Pro48™ Active Direct Box

JPC™ Computer Direct Box

USB-Pro Stereo USB laptop DI

The Radial Pro48 is a compact high-performance 48V phantom powered active direct box designed specifically for today’s high output instruments.

The Radial JPC is an analogue stereo interface designed to help solve the buzz and hum problems commonly associated with connecting a computer to an audio system.

The Radial USB-Pro is a high-resolution stereo digital audio converter (DAC) and direct box that is designed to connect to any computer system to seamlessly transfer digital audio to analog.

Key Features

Key Features

Key Features

• High performance active direct box • Increased dynamic range and headroom • 48V phantom powered with switching supply • Ideal for acoustic guitar and bass

• Easy to use stereo interface for laptop computers • Active signal path with transformer isolation • Eliminates hum and buzz common to PCs • Full connector options set for easy interface

• High performance 24bit digital audio converter • Ready to use without the need of a driver • 3.5mm analog headphone output to check signal • Balanced Lo-Z outputs with switchable isolation


ew 100 G3 Series Wireless Microphone

ew 500 G3 Series Wireless Microphone

Great vocals begin with great capsules: This vocal set is equipped with a capsule from Sennheiser’s successful evolution 900 stage line.

Great technology throughout the microphone system make this system the ideal singing partner.

The evolution 900 series is stage proven and used by many acts on tour. Enjoy one-touch setup with the sync function.

The feedback-resistant, super-cardioid microphone capsule reproduces vocals prominently and with a smooth response. Enjoy one-touch setup with the sync function.

Key Features

Key Features

• Sturdy metal housing (transmitter and receiver) • 1680 tunable frequencies within 516...865 • MHz range for interference-free reception • Enhanced frequency bank system with up to • 12 compatible frequencies • High-quality true diversity reception

• Sturdy metal housing (transmitter and receiver) • 42 MHz bandwidth: 1680 tunable UHF • frequencies for interference-free reception • Enhanced frequency bank system with up to • 32 compatible frequencies • Integrated Equalizer and Soundcheck mode 16



QL5 Digital Mixing Console The acclaimed CL series raised live digital mixing console performance to an unprecedented level of refinement with evolved sound quality, operability, and functionality, while maintaining the traditional values that have made Yamaha digital mixers industry standards. Key Features • Mix channels: 64 mono, 8 stereo. • Busses: 16 mix, 8 matrix (Input to Matrix supported). • Local I/O: 32 in, 16 out. • Fader configuration: 32 + 2 (Master). • Stainless steel iPad support stays.


Mixing Consoles

O1V96i Digital Mixing Console

CL5 Digital Mixing Console

MGP32 Analog Mixing Console

The 01V96i, like all of our higher-end digital mixing consoles was designed to provide outstanding sonic transparency, giving you the purest signal reproduction possible as a starting point.

With a three-section fader layout for efficient hands-on control, the CL5 is the ideal choice for a diverse spectrum of live sound systems.

The newly-refined D-PRE mic preamps deliver a fat, rich, smooth tone that gives the MGP Series a significant advantage over any other mixer in its class.

Key Features

Key Features

Key Features

• 96kHz Multi-Track Live Recording with a Single Connection • Full Suite of Yamaha VCM Effects • High-Resolution REV-X Reverbs • Powerful Mixing Capacity, Versatility and Expandability • The Digital Advantage • Born Versatile, Tuned for Live • 01V96i EDITOR • Cubase AI - The Perfect Complement

• Input channels: 72 mono, 8 stereo. • Mix/Matrix Buses: 24 mixes / 8 matrices (Input • to Matrix supported) • Fader configuration: 16-fader left section, • 8-fader Centralogic section, 8-fader right • section, 2-fader master section . • Stainless steel stay for iPad support. • Built-in meter bridge.

• 24 Mic Inputs with 48V Phantom Power and • HPF per Channel • 32 Line Inputs (24 mono and 4 stereo) • 6 AUX Sends + 2 FX Sends • 4 GROUP Buses + ST Bus • 2 Matrix out • 1 Mono out


Active Loudspeakers

DXR8 Active Loudspeaker

DXR10 Active Loudspeaker DXR12 Active Loudspeaker DXR15 Active Loudspeaker

The most compact of the DXR Series speakers, the DXR8 makes the most of its 1100W of power, delivering extremely high output while maintaining outstanding resolution.

Portable, yet capable of producing an astonishing 131 dB SPL, the DXR10’s compact, functional design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

The DXR12 is an extremely highpower loudspeaker that is capable of producing a maximum SPL of 132dB with its impressive 1100W of power.

Whether providing simple vocal/instrument amplification, very powerful floor monitoring or comprising a compact SR system—the DXR10 delivers without compromising sound quality and power.

It is the perfect solution for live sound applications that demand wide bandwidth and extremely high-resolution sound.

Adding a DXS12 subwoofer gives you an ultra-compact high-power SR system.


The DXR15 achieves classleading SPLs and full bandwidth performance by combining a powerful Class-D amplifier with a high-power woofer and Yamaha's cutting edge technologies. Throw in some D-CONTOUR and you'll feel like you're using a subwoofer.

Portable PA Systems

STAGEPASS 600i 680-watt, portable PA system with 10-channel powered mixer, two 10" speakers, iPod/iPhone USB connection, SPX digital reverbs, an onboard feedback suppressor and versatile EQ. Key Features • 680W (340W + 340W) power output • Newly designed high quality speakers • (LF:10" woofer/ HF:1.4" voice coil compression driver) • Detachable 10-channel mixer • (4 mono mic/line + 6 mono / 3 stereo line) • iPod/ iPhone USB connection • One-knob master EQ™ with virtual bass boost • High resolution SPX digital reverbs • (4 types, parameter control) • Onboard feedback suppressor • Great-sounding 3-band channel EQ • Switchable stereo/ mono inputs • Hi-Z (high impedance) inputs • Phantom power • Monitor and Subwoofer outputs • Optional reverb footswitch


Personal Monitoring

Livemix Personal Monitoring System The last line in the chain, the Livemix CS-DUO is two personal mixers in one. With two mixes per unit, you can reduce your overall per node cost without sacrificing quality or functionality. The Livemix CS-DUO is extremely simple to use and lightning fast to setup. The innovative MirrorMix™ function allows you to use your own control surface to adjust the mix of any other user in the system. Even though it is designed to be simple to operate, we did not skimp on the features, like built-in ambient mics, optional footpedal, effects on every channel and even a metronome. Key Features • Mix 24 channels of audio • Two personal mixes per unit • EQ and dynamics on every channel • EQ, dynamics, and reverb on master mix • Button, knob and touchscreen control • Crystal clear headphone amplifier with peak limiter • Auxiliary input for metronome, or media player • Footpedal volume control (with optional Livemix FP1) • Power over CAT5 from Livemix MIX-16



Portable Sound


Milan M15 Powered Loudspeaker

Milan M12 Powered Loudspeaker

Milan M10 Powered Loudspeaker

The Milan M15 is a portable 15” two-way powered loudspeaker featuring two independent input channels, mic and line inputs, two band EQ, intelligent limiting, and a Mix Out function for connection to additional Milan loudspeakers for easy system expansion.

The Milan M12 is a portable 12” two-way powered loudspeaker featuring two independent input channels, mic and line inputs, two band EQ, intelligent limiting, and a Mix Out function for connection to additional Milan loudspeakers for easy system expansion.

The Milan M10 is a portable 10” two-way powered loudspeaker featuring two independent input channels, mic and line inputs, two band EQ, intelligent limiting, and a Mix Out function for connection to additional Milan loudspeakers for easy system expansion.

Key Features

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

• 1 100 watt 15” 2 way loudspeaker • Efficient Class-D amplifier • 2 discrete mic / line input channels • Dual angle pole mount • 3 year warranty program

• 1 100 watt 12” 2 way loudspeaker • High excursion 12" low frequency driver • 1" high temperature dome compression driver • Dual angle pole mount • 3 year warranty program

• 600 watt 10” 2 way loudspeaker • High excursion 10" low frequency driver • 1" high temperature dome compression driver • Dual angle pole mount • 3 year warranty program

Milan M15B Powered Subwoofer

Milan M18B Powered Subwoofer

The Milan M15B is compact powered 15” bandpass subwoofer that extends the frequency range and increases the overall loudness of any Milan system.

The Milan M18B is a compact powered 18” bandpass subwoofer that extends the frequency range and increases the overall loudness of any Milan system.

Key Features

Key Benefits

• 2,200 Watt bandpass subwoofer • Effiecient Class-D amplifier • Left and right inputs and outputs • Lightweight birch plywood cabinet • LF boost control • Polarity switch • Sub level control

• 2,200 Watt bandpass subwoofer • Effiecient Class-D amplifier • Left and right inputs and outputs • Lightweight birch plywood cabinet • LF boost control • Polarity switch • Sub level control


PA Systems d&b audiotechnik operates internationally in the field of electro-acoustics as a manufacturer of loudspeaker systems and electronics for high quality speech and music reproduction or sound reinforcement in public places. d&b loudspeakers are used globally in rental and installation markets for events, multimedia, musicals, concert halls, theatres, opera houses, broadcast and everything from the smallest conference room to the largest stadium.

Amplifiers The D6, D12 and D80 amplifiers not only power; they comprehensively control d&b loudspeakers through use of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to provide loudspeaker configurations, functions and sophisticated protection. Extensive equalisation and delay capabilities are incorporated into the two channels of the D6 and D12 and the four channels of the D80. The amplifiers are equipped with analog and AES/EBU digital signal inputs with digital elements specified and constructed to achieve audio performance exceeding that of analog devices.





Look out for our specialized d&b Training Workshops & Seminars more information on page 3

J-Series Loudspeaker

V-Series Loudspeaker

The high output J-Series reaches into large scale sound reinforcement situations, further extending the spectrum of applications d&b systems embrace.

The d&b V-Series with its remarkable clarity as well as extraordinary dynamic bandwidth, impressive power capability and headroom make it not only a highly efficient and flexible stand-alone system ranging from small to large configurations, but having the same driver arrangement and horizontal dispersion it is the veritable complement to the J-Series.

The transparent and detailed audio performance with extraordinarily smooth and even frequency response, dynamic bandwidth, extreme high power and headroom capabilities, makes the J-Series the ultimate choice for the far-reaching reinforcement of any sound genre. Ramfest Photo Credit: Sean Brand Production: Blue Array Productions

The J-Series consists of the J8 and J12 loudspeakers and the J-SUB cardioid subwoofer.

The V-Series consists of the V8 and V12 loudspeakers and the actively driven high performance cardioid V subwoofer. 26

PA Systems

Q-Series Loudspeaker

T-Series Loudspeaker

Stage Monitors

The Q-Series combines a variety of technologies with remarkable results, as well as maintaining the maxims of the d&b System reality.

The T-Series is intentionally designed to address an extremely wide range of small to medium sized applications from multiple cabinet line arrays through to single stand-alone loudspeakers for use in locations sharing the same fundamental requirements, to achieve precise control of directivity and maintain this to the lowest possible frequency.

Whether it is sound reinforcement for the audience or monitoring for the artist, both are equally important for a successful performance. This is why d&b monitors have compact dimensions, functional designs, high performances and uncompromisingly practice the maxims of the d&b System reality.

It comprises and Q and Qi loudspeakers, which are designed for simple deployment in mobile environments or for permanently installed rider-driven performance spaces respectively. The Q-Series loudspeakers have conventional rotatable CD horns, dipolar driver arrangements and toroidal wave shaping devices integrated using line array principles. 27

The T-Series comprises T and Ti loudspeakers, which are designed for simple deployment in mobile environments or for permanently installed rider driven performance spaces respectively.

They provide an efficient tool and a neutral platform for engineer and artist alike through ease of operation, neutral sound reproduction, well defined dispersion and guaranteed high feedback stability even at the most extreme levels.

E-Series Loudspeaker

White Products

These are the little brothers within the d&b product range, with their ultracompact designs and choice of formats, together with high output and performance levels; the E-Series is the answer to a wide variety of production requirements. Offering elegant solutions for speech reinforcement, fill or delay, production studios, presentations and music reinforcement with or without subwoofers.

The White range is designed for visual, physical, acoustical and electrical integration into permanently installed applications and is intended for environments that go beyond the rider driven specifications that are generally used in performance spaces.

In addition to the remarkable sound quality, this approach not only encompasses the maxims of the d&b System reality, but also results in an acoustic compatibility between all loudspeakers within the product range.

The range consists of three Series; the xS-Series and xA-Series, both including very compact loudspeakers and matching subwoofers, and the xC-Series column loudspeakers. The White range products provide a consistent neutral sound with physically discreet mounting hardware, resulting in extensive deployment possibilities. The D6, D12 and D80 amplifiers not only power, but, along with the d&b Remote network, enable control and monitoring of a large number of system functions, or integration into other media environments.


Commercial Audio

COM Series Public Address Amplifiers The COM series amplifiers are easy to use, flexible and multi-functional public adress amplifiers with a modern design and equipped with all the necessary control functions and connection possibility’s. Depending on the type of amplifier, some additional features are provided. Such as the possibility to connect a telephone paging unit, an integrated chime module or a remote microphone input. They are perfect to be used in commercial applications such as restaurants, hotels, shops, warehouses, offices and public buildings. 29

MTX48 & MTX88 Digital Matrix Systems

SMA & SMQ Power Amplifiers

The MTX88 is the Eight-zone version of the MTX series, containing two balanced microphone inputs with priority function, phantom power possibility and three-band tone control. It also offers many functions that are unheard of in its price range.

The SMA Series are dual channel (stereo) power amplifiers providing a new standard for affordable audio amplification in both fixed and mobile audio installations. Their advanced features and availability in different output powers for 350 Watt, 500 Watt and 750 Watt provide an enormous flexibility for numerous applications.

While the MTX48 only offers 4 output zones, it does have all the other advanced features the MTX88 offers. And because it's not only controllable using the front end dials, but also using your web browser, iPhone or iPad, no other audio matrix units in its price range can even begin to compare.

The SMQ Series are quad channel power amplifiers providing a new standard for affordable audio amplification in both fixed and mobile audio installations. Their advanced features and availability in different output powers for 350 Watt, 500 Watt and 750 Watt provide an enormous flexibility for numerous applications.

SC Series

APM Series


Ceiling Speakers

Paging Systems

Digital All-in-One Wall Panel for R2

The CS series are elegant ceiling loudspeakers, designed for use in any possible application where is need for a sound system without obvious speakers. They are made of high quality components, to ensure a beautiful warm sound reproduction of music and speech.

The AUDAC APM paging system is especially designed to fulfill all your needs in all kinds of situations for a wide variation of paging purposes. Such as priority calls, dispatching and evacuation purposes.

The DW5065 is an All-in-One Wall panel controller. Besides the standard functions such as audio source selection and volume control, it also contains additional signal inputs.

Furthermore, they all have an integrated 100V line transformer with several power tappings, whereby they can be used in standard low impedance Hi-Fi or larger 100V PA systems. The cone is moisture-proof treated, so they can be used in damp rooms and outside applications, the grill and housing can also be painted to integrate seamlessly into your interior.

Reliability, versatility and usability are the major assets where during the development of the APM paging system is taken care of, next to the aesthetic design of the consoles. The system is fully controllable and configurable through the web based user interface of the device which it's linked to, which provides a great freedom in the configuring of the system.

Both input selection and volume control can be done using the versatile rotatable push-dials. The integrated 2.5" graphical display ensures operating these dials is a user friendly experience.


Lighting N EW


DL.3 Digital Light

TechnoSpot Moving Yoke

SolaWash 19 LED Light

Shapeshifter LED Light

The DL.3 digital light takes projection technology to the next level with its integrated media server, and many exciting new features.

Designed for a wide variety of small and medium scale performance applications, Technospot is a compact hard-edge luminaire with exceptional value and performance.

The SolaWash 19 is a high brightness moving wash light which complement High End System’s existing LED fixtures, the SolaSpot LED and Trackspot Bolt.

7 independently controlled modules housed in one moving fixture create a multitude of highly defined beams coming together to form an amazing array of effects from the incredibly bold to the ultra subtle.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

• 7,000 lumens LCD projector • High contrast ratio • Fully integrated digital media • server • Simultaneous playback of nine • discrete media streams

• High efficiency 12,000 lumens • 575w mini-fast fit lamp - 750 hrs. • 3:1 zoom - 11°- 34° • CMY colour mixing • Colour wheel with eight • relaceable positions

• 19 x 15 watt RGBW LED’s • 16 x Indigo Hilighters • 12 to 65 degree zoom • Image ‘lenses’ and dynamic • patterns with speed control

All elements of the fixture are lightning fast giving the designer the largest palette of creative options available, all from one fixture.

Lighting Consoles

Full Boar 4 Lighting Console

Road Hog Lighting Console

Hedge Hog Lighting Console

A console capable of delivering everything from a local theatre show to a stadium gig! All the power of the Hog 4 in a more compact package, with sleek lines, raked screens and familiar layout.

The most cost effective Hog ever! With a market leading 22” multi touch display, all in a compact package, now with networking and Art-Net outputs.

The Hog range just got broader. HedgeHog 4 is the littlest of the range and still packs quite a punch. It runs the same software as all the other Hogs and even comes with ArtNet and CITP capabilities.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

• Robust Hog 4 Operating Software • Unlimited number of simultaneous crossfades • Two internal 15.6-inch wide screen • touchscreens with 10 point multi touch • Five encoders for an expanded wheelset

• Robust Hog 4 Operating Software • Unlimited number of simultaneous crossfades • Two internal 15.6-inch wide screen • touchscreens with 10 point multi touch • Five encoders for an expanded wheelset

• Robust Hog 4 Operating Software • Unlimited number of simultaneous crossfades • One internal 12-inch wide touch screen • 4 encoders for an expanded wheelset • Twelve User Keys 32

Generic Lighting


Canto 2000msr FF

Suono f250msd

An extremely compact and powerful 2K discharge followspot, the Canto® 2000msr FF harnesses the power and flexibility of the Philips 2000msr FastFit lamps with LDR’s advanced optics and mechanics.

Completely re-styled and re-engineered, this high power discharge Fresnel spotlight for display and internal architectural lighting applications.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

• Double condenser + Zoom • 68mm dia. aluminium reflector • flicker-free electronic ballast, external unit • 10-50m throw • 8º - 22º beam angle

• 120mm dia. Fresnel lens type • 55mm dia. glass reflector • built-in ballast • 2-20m throw • 7º - 63º beam angle

LED Lighting


LED RGB Par 64

LED Mini Par


18 x 8W Quad Colour LED RGBW Par light

183 x 10mm LED RGB Par Light


252 x 10mm LED RGBA

The Cameo CLPSTMINICOB30W is a compact studio PAR light using the RGB additive system.

The Cameo CLBARL10RGBA is a multi-purpose slimline light bar: for use in clubs and discos, for stages and interior design, even for the home.

Extremely high-powered LED studio PAR in a black, short housing. Ruggedly made housing in studio look with built-in filter frame holder. The Cameo CLPST64Q8W has a total of 18 quad LEDs (RGBW), thus guaranteeing perfect mixing of solid and pastel colours including white. With a power consumption of just 170 watts, the 8-watt quad LEDs produce an impressive level of brightness with a beam angle of 25 degrees.

Professional PAR can with 183 ultra-bright 10-mm LEDs in the RGB colour system (60 x red, 60 x green, 63 x blue) in a conventional sturdy aluminium housing and with a beam angle of 25 degrees. Featuring a double bracket, the CLP 64 RGB 10 PS PAR is suitable for use both as a floor PAR and for mounting to crossbeams and bars.

With innovative chip-on-board technology and powered by a single 30W COB LED, the miniature fixture creates rich, natural colours and pastel hues alike with uniform coverage and a 55째 beam angle.

It is equipped with 252 durable, high-performance 10 mm LEDs in red, green, blue and amber, which provide a brilliant, uniform illumination in the basic colours and any combinations with a defined beam angle of 30째. 34

Wireless Control

Blackbox F-2 G4 Mk2 The W-DMX BlackBox FLEX-2 G4 Transceiver is the top-of the-line, highly flexible W-DMX BlackBox unit. With the capability to both transmit and receive DMX and RDM signals wirelessly, as well as ‘bounce’ them around corners in repeater mode (as an option), flexibility underpins this product. With Ethernet in/out options, along with Dual-Band and AFHSS support, reliabity and ease of use is greatly increased.


Key Benefits

Key Benefits

• Dual Universe DMX/RDM • Transmitter/Receiver/Repeater (Option) • W-DMX G4 Protocol – backward compatible with G3 • Dual universe DMX/RDM • Repeater functionality (option) • Die-cast metal box – tough for the road • Rack and Truss mounting options – rig anywhere

• Invisi-wire High-Fidelity Technology - Output • matches Input • Datasafe Technology - Wireless Fidelity and Error • correction • Less Than 5ms Latency • Complete DMX512 support • Full RDM support • One-button-to-go support, for incredible ease of use • Adaptive Frequency Hopping Radio

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Installation & Portable Dimmers

BetaPack Portable Dimmers

Rack 6 Portable Dimmers

Chilli Inductive Installation Dimmers

The Betapack 3 range of 6 channel dimmer packs offers one of the most cost effective and versatile solutions to dimming currently available. Manufactured to the highest professional standards, this comprehensive range of convection cooled 6 x 10 Amp packs includes variants with sockets to match most global standards.

Rack 6 is a compact 2U 19” rack mounting digital dimmer which offers one of the most cost effective dimming solutions available. The Rack 6 range comprises a wide variety of socket variants according to regional requirements including Schuko, French, UK 15A, CEE17 and Dutch Harting sockets as well as standard Socapex and Harting multipin connectors, all housed in a fan cooled 6 x 10 Amp package.

The Zero 88 Chilli dimming range offers a number of functions, including a variety of playback methods, network capability, and comprehensive configuration options.

Designed to be rack mounted, installed on a wall or carried, the Betapack 3 is suitable for a wide range of applications from amateur to professional, education to TV. Betapack 3 series dimmers have served the lighting industry for nearly 20 years and remain a firm favourite in lighting rental, installation and portable applications.

Offering 12 memories, a preheat per channel, three dimmer curves and ChilliNet compatibility, these dimmers offer users a sophistication not usually found in a dimming products in this price range. The Rack 6 dimming range is ideal for a wide variety of uses from permanent installations to mobile dimming.

Designed to work ‘out of the box’, the intuitive Chilli user interface allows operators to quickly set up and operate the dimmers, minimising valuable on site installation and commissioning time. The system’s network capability is provided by our custom written ChilliNet control protocol operating over a CAN based network. It was developed to work in highly hostile environments with excessive, noise, vibration, temperatures and environmental conditions and is therefore incredibly stable and reliable.


Comm Systems

MS 200 Master Station

BP101 Belt Pack

D800E Single Headset


Intercom main station

Portable single channel intercom station

Microphone/Headphone Combinations

Call Signal Light

The belt pack BP-101 is a portable single channel intercom station. It is compatible to common Party Line Intercom Systems.

These four headset models have been especially designed for intercom applications. Selection of the right model pretty much depends on the application project and the system specifications.

LED signal light with 4 high performance LEDs in red colour with continuously variable brightness (just with the help of a little screw driver).

Ms200 master station is designed to communicate through two channels and has similar functions and features to the one channel master station MS 100. A master station supplies up to approximately 14 belt packs or other components with the necessary power.


All controls on the front side of the unit are identical to those on the main stations. Knob on right side is headset volume. The side tone is adjustable via slotted screwdriver. The talk switch has three positions: Middle is Off, Top is momentary "Push to Talk", Down is Talk (On). The BP-101 features light and sound alarm. Illuminated yellow pushbutton has the CALL function. The sound alarm is switchable.

The headsets are made of rugged PE plastic material. All models have been developed with the correct acoustical and electrical insulation between microphone and head phone in mind. Hereby the usual crosstalk problems normally associated with multi channel intercom systems could be minimized.

This model is low profile in height due to use of flatly shaped LED covers. Like the other lights, the LP100LED is equipped with 2 standard 3 pin XLR connectors (female and male) for looping in to the intercom line.

Cueing Systems

MasterCue V6 System

Clock Watch


The MasterCue V6 now has 3 USB ports for multiple computers. such as Main, Back up and Next configurations. the 4 pin and 5 pin loop now on the front of the unit allows for easy access to the intercom beltpack.

Combining clear traffic light signals with a simple but effective timekeeping system. Integrates perfectly with Light Tower. using standard 3-pin XLR (mic, not supplied) cables and the rugged design has been designed to stand up to the most rigorous industrial use.

The new Laser Handset has been totally redesigned; A new style enclosure which is narrow and longer to fit in the hand better. A finger notch on the rear holds the handset in position whether you are left or right handed. The same tactile buttons with the addition of a 4th tear drop shaped button to activate the Green Laser.

The V6 displays cues visually as well as producing audible cue sounds via the in-built speaker or headphone output. supplied with 2x dual button controls, the presenter can signal either next or back cues during the presentation. Other features include programmable remote cue buttons to control the presentation per USB (e.g.return to the beginning of the presentation, take the screen to black, etc).

The intuitive control module has been designed especially for non-technical users so they can easily manage formal timekeeping in a wide variety of applications. Total flexibility of the system enables timekeepers to either manually operate the LightTower signal(s) at any time by simply pressing the direct control Green, Amber or Red buttons, or use any one of four programmable, preset time profile buttons to initiate their required timed sequence.

The control unit displays colour coded cues via a visual display as well as producing audible cue sounds which can be monitored via headphones if required. The line-of-sight range in an enclosed venue typically exceeds 100m.


Multi-Monitor Adaptors For Large Format Screens


DualHead2Go Digital SE

TripleHead2Go SE Edition

See more. Do more. Be more productive.

See more. Do more. Be more productive.

The Matrox DualHead2Go Digital SE external multi-display adapter adds up to two monitors to your laptop or desktop computer. It connects to the video output of your system and uses the system's existing GPU to provide high-quality, uncompressed graphics and video across all monitors. Ideal for business and professional users looking to increase their productivity with a dual display setup, this little black box lets you run different applications on each monitor or view one application across two monitors.

The Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital SE external multi-display adapter adds up to three DVI monitors to your laptop or desktop computer. It connects to the video output of your system and uses the system's existing GPU to provide high-quality, uncompressed graphics and video across all monitors. Ideal for professionals requiring more desktop space for maximum productivity, Pro A/V specialists looking to create unique multi-screen setups, and gamers wanting a totally immersive experience—this little black box lets you run different applications on each display or view one application across multiple monitors.

Key Features:

Key Features:

• Adds up to two monitors to your notebook or desktop computer • Connects to the DisplayPort ™ video output of your system • Support for DVI monitors • PC compatible

• Adds up to three monitors to your notebook or desktop computer • Connects to the DisplayPort™ or Mini DisplayPort video output, or \ Thunderbolt™ port, of your system • Support for DVI monitors • PC and Mac compatible

TIP: Add ProPresenter or ProVideoPlayer to enable a large format blend

Data Infrastructure

Tested for Dante Audio Networks

WAP4410N Wireless-N Access Point PoE / Advanced Security

300 Series Switchers Move Up to a Business-Class Network

With the growth of high-bandwidth applications, such as storage and video, in the workplace, network performance is essential.

The Cisco 300 Series is a broad portfolio of affordable managed switches that provide a powerful foundation for your business network. These switches improve the availability of your critical business applications, protect your sensitive information, and optimize your network bandwidth to enable a more productive, effective workplace. Easy to set up and use, the Cisco 300 Series provides the ideal combination of affordability, performance, and capabilities in a solution designed specifically for small businesses.

Wireless technology is no longer lagging behind wired performance. The Cisco ® WAP4410N Wireless-N Access Point answers the growing business need for access, speed, and security.

Key Features Key Features • Supports high-bandwidth applications with the • 802.11n standard; backward compatible with • 802.11b and g devices • Connects to Power over Ethernet devices, • simplifying installation and eliminating the • need for and cost of installing external power • supplies

• Speed up file transfers and improve slow, sluggish networks with a solution that has been rigorously tested to deliver high availability, performance, and uptime. • Empower your employees with state-of-the-art communication and productivity solutions such as IP telephony and secure wireless connectivity, without affecting the performance or security of your other business applications. • Protect your business with security capabilities that lock down your network and tightly controlling access.


HD14K-M - 1080 HD DLP Projector The most compact in its class, the Christie M Series projector platform provides the high performance and feature-rich standards expected in all Christie products. Embedded warping, blending and colour matching, along with built-in portrait capabilities give you even more installation flexibility with this HD model. Brief Specifications Brief Specifications

Conquering Through Prayer Ministries 41

Christie Projectors and Da-Lite Screen installation Kwa-Zulu Natal

Technology Resolution Brightness Contrast Lamp Life HxWxD Weight

3-chip DLP速 1920 x 1080 HD 11,000 centre lumens Up to 10,000:1 1,500 hours / 2,000 eco mode 259mm x 500mm x 561mm 25kg




DWU951-Q 1-Chip DLP Projector

DHD775-E HD DLP Projector

LX605 3 LCD XGA Projector

The Christie® Q Series takes projectors to a new level of high-brightness to bring you the industry’s highest-quality 1-chip DLP® projector.

Christie® DHD775-E provides trusted performance, reliability and exceptional image quality.

The Christie LX605 LCD projector at 6,000 ANSI lumens is the ideal projector for a wide variety of medium to large venue presentations.

• Excellent image quality • Reliability and versatility • Energy-saving features • Low maintenance costs • High performance features

• DLP® technology • Colour matching • Image blending • Image warping • Projector stacking capabilities • Energy-saving features

The Christie LX605 has been designed for easy setup, high performance, and use in a myriad of installation applications since it is capable of accepting a wide range of sources.

Brief Specifications Brief Specifications

Brief Specifications Brief Specifications

Brief Specifications Brief Specifications

Technology Resolution Brightness Contrast Lamp Life LxWxH Weight

1-chip DLP® 1920 x 1200 WUXGA 8,900 centre lumens 2,500:1 full on, full off 2,000 hours / 4,000 eco mode 463mm x 537mm x 174mm 22.5kg

Technology Resolution Brightness Contrast Lamp Life HxWxL Weight

1-chip DLP® 1920 x 1080 HD 7,000 centre lumens Up to 5,000:1 1,500 hours @ 350W 215mm x 456mm x 532mm 19.5kg

Technology Resolution Brightness Contrast Lamp Life HxWxL Weight

3-LCD 1024 x 768 XGA 6,000 lumens 1,000:1 full on, full off 2,000 hours / 3,000 eco mode 164mm x 489.5mm x 434mm 21.4kg


Projectors N


DWX555-GS 1-Chip DLP Projector

LX41 3 LCD Projector

D4K2560 3-chip DLP 4K Projector

Featuring laser phosphor illumination, this projector eliminates the need for lamp and filter replacements, providing 20,000 hours of low-cost operation.

The Christie LX41 is a bright, affordable option in XGA (1024 x 768) resolution. It meets ProAV feature requirements in small to medium-sized venues. With flexible installation needs in mind, the Christie LX41 ships standard with a 1.7 x manual zoom lens and 3D Keystone™ geometry correction that will simplify installation and maintenance of the display.

The Christie® D4K2560 projector has native 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution and boasts 25,000 centre lumens. It offers ultra-realistic images and smoother video at 60Hz, thanks to our new and unique Christie TruLife™ electronics – a quantum leap in video-image processing that is a breakthrough in high frame rate and highresolution video projection.

Brief Specifications Brief Specifications

Brief Specifications Brief Specifications

Technology Resolution Brightness Contrast Lamp Life HxWxL Weight

Technology Resolution Brightness Contrast Lamp Life HxWxL Weight

• Excellent image quality • Reliability and versatility • Energy-saving features • Low maintenance costs • High performance features Brief Specifications Brief Specifications


Technology Resolution Brightness Contrast Lamp Life LxWxH Weight

1-chip DLP® 1280 x 800 WXGA 5,400 ANSI lumens 1,200:1 20,000 hours 505mm x 466mm x 190mm 15.9kg

3 LCD 1024 x 768 XGA 4,000 lumens 1,000:1 full on,full off 118mm x 401mm x 318mm 4.8kg

3-chip DLP® 4096 x 2160 4K 25,000 centre lumens Up to 2,000:1 1,500 hrs - 3.0kW CDXL - 30SD 483mm x 648mm x 1298mm 124kg (without lens)

Tiled Displays & Content Management

Brio Christie® Brio makes it effortless to meet, share information and work together across multiple sites while automatically coordinating up to five simultaneous video and audio presentations on meeting room displays.

MicroTiles Display & Video Walls

FHD551-X All Weather Panel

Taking display technology to a new level, Christie MicroTiles are built on proven DLP® technology and specifically designed for maximum image quality in demanding indoor, high ambient light environments.

The Christie® WeatherAll FHD551-W professional-grade outdoor HD LCD outdoor display allows for countless new innovative digital signage opportunities. Giving you an industry-rated digital signage solution (IP56/NEMA 4).

Geographic distance is no limit for Christie Brio, presentations and high quality media are shared between sites as fast and easy as a phone call, but with a much richer participation experience.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

• When colour matters • Higher resolutions • Any shape, any size • Snap, lock and play • Long lasting reliability • No pixel left behind

• Weather rated exterior • Brilliant visuals • Impact resistant screen • Easy-to-maintain and reliable design • All in one package that's ready for the outdoors

• Connect and Present Virtually • Share Content in real-time • Video keeps things interesting • Keep information secure 44

Projection Screens


Cosmopolitan Electrol Electric Screen

Da-Snap Fixed Frame Screen

Fast-Fold Deluxe Screen System Fast-Fold Portable Screens

The Cosmopolitan® Electrol® is a ceiling or wall mounted electric screen. A variety of finishes and veneer options are available.

The Da-Snap allows for versatile frame options with customization features that include curved frames and wrap around surfaces. The Da-Snap can be mounted on the wall or in a wall opening.

The Fast-Fold® Deluxe Screen System is designed for rental and staging environments, and features easy release latches on the frame for efficient set up and tear down.

Key Features

Key Features

Key Features

• Decora-style, three-position wall switch • Standard black backing retains projected • brightness • Seamless surfaces • Optional floating mounting bracket allows • screen to be mounted onto wall or ceiling • Available with built-in low voltage control, or • Video Projector Interface (screen trigger) • Standard white powder-coated finish

• Custom curved framing • Wrap around surfaces • Front or rear projection screen surface with • snaps or optional Velcro • Square aluminum tubing frame • Frame available with Pro-Trim® finish to • absorb light surrounding the viewing area • Standard black backing retains projected • brightness

• Frame and legs made of 1 1/4” aluminum tubing • Black anodized frame option available • Easy release latches • Standard black-backed foldable material for • superior image quality and opacity • Seamless surfaces in all sizes • Carrying case with wheels for sizes 54” X 54” up • to 10’6” X 14’ • Optional Drapery Presentation Kit for • professional stage-front aesthetic

Professional Displays


Digital Connectivity Solutions DVIGear is a leading supplier of Digital Connectivity Solutions for professional, commercial, and residential display applications. We have an extensive range of DVI and HDMI distribution products: • Digital matrix routing switchers • Long reach digital cables • Switchers, splitters, converters, scalers • Extenders and repeaters • 4K compatible Matrix switchers up to 160x 60 • And much more...


DVI-7330 DVI + HDCP Fiber Optic Extender

DVI-7525 HDBaseT Extender

DVI-3571a Presention Switcher / Scaler

The DVI-7330 is an HDCP compliant fiber optic transport system capable of distributing high resolution DVI and HDMI signals over a single optical fiber with cable lengths up to 300 meters (1,000 ft.).

The DVI-7525 is a high performance HDBaseT extender pair:

The DVI-3571a is a versatile universal presentation switcher / scaler:

• Extends HDMI, Ethernet, RS-232, IR over a single CAT-X cable • Resolutions up to 4096x2160 / 30 Hz • 1080p HDMI up to 100 meters (~ 330 feet) • 4K (UHD) up to 70 meters (~230 feet) • POH remote power from TX to RX over CAT-X cable

• Input and output resolutions up to 1080p and 1920x1200 • 8x selectable inputs: 3x HDMI, 3x RGB analog, 1x YPbPr / YCbCr, and 1x CV • Control options: front panel, IR remote, Ethernet or RS232 serial port

• DVI, HDMI, and HDCP compliant • Supports HDTV resolutions up to 1080p with 12-bit color • Supports PC resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 2048x1080 • 4K (UHD) up to 40 meters (~130 feet) • Supports digital bit-rates up to 2.25 Gbps/color, 6.75 Gbps total • Long range up to 300 meters (1,000 ft.) using a single multimode fiber optic cable


Blackmagic Design

Get professional switching for live events in Ultra HD 4K!


Apple Products


Mini Mac

Mac Pro

Macbook Pro

Mini Display Port Adaptors




MovieRecorder 3

OnTheAir Video 3

The professional recording solution

The legendary playout solution on Mac

• Edit-while-ingest (growing files) • Schedule recordings • Gang record • Direct link from OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node • Support for 4K recording • Avid MXF and QuickTime DNxHD® support • H.264 support • Record to multiple destinations with different codecs

• All the features of OnTheAir Video Express, and more: • Dynamic Graphics Overlay (optional) or still logo • Mix-and-match HD and SD contents in high quality • Support for Closed Captioning CEA-708 • Support for audio only files • 4K Playout • Actions like secondary events to control CG, routers,... • Direct link to MovieRecorder for streaming

OnTheAir CG 3

OnTheAir Studio

Generate graphics over video in real time

Playout solutions for radio stations

• Easy-to-use character generator • Generate projects for OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node dynamic graphics overlay option • Built-in RSS feed • Rolls and crawls (to left and right), with no limit to the number of characters • Clocks and timers

• Open to 3rd party integration • Different audio file formats can be mixed in the same playlist. • 24 / 7 playout with schedule • Presets with multiple tabs • Multiple output support • MIDI support • Automatic end point detection for smooth playback • Configurable fade out duration


Look out for our Seminars on ProPresenter and ProVideoPlayer more information on page 3

ProPresenter ® Church worship software for Mac and Windows for displaying lyrics and videos. Designed to be simple for volunteers to use. Available in: • Single User License (for either Mac or PC) May install on multiple machines, but may only be used on one computer for ONE EVENT AT A TIME (successive, not concurrent use).

• Site License (for Houses of Worship only) May install on Mac AND Windows and use in multiple rooms CONCURRENTLY (good for ONE campus only).



Media Server and Digital Signage software with multi-layer and multi-screen capability. • New ProVideo Player 2 Licence For new customers or customers needing addtional licenses. This license can only be used on one Mac at a time. • Trade-in Existing PVP 1 Licence You can trade-in an existing PVP 1 license for a free or discounted license of PVP 2. This will disable your PVP 1 License and provide a new PVP 2 License in exchange immediately.



NeXtage 16 - NXT1604 Powerful true-seamless AV processor based on the LiveCore™ platform with Soft Edge Blend capabilities Key Benefits

Swank Audio Visuals 53

Goes for Processing and Switching Solutions by Analog Way

• 8 seamless inputs and 28 input plugs • Independent Preview/Mosaic/Monitoring output • Full live Preview of all sources • (Preview/Mosaic/Monitoring) • 4 true-seamless scaled layers + 1 native • background layer • Advanced Layer Management • Rotation capability in output (step by 90 degrees) • User-friendly and intuitive Graphic Interface

Mixers & Seamless Switchers

QuickVu - QVU150 Hi-Resolution Mixer True Seamless Switcher with 8 inputs

Pulse2 - PLS350 Hi-Resolution Mixer Seamless switcher with 8 inputs and Native Matrix mode

Eikos2 - EKS550 Multi-Layer Hi-Resolution Mixer Seamless Switcher with 10 inputs and 3 operating modes

Key Features

Key Features

Key Features

• 8 Seamless inputs • 2 outputs (Program and Preview) • 14 input plugs available (4 x DVI-D, 4 x HDMI, • 4 x Universal Analog & 2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI) • All audio inputs can be embedded or • deembedded on all plugs • Audio breakaway mode • Balanced stereo audio on all outputs • 2 S/PDIF inputs and 2 S/PDIF outputs • Chroma/Luma Key and Titling • 8 Memory Presets per output (64 via RCS²) • 8 Full Frames

• New Remote Control Software: RCS² • (Windows, Mac & Linux) • Very fast processing and switching • 2 operating modes: Mixer and Native Matrix modes • Up to 2 layers on Frame Background • Full audio digital compliant on DVI-D • & HDMI Plugs • Quick Frame mode • Direct Swap function • New Freeze features (Input/layer/screen) • Ability to modify the Program in real time • without using the Preview • Capability to switch between any input plugs • (14 plugs available) • Outputs fully resizable

• New Remote Control Software: RCS² (Windows, Mac & Linux) • Very fast processing and true Seamless switching • 3 operating modes: Mixer, Native Matrix and • Quadravision modes • Up to 4 layers on Frame Background in • Quadravision modegs • Full audio digital compliant on DVI-D • & HDMI Plugs • Quick Frame mode • Ability to modify the Program in real time • without using the Preview • New Freeze features (Input/layer/screen) • Capability to switch between any input plugs (16 plugs available)


Rigging Personal Protective Equipment



Fall Arrest

Site (Work Positioning)


Lory (Belay Device)


Bungee Spannfix

3/4 & Full Finger Gloves

Fall Arrest Locker


Stage Plus Endless Round Slings




Stage Plus Rigging Bag

Hoists Lifting the Entertainment Industry

Stage Audio Works is proud to be the exclusive Liftket Entertainment Technology hoist distributor in South Africa. The completely black units ship with a black chain bag, RUD chain and are available in Low Voltage and Direct Control versions. Optional extras include: double brake, limit switches to mention but a few. The LIFTKET motors are lightweight, robust and quiet. Stage Audio Works is also offering pre-built touring grade flight cases ready to ship with the hoists, enabling rental companies to get it on the gig instantly. The Liftket’s are well received on London's West End as the hoists run virtually silently allowing them to be installed in the wings. Many Liftket hoists can also be found in grid installations around the world including: Earls Court, Millennium Stadium Cardiff, The Royal Albert Hall in London to name only a few.

DV8 Direct Control Chain Hoist Controller


Flight Cases & Padded Bags

Stage Plus cases offer durability and use only the highest quality flight case hardware available on the market. The new advanced CAD drawing capabilities allow cases to be modelled in 3D before they are built. Virtual cases avoid constant corrections to the real product. All aluminium is of a structural grade and wood sheets are sourced from European Birch plywood. All flightcase hardware is sourced from Penn Fabrication in the UK.


Colour & Ultra-Lite Flight Cases

Colour Case Coloured Utility Trunks made from 12mm European Birch Ply, with castors, adjustable compartments, Penn Elcom handles, hinges, catches, Stacking feet and label dish.

Ultra-Lite Case StagePlus is proud to announce a new light weight case incorporating Flight Panel™, a light weight polypropylene board and a heavy duty Flight Panel™, with toughened surface for trunks and larger cases. The heavy duty flight panel reduces case weight by 40%. The new lightweight range of cases also includes a unique ABS flip handle from Penn Elcom. Features • Flight Panel™ – Light Weight Polypropylene Board • Reduces case weight by 40% • Penn Elcom hardware • 4 Colours to choose from


Trussing & Roof Structures

OV30 Truss

OV40 Truss


Total Fabrications


More than a Roof System Total Fabrications trussing systems manufactured locally by Stage Plus, offers exciting solutions including ground support roof systems, PA “V� Towers and LED Screen Support Towers. Gain maximum return on investment when the entire roof is not in use Keeping your gear busy and thus maximising return on investment is critical. The Total Fabrications roof system can build into standard truss lengths for indoor rigging, lighting totems, V towers and even screen supports with the addition of a few bits and pieces.



Leg System Stage


To view the user manual for Stage Deck - Leg System

Scaffolding System Stage

Adjustable Folding Staircase

Tour Deck Staircase

Stage Plus Deck


360 Ring lock Scaffolding

Stage & Truck Ramps

Aluminium Stage Legs

Deck-Scaff Adaptors 1,2,4

Aluminium Meat Racks

DSA connection to Deck


Innovative Metals

Projector Brackets 63

Display Stands

Truck Ramps

Power Distribution

PowerCube CF Robust Powder Coated Metal CEE Form Distribution Box

PowerCube PT Robust Powder Coated Metal Plug Top Distribution Box

RubberBox Portable Power Distribution




Fitted with Earth Leakage and circuit breakers and visible screen printed labels with indicating lights

Fitted with Earth Leakage and circuit breakers and visible screen printed labels with indicating lights

Portable power distribution from 16A-400A supply. The boxes are made from solid rubber.

Input 32A Three Phase - Output 6x CEE sockets

Input 32A Three Phase - Output 6x 15A plug top sockets

They are tough, high impact resistant, double insulated, have an IP rating of IP65 (Subject to connectors fitted), and comply with all regulations. 64

Explorer Cases

Explorer Cases are the first of their kind to be manufactured in Europe, indeed their own clean lines and good looks reflect their Italian heritage. A range of virtually indestructible durable waterproof cases providing a solution for any equipment requiring a high level of protection. Applications range from Military and Aerospace to Computer and Equipment cases while their dust and waterproof qualities offer absolute protection making them ideal for use in the harshest environment. The Explorer Cases have been subjected to a series of controlled laboratory tests to prove their suitability for use in the most extreme and hazardous applications.


Event Flooring

Event Flooring is an innovative, dynamic company with offices across South Africa offering sales and rental options. Event Flooring is your single source supplier offering turnkey solutions for all types of temporary flooring systems; from turf protection to marquee flooring to dance floors and exhibition flooring. With Event Flooring you can now take your event anywhere.

Tempotile Dance Floors Create spectacular dance flooring quickly and easily with Tempotile. Simple to use, install and dismantle, Tempotile provides an upscale look for weddings, dances, exhibitions and other special events. Tempotile is available in black, white (also chequer board), light oak and dark oak and modular tiles.


Event Deck 1


Johannesburg Office

Cape Town Office

Namibia Office

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