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About Us Sawaddee Thailand Project AIESEC in Thailand will hold a huge national project which will be executed in our Local Committees: AIESEC in Assumption University AIESEC in Bangkok University AIESEC in Chulalongkorn University AIESEC in Thammasart University

Timeline: 14th Dec 2012 – 31st Jan 2013 AIESEC in Thailand Example of available TN forms: TN-In-TH-EB-2012-1670 TN-In-TH-BU-2012-1273 TN-In-TH-CB-2012-1395 TN-In-TH-NB-2012-1332 For more available TN forms, please visit: Application Form:

Overview: Sawaddee Thailand Project is aimed to provide the crosscultural education and English education for the youth in rural area of Thailand. We are preparing them for ASEAN Community especially for ASEAN Economic Forum which will open on 2015. We also provide opportunities for AIESEC Exchange participants who want to improve their personal and professional skill to join our project and providing exclusive experience to our interns to experience Thailand in the various atmospheres that difficult to experience, Once in a life time.

Objective:  The objectives are mainly creating the positive impact to the society.  To create the cross-cultural understanding among the youth in rural area of Thailand.  To experience in Thai culture and Thai education system.  To promote culture diversity to the society.  To contribute the global learning environment to the students.  To promote Thailand and Thai culture to worldwide.  To make an impact on world issues

Project Period All the interns required to stay in project from 14th December, 2012 – 31st January, 2013.

Target of the Project Audience:  60 Exchange participants from around the world  15,000 Students in rural area engaged in our activities and events  50 AIESECers engaged in management part  60 University students involved in our Buddy System

Project Implementation  Sawaddee Thailand Project will be carried out in schools and communities/rural areas of Srisaket Province, Chaiyapoom Province, Nakorn Ratchasima Province, and Khonkaen province. Read about this area: Schools location: Nakhonratchasima Province Chaiyaphum Province Khon Kaen Province Sisaket Province Note that, the schools take around 5 hours+ by car from Bangkok and each schools are not far from each other if they are in the same province.  A total of 120 AIESEC interns be involved  The Interns will mainly focus on sharing their culture and teaching basic English i.e conversations to students in these remote schools. Most of the Thai students cannot

communicate in English. Let’s motivate and dare them to speak English!  Most of the students are aged between 7-18 years.  One or two interns will work in each school. Each class has about 20-30 students.  This project phase will run for a total of 6 weeks.

Intern’s Job Description  All interns are expected in Thailand by 13rd December, 2012.  Work closely with the schools, take part in the general school activities and AIESEC activities when required. [We might have Evaluate camp or activities from AIESEC Thailand]  Teaching basic English conversation to the poor English level's students and also sharing your culture. Please note that the students and the teachers do not or have basic knowledge of English. And work as full time English teacher in one school only.  Prepare, plan and present lessons to the students. [Books, VDOs, English Materials] and Please Note that most of these schools have basic conditions and so may not have items such as projectors.  The interns shall prepare and present sessions on their country/culture to the students.  Interns will have chance to show your culture in AIESEC Carnival day so prepare your staff and performance for this big event.

 At the end of project we will have evaluation day to show the performance of students and interns to show how much the development of student have.  Take part in the writing of the National Project Report at the end of the internship. Interns are required to join the project at least 6 weeks.

Exchange Program Flow:  Interns are expected to arrive in Thailand on time same as agenda.  There will be an intern training in the first week and also an EP buddy orientation  All interns will teach English base on Thai education standard in scope of Learning by doing and think outside the box.  During Project interns will have many chances to learn Thai culture with Local Thai people in rural area.  At the end of the project, Interns have to create English day for students for measurement of the outcome of the project.

December 2012 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th

Interns arrive Open ceremony & Cultural Training (Welcome Party) HOW TO teach english! Skills training from Learning partner Send interns to schools & Have Welcome ceremony from schools to interns Interns start working in school

January 2013 5th – 6th Evaluation Camp & Trip for interns 18th – 20th Challenging trip to Phukradung National Park, Loei Province ( It’s up to you) 31st English Day & Closing Ceremony in Chaiyapoom February 2013 1st

Farewell party in Bangkok

What does Project provide to the Interns?  Accommodation will be provided FREE to the interns during teaching period Only. Note that this will be home stays or in dormitories in some of the schools. Therefore Interns need to be aware and prepare for this sort of cultural experience and also be flexible enough to live in basic conditions that may be available at the time.  Food will be provided for 3 meals per day in the school and accommodation place. If you are go out so you have to provide by yourself.  Transportation from the accommodation to school is provided.  Airport pickup if you arrive in the same time that we mention in the agenda that AIESEC Thailand will provide you before you book a ticket.  Some life requirements such as WiFi, hot water, transport SHALL NOT be provided by AIESEC and so interns should be aware and be flexible during the internship.  During Training days 3 days 3 nights and Evaluation camp 2 days 1 night, we CANNOT provide accommodation and Food for you but AIESEC will arrange it for you. The costs

for 2 activities are not more than 120 USD. Remark that all interns are required to attend.

What do We expect from the intern?  Carry something that shows your culture to present to the students  You may carry your Laptop  Health Insurance or Medicines should you have any health related issues  Mosquito Repellent Spray  Adaptor, Thailand, electricity is 220 volt.  Proper dresses for teaching students in school.

For men  Trousers  Collar polo shirts or collar shirts  T-shirts are not suitable.

For women  Collar polo shirt or collar shirts  Skirts ( length around your knees or above your knees a little bit)  Miniskirts and slippers are prohibited.  Slippers are prohibited.

AIESEC Thailand office address of National Committee STA Travel | Wall Street Tower 14th Floor, Room # 1406 33/70 Surawong Road Bangrak | Bangkok, 10500 – Thailand Need more information Contact: Ms. Le Thi Le Na Vice President of Incoming Exchange | Local Committee Assumption University | AIESEC in Thailand E-mail: Tel: +66 (0) 815 809 518 Mr. Korn Thanavibulset Vice President of Incoming Exchange | Local Committee Bangkok University | AIESEC in Thailand E-mail: Tel: +66 (0) 820 146 665 Mr. Piyachet Chalermthiralert Vice President of Incoming Exchange | Local Committee Chulalongkorn University | AIESEC in Thailand E-mail: Tel: +66 (0) 870 273 242 Ms. Chaninard Chawanavej Vice President of Incoming Exchange | Local Committee Thammasat University | AIESEC in Thailand E-mail: Tel: +66 (0) 871 895 369

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Introducing the project

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