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Blogger helps people find fulfillment in their professional life. BY LIV LANE If you regularly end your workdays wondering why you don’t feel more fulfilled, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s so common that executive coach Stephanie Ross’s calendar is filled with sessions and workshops for individuals, groups and organizations longing to get back in touch with their most “authentic goals and desires” – leading to a greater sense of fulfillment and productivity. Ross says it all comes down to alignment. In the same way people might visit a chiropractor when their bodies feel out of alignment, Ross’s clients come calling when their work feels out of synch with their personal values and goals. “I help them get in alignment with what it is they really want, as opposed to what they think they want or what they think they should want,” Ross says. “My clients say they’re worried about wasting precious time, thinking ‘I’m not where I thought I wanted to be,’ ‘I want to make my mark,’ ‘I want to matter,’ ‘I want my life to be meaningful.’” In December 2012, Ross launched a blog as an extension of her consulting website (, eager to offer her insights and information to a wider audience, but in “bite-sized portions.” The blog has become a great resource in her coaching work, since she can point people to particular posts that address their specific needs, from creative time management to coping with conflict. And blogging has become a very fulfill-

Stephanie Ross works with individuals, groups and organiza ons to get in tune with their aspira ons, goals and desires. PHOTO CREDIT: SUBMITTED.

ing aspect of her own work. “I find it to be a wonderfully creative, invigorating, intellectually stimulating activity,” Ross says. In fact, Ross typically has over a dozen blog post drafts in the works at any given time, inspired by articles, business books, emerging trends and client conversations. She also features interviews with clients and leaders who are willing to share their stories about working through change. Since inspiring and sustaining change is at the heart of Ross’s work, she calls her blog Increase Awareness, Impact Outcome. “I honestly think that’s what it’s all about. When it comes to change, step one is increasing awareness,” she says. “It might be subtle or it might really profound and dramatic. But once you increase your

I help [people] get in alignment with what it is “they really want, as opposed to what they think they want or what they think they should want.” STEPHANIE ROSS

awareness – about your patterns, behaviors, values – it can start altering the way you do things, which impacts your outcomes.” In her client work and on her blog, Ross likes to think of herself as a tour guide. Consider how much more you see and learn, she says, when an expert is leading you through a new city or attraction. The same goes for working with a coach as you explore new terrain in your career – and your life. “Get support and help figuring out what you really want, what the road blocks and the blind spots are,” she says, “so that you can work in alignment and with greater fluidity.”

Liv Lane calls herself a Human Sparkler, devoted to helping women define and ignite their inner sparks the traits, talents and passions that light them up from the inside out. She has mentored hundreds of bloggers around the world, and profiles an inspiring local blogger in each addition of Savvy. Find her online at | AUGUST 2013


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