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LOCKED INN Puzzling and Exciting Entertainment for the Pee Dee Imagine yourself kidnapped and locked in a barred room. You can choose to be with family and friends or in a room full of strangers. You have 60 minutes to escape with the clues hidden around the room before the kidnapper returns. This is just one of the rooms at Locked Inn, a live escape room experience! Locked Inn’s escape rooms are fully interactive adventure games in which a group of friends, family, or co-workers are “locked in” to a themed room; having to use objects in the room to solve a series of puzzles and codes in order to escape. Groups of two to eight people work together to accomplish the goal! Locked Inn is offering a fresh and exciting new form of entertainment to the Pee Dee area. Maureen Allen and her siblings, along with spouses, visited an escape room while out of town and fell in love with the experience. “I was blown away at how much fun it was and how unique the whole experience was,” said Maureen. Soon thereafter, Maureen and her family began searching out other escape rooms, they just couldn’t get enough. After traveling in and out of the state, Maureen thought it would be exciting to create this experience in her hometown of Florence. “Our area needed another entertainment option and this was so different from the usual choices of movies, bowling, and dining out.” Her brother, Gavin Smith, agreed to partner with her and


VIP Magazine | August 2016

Locked Inn was born! They began formulating a plan and dreaming up puzzles; they gained momentum rapidly and have never looked back. Locked Inn appeals to a wide range of ages, beginning at the age of 12 without truly aging out. It’s also wonderful for many group types: couples, friends, youth groups, families and corporate team building. “People who love gaming will certainly enjoy being inside of one!” Maureen continues, “Most everyone can contribute problem solving skills in these adventures, and I truly believe that people will be delighted by how fun this actually is!” Maureen and Gavin hope Locked Inn is a place you will emerge from the game excited, intellectually stimulated, and ready for more! They strive to make the overall experience as immersive as possible. “Once the door shuts, you will be transported into another world and the heat is on!” There is both lateral and out of the box thinking involved. Be prepared to discover a side of yourself you never knew existed. The competitive personalities will be satisfied with a leader board displaying the names of the fastest times of escape. Locked Inn has two rooms: the Lakewood Lodge and Submerged.

Lakewood Lodge: You find yourself locked in a dimly lit old cabin after having been kidnapped by a serial killer. The killer will be

story by Heather Page returning in 60 minutes; you must work quickly to free yourselves before he returns. You have to exit two parts of the room to reach the final exit door. The room isn’t scary but is certainly creepy! Nothing jumps out at you and no one else is in the room with you. Though dimly lit, each person will have a flashlight. It’s so much fun to rummage through the things left behind by former victims, as well as the serial killer himself. Each clue advances you to the next puzzle.

Submerged: You and your teammates are on a top secret mission aboard the USS 121 submarine. As fate would have it, you experience a system failure! Now you only have 60 minutes of reserve power until your air runs out. You must work closely with your crew to reach the emergency manual override switch, which will bring you to the surface. Can you reach safety in time? Challenges and puzzles in each of these rooms are unique and the two rooms provide different types of gaming experiences. Every so often, they will change the rooms to new themes with new puzzles in order to always keep things fresh. “We invite you to come join us and see for yourself just how much fun these games really are! We can assure you it will be an unforgettably thrilling adventure!” Visit to book your time and room choice online.

August 2016